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|Only Shiny from Den| H- Lucario, Ditto, Eevee, Applin, Pangoro, Espeon...

Looking for some shinies only captured by you in dens and in balls that aren't great/ultra:
Skwovet, Greedent, Rookidee, Blipbug, Dottler, Nickit, Gossifleur, Eldegoss, Chewtle, Drednaw, Yamper, Boltund, Rolycoly, Silicobra, Sandaconda, Cramorant, Barraskewda, Toxtricity, Sizzlipede, Centiskorch, Clobbopus, Sinistea, Hatenna, Obstagoon, Perrserker, Cursola, Sirfetch'd, Milcery, Alcremie, Pincurchin, Snom, Frosmoth, Eiscue, Morpeko.

Have for trade shinies from den captures by me (have all in repeat so will put only the exceptions):
Espeon (quick), Eevee, Noivern (dusk), Lucario, Ditto, Drifblim, Mr. Rime, Dubwool, Toxicroak (net), Seismitoad (net), Pangoro (dusk), Falinks (master), Hawlucha (dusk), Grapploct, Coalossal, Sudowoodo (dusk), Togetic, Nuzleaf (nest), Roselia (nest), Pelipper (dive), Phantump (dusk), Pumpkaboo (dusk), Polteageist (dusk), Dusclops (dusk), Indeedee F/M, Gourgeist (dusk), Axew (dusk), Applin, Cufant (dusk), Wooloo (dusk), Trapinch (dusk), Morelull (nest), Trubbish (dusk), Munna (heal), Ponyta Galar (premier), Bounsweet (nest), Budew (nest), Ralts, Impidimp (dusk), Corvisquire.

Just send message will pm discord for easier communication if we aren't at same time online.
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