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One Trick Phoney! (250)


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I haven't watched this episode in years but i remember jessie telling charizard to use poison sting. i remember charizard's reaction and it was funny.
Nice Episode! Love the battle with all starter pokemon.


I think the battle between Charizard and Totodile was the best.

Pikachu was amazing, it defeated a Blastoise, how bad Cyndaquil lost.



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Yeah, this episode was pretty great since it showcased the evolved forms of certain Starter Pokemon. The Battle Park facility also added something new and exciting to the anime, though it never returns sadly. This reminded me of that Pokemon test episode from Kanto, with all the rental Pokemon being used and such. Very well cool story and a cast of awesome Pokemon really made this episode exciting. 8/10.
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Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
The battle between James and Ash was pretty good, nice to see James win
I don't think Totodile defeating Charizard making it hard to believe, it's Rhydon VS Pikachu etc things like that would be hard to believe. Speaking of the fire type it is a bit stupid Ash used the pokedex against him. I am all understanding that he would forget Pokemon he hasn't seen in a while or wants to make sure there's an update but Charizard still.

Alfsono or whoever said it- Misty does mention to no one that Ash is battling all evolved form of Pokemon he owned.

But anyways overrall this was one of the good episodes in Johto


Shiny Flygon
The most important event in this episode was when TR understood that they can't control anymore on the Park's pokemon, Charizard, Blastoise and Venesaur. And then, the plot has gotten a turning point, the big starters have the ability to attack them and it's all over.

And back to the battles. Everything was a big mess. The little Johto starters were pretty strong, but I'd love if Ash had used his Bayleef for change, it could have been a great fight between Bayleef and Blastoise. But Pikachu did a good job, so I can't complain. :)


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard used in an episode again. It was funny how Jessie didn't have a clue what attacks to call out. It was cool seeing TR finally beat the gang in a battle. The battle between James and Ash was great.



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This episode was very cool. It was awsome seeing all the starter Pokemon especially the orignals again. Funny How Jessie told Charizard to use Poison Sting


Hylden General.
Ahahahahaa!!! I Rofl'd at that Scary Face battle between Charizard & Totodile.
Awesome episode all round. James was awesome :D


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This episode just shows how little Jessie knows about pokemon just like that one time when she commanded Seviper to use Sacred Fire and other attacks it couldn't use.
Brock fell in love again, which never gets boring, old or bad. I really liked the idea of a battle park, and the battles were very cool! Ash had a good training for the Blackthorn Gym, even though Totodile and Cyndaquil weren't used there. And I think Ash should have used his Bayleef and should have won against Charizard. Jessie commanding Charizard to use moves it can't use, like Poison Sting, was very nice and funny! And seeing James and Venusaur beating Ash and Cyndaquil was very cool! 10/10!


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This episode was pretty cool that you were able to see all the three Kanto Starters fully evolved and Ash having real difficulties with battling against Team Rocket. Whenever there is difficulties in battles, it immediately gets better in my opinion. And Totodile's scary face is awesome! :D


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A good episode, the battles were great. Only gripes I had was the beginning battle which wasn't long enough. The Blastoise versus Pikachu battle was pretty good. I liked Misty's comment about Ash battling the evolved stages of the three Pokemon he has. Although him looking up the three on the Pokedex was stupid.


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This was an alright episode.

It was nice to see Team Rocket with stronger Pokemon and Pikachu's thunder owned 4/5


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Finally Rocket has some time to use strong Pokémon rather than always got beaten by Satoshi. Very funny to see that Musashi does not even know what attacks that Lizardon has. Too bad that Nyarth does not have a chance to command Pokémon.
I know it's for the benefit of viewers seeing the Pokemon for the first time, but it's still dumb how Ash has to dex Pokemon he has seen before.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Pikachu vs. Smoochum at the start was nice, and I liked how Team Rocket were working at the Battle Park cleaning Poke Balls. Seeing Team Rocket handle Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise was awesome; I especially liked Charizard and Totodile's Scary Face battle, although seeing Totodile beat Charizard made me shriek with rage.

Mrs. Oreo

Wow the battle facility shown here that used rental pokemon was really fun and unique. I liked how Team Rocket used the evolved Kanto starters and especially when Charizard and Totodile both used Scary Face.


TR using such strong Pokemon was awesome. I just wish Ash had brought his own Charizard to face TR's rental one.