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Opening Night!


The magic of Pokemon
The basic premise:

This year, Pallet Town's theater troupe is putting on a play called "The Mage of Arcane" for their winter play, and they need people to help on the crew; as well as filling slots for a few more roles. Excited about the prospects of working in a theater environment, you rush to the theater to help in any way you can.

The RP begins with the first rehearsal, then moves on through subsquesent rehearsals, then the dress rehearsal, followed by the opening night performance. Friends and enemies will be made, but the production hinges on whether the cast and crew can work as a team. Will the play be a hit?

Here's the roles that have been decided already:

The mage and his sidekick (Ash and Pikachu)
The singing narrator (Brock)
The desert sage (Misty)

Roles you may ask for are below. Some of these are speaking parts, and some are not:

The Queen of the Fairies (must be played by a female)
Desert nomads
a genie (can be male or female)
Jungle Pokemon
Shadow Pokemon
Shadow Lugia

As director, I also need crew members to help, so here's the crew positions:

Prompter (helps the actors in case they forget a line)
Set designer
Lighting and sound crew
Costume designer
Assistant director (helps me direct)

That being said, here's the sign up form:

For a role:

Character's name
Character's age
Character's physical appearance
Character's personality

If you want a Pokemon role, the Pokemon you play will be determined by your character's appearance and personality. I'll also tell you if you have a speaking part or not.

For a crew member:

Character's name
Character's age
Character's physical appearance
Character's personality
Qualifications (if you want to be on the lighting crew, for example; you need to know how to work the lights)
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Pachirisu Master
I'll join.

Can I play as a human and a Pokemon??

If yes:

Character's name: Richy and Castform
Character's age: 13
Character's physical appearance:

Character's personality: Nice and helpful...
Role: Sailor and Partner (<-- Castform) When Castform talks, it will be translated in < blah >.

Side note: Castform can also help with weather effects...

if only one then it is Castform...


The magic of Pokemon
You are Accepted!

You can have a Pokemon, just so long as they can help out in some way...your role is a good sized speaking part for a sailor (they appear in Act 1, Scene 3)


Pachirisu Master
Cool, thanx and if you need weather effect, you know who to ask, right...


Pachirisu Master


Yami Ryu

Well-Known Member
Flamingruby; one, is this going to end up being a script rp? Because if it is, it'll most likely be closed. And two; where is the plot? I mean even with Dan's winter ball RP he made a longer plot description than that. And I think the minumum anyways is two paragraphs.


The magic of Pokemon
To answer:

One: No, it will not be a script RP.
Two: Am fixing the plot now...done.
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Uchiha Obito

Character's name:Harrison
Character's age:16
Character's physical appearance:Blue vest, brown pointy hair, black shoes,red undershirt, gray pants, and silver colored necklace.
Character's personality:Cherful and peppy. When he heard his friend ASh was in a play he hurried to sign up for it. Brave and bold when it comes to things serious. A good leader. Loves to help people.
Role:Assistant Director

may i be in the play?


Pachirisu Master
okay, PM me when it starts.

There has been so many RPs I've Signed Up with and went through the whole RP without knowing it opened...


Pachirisu Master
Thanx a lot, Flaming Ruby!

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Any more discussion = Closed.

Sign Up. Accepte. Decline. DON'T chat. Th RPG will be up when you SEE IT in the main forum. If you need to be PM'd about it then clearly you are not dedicated enough to join it. Now quit the chatter.