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One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! (559)


Guns in pokemon? No wai???


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I don't think they consider starter pistols to be guns. Besides, that thing didn't even have a barrel, so I don't think it could be too dangerous unless you beat somebody over the head with it.


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I liked this episode. Obviously, Ash won and Angee got second. That was a no-brainer. Haha! Conway and Jessie must be exhausted! Also, the red team obviously wins.

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Not a bad episode, Jessie with that Magikarp was hilarious.

Conway was a little creepier than he was in the tag battle, and i thought Angee having a crush on Ash was really sweet.

I think she held back in the final part of the race.


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Not a bad episode, Jessie with that Magikarp was hilarious.

Conway was a little creepier than he was in the tag battle, and i thought Angee having a crush on Ash was really sweet.

I think she held back in the final part of the race.
No she didn't. If she did we would have noticed.


Hmm, this was a great tournament, Ash won it, good.

i loved to see Seviper again, it rarely appears.



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The last camp episode was definitely the best of them all. The different trainer/pokemon pairings were interesting, especially Ash/Spoink and Jessie/Magickarp. That part where that magickarp takes Jessie all the way across the lake at top speed was hilarious. :) It was funny when Conway turned his attention to her after that too. I also like the ending where Team Rocket forgot why they were even at the camp in the first place, and you see the pokeballs going by behind them. LOL I'm glad that the camp episodes were great for Team Rocket, with all the Jessie worship and not seeing the group get beat up or blasted off for four straight episodes (besides the couple of times they got through Pokemon League episodes without either as well).

The only thing I thought was odd about the arc overall is that they stuck to the Japanese original by calling it a summer camp, when it aired in winter here in the U.S. At least the Japanese purists around here were probably happy about that.


Well it's time for the final Pokemon Summer Academy challenge. I had enjoyed everything that happened so far, from the first day we met Angie, to the Lumineon mystery, to the ghost of the forest, it was all pretty cool. I was suprised that the final challenge was more like a race than anything else. Ash, Dawn, and everyone else seemed to be pretty tense about the whole thing, most likely they wanted their team to win. It was cute to see Angie blush when Ash reached out to her. Most likely, a side effect from the time he saved her :3

Once the race started, Jessie threw her first tantrum of the episode when she got a Hippowdon as her first partner. It isn't the type of Pokemon you'd want in a race but it worked pretty well considering. Seeing Ash on Spoink was funny since he was much too big for it and Dawn got to ride atop a Dodrio; one of the fastest Pokemon. Then there was a traffic jam sort of problem that occured, though Conway was prepared. Next was the water course, Angie lucked out with Lapras, but once again, Ash got a Pokemon that was too small for him (Mantyke).

I liked Angie's use of Lapras' ice attacks which made it go faster, that was something Ash tried once in the Orange Islands. Jessie arrived in the water last, with a Magikarp. It looked useless but it was pretty fast. She got to the other side at about the same time as Conway and even she was creeped out by him. Jessie pretty much broke the rules when she used her Seviper against Ash and Angie, kind of a dumb move even for her. Ash and Angie made it to the end at around the same time, but it looks like Ash's team was the better team. I'm glad everyone stayed friends though, despite who won and who lost. 7/10


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I really liked the whole summer camp arc and this episode was my favorite. I really like the race and it was good to see Feraligatr again. It's funny how all the tomboy's like Angee always have a crush on Ash, I thinks it's because despite them being girls Ash isn't afraid to go head to head with them and that's what attracts them to him. These were some good filler episodes and I really liked them a lot.

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Good episode, it was like the one back in Kanto with Ponyta and Lara which I liked that episode too.

Conway really loves coming behind people and scaring them doesn't he? And he so likes Dawn even if it seems like she's a few years younger. Angie also obviously has a crush on Ash, and probably the two boys doing everything for Jessie must have a crush on her too. Poor James and Brock nobody seems to crush on them in the Summer arc lol.

Interesting Brock got an Onix again. How does Ash and Angie able to ride on Spoink and Ariados I wonder? Or Conway on Dugtrio Poor Jessie getting a Hippodown. Pity Ash didn't get Garchomp, would have been interesting to ride him.

Angie using Lapras for Ice Beam, same way Ash had done it lol. I wonder if that Croconaw was the same one (The one Brock's riding) in the beginning. Interesting to see Dawn with Sharpedo, and Conway with Floatzel.

Speedy Magikarp, Jessie probably got lucky with it lol. Conway sure was creepy with Jessie too lol
Of course Ash would win, Dawn and Brock must be really slow if they hadn't caught up despite being right behind Conway.

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It was funny when Conway fell with exhaustion but even funnier when he took Jessie down with him too


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Made sure I had the right episode this time...

The race starts out pretty interesting, and then becomes pretty boring, b/c there were not enough scenes showing off the unique abilities of the pokemon. Angie does it twice, but, nevertheless, she's still tied with Ash going into the cave. But, I think the boring nature of the race, in the end (I mean, it's not like I really cared which team won, and seemingly, no one did since everyone got a plaque), is part of the reason Angie admires/fancies Ash as she does. For Angie, this is the extent of her pokemon journey so far, while for Ash...I'm honestly surprised he even came to this. Ash is the same guy after this summer school academy as he was before, and so, storywise, considering how many episodes are spent on the summer school academy, that's not really good. However, what I think I can take away from this is how Ash is a real trainer, engaging in these adventures all of the time. The academy is over, but his lifestyle doesn't really change. That's one of the challenges as a student, I can say, is that the older you get, the more meaning you want to find in it. It's not like you try to survive, take final exams, and then say that's how I did, and that's it. I want it to be me; I'm almost the same person out of school that I am in school. My outlook on my studies is the same as everything else, or at least I want it to be. I want to feel sincere about it, and I think that's a feeling that comes from the inside. I think Ash has gotten to that point, as well. Back in the Kanto days, I'm pretty sure that after any big achievement, he would come back home, and his mom would throw some sort of party. He was the "pride" of Pallet Town. I think things have really changed since then. He's a trainer b/c he wants to be one, and whether he's improving or having fun or doing well enough, it's based on his feelings. And I think that's part of the reason Angie develops the crush that she does on Ash, and she's disappointed at Ash's response to her saying how much she values Ash's rescue of her (twice); he says, well, of course! He does this all the time, and it's how he always acts. It's a type of confidence Angie doesn't quite have, since she doesn't have that type of experience. Before the race starts, she even tells Ash he is taking the race too lightly, only for Ash to basically to say yeah right!

I made a pt in the other episode that Ash isn't very sincere, and I really feel that. I also think Angie's disappointment comes from this, in a way, b/c Ash interacts with her, in these few episodes, as much or even more than he does with Dawn and Brock. As a pearlshipping fan, I can say, there's almost no hint in here. Some of this is by design, seemingly, to develop Angie's crush on Ash, but, you know, I really think Ash is like this in general. He treats almost everyone the same, and you can look at that in couple of ways. Either Ash is just that type of stereotypical character, or he's just a very closed character. I think part of the reason he comes off like this in Sinnoh is b/c of Dawn's troubles; he's focused on being supportive of her, and since she admires the way he trains and succeeds in some big battles, keeps his frustrations to a minimum. (Shrugging) Well, that's one thing I'm looking to see in the next region, about how light-hearted Ash may be. A theme of Sinnoh is about how awesome Ash is, which Dawn and Paul, in particular, come to realize. These last few episodes show Angie realizing that. But I don't really think this many episodes was worth it (and I think I'm in the majority on this), and I really think Angie's crush on Ash is a good deal inferior to Anabel's crush on Ash, which this was based upon. Many of Sinnoh's remakes are an improvement on the original, but I think this was a miss. But Angie does show up again, so maybe that's just me.

One more thing, and this is quite honestly the most baffling thing for me. When I first watched this episode, I thought it effectively finished Conway's storyline, or at least concluded his crush on Dawn. But Conway does show up again later, which is certainly not a bad thing; but what's really surprising, for me, is that his flirting with Dawn becomes even more pronounced. And it's where Conway shows up again that makes this aspect so baffling, b/c you would think the writers would put the flirting there if they had some sort of conclusion in mind, if at the least Dawn having Piplup bubblebeaming Conway away. But nothing. And Conway doesn't even get a fitting conclusion. Nando actually gets a more pronounced ending than Conway. This was one of the weirdest unfinished storylines in Sinnoh (and it's not an aversion to romantic stuff, either, since Kenny does get some sort of conclusion), and the best reason I have for it, right now, is that the writers were too embarrassed over how they had to end the part of the story where Conway shows up again. Who knows, though?

Side note: I found Professor Rowan quite annoying. All he could talk about was how great his academy thing was. The very definition of arrogance, in my book.
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This episode was ok... It was cool to see all the different Pokemon the gang used for the race. It was funny when Jessie was stuck with a Magikarp for going across the lake. It was cool to see Ash win the race. Unfortunate the team Ash was on lost very easily in the overall points. Interesting how Ash ended up racing with an unevolved Spoink, while the others had evolved Pokemon. Now that's a BL of the draw.



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Episodes like this prove how much better diamond and pearl is then best wishes/black and white

the music, the bonding, the friendship

you don't find this anymore :(


TM87? I got TM32 :]
I liked this episode, don't really have anything else to say.

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Conway was funny again in this episode, Jessie also. The race was sure interesting and this was a good episode to wrap up the Summer Academy arc. I give this a 9/10.
Like how Ash got a Raichu in the first episode this arc, of course Brock get's an Onix at the end of it.


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Like how Ash got a Raichu in the first episode this arc, of course Brock get's an Onix at the end of it.
Yep, that was one of the best parts of that episode. I used to want Ash's Pikachu to evolve into Raichu. Brock getting to use an Onix for that one was awesome as well. I kinda liked it better when Brock's Steelix was an Onix, since Onix was a rock type instead of steel type.