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Online Team consisting pf nothing but favorites...

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by BoltBeam, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. BoltBeam

    BoltBeam Member

    Online Team, just that ;P

    Typhlosion@Choice Scarf
    EVs: 120 Att, 252 Sp. Att, 136 Speed
    -Focus Punch
    -Hidden Power Ice

    My favorite Pokémon ever. Took people's advice and gave it Scarf. Anybody know a better move than Focus Punch?

    EVs: 204 HP, 252 Def, 52 Sp. Def
    -Charge Beam
    -Ice Beam
    -Sleep Talk

    Better safe than sorry ><

    *Sand Veil*
    EVs: 252 HP, 100 Att, 156 Def,
    -Stone Edge
    -Stealth Rock

    My favorite of the new Pokémon.

    EVs: 252 HP, 76 Def, 180 Sp. Def
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Fire Punch
    -Pain Split

    Anti-spinner. Will-o-Wisp is a b**ch to get, and basically ruins sweepers

    EVs: 252 HP, 24 Att, 138 Def, 96 Sp. Def
    -Body Slam
    -Milk Drink
    -Heal Bell
    -Thunder Wave

    Thunder Wave to outspeed, Heal Bell to remove status problems.

    Breloom@Toxic Orb
    *Poison Heal*
    EVs: 4 HP, 252 Att., 252 Speed
    -Sword Dance
    -Seed Bomb
    -Mach Punch

    Physical Sweeper.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2009
  2. Channy13

    Channy13 Water Vamp Trainer

    hmmmm ok but i dont know, to me something seems missgin :S
    does anyone lese know what i mean?
    what big defender have you got...eg i have a blissey.?
  3. MajorGambit

    MajorGambit Well-Known Member

    Salamence says: OH my! An entire team to sweep! Sweeet!
  4. lkelder0511

    lkelder0511 To smogon (Y)

    WHy the hell do you have sunny day and rain dance on the same team. that makes no sense at all drop one

    I honestly don't believe this team won 11 out of 14 shoddy battles ^ agreed gyara really has no trouble with this team either
  5. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    drop one or the other weather effect

    Don't use Gliscor as a SD'er, don't. He's the only guy that can accually wall something.
    Turn him into a physical wall.

    you have 4 stat boosters, you only need like, 2. at most.
  6. Gren Draco


    i bet that took you a lot of thought to type didn't it?
    seriously every ****ing post you make is to say "Sala weak" you must make about one useful post for every ten or twenty that you post.

    Honestly, Sunny Day and Rain Dance just don't work.
    nor are they even beneficial to your team, Typhlosion would be much better running the lead scarf set.
    and as for jolteon, just give it choice specs and signal beam/shadow ball/thunderbolt/Hidden power grass.

    i agree with KEl, i honestly doubt you've won so many battles.
  7. Gren Draco


    i bet that took you a lot of thought to type didn't it?
    seriously every ****ing post you make is to say "Sala weak" you must make about one useful post for every ten or twenty that you post.

    Honestly, Sunny Day and Rain Dance just don't work.
    nor are they even beneficial to your team, Typhlosion would be much better running the lead scarf set.
    and as for jolteon, just give it choice specs and signal beam/shadow ball/thunderbolt/Hidden power grass.

    i agree with KEl, i honestly doubt you've won so many battles.
  8. MajorGambit

    MajorGambit Well-Known Member

    That's because many teams are weak to it.

    But really, Gren Draco, you're a good player and you know this team has major flaws. I just think that when the advice is to replace 4 or more pokes, this means rethink the team.

    Furthermore, people here are supposed to GATHER KNOWLEDGE BEFORE POSTING THEIR TEAMS. This is not seen here. The team is totally screwed and you know that. Why don't people read posts, smogon articles and so on before coming here and posting a team "with their favorites"??? This is competitive, for god's sake!
  9. Gren Draco


    so you just posting "Sala weak" is really helping isn't it?

    except obviously if everyone just says "rethinks team" it's not going to get the OP anyway cause they'll probably just come back with the same team, or another one with major flaws, since they'll have had no help as to why to do certain things, what to counter etc.

    You can still do competetive with your favourites, i successfully used girafarig in OU for quite a while (then scizor became popular, darn pursuit) just because something doesn't have the base stats or movepool to be OU doesn't mean it can't work in OU. And obviously the OP did gather knowledge, they have some decent sets there, obviously they just put them into the team wrong. Seriously it pisses me off when people are like "oh serebii's become **** bla bla bla" and then they don't even ****ing try to make it better. When someone tries to post a decent team, even if it isn't that good, try and help out.
  10. ExplodingMuk

    ExplodingMuk Cheese and Crackers

    King and Draco. BFFL? Anyway if you are going to lead with Typhlosion, use the scarf set.
  11. Witch of 'Cos

    Witch of 'Cos i love the pee pees

    *joins in*

    First. most teams made these days have SOMETHING in order to counter Mence, it's just that this happened to to be the unlucky blugder without one.

    Next. Sometimes, a team that seems to have major flaws can become an incredible team with just a little advice.

    And last. This is CRMT. Not CDMTAWMHAD. AKA, Competitve Destroy My Team Along With My Hopes And Dreams! Insensitive ba**ard Some of these people come here with not much knowledge. And that's what we're here for. To help them out, teach them the ropes. Not to destroy them and make them give up on it all. One of these poor sods could've commited suicide over one of ya comments.

    Last edited: Jul 1, 2009
  12. Xhizors

    Xhizors Banned

    Listen *******: I'm going to convince you that you're a noob wich is a fact you're denying and that you obviously don't know anything about competitive battling.

    Let's look at the team you posted : RainSand team

    First of all: lol

    Second of all, The team is extremely weak to Salamence and Gyarados. These are the threats you always say teams are weak to! I'm 100 % sure the team in this thread would tear your "Rain sand team" into pieces.

    That was the introduction in your thread. You said that you were a noob. This was posted in 5-28-2009, today we are 7-1-2009. That means that in one month and 3 days, you became a pro at competitive battling? You said it, why are you denying it now?
  13. BoltBeam

    BoltBeam Member

    I've made a few, or quite a lot of, changes now, and changed the theme or whatever I had.

    And MajorGambit had a point so let's just calm down a bit.

    And for my battle record, there IS alot of newbies on Shoddy, some worse some better than me. I just got lucky with my opponenents, and one guy who challenged me three times :p
  14. MajorGambit

    MajorGambit Well-Known Member


    Xhizors, I told ya before: battle me whenever you want. And I said I was a noob to the battling scenario. Knowledge does come from battling but the biggest part comes from reading about the game and such.

    As for the team: I think Typlosion may work, but there are better leads... If it's effective for you, then go for it.

    Go for scrappy so you're not walled by ghosts.

    On Noir, go for fire punch, so you can give scizor bad dreams. And Gyra is mainly taken care by Cress and even by Gliscor, depeding on the scenario.
  15. Xhizors

    Xhizors Banned

    Even though I shouldn't be loosing my time to someone like you, ok. I'l PM you when Shoddy is fixed on my PC.

    Also becoming a pro at competitive battling takes more than one month even if you're spending every minute of your life on Smogon's strategy pokedex reading for "Knowledge" and giving bad advice here.
  16. MajorGambit

    MajorGambit Well-Known Member

    It does not. I don't know what's your age but, for a person with more than 15 years old, it's not that complex to read about a game with kind of simple numbers, probabilities and combinations and extract useful information. If you think that more than one month is required for that, you'll cry when you reach the university. Reading 100 pages of Law School books for the next day exam is much more complex, I can guarantee you!
  17. Gren Draco


    it takes longer than a month.
    it took everyone here longer than a month to become decent.
    that is unless you have the social life of a hermit and "studied" the art of competetive battling for a month non-stop.
    unless you're saying everyone here is an idiot?
    You probably are though, you're just that arrogant.
    100 pages? that's seriously not that much at all, especially for only studying.

    EDIT: sorry OP, this is basically a flame Majorgambit thread now.
    you'll probably want to repost when this thread dies down a bit.
  18. MajorGambit

    MajorGambit Well-Known Member

    100 pages of a Law book is a lot, you know? Law is a complex subject and I told it was for the day after. I'm not saying everyone is stupid, but if you've played other games, specially rpg complex games, you'll know that this one is not that difficult to figure out.

    And I'm still trying to give him some advice, you can "flame me" and post advice in the same reply, man.

    Finally, I'm not that arrogant. I think it does not take more than one month. But it took for me, as I read and read before creating my forum acc and coming. So, the conclusion is: if I think my argument is valid, which I do, I'd be assuming that I'm not that wise, cause it took me more than one month, lol.

    Think about fire punch on noir and the other stuff.
  19. Sebonzakura

    Sebonzakura moved to smogon

    I cant really see how this team is Sala weak.Cresselia can handle him pretty well.
    I think that this team has a slight ghost weakness.Scarfgar can 2HKO every poke in your team bar
    On Breloom change facade to seed bomb so you are not walled completely by ghost and to hit swampert.

    Offtopic:I agree with gingbino11.
    Also respect to those who use their favourite pokes in competitive battling (and they are doing well).That means skill IMO.

    Hope I helped.

    ps.lets make a FLAME MAJORGAMBIT thread and flame him there.There is no point killing this thread for such a stupid reason.
  20. Kill.Mate.Repeat.

    Kill.Mate.Repeat. Feel My Aura

    Major, who the **** do you think you are? You just made the most hypocritical statement i have ever seen posted here, so please realize what your saying before you say it.

    Gren Draco is in the right because HE WAS TRYING to help the OP with the team. When you say dumb **** like ZONG SALAMENCE WEAK LOLZOR GET A COUNTER!!!!11!!1 when he actually has a Cresselia to handle most Mence.

    So stop whatever your doing, calm down, get some friends, and take a break from this game for a while, because its obviously not for you, not the competitive part anyway.

    Anyways, OP, your team is pretty decent if your using it for Wifi. I will have more to say later, but one thing that really sticks out is that your using Facade > Seed Bomb on Breloom, which is not what you should be using. Seed Bomb offers great coverage while being a very hard hitting attack.

    Your Cresselia's EV should also be looked at because your wasting HP Evs aren't getting pivotal Leftovers Point and if you want to, you can change the Def EV to a jump point if you want to put all your extra EVs into somethinguseful, like SAtk or SDef. Ill explain later.

    Anyway good job.
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