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Operation Chimera - Trinity of Darkness

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven


More than two years ago, a bizarre incident had occurred in Saffron City, Kanto, involving an outbreak of zombies, mutants, and other mad science creations on behalf of the notorious organization known as Team Galactic Plasma, one that operated in secret within the basement levels of the Silph Co Building. Their scientific plans included Chimera mutagen technology, the ability to grant a human being the features and powers of multiple Pokémon, called a Chimera. However, their plans and operations were shut down by the Joint Operation task force consisting of Hoenn and Orre task operatives, and were able to destroy the mastermind behind the organization, a gargantuan monster known as the Dark Dragon.

Team Galactic Plasma's operations were instantly shut down and were cleaned up with incredible speed, to the point where their entire existence was questioned if it really happened only a few days later. However, two years later, the Orre president and his cabinet had disappeared, and it was later learned that one of the Joint Operation task force leaders, General Heights of the Orre military, overthrew the government using Team Galactic Plasma's research, more specifically, their Chimera mutagens. Under the new alias of Black Alpha, the Orre military paved the way for what they felt would be a new step in "evolving mankind." In addition to turning their military personnel into Chimeras, they also used FEAs, injections that allowed Chimeras to even evolve and become powerful super-soldiers.

The UN, consisting of many different regions upholding the alliance against Orre, had deployed operatives and strike teams to put an end to Black Alpha, but it wasn't before the Orre organization had already distributed mutagens all across the world and deeply permeated the black market. At the same time, Team Galactic Plasma had been reorganizing its remnant members to get their revenge on Black Alpha.

Alpha Black suffered considerable losses early, and with each loss, they upped the ante by allowing more of their grunts to become Chimeras and evolve themselves. Meanwhile, General Heights had been collecting the DNA of legendary Pokémon, intending to turn himself into a massive, powerful Chimera creature that would have the DNA and features of all legendary Pokémon. However, the process failed, and eventually killed him as a result. With Heights dead, Black Alpha was left in the hands of his trusted elites, known only by some enigmatic names such as "Midnight," "Agent Zero," "Doomfist," and several others. Seeing Orre was quickly falling into the hands of the UN, they used only a few of the legendary Pokémon DNA samples to make themselves Chimeras of legendary Pokémon, but stuck to only using three Pokémon forms at maximum. The plan worked, and they pushed the UN back to the coastline. However, several others created a Black Alpha branch in Unova, and ensured mutagen production continued.

The circulation of Chimera mutagens seeped its way into the public. It wasn't very long until ordinary civilians were experimenting with the mutagens, and it forced the UN to take very drastic actions in their effort to return things to normal as they did not want to imagine a new world where Chimeras lived among humans. As they discovered, even though Chimera mutations could be reversed to an extent by means of a CRA (Chimera Reversal Agent), it was never a full, clean reversal, and anyone who ever used a Chimera mutagen would always have it imprinted on their DNA, even though they looked fully human. As a result, the UN declared all Chimeras to be outlawed. Those that used the mutagens would be forced to become humans again, and would be sent away to labor camps and reservations, away from "clean, sanity-loving people." As it was discovered, the living conditions in these reservations were horrible and worse than prison. However, the UN threatened that any Chimera or previously mutated human that resisted would be terminated. The UN made their mission clear that they wanted a full, clean sweep of everything, and wanted anything to do with Chimeras to simply stop existing. Even if it meant betraying former allies, detaining their own mutated soldiers, and putting away innocent civilians that were targeted for Chimera mutagen testing by Black Alpha. Many agreed and now follow the UN's plan, but many hate and resent the UN for it.

Meanwhile, Black Alpha, trying to undermine the UN's operations, is attempting to spread Chimera mutagens all over the world, and entice people to use them and rise up against the UN's authority. Bit by bit, their pyramid scheme is spreading and becoming wider, while they only allow elites and people who do favors for the new Black Alpha to become evolved, and more powerful. Their mission has gone from trying to challenge authority to directly trying to replace humans with Chimeras. It's unknown whether they're really trying to build a new tomorrow and ensure Chimera survival, or are simply just out to raise anarchy. Among its members, plenty of both cases can be found.

In the midst of the war between Black Alpha and the UN, Team Galactic Plasma is attempting to pick up the pieces, and hopefully put an end to both of them. Meanwhile, rumor has it that their attempts to build a sanctuary of Chimeras on the moon is taking root again...

And now here you stand, caught in the decision of who to help, and what to do. What will you do, and how will you do it? Only you can answer that question, and only time can tell what will become of it.


Chimera - A Chimera is a nickname for a humanoid that has been injected with a Chimera mutagen, turning them into a humanoid compromising of elements of multiple Pokémon (up to three at max), such as a Zoroark, Houndoom, and Flygon Chimera having the dark black fur and white cuffs and horns of a Houndoom, the long bundled hair of a Zoroark, and the diamond-shaped wings of a Flygon. Chimeras can use any Pokémon attack these Pokémon can learn, but still can only be two types at a time. Think of them as Pokémorphs, but with multiple Pokémon aspects.

Overrider Mutagen - A Chimera mutagen in the form of a syringe that has the power to change an already existing Chimera into a Chimera of different Pokémon. Still works against humans as a normal Chimera mutagen.

FEA (Forced Evolution Agent) - A syringe injection that has the potential to evolve any Pokémon to the next evolution stage with no need for experience, evolution items, and so on. However, it's power lies in the fact it can evolve Chimeras, turning them into new, giant Pokémon that don't even look like they were ever once human. Chimeras are already dangerous against humans, but this makes them many times more so.

Standard Chimera ("Basic Chimera," often called "Basics") - A "Basic" Chimera is one that hasn't received any FEA injections, and is still the size of a normal human. While they have gained multiple Pokémon features and may now have tails, wings, fur, different skin colorations, and so on, it is still somewhat possible to tell they were once human.

Second Stage Chimera ("Advanced Chimera") - Once a Chimera is injected with their first FEA, their second stage evolves them into a form that is 12-15 feet tall. At this point of evolution, the Chimera no longer looks at all human, and looks purely like a new kind of Pokémon that looks like a perfect blend of whatever three Pokémon were used in their primary, Basic Chimera form. Also, typically Chimeras that hit this stage of evolution often give themselves new Pokémon-like names.

Third Stage Chimera ("Elite Chimeras" often called Elites) - Upon a second injection of FEA, they become 40-50 feet tall, huge enough to be considered very serious threats. What they lose in speed this way is gained in strength and endurance. Meanwhile, these Chimeras evolve in such a way that they begin to lose a bit of resemblance to the original Pokémon that were used in their primary form as their features evolve further and further. Due to the danger imposed by Chimeras this high in evolution, the UN doesn't even bother to ask for them to surrender, they simply shoot to kill.

And beyond...

These two last stages of evolution are only accomplished by injecting a larger, two-gallon dosage of FEA solution, which is very difficult and very expensive to obtain. Very few people that circulate FEA syringes would allow for this much substance to be easily found in one place. Also, at this level of evolution, serious, permanent alteration is done to the DNA, which makes it impossible for these kinds of Chimeras to ever fully restore themselves to be humans again. Not even Black Alpha wants many Chimeras going this far, and may only keep them like that for a temporary amount of time for special assignments. The cost for the care and feeding of such enormous creatures would be far too costly.

Fourth Stage Chimera ("Colossus Chimeras") - Typically grow to become anywhere between 200-300 feet tall. Main issue is that while they have power, they have no where to hide, and make very identifiable targets by the UN. And if the UN doesn't stand for Elite Chimeras at all, you can imagine they don't tolerate these renditions in the slightest. At this level, these Chimeras stop looking like they were made from Pokémon, and instead look more like they're based on massive monsters.

Fifth Stage Chimera ("Master Chimeras") - At the maximum of their evolution, these 800-1000 foot tall monstrosities are extremely easy to notice. While difficult to defeat and overpowered with extreme potential, they're extremely easy to hit, and while the size of Godzilla, essentially, don't look very much like Pokémon anymore, and instead look like an overgrown monster. Due to their needs and voracious appetites, it's simply far too costly to keep any Chimera in this state for any longer than a few hours.

Chimera Reversal Agent (CRA) - A syringe that turns a Chimera, evolved or unevolved, back into a human. When created, the formula for CRAs was difficult and complex, and even now still isn't "perfect." A CRA vaccine can reverse most Basic and Advanced Chimeras without any problem, and they will still look mostly human, even though the "imprint" of having used a mutagen will always be there. Meanwhile, it can be used a few time against Elite Chimeras, but lingering DNA changes persist in the human form, and eventually, the only thing a CRA does to an Elite Chimera is take them back down to the "Advanced" level. At this point, they're pretty much locked in that Chimera form, and can't even revert to a different one. Attempting to use additional CRAs in this case at the "Advanced" level results in nothing happening. By now, they've fully altered their DNA so much that the CRA thinks it has already been reverted back to normal, and that's their natural state.

Against the massive Colossus and Master Chimeras, since too much DNA alteration has been done, they can only be returned to their "Advanced" level forms, and again, are pretty much locked to that form. These types of Chimeras will never be truly human again.


The UN, consisting of most of the other regions, such as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and so on, are out to eliminate and destroy the new Chimera presence, mainly because they do not at all want Chimeras to be present in the modern day world. In general, they have assured the public that the Chimeras will be taken care of and be sent to reservations where they will be treated humanely, but that's far from the truth, as these reservations are more like labor and internment camps, where some believe they're being sent there to die. Regardless, few civilians are interested in the welfare of Chimeras, as many people regard them as dangerous, unnatural, and savage. While there are some cases of humans unwillingly being turned into Chimeras against their will, most people who support the UN believe use of these mutagens is intentional in most cases, and don't show much in the ways of compassion toward those who have tried becoming a Chimera.

United Nations attributes

  • The UN controls the largest share of support in the world, and uses a well-funded military campaign, as well as use of propaganda to support its cause. Because of this, they're a hard enemy to defeat, and are many in number when it comes to support. Their weakness, however, is their absolute refusal to use any mutagens whatsoever, and even disown soldiers who do or were turned into Chimeras against their own will. Needless to say, they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to Chimeras, and want to make them stop existing entirely.
  • The only chemical from the list that the UN uses is CRAs, made to reverse Chimera forms so the targets are easier to capture, or to reverse at least some of their evolution stages. Regardless of state, the UN regards anyone who has ever used a Chimera mutagen the same way. Other UN forces, however, don't trust the CRA formula considering it was made by the nefarious Team Galactic Plasma, and would rather finish them off with whatever weapons the UN has as its disposal.


The polar opposite of the UN, Black Alpha overthrew the government of Orre and rose to power through their means to make Chimera super soldiers. As a nemesis to the UN, Black Alpha has already managed to get Chimera mutagens to be circulated through the black market, and allow even civilians and gangs to get their hands on them. As a result, the UN has a difficult time trying to keep it under control, although they have made the mutagens strictly contraband and highly illegal. However, there are plenty of people that could care less and simply embrace the power that comes from these mutagens. Some others, however, have done it to get closer to their Pokémon, or simply feel humankind is weak and won't survive the storm.

Given the recent news that the UN is prosecuting all Chimeras, regardless of current state, it has given Black Alpha some additional support on behalf of those who are already Chimeras, and to those who sympathize with them.

Black Alpha attributes

  • Anyone affiliated with Black Alpha can easily get the exact Chimera form they want, and even reach the Advanced Evolution form without any issues. Meanwhile, anyone is free and open to change their form at any time, although with recent discoveries, excessive transformation often results in a Chimera eventually becoming stuck in their current form, and can't change into another or back to being human, due to their DNA being far too overwritten. Meanwhile, Elite Chimera forms and Chimera forms that involve aspects of Legendary Pokémon are reserved for elite officers.
  • Black Alpha has a strong presence in both Orre and Unova, but they're seeking to expand elsewhere and undermine the UN's efforts to keep stability. Right now, however, they're greatly outnumbered against the UN.
  • While weapons and armor for evolved Chimeras is out there, it's not so easy to find, and only those who are directly affiliated with Black Alpha can get it easily.
  • Black Alpha has in fact made XD Shadow Chimeras possible, although they have warned that it causes recipients of it to become mentally unstable at first, but eventually they're able to keep their dark urges under control. They do, however, still go berserk in battle after taking significant injuries, and very little other than death seems to pull them out of their destructive trances.


The truth is Team Galactic Plasma was responsible for the creation of Chimera mutagens in the first place, among many other abominations of science that wrecked havoc in Saffron City and nearly spread throughout Kanto. They claim what they do is in the name of progress, and defend it comparing it to the way humans use medicines, medical devices, and other technologies to enhance living quality. This same Chimera technology was stolen by Black Alpha when it was confiscated, and Team Galactic Plasma wants it back, or at least out of Black Alpha's hands. In the meantime, they want to establish a sanctuary for Chimeras, one outside of the jurisdiction of the UN. And what they had in mind was to attempt to reestablish themselves on the moon, and hopefully teraform the planet into a living ecosystem.

Team Galactic Plasma mostly consists of scientists and only a very small "military defense" division, which isn't as strong as either the UN's or Black Alpha's. Regardless, many, in fast most members of Team Galactic Plasma are Chimeras themselves. They find humans and Chimeras can get along just fine, but they hold no restraints when it comes to using science in any way or format they choose. They also believe even the most insane levels of experiments all have some beneficial use to them, and would be willing to try anything despite the risk. What they lack in military strength, they have in research, and they hope to use the moon as a kind of sanctuary to continue their work.

Team Galactic Plasma attributes

  • Team Galactic Plasma may not have much in the ways of weapons and armor, but they would be the first to discover some kind of research that could be used to help protect and defend the organization. Healing supplies, safe performance enhancers, teleportation technology, and much more are in the process of being made. However, the UN is no better than Black Alpha when it comes to property, and would take all of Team Galactic Plasma's hard work and claim it as their own if they were eliminated. Meanwhile, while any member of Team Galactic Plasma can be any Chimera they'd like, this excludes forms that involve legendary Pokémon.
  • Most of Team Galactic Plasma's secret hideouts are in Kanto and Johto, but they tend to avoid making themselves known. Right now, the UN is a much bigger risk than Black Alpha, but in truth, both adversaries are equally as deadly.
  • Most of Team Galactic Plasma's focus is on the moon. While they did have a moon base previously, it was destroyed in a Joint Operation mission, but they have begun rebuilding. Meanwhile, they're drawing closer to learning how to teraform the moon, making it a possible new home away from the authoritative UN and the bloodthirsty Black Alpha.


It is possible to go it alone in this RPG, but it's very risky, and chances are good your character's personal motives would be hard pressed to be noticed. While all three of these factions have committed evil in different ways, trying to find a faction that comes clean and still commands significant power is exceptionally difficult. In a situation where hurting one dark faction helps another, you make need to make your choices wisely.


It's right here. Sign ups are always open, so feel free to join the action anytime.


To keep the PVP aspect fun and fair for everyone, please follow these guidelines to the best of your ability.

  • Allow your character to take injuries. Anything from cuts, bruises, and the like is fine. I'm not expecting people to start losing limbs over this or suffer devastating, permanent injuries. But don't be dodging absolutely everything, that just gets lame. Having to heal up after a fight isn't such a bad thing. This isn't like football where a bad injury means your character is out for the rest of the season. Assume medical supplies are better and heal faster (but not instantly, meaning they can't be used in the middle of a fight).
  • Be fair and be realistic. Give people a chance to respond, and don't say your attacks hit, unless you're attacking NPCs, or you're attacking a vehicle an enemy RPer's character is using (such as an attack to damage an attack helicopter's guns that an enemy RPer 's character is piloting). If you're attacking an enemy RPer's character, end your post with your character making the attack and aiming for that character, but do NOT declare if the attack hits or not. If they don't respond due to them going inactive for over five days or so, just break away from them by having your character get distracted and interrupted by something else, such as an NPC interrupting their attack, an explosion, or anything of that kind of nature.
  • Be willing to take losses, such as losing territory, having assets destroyed, and so on. Don't say "but our defenses are impenetrable," "our computers are unhackable," or something like "my armor resists all attacks!" That's just horribly lame. It's okay if your defenses are tough to break through, and they should pose some trouble to the attacking entities, but don't assume everything you own is invincible.
  • Don't be stubborn, egotistical, or bullheaded with your character. They can be tough and hardy, but they shouldn't be invincible. Try to be mature when handling PVP combat. Even heroes fall every now and then, and everyone has their faults and failures. No one's perfect. There should be things that challenge them, make things tough, and things that force them to improvise when Plan A just doesn't happen.


Just make sure you include this header at the top of your posts so people know what character you're controlling, what side they're on, and where they are. It helps RPers find each other and know who their allies and enemies are and takes the guesswork out of trying to tell who is near them.


John Doe <Name>
Freelancer <Faction>
Pyrite Town, Orre <Location area and region>

That's all, easy money.


Corporal X (Human, Past Chimera) - Played by Dark Pulse94
Pikababe (Human) - Played by Soaring Pikachu
Terra Ferest (Human) - Played by AudinoGlitch
Zaur (Bulbasaur) - Played by Grassmaster411
Herman Blake (Human) - darkjigglypuff


Zack Night (Advanced Chimera: Quilava) - Played by Crimson Darkness
Abigale 'Abi' Reynolds (Human) - Played by SoulMuse
Meurig Fews (Advanced Chimera - Muk) - Played by Unicorn
Ava Blackshire (Basic Chimera - Mew) - Played by Skillfulness
Sophia Black (Basic Chimera - Flygon, Musharna, Shaymin) - Played by Mon1010
Lt. Jacob Saxton (Advanced Chimera - Ninjask, Accelgor, Scyther) - Played by Septic Scepti1e
Zero, Black Alpha's Shadow (Human, Past Chimera) - Played by Aura of Twilight


Alex Waters (Advanced Chimera: Lopunny, Umbreon, Ninetales) - Played by Neo Pikachu
Toby Weaver (Basic Chimera: Scizor, Beheeyem, Cofagrigus) - Played by capitalh
Theresa Del Monico (Advanced Chimera: Zoroark, Houndoom, Flygon) - Played by *Jean Grey*
Eric Starstorm (Human) - Played by Jonah the Great
Janine Price (Advanced Chimera: Lopunny, Togekiss, Ninetales) - Played by Neo Pikachu
Jonha Starstorm (Human) - Played by Jonah the Great
Ian Blackwood (Human, past Chimera) - Played by SoulMuse
Tyler Mandival (Basic Chimera: Blastoise, Magmortar, Scizor) - Played by Tman109ner


John Hammon (Human) - Played by Grassmaster411
Samuel Grayson (Human) - Played by razorrozar7
Zack Robertson (Human, past Chimera) - Played by Proby3
Yugo Tenno (Human) - Played by Endarkened Gardevoir
Kara Smith (Human, past Chimera) - Played by Aura of Twilight
Juan Mendez (Human) - Played by strategiser24
Sophie Lance (Human, past Chimera) - Played by Aura Wolfe
Toby Morris (Human, past Chimera) - Played by Proby3
Strauffor Tenno (Human) - Played by Endarkened Gardevoir
Jessie (Basic Chimera - Umbreon) - Played by MockingSparrow
Siva Erickson (Basic Chimera - Gallade, Medicham, Espeon) - Played by Monty
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Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric and Jonah Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Galactic Plasma Bunker (stationed in Orre)

The room was spacious, as it was used as a Pokemon battle arena. On one side was Eric, using Broadsword, his Gallade. On the other was his brother Jonah, using Scythe the Weavile. Both combatants had taken hits, but neither was injured that badly.

"Finish him off!" Eric ordered. "Close Combat!"

Broadsword dashed forward, his fists curled tightly. Scythe was ready to take the hit.

"Scythe, Ice Punch!" Jonah yelled.

Scythe breathed icy breath on his hand, covering it in chilled glass. When Broadsword got close enough, Scythe punched him in the stomach. He slid back towards Eric, but was only somewhat injured. He resumed his attack, and finally struck Weavile with a flurry of slashes, punches and kicks. Scythe didn't last long before it let out a pained whimper and fainted.

"Good battle," Jonah said with a smile. "You're getting better."

"Thanks," Eric said, sighing. He wasn't sure if Broadsword could stand up to the Ice Punch, so he was greatly relieved. "So what do we do now?"

"Well first, I guess we should heal our Pokemon," Jonah said with a shrug. "Then we should head on out."

"But not with each other."

"Right, right. Of course."

Eric recalled Broadsword, and Jonah Scythe. They walked into another room, which had a healing machine beside the wall. Broadsword's and Scythe's Poke Balls were inserted into the slots. As the light shined on the Poke Balls, Eric wondered if Samuel and Toby were OK. After Eric agreed to side with Galactic Plasma, they'd gone their separate ways. He was honestly worried about them. Jonah, however, was simply focused on the task at hand. He was going to hunt down and kill all the Black Alpha goons he could find.

Eric and Jonah took their Poke Balls from the healing machine and left the base, walking in separate directions.

OOC: Through the week, I'll either need someone to bunny me or I'll just catch up when I get back. Also, where exactly is the GP base?
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Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

The shape of a Charizard could been seen from the air. The fire dragon that many people admired, was flying over the skies of Pyrite. There was; however, something off about the mighty fire type Pokemon. Instead of the usual orange and beige body and navy blue wing's this Charizard in particular had coal black skin with a dark grey underbelly. Its massive wings were a Crimson red, its eyes, Scarlett in colour. The only normal thing on this Pokemon was its tail. But this Charizard wasn't flying alone. As a matter of fact, stationed on the mighty creature's back was a lone figure, a pair of sunglasses covering up his eyes, and wearing a black cloak to hide his features. This was something the figure would do every time he ventured out from the safety of his secluded home located near Penac City, though the times he ever ventured out of his house were far and few. Today; however, was just one of those days he wanted to go out, he needed to go somewhere, and what better place to go then to Pyrite Town.

A dirty, filthy place where many fights took place, this was his kind of place. He pointed down to a lone spot with his finger, and with a grunt, the Charizard began to make his descent. Landing elegantly where his trainer pointed to. The male jumped off of the Pokemon's back and patted his head,

Good job. He told the Pokemon, receiving a coo from the Charizard, an action that was rare of the Pokemon's species, and the Charizard himself. The caused the guy to smile, Charizard was this guy's starter Pokemon, they had been through thick and thin together, sure the guy had other Pokemon with him as well, but there was no bond stronger then that between your first Pokemon. Besides, Charizard understood the guy better then his other Pokemon did in his opinion, seeing as he wasn't too shocked with what happened to him after the 'accident' in Saffron.

The man clenched his fists as he thought of that day. He was grabbed from the streets, knocked out, and once he woke up, well, that's when things took a turn for the worse. He had learned that he had been turned into a Chimera, mixed up with Quilava genes, thus changing his genetic structure. His life had been screwed over the day he had been transformed.

He used to be called Zack Night: An aspiring Pokemon Trainer. But now, now he was labeled as a monster, a freak, and that he had to be killed, or changed back to a human. Sure he wanted to go back to being a human, living a normal life before things took a turn for the worse, but a part of him wanted to remain like this, he felt the wonders of the Pokemon genes, they both frightened and excited him at the same time. There really was no way to explain it. He put those thoughts to the back of his head and began walking, thinking of a place to go. He didn't know where he wanted to go, he just wanted to go somewhere, anywhere that was away from his secluded house. He let out a soft sigh as he placed his hands behind his head and began to aimlessly walk around, letting his feet carry him to wherever they were taking him. IN all honestly, Zack really didn't mind wandering around in the town for awhile, just as long as nothing serious happened that would cause him to flee the city for awhile.
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Weird Person
Terra Ferest
United Nations
South Penac Gates

Terra was standing as a guard in her casual outfit. Normally she'd be in Penac's medical bay healing injured people but right now there was nobody to heal, which made her happy. "The less injured people there are the better." she said to nobody. Her short brown hair waved slightly in the wind as she looked in her binoculars. "Pity all I can do right now is be a guard. Then again I'm not suited for combat."

"Aud, Audino." Clare responded a little annoyed. She was also holding binoculars and looking at the desert. The dryness was bothering her skin. Terra almost never put the Audino in her Pokeball because she saw her more like a friend than a Pokemon.

"Hey, sorry Clare, but at least we're helping. Who knows if a dangerous Chimera will invade? If we help catch it I'm sure the UN will help cure it and set it back on the right path." She said this not knowing what the UN really did to Chimeras. However she spotted something. "Huh? What's that in the distance?" The thing was too far for her to see what it was. She put a hand on her Kadabra's Pokeball.

ooc: anyone can be the thing in the distance. Enemy or friend, I'm fine with that.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
OOC: We'll say it's in Gateon Port, Jonah.

Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Galactic Plasma Bunker, Gateon Port, Orre

I was with Janine in one of the bunker's labs, just kind of watching her and not really doing anything besides menial stuff and trying to figure out some guy's craptastic penmanship abilities. Truthfully, all this scientific stuff was all Greek to me. Definitely not my specialty in the slightest. Meanwhile, the labs were bleach white, always seemed to go from hot to cold in only minutes, always had a weird alcohol smell to them, and were filled with flasks, beakers, and all kinds of crazy lab crap. Couldn't imagine how sad and painful it would be to be stuck and cooped up in a place like this every day for all the working years of my life.

It was... ridiculous to learn how much had changed in only a few months. Heights... I couldn't believe it when I heard he was dead, dead because he screwed around too much with mutagens. Still, when we learned exactly how he died, it was a serious mind-screw. I couldn't believe he was actually trying to become some hideous mutant of every freaking legendary Pokémon in existence. I wasn't surprised it was his avarice that killed him, but I didn't know it had gone that far. Well, thankfully it didn't work.

And then there was the UN, who utterly betrayed me and every other Chimera that's been trying to help them, including Theresa and Janine. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard they were rounding up every last Chimera and throwing us into some reservation or detention block. And I heard from reliable sources that the UN doesn't just plan on detaining Chimeras, they plan on exterminating them.[/b] And now I found myself working for my former enemies, trying to establish a base on the moon and hope these guys had the science to cause a Garden of Eden to bloom up there.

I seriously must have been losing my mind...

In the meantime, I was stuck. Stuck as a Bunninja for what I discovered would be the next 10,000 years of my altered lifespan. As it turned out, I had been abusing too many mutagens. And I counted seven... seven times I had been playing around with those things and it finally caught up to me. As it turned out, using even just one mutagen and then using an CRA still leaves traces of mutated DNA in a few places, something the UN was scanning people for to probably make sure they weren't "infected" like we were some kind of stupid zombie or something like that. Meanwhile, as a Chimera, I realized there were still tiny fragments of DNA that CRAs relied upon to return the user to almost normal. Problem is, after using too many mutagens, the original DNA traces diminish until there's nothing left. And right now, I had nothing of my original human DNA remaining, meaning my DNA was Bunninja all over and nothing else, like I had always been a black bunny rabbit ever since day one. So CRAs didn't work because they thought I was simply in my natural form. I couldn't complain though, it could have been worse. Far, far worse. Meanwhile, Janine took advantage of the situation and turned herself into this same kind of bunny situation, going for a Lopunny, Togekiss, Ninetales look, looking like a white Lopunny with wings and eighteen fox tails, for what I knew was an attempt to cuddle up to me. It made me wonder if she was stuck like that too now, for I knew she wasn't exactly economical when it came to abusing mutagens either...

Still, before the conversation got to something stupid, I decided to ask her about the progress. I was curious to know how this was all going anyway.

"Well, how much were you able to recover from the stored files?" I asked Janine, knowing I had kept those secure, and was awfully glad I did. "From the looks of things, it doesn't seem like much. Seems like everyone's had to start all over."

Still, even in a bleak situation, Janine was definitely not one to get pessimistic...


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Galactic Plasma Bunker, Gateon Port, Orre

A lot sure happened in the past few months. My memory just got sacked and I actually turned into a homicidal maniac for a few days! Weird things have been happening lately. Like Heights. The guy went overboard and mutated himself to death! Seemed like a pretty grizzly way to go, huh. Ah, at least he proved it wasn't possible, and a good thing too! If he actually got that to work, I imagine the only way to finish him off would be to overfeed him. But I sure wouldn't want the job of doing that.

I had been trying to figure out how to help the rest of the researchers teraform the moon and actually make it inhabitable for both people and Pokémon. It wasn't easy though, and the files that Alex recovered were just guides. We lost all the valuable stuff. He asked me about how much I was able to recover, and... well, I didn't really have good news for him there. But we almost got it before, so maybe we could do it again, right?

"Yeah, sorry honey, but not much," I told him, looking at a sample through a microscope. "It's kinda why we build the base on the moon first. It gave us a testing area, you know. We might get called up there soon at the new base, but until then, we're kind of stuck here hoping to just research what we can."

I honestly wasn't thinking straight on this stuff anyway, just trying to act like I was actually working really while my mind just wandered as I kept only getting inconclusive results in this germination experiment. I kept thinking about him. Yeah, Alex! To be honest, and I wouldn't say it to his face, but he was like... the perfect combination of cool and cute. And now, so was I! I got the hint he didn't like flowers, and never would. I couldn't... just couldn't afford to lose him to that darned Theresa. That angst flea-bag wolf girl. Plus come on, Alex was a bunny now, and so was I. Since when have bunnies ever gotten together with wolves? Or hellhounds, or whatever furry, feral creature that Theresa turned herself into? Not unless they wanted to be their lunch. No Lopunny would ever fall in love with a Houndoom or a Zoroark... would they? I mean, they were part of the same egg group, but... well, I've never seen it happen.

But if Alex was stuck like that, then I actually had the tactical advantage, something to smile about when it came down to it. Alex admired Theresa because she was cool and tough, and maybe she was from an aesthetic perspective, but I was really hoping Alex would see things for the way they really were. I mean, the two of us could really get along together. I just had to get closer to him without... annoying him, and proving we were more alike now. I knew he hated flowers, so I was never going to try that again, though I was getting a little tired of them myself anyway. I just had to be cool and tough like Theresa, but warm up to Alex a little more than she did. Sure, I didn't know all the bombs and sabotage stuff like Theresa did, but I was still pretty cool in my opinion.

"Yeah, I'm getting nothing from this ol' rock," I told Alex, just shrugging and smiling casually. "The guys were right, this junk needs to be tested on the moon itself. I'm not a big fan of these simulated environments anyway."

"And your specialty is biology and genetics, isn't it?" He asked me, looking curiously at the machine.

"Yeah, that too!" I agreed with him, knowing that was the major point. "I spent half the day trying to figure out what this... Marcus Hanson's notes are, but his chicken scrawl handwriting is practically half the work trying to decipher what he was writing in the first place. I mean look, I had to rewrite everything he wrote just to be able to reach it! And that's only what I think it says!"

And the papers were everywhere. And I spent an hour just trying to put all the papers together. It was rough, but Alex was able to help however he could, even if it was just reorganizing papers and helping me determine what Hanson's notes were about. But I knew... if he was willing to help me with that... I figured he could love me after all. And boy, did I love him.


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Meurig Fews
Black Alpha
Driftveil- Unova

Meurig sat in the freezing room of Cold Storage, allowing the air to chill him to the bone. With his eyes closed, he breathed the fridged air in deeply. He could feel his skin, the viscous purple gloop, solidifying around him. If he stayed here long enough, he might get frostbite. That would be fun. But as enjoyable as that would be, he really could not afford to lose any limbs today. He had more important matters to attend to. Meurig opened his eyes and smiled at his victims.

A group of five Cold Storage workers were strung up by their heels, hanging from the ceiling by strands of hardened purple goo. Their screams were muffled by a thick layer of sludge covering their mouths. Meurig laughed, seeing the freezing tears in their eyes. He may not be as free as he'd like, but at least Black Alpha would not deprive him of some entertainment. This was quite a show.

"Have fun boys. I am truly envious," he murmured in a warbling voice. He allowed his body to turn to a pile of purple slop and ooze out of the room, leaving a trail of acrid-smelling scum in his wake.
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*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Theresa Del Monico
Team Galactic Plasma
Galactic Plasma Bunker, Orre

I sat on my worktable, pouring the last of my latest poison mixture, which consisted of vitriol, several acids, Seviper venom and some Vileplume spores, over the magazines that lay in front of me. The mixture was meant to corrode and paralyze at the same time. A deadly combination for those unprepared. Despite the fact that I wore a gas mask, the smell was almost unbearable. Fortunately, said odor would disappear upon the crystallization of the substance, if I recalled correctly. Getting up and stretching, I turned back and took off my gas mask as I walked out of my workplace. The poison would take two hours to crystallize, and I could afford to take a break before those two hours passed. I then checked my belt to make sure that the bottle I reserved for Alex's weapon was still with me.

I thought back on what I once was, and what I was now. From what I have been hearing, I was probably going to stay like this forever. A Zoroark-Houndoom-Flygon Chimera, not that it was a bad thing, but it meant that I'll never go back...unless an extra-strong CRA were made. Not that I would be able to go back either. Even if I were human, UN would still take me, detain me, kill me even. The Moon was my only choice at freedom. Freedom...something I desired all my life. I had my taste of it during the last two years and I definitely preferred it over being tied up.

Alex had told me that he'd be at the lab, so I headed there. All at once, my mind wandered to Janine, and I made a face in disgust. That Janine...why did she have to be such a buttkisser? From assuming Alex's old Seraphare form, to obtaining a Lopunny, to staying with him every waking moment...that girl was plain nuts. It was clear that Alex was annoyed, but she insisted that 'bunny love' was the only way to go.

And what did that leave me? Alex was the only one who made me feel worth something, and who made me open up. I must admit that I feel something for him...and it's not an ordinary friendly feeling either. I was beginning to love him, but I'm afraid that he could never be mine. Not with Janine around...or any older girl for the matter. As I said, it's always the older ones who get everything...from respect, admiration...even love. What's left for me? It was the reason why I was such a ne'er-do-good...Callie was always praised back in Lacunosa, always the good girl...now Janine the nutcase, getting on my nerves deliberately and pretending that I don't have any feelings.

I finally reached the lab, my enhanced sense of smell leading me to it. I peeked through the doorway before striding in.

"Hey, Alex." I said, grinning. If Janine was going to keep going, I might as well annoy her as much as I could. Looks like I was going to succeed. I took out my last bottle of the mixture I had just concocted and placed it in front of him.

"Vitriol and at least five other acids, Seviper venom, Vileplume spores...designed to corrode, poison and immobilize. This is just enough to coat your Wakizashi I guess...drying time is two hours unfortunately. I guess that's the trade-off for its potency." I explained to him, referring to the bottle of midnight-purple liquid. I then gave Janine a glare from the corner of my eye. Whatever it was she wanted from Alex, I was definitely not going to stoop down to her level.

Dark Pulse94

Scienta Potentia Est
Corporal X
United Nations
Gateon Port, Orre

Squadron X, after recieving orders from main UN command (not Hoenn command) to attack the site of an old Warehouse in Gateon Port. Apparently it was important to many refugee chimera's who weren't part of Black Alpha. However, X and the team knew that it was the site of Team Galactic Plasma, thanks to the odd logo they saw once or twice while securing the area.
"Corporal, are you sure we should be assaulting Galactic Plasma? We're only six people! (OOC - bear with me on this, I want to add a computer hacker/engineer into my SU - I'm still in the process, but he was sent by UN, not Hoenn, so he's very snobby and acts like he runs the place. He owns a Porygon to assist his hacking skills) We don't know how big the place is! Besides, shouldn't we be focusing on Black Alpha - I mean, thats what we were here for!" Chan complained, unwilling to fight.
"Orders are orders" I responded. "We are to crush Galactic Plasma before it grows and joins Black Alpha. If we can stop them here, then we'll be able to focus all our resources on Black Alpha. As for reinforcements, well there were only four militia soldiers available, and I believe they'd just get in the way."
"Well I still don't like it. What's the big deal with Chimera's anyway? Some of them are Cuuute!" She argued, suddenly getting lost in a fantasy. Likely involving Gardevoir, Audino, Chancey, or some other "cute pokemon." she adored.

The entrance to the warehouse was very subtle, the main roller-door was broken, to the point the hinges were rusted over, where as the side door had a simple lock. Frank got in on this (he got no cool callsign from Hoenn Special Ops, so they call him Frank, his first name, and Ironic because he has a rather frank personality) with relative ease.
"Honestly, with this kind of security, I wouldn't be surprised if it was an ordinary Warehouse - I mean, come on! They have GOT to do better than that!" Frank Remarked, shaking his head at Galactic Plasma.

As we entered the warehouse, there was nothing. A few empty oil canisters and some wooden lattice planks (think forklifts), but other than that, nothing.
"Told ya, the security was too neanderthol." Frank said, turning to leave the building.
"Hold your horses there Frank." QuickScope Interjected, pointing at what looked a lot like a thermostat on the far wall. "Take a look at that, I think it controls more than the broken Air-con."
Trust QuickScope's Hawk-eyes, he was right. This access panel was a lot more intricate than that of the door, but after a good fifteen minutes, Frank managed to open a hidden hatch in the corner of the room.

As the six heavily armoured soldiers climbed into the hallway, we found ourselves triggering an alarm. Great. As if we were trying to get caught.
Three scientists rushed around the corner, two of them letting loose gigantic Rhyperior bodyguards, while the last one, while simultaneously getting shot by QuickScope, let out a Reuniclus. These people knew how to fight Pokemon, but could they fight with cold hard steel?
Out came Mortar and SteamRoller, as well as Bugsy. With a glance, Mortar and SteamRoller leapt into the air, slamming the ground with an Earthquake. The two quake waves, being in perfect sync, strengthened each other, knocking the Rhypherior's clean off their feet. This gave Bugsy the perfect opportunity to U-turn the Reuniclus before it's slow limbering body could prepare it's attack. With their Pokemon fainted, the scientists fled, taking the Rypherior bodyguards with them.

With guns raised, we continued down the pathway, Chan would spit her flamethrower around a corner in case of snipers or other forms of ambush, while the rest of us took down enemies that faced us. During the thirty minute process of fighting our way through, KaS and Frank sported wounds to the shoulder and left forearm respectively, although Frank sure seemed to complain a lot more. The armour was sturdy enough to protect the chest and head, but it still had some minor weak points in the joints - At least the Hoenn armour only had minor ones, unlike the laughable armour Frank wore...

When we finally rounded another bend, we were meeted by the first Chimera's, although while Frank was eager to the fight, firing his shotgun with a ridiculous miss, the rest of us all gasped.

There were three Chimera's. One was a Black Lopunny with Thirteen Tails, another was the same but white, and the third looked like some Demonic hellhound.
Alex Waters, possibly? Janine Price, and Theresa Del Monico...

(sorry I kinda rushed things, I'm a little short on time, thanks to internet cutting off in ten minutes - I'll make a better post tomorrow though if you don't like the PvP so quickly, as well as finalising my SU...)

Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
U.N. (not officially yet though)
Western Orre, (coast)

Clearly the distance to Gateon port had been greatly underestimated. Pikababe expected a walk of maybe a few hours or days but it had been weeks, possibly months since she had left the tiny southern Orre village. She would have more than a few choice words for the next group of U.N. operatives that she bumps into. If their intel was capable of being this bad than she was starting to have serious doubts about the UN's ability to finish off Black Alpha.

Pikababes pokemon are all exhausted from the trip and she even sent out the Porygon that she previously had to go for help. Coming around a bend, she can see smoke rising in the distance and surprisingly runs into a trio of UN soldiers and their Poochyena. "Halt! You and your Jigglypuff chimera are under arrest!" Pikababe raises an eyebrow while trying to stay calm, "What are you talking about?!" 2 of the soldiers grab Jigglypuff, "Look at these goggles, he is definately a chimera!"

Pikababe can hardly believe the craziness that she is hearing! U.N. uniforms or not, she was going to have no choice but to beat some sense back into these jokers! Unfortunately Pikababe had forgotten that she is just as tired as her pokemon and is quickly knocked unconcious by the blunt end of a rifle...
Zack Robertson
Orre Desert

Zack Robertson surveyed the scene in front of him. It was mainly just sand. Any normal wandering traveller would surely get lost in this frightfully dull environment. But Zack wasn't a common guy. And he CERTAINLY wasn't a wandering traveller. He was on a mission; a mission to destroy the United Nations. Oh, and Black Alpha too. But for now, the UN was a much larger threat. He couldn't afford to let them imprison any more defenceless people. People who, against their will, or, out of foolishness, had used a Chimera form. Even once. It wasn't fair that these people were getting rounded up like farm animals and treated woefully. As far as was concerned, those like him, who deliberately injected themselves with Chimera forms knowing precisely what they were doing to themselves were less in need of his support. People like Alex Waters, Theresa Del Monico, Corporal X. They could look after themselves anyway.

Zack was lying neat the top of a sand dune, but just out of sight. Besides, he had his desert camouflage on, and it was pretty good camouflage. Not many people could see him. Today, he was investigating. He'd accidentally seen some UN operatives working around the wreck of the S.S Libra yesterday. They were obvious. Their uniforms stuck out like a sore thumb. It was late yesterday when he'd seen them though, so he'd decided to return today to check the wreckage.

Presently, he turned to his right, and to his team of three Pokemon; Blaze, Otto and Pistachio, his Combusken, Dewott and Pachirsiu.
"Pistachio, you're up, buddy." he said to the little electric squirrel. Like him, his Pokemon had camouflaged themselves excellently, and Pistachio was barely recognizable as anything but a lump of sand as he stood up. The little squirrel scampered over the edge of the dune, and ran down it, stopping every so often to check he wasn't being watched. He wasn't, which was good. After about ten minutes, Zack peered over the edge of the dune. He saw a small shape just reaching the massive rusty ship. He nodded approvingly. Pistachio was doing well.
Toby Morris
Citadark Isle

Toby casually walked out from the bar he'd just has a dirnk in. Nothing alcoholic, of course. He was seventeen after all, and therefore underage, and he was on his own personal mission, so he needed to remain sober and focused. Just a Dr. Pepper. He was gathering intel from the Citadark Isle folk about Team Galactic Plasma, using the guise of him wishing to join the group. So far, he hadn't struck up any leads. Then again, that had been the first place he'd asked in all of Orre, apart form a thorough scouring of Pyrite Town, as he knew the area like the back of his hand due to his past life as a KA operative.

Presently the young geek-looking boy walked away from the bar, heading towards the square. he knew Citadark Isle quite well. His boat out of Kanto lead him to Citadark Isle. He'd stayed here for a few months, and, as such, knew this area quite well too. The bar he'd just been in was famous for being full of gossip, but maybe he'd have a little more luck in the town Square.


Darkling's Lullaby
Strauffor Tenno
Gateon Town, Orre

The wind blew around her, tugging Strauffor’s hair and clothes as the woman moved amongst the Orre towns streets. She stroked the Serperior around her waist calmingly as she hissed and snapped at anyone coming close, warning away anyone intent on picking pokeballs or pockets. Her information was spotty, Stauffor would be the first to admit.

“Gateon Port, Orre,” Her voice was soft, and just a hair flat, lending an emotionless tone to it. “as lax about laws and breaking them as most of the rest of the country. A good place to buy black market items. A bad place to trust that your money and Pokeballs will remain yours.” The Serperior, Yubel, hissed inquiringly as Strauffor walked from the ‘better’ side of town to the ‘worse’ side of it. A thug tried getting a little too close, only to stagger back with his face cut and bleeding from Yubel’s snapping fangs. Strauffor stopped near a warehouse district, under a lightpost. The man she met there was one to sell information.

“Strauffor, surprised to see you here. Don’t you have a brat to be raising?” His tones were snarky, rude. Strauffor turned enough to bring him into Yubel’s range if necessary.

“You know why I’m here, Kleine.” She flashed the money, watching his beady little eyes, so like a Raticate’s, follow it. Strauffor half wondered what Kleine would spend it on, if whiskey was still his poison of choice, or if he was saving it for mutagens.

“Yeah, yeah, your money’s always been good, Strau.” She bared her teeth at the slurring of her name, causing him to hurry. “Rumors are what I’ve heard, that a metal skinned man with blade fingers has been seen near the old folks oasis. But there’s a lot of people crazy enough to use steel types, even if it slows ‘em down.” Strauffor nodded and paid, walking farther into the shadowy streets.

“We’ll check it out, Yubel. It’s the most we can do.”

Yugo Tenno
Castellia City, Unova

“Get yer mutagens here! Get ‘em while they last!” The man was phenomenally stupid even for a street thug, hawking mutagens like that, even in the back alleys of Castellia. He spotted what he thought was a likely target, a teen in the rebel black phase, bangs died redder than a prostitute’s lips, watching him. He grinned widely, showing a lack of respect for dental hygiene that would give any dentist nightmares.

“Watcha want, kiddy? Gotcher Charizard, gotcher Liepard, gotcher Stantler. Even got a Leafeon, Steelix, and Croagunk one, but that crud’ll cost ya big in yen.” The teen pursed his lips before shaking his head, to the hawker’s disappointment and continuing on, a Hydreigon trailing him. They rounded the corner, and the huge three headed dragon seemed to liquefy and flow, becoming a Gardevoir instead. It yawned, directing a thought at the boy.

/You were tempted by that last one, Yugo. There would have been no guarantee you’d have got metal skin from it./ Yugo nodded in the now Gardevoir’s direction. It had a point.

“I know, Chanur. And the likelihood the man had anything that good was nil, or I probably would have shelled out. More likely than not, what he’s gulling fools with is just colored water. Even if it is real mutagen, he’s probably gulling them with useless ones like Feebas, Magikarp and Ralts. I have no great desire to spend my life splashing uselessly in puddles.” Yugo stopped as an officer pointed a gun at him.

“Th-that Pokemon, it’s a Chimera isn’t it? I saw it change!” Yugo rolled his eyes, and the Gardevoir let out a scoffing ‘Dit!’ before reverting to its natural form. Yugo looked at the people around him, raising his voice.

“Talk about a loser! So hot to find a dangerous Chimera and arrest ‘em for being ‘unnatural’ that he jumps a Ditto! Loser!” Chanur, a highly annoyed look on its ‘face’ let out another loud ‘Ditto!’ The officer, now surrounded by milling people and rising complaints, stuttered and let the teen go. Yugo continued on his way, sighing as Chanur shifted forms again, back to the Hydreigon.

“Looks like Orre’s where Mom’s at, Chanur. I’m catching up. I just hope I’ve got enough money for the trip. Gym and trainer bashing for cash is so annoying…”
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Mewtwo is awesome!
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Juan Mendez
Abandoned Base, Underground Lab, Southeast of Outskirt Stand
Freelancer (For now)

Juan waited in the server room for the rest of the group to get together so they could begin their next plan, though they had no idea if it would even work. So many things happened in a few weeks. The UN had outlawed Chimeras, Heights died from his own experiment, Black Alpha now had mutagens that could make you near invincible, many of their former friends and allies were now against them, and now Team Galactic Plasma had resurfaced in Gateon Port. Juan and his friends were now caught up in something that could decide the future of the world. What that means, there was no way they could know. All they knew, was that they wouldn't stand by and let whatever is going to happen, happen. Hopefully, their new plan would do just that.

As the group assembled in the server room and sat around a small table they salvaged, Juan recapped the plan as he prepared to explain and commence it soon after. "We already know what has been happening for the last few weeks," Juan began to say, "Obviously, we know what it was that Black Alpha was working for, and how the world reacted to it; the UN has gone in chaos and Team Galactic Plasma has resurfaced again, but by now, the roles I asked you to do should help to start our new plan."

Jamie rose from the table and took Juan's place at the head as Juan stepped aside. "As you already know," she began to say, "Heights wanted me dead because I knew how to reverse the genes or the Chimera mutagens back to their human, natural form; and that was because if we were still alive, we could easily turn his army back to simple men and women, but the new 'advanced' and 'elite' Chimera forms are unaffected by the strain I can produce, but I do have a solution to solve this problem."

She pulled out a rolled up picture from her deep pocket and opened it to show a group photo of herself and four other scientists, "Like I mentioned earlier, I was the head of a team of four other scientists that developed both serums, but when Heights attacked us, we all survived but decided to split up to make sure they don't find us," she continued, "While I did develop a serum, in my time down here, that can completely destroy corrupted DNA entirely by myself, if I want to develop a new serum; one that can reverse highly advanced and modified Chimeras back to their natural form, I'm going to need to help from scientists that specialize in fields that I don't; in other words, we need to find where the rest of my team went after the attack and bring them back here so we can develop the new serum."

On that word, Judy rose and went to the head of the table as Jamie moved aside, "That is where I come in," she said, "Johnny and Fereida, do you remember the encrypted phone line and voice-modifier program I asked you both to set up?"

"We finished it yesterday, what is it for?" they asked, growing more curious.

"When Jamie's team split up, she has no idea where they went; all she knows is that they escaped through the Black Market," Judy continued, "I used to he close friends with a guy in Pyrite Town who was among the most trusted guys in a Black Market group; I met with him recently and convinced him to get his boss to talk with us. If we can convince him to help us, they may be able to find out where the group went, considering that the Black Market helped them escape in the first place, and considering how resourceful my friend has told me they are; but we need the phone line and a voice changer because they don't trust anyone and to be honest, we don't knwo who else they've worked for, and right now we can't afford give away any more information about us."

Judy stepped aside as Juan returned to the head of the table again as he reached for his pocket, "Obviously, if we try to inject any of the Chimera's with one serum or another, they won't let us get anywhere close enough to do it, but for that, me and Carlos came up with this," Juan said, opening a page in the pocket notebook he pulled from his pocket, "We, clearly, haven't come close to finishing it yet, but what this is, essentially, is a modified crossbow that, when finished, could possibly be able to fire syringes. This way, we would be able to have the same effect without having to get close; later on, we hope that we could do this with the sniper rifle we scavenged from the Black Alpha lab in the desert during the attack weeks ago. If we can modify it enough, we could likely get it to fire the syringes as well, letting us do it from further away."

Juan paused to let the plan settle in on the group. Clearly, they could see that now they had new found morale: what he was hoping. "As to wheteher this will work, I don't know, but right now, finding the scientists through the Black Market is our best option," he said, "For now, lets get the Black Market leader on the phone and get this moving."

On that note, the group rose and reassembled at the makeshift satellite telephone that Johnny and Fereida had set up for that purpose.
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Toby Weaver
Team Galactic Plasma
Kanto Reaserch Center for Herb and Biological advancements

Seven months, a lot can happen in seven months. You could meet the love of your life, start a family, have a pithily, get sucked into a muti-regional war with biological weapons and a threat of world domination by one superpower, or nothing at all. I bet you can tell which the odd one out is because you were smart enough to read but if not let me spell it out for you.

The three main superpowers being Black Alpha, team Galactic Plasma, and the U.N and each one in a way is evil. In order one is a criminal organization wanting to rule the world as tyrants, another wants to make a moon base for all chimeras but has a tattered history and I have a theory…, and one wants to rid the world of half-Pokémon half-human mixes weather they chose to be one or not.

So basically it is one giant team death match. So here I am using the moon team to my advantage here in the kanto research center for herbalical+biological advancements or the KRCHBA, try saying that 5 times fast. So I’m in the chimera defense division here in a form I like to call mind bullet. It’s a cofgrius, sizor, beyheeyem form. Thin, yellow plate armor with some open gaps for movement and blue lines streaking. Tri-colored claws replace hands and a steel headdress comes over the most part of my face and hair only for the eyes, mouth and nose. Fixed wings on the back and 2 “shadow” arms coming from the back.

Usually we go over worst case scenarios in a meeting room between the 15 of us finding back-up plans but today was that time of the month were we get updated on the new tech. This week it was artificial type gems that increase the power of attack and new potent gunpowder for the soldier department. Normally we just sort out useless information but for once we actually got something useful. By the time we got to the shooting range it was my turn for sentry duty so taking some of the ghost-salt I headed out.

In the Kanto jungle

The kanto jungle is hot, humid, and colorful flowers line the floor in a random pattern. Random foliage and vines hang down from the trees above. Still wet from the last nights rain it makes it a bit cooler from the norm but makes you sweat like crazy. Around the thirteen minuet mark I feel as if I’m being followed. Something piercing and a sharp pain ensues you know that feeling. Wait no that’s the feeling of being stabbed.

A B.A. grunt snuck up on me and stabbed me at one of the joints but it wasn’t horribly damaging. I turn around to see him startled as if he couldn’t believe he got away with it. What can I say, I couldn’t see him and my psychic powers don’t jive like that. Before he open the case with his gun I get some ghost gem with me claw and use shadow ball. It wasn’t purple but more of a black now and a bit larger as it hit the torso and knocks him back. Definitely bleeding and probably going to die soon, time for me to work my magic. I reach for his mind with a “shadow” hand.

When you’re entering someone’s mind it feels like a current of electricity but a resistance in there. That resistance is the will of a man but his was incredibly weak and I was able to get in there. Here I can alter memories though thought but this time I’ll just look inside it. So this dude joined a week ago and was sent with a small 50 person army with 2 commanders trying to find the research center. 1 commander is 3 ranks in and the other a somewhat impressive 6 ranks in out of 9. I probably should warn tempest I thought with a gulp.


“so what you’re saying is 50 relatively untrained grunts is heading this way into our non-weapon specialized base with us only having 20 and only 5 of us trained and 1 being you trained for 5 months and little experience, dang” Tempest said. We call him tempest because his form was advanced swampert, arcanine, and swellow. “Ok I know that but we have the surprise now, and I’m sure we could work something out. Now it’s awesome that there is that river between us so we can use fire but what is the question.” I thought as he said “ok you got a point and I could trap them in a ring but it’s just a run, we need like a… explosion but we don’t have anything.”

For an hour we took turns giving thoughts with the others but nothing came up that was practical until the dinner cart came by with biscuits. Then it hit me “hey, does the mess hall have a bag of sugar we could use?” I asked (now there is something you should know about tempest, he has a short fuse that is lighted off by random things) “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING WITH THIS?” he thought very loudly “ok look, I can make that bang you mentioned with you and a sack of sugar” I replied hoping he might know about why sugar mills explode “Ok It’s something, we will fly off tonight” agreeing

5 minutes to B.A. base

“Ok you’re right, there is really a base, now what?” he asked “ok just burn up the perimeter then get me up there and I’ll do the rest” I said on his back.

It was just a few tents and a large tent for planning I guess. Well time to light it up. He flew up high and used flamethrower around the perimeter I quickly dove down with the sacks of sugar. I ripped into it until it was shreds and the fine crystals fell and I moving to make sure it was spreader out. I quickly flew off and 40 seconds later a fireball seemed to light up the night sky knowing that it worked. One crystal lights up another and almost instantaneously lights every crystal on fire to make the explosion.

So no celebration, not that I was expecting one or wanting one but I am getting a small promotion. I’m leaving the center to join a mission team in hoenn vs. the U.N. and taking a few things with me. At least I get to do something for once.

((OOC: Woo introductions out of the way, will be making signups for the team soon))
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Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Galactic Plasma Bunker, Gateon Port, Orre

Everything was going pretty well... until she decided to show up. I had been analyzing the rather inconclusive results on the computer when Theresa just walked right in like she owned the place. There was no mistaking that crazy, horned werewolf girl with wings. I gave her a passing glance for about a millisecond, and then tried to pretend she didn't exist. That wasn't always easy though, and her presence always derailed my train of thought. As far as my work was concerned, Theresa kept jinxing me, to the point where I might as well stop working entirely because I just couldn't concentrate with her around. It bugged the heck out of me.

"Hey Alex," She told him with a grin, putting some weird mixture in a bottle next to him while he was trying to decipher Hanson's notes. "Vitriol and at least five other acids. Seviper venom, Vileplume spores... designed to corrode, poison, and immobilize. This is just enough to coat your Wakizashi I guess... drying time is two hours unfortunately. I guess that's the trade-off for its potency."

"Thanks, I appreciate it," Alex told him, looking curiously at the liquid. "Don't know how you came across this stuff, but all the better."

She then gave me a glare from the corner of her eye. Psh, how immature. I was about to tell her to go back to her kennel, but I was sure Alex didn't exactly want to hear us fight yet again. Heck, why did Alex need poison for a wakizashi sword anyway? A sword like that would cut off limbs and probably kill the person on the spot. Poisoning it was like poisoning a guillotine and setting the blade on fire. Seemed like pretty pointless overkill in my opinion if the person was dead anyway. Definitely not worth the trouble, or the silly two-hour drying time. I couldn't imagine what Theresa would do if they got married. "Oh happy twenty-fifth anniversary, honey, I got you this nuclear missile! And its poison coated!" Silly, silly Theresa.

Besides, she was just trying to kiss up to Alex. I knew it. From the way I saw it, Theresa was too young for Alex anyway. At least that's where I always had the advantage, and that I could smile at. Plus, both Alex and I were guaranteed to live 10,000 years, while Theresa... ha ha! I wondered how soon she'd be an old granny in dog years! On logic alone, I was the better choice for Alex. And it showed. Heck, it was probably the reason why he decided to go back to the original Bunninja Chimera form I gave him. He actually liked it! More than the weird and funky Deathyrdra thing Theresa gave him. Seriously, Theresa, was it really a good idea to give your boyfriend a form where he'd have more dragon heads than he knew what to do with? That thing was just ugly. Good thing he didn't get stuck as that!


Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Galactic Plasma Bunker, Gateon Port, Orre

Theresa handed me some poison to coat the wakizashi blade with, something that would be a little nice insurance to make sure if I didn't finish off the punk who got cut with it, the poison would do the job.

But it was around that time that something else happened. Suddenly, the alarm went off, and I knew immediately that it was likely either Black Alpha or the UN that managed to find this bunker.

"Are you kidding!?" Janine exclaimed, turning to look at the flashing, red lights and the loud-pitched siren. "How did they find this place already!?"

"We can't waste any time," I told her, immediately turning to the computer. "Help me send everything to the Mistralton City outpost, and make sure it's encrypted. After that, we need to wipe the hard drives clean."

"Getting out of here's not going to be easy if they blocked the entrance," Janine replied, already working quickly at the computer. "Hopefully there's not too many of them."

I tried not to think in terms of the worst case scenario. Instead, I just wanted to make sure whoever was raiding this place wouldn't find very much on these machines. Anything that couldn't be saved... needed to be destroyed. It was a shame and it would probably set Team Galactic Plasma's plans further behind, but it was better than losing everything.

In the meantime, I wasn't entirely surprised the bunker's position had been compromised. Setting up in Gateon Port was a hasty decision and was probably a bit reckless as well, but thankfully we hadn't stocked piled our most precious assets here.

I heard gunfire and shouting, but I tried not to let myself get distracted. It was still pretty distant, and whoever was making the raid was facing resistance, at least. It was buying us time, and I managed to complete the emergency transfer and then reformat the hard drives. Meanwhile, reluctantly, Janine was smashing and destroying all the expensive equipment she could, using a lot of flamethrowers and the like to ensure whoever was raiding wouldn't find very much but scrap metal and useless computers.

It took a half hour for the raiders to finally reach us, but when they did, I wasn't exactly ecstatic to see who it was. Corporal X and his buddies. One of them, a rookie, fired off a shotgun, but not even a single bit of buckshot came anywhere near us. It was a wild and reckless shot, or perhaps a warning shot. I wasn't sure, but the guy who fired it looked a bit like a rookie anyway.

I wasn't exactly thrilled about the fact Corporal X and the rest of these peeps were going to value the UN's orders over the fact we used to be friends, but I figured trying to talk him out of it at this point was probably stupid, pointless, and useless considering he probably shot and killed quite a few people and Pokémon on the way here. The truth was, he didn't exactly understand the fact the UN now had us flagged for death. As far as I knew, working with Team Galactic Plasma, although they weren't the sanest bunch of people I've ever known, was the best choice for saving our necks and Chimeras as a whole. X... probably reduced us all to nothing but feral creatures in his mind.

"You!?" Janine exclaimed, surprised these were the raiders in question. "How could you!? What's wrong with you all!? You don't know what you're doing!"

"I was hoping it wouldn't turn out this way, X," I told him, knowing I didn't like making enemies out of people that were once friends. "Sorry, but we've already made sure the UN won't be getting very much out of this bunker. As for you, I can see that you've pretty much already said that if we want to survive as a species, we need to fight you and every other UN bastard that shows up at our door. You've made it personal, and I'll be honest, you've lost all my respect for that."

Six on three was a bad situation of being outnumbered, and judging from how the other members of Team Galactic Plasma were just trying to get the hell out of here, I suspected they weren't going to try and join the fight. Most of them weren't fighters anyway, and there was nothing here to win back. I figured I'd make this quick, clean, and dirty if it had to be. I didn't want to kill X or any of his squad members... at least not this time. They were following some other douchebag's orders, but I needed to make one thing very clear. If they were insane enough to try and face us again, they'd be asking for it.

I quickly unleashed Dozer the Excadrill and Backlash the Hydreigon from their Pokéballs. My first instinct... kill the lights. Dozer and Hydreigon, both being Dark type Pokémon, and Theresa and I, both able to see in the dark, would gain an immediate advantage over Corporal X and his team if it suddenly got quite dark. Even if Corporal X and his team had night-vision, it would still take them a few seconds to turn it on and require us as targets.

I gave the signal and pointed to the lights above, and Backlash attacked with a Dragon Pulse attack while Dozer attacked the lights with a Rock Slide, smashing the lights and flooding the room with pitch black darkness.

"I'll let you and your team live this time, X," I told him in the pitch black darkness, quickly grabbing Janine knowing she was blinded and would need my guidance. "I know you're just following some other bastard's orders, but that doesn't mean you're innocent in my eyes either. Don't ever come after us again, because next time, I won't even act like I recognize you."

I then grabbed Janine, and headed the hell out of there, motioning for Theresa, Dozer, and Backlash to follow. We needed to head out of here, and make it to a more secure location... somehow. I had just the thing in mind, but first, we needed to bail before X and his team came to his senses.

I returned Dozer and Backlash to their Pokéballs, and rushed out of the bunker, taking Janine with me. I knew Team Galactic Plasma had a disguised naval transport vessel disguised to look like a small cargo ship, and I knew that's likely where the rest of the personnel were heading. Making for our retreat, I managed to get on in time, and I found a few of the other Team Galactic Plasma personnel on board. Only a few minutes later, the ship left port, and headed out, with several Team Galactic Plasma sentries on board, making sure no one tried to prevent our retreat.

I knew if X and his crew tried to raid the ship and attempted to follow us, they'd be dead men, and they would have asked for it. They were no longer my friends. Now, they were just more faceless enemies that were aligned with the UN, people that were trying to exterminate Chimeras for stupid reasons. And like any UN soldier, as long as they followed the twisted orders of their deranged superiors, they were no better than they were.

Inside, the Corporal X I knew was dead to me.

Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Orre, (unknown location)

When Pikababe regains consciousness, she is slumped in a chair and feels almost as if the floor is drifting beneath her. A pale man in an all black uniform approaches Pikababe, and judging by the rim of his cap and the decorations on his shoulders, he must be someone important. "I am admiral Moby and you are a guest aboard my battleboat, the Hammerhead." She does not see any sign of Jiggles, "Where is my pokemon? Where is Jigglypuff?!" Pikababe demands. "Your little friend has been relocated to a detention center in Unova. Castelia city to be exact."

"We would like for you to join the U.N..." The admiral is interrupted by one of his subordinates. "I'm sorry sir, Black Alpha is too powerful! Our ground troops have been pushed back again and several vehicles were destroyed by their chimeras!" The admiral frowns and casually walks over to the door of the room, which is also near some water. "You have failed the U.N. for the last time. Sharpedo, Discipline the commander!"

A large, battle scarred shark pokemon leaps out of the water and clamps its chainsaw like jaws around the unsuspecting commanders mid section before diving back underwater! The sounds of thrashing and splashing can be heard before the water turns blood red. Pikababe cringes at the ruthless display. The admiral walks back to the center of the room, "Ahh, it looks like a position has just opened up."

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Theresa Del Monico
Team Galactic Plasma
Galactic Plasma Bunker, Gateon Port, Orre

Alarms. Loud alarms. They echoed above me just as I handed Alex the bottle. That only meant one thing...somebody had found us.

"Are you kidding!? How did they find this place already!?" Janine exclaimed in her eardrum-shattering, high-pitched voice. Gah, her voice was going to make my ears bleed sooner or later.

"We can't waste any time. Help me send everything to the Mistralton City outpost, and make sure it's encrypted. After that, we need to wipe the hard drives clean." Alex replied, turning to the computer as he started sending the files.

"Getting out of here's not going to be easy if they blocked the entrance. Hopefully there's not too many of them." Janine replied as she worked quickly. Immediately, I heard gunshots. They weren't too close, but I had to get ready. I took out both my rifles, pistol sized to me now that I was bigger. As they worked, I stood guard, watching to see who was coming. It took a while, but they finally emerged. I almost did a double take after I looked at our attackers' faces.

Corporal X. Corporal X and his gang...affiliated with UN. Suddenly, they're the enemies to us. I could not believed this happened, I thought that we were allies...and I thought he already had used mutagens...why was he among the UN's ranks?

"You!? How could you!? What's wrong with you all!? You don't know what you're doing!" Janine exclaimed in surprise.

"I was hoping it wouldn't turn out this way, X. Sorry, but we've already made sure the UN won't be getting very much out of this bunker. As for you, I can see that you've pretty much already said that if we want to survive as a species, we need to fight you and every other UN bastard that shows up at our door. You've made it personal, and I'll be honest, you've lost all my respect for that." Alex said, before quickly unleashing his Excadrill and his Hydreigon, who helped black out the entire room.

"I'll let you and your team live this time, X. I know you're just following some other bastard's orders, but that doesn't mean you're innocent in my eyes either. Don't ever come after us again, because next time, I won't even act like I recognize you." He continued, before grabbing a blinded Janine. He then motioned for me to follow him. I nodded and quickly followed him, flying swiftly behind.

Following Alex led us to a vessel. It looked like a small cargo ship, but some members of Team Galactic Plasma were on board. I boarded just behind Alex and Janine. Fortunately, we were the last ones, and the ship set sail immediately.

"Alex...where is this ship headed to?" I asked, looking out at the disappearing port for the last time. Corporal X? What made him become a monster? He wasn't like that when they met him, why suddenly make a complete 180?

"I guess I'll have to stay out for a while...gotta make sure Corporal X doesn't follow. I can recognize their faces...plus attack from afar I guess. You've been through enough, Alex...I don't want to see you get hurt. I guess you could go belowdecks with Janine for a while...make sure you're safe. You're the world's most wanted man now, Alex. Not everyone recognizes me...go in first...your safety matters to me...and everyone." I continued, looking at him, before turning towards the railing as I stood in line with the other sentries. I looked straight at the ocean, trying not to attract any attention. Alex may not see it, but tears were starting to form in my eyes.

"I love him...but I'll never be his..." I thought as I tried to keep a straight face. Now was not the time to get weepy, it was going to ruin me if there was anything it did.


Meurig Fews
Black Alpha
Castelia City (docks)- Unova

It had taken him a few days to reach the large city of Castelia, but he managed to get there in time for the ship he was supposed to board. He still had a few hours to kill so he allowed himself the time to walk around the sewers and soak up as much filth as possible. Cities were the best place to gather the grime. Castelia was practically the largest city in the world, and there was enough pollution and filth here to last a lifetime. The people here had no idea how much they wasted each day, how much Meurig truly enjoyed the filth they created.

He stood in the disgusting green waters of the canals and let his body soak up the toxins. A normal human being, if he even had a trace of human left in him, would never be able to stand this much grime. Meurig loved it. He smiled, and then caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned nonchalantly to see a Trubbish shuffling around in the darkness. He frowned, somewhat dissapointed. A Trubbish was almost like kin. There would be no fun in torturing it. His poisons would be ineffective.

Meurig hauled himself out of the water, the purple glop spilling over the dirty ground and acid pooling everywhere. He breathed deeply. Without another moment of hesitation, he expelled an enormous amount of poisonous gas and sent it shooting in all directions. When he was done, he watched as it drifted through the tunnels and floated up through the grates and manholes. Castelia would have a lot of sick citizens today.

With a small yawn, he oozed through the tunnels towards an exit. One of the waterways led straight to the bay and he allowed the water to carry him straight to the docks of Castelia. Once there, searched briefly for his ship: the SS Norman. That ship would take him directly to Orre, where most of the fighting was happening between Galactic Plasma and the UN. A few nights ago he had recieved orders to infiltrate his enemies hideouts and cause as much mayhem as possible. As much as he loathed serving Black Alpha, he reveled in the idea of causing more suffering.

He attached himself to the side of the ship and squeezed through one of the windows. No one said anything about tickets.


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Oh yeah, I'm dragging Johto into this! Well, if no one stops buy I'll sulk back to Orre where everyone else is... This gonna be fun X3

Ava Blackshire
Black Alpha
Cianwood City, Johto

Ava yawned lazily and flicked her tail back and forth. She glanced out the window at the beach and all the families playing around. A groups of teens playing volley ball, some kids in the water, a surfer. She enjoyed being at their summer home in Johto. Unfortunately, they would not be staying for long. All her father had to do was drop off some mutagen for the local Black Alpha agents to spread around town. While Ava had no interest in her father’s work, she gladly came along, if only to get a little change of scenery. Honestly, she would’ve loved some time away from dad, but she hadn’t left Orre in what felt like years.

Something below caught her eye. There is was! That boy had a green tail! Smirking, Ava immediately knew this boy had Chimera mutagen from a Kecleon. He masked the rest of his deformity by changing the color of his body, but he was distracted and his tail became slightly visible. Deformity? She thought. Since when have I thought of this as a deformity? She shrugged, catching the attention of Tails her faithful Taillow. He flew by and landed on the lavish chair she was sitting in. Ava gave him a pat before deciding on a course of action, a bit of fun in the sun as it were.

”Hey, your fly’s undone! Wait that’s not it… no, I got it. Your tail’s showing!” Ava, with help of her own Chimera mutagen telepathically spoke to the teen on the beach below. The results of her message took effect immediately. She watched him frantically glance at his backside and then his faced turned a bright shade of red. ”Turning red won’t help your problem silly.” The tail vanished and the boy looked about nervously.

Who the heck and where the heck are you? she heard him think. ”Don’t worry, I won’t tell. I’m just another freak like you. Thought I’d help out a bit.” With that, she left him with a little chuckle. Turning from the window, she bounded down the stairs. Tails loyally followed with a low cooing sound.

“You wanna go train for a bit buddy?” Ava asked affectionately. In reply, he chirped happily and streaked for the front door.

“Alright. Hey dad! We’re heading out for a bit! Don’t worry I’ve got my hat and coat!” She was referring to the stylish maroon beanie she wore to cover her pink fluffy ears and the navy jacket to hide her slender tail. Both were required to be on her body if she wanted to go out in public… according to father. As soon as she was out on her own, she shed her disguise to have some fun.

“Ok sweetie. Be careful!” she heard from somewhere down the hall.

“Always!” Ava ripped open the door and shot out after Tails, heading to a favorite little cove of theirs on the shores of Cianwood.

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

Zack sighed as he let the wind blow through his short black hair. He adjusted his sunglasses before shoving his hands deep into the spacious pockets of his trench coat , and contuined to walk around the town, Blaze was following right behind him, his head kept swinging from side to side as he took in all the sights and sounds of the city.

It had been quite some time since he had last been here, and the Charizard wanted to know what exactly had changed with the town. A pile of garbage that wasn't there, some wild Pokemon running around, some shady characters hanging in alleys, their hands folded across their chest or at their Pokeballs, many were itching for a Pokemon battle, Blaze knew that they were, he could see it in their eyes.

Blaze let out a snort as he closed the small distance from himself and his trainer, Zack seemed to be lost in his own thoughts, Blaze could see by the way he walked, almost like his feet had a mind of their own, even his body language seemed distant, hands in his pockets, head cocked slightly to the side. Yup, Zack was lost in his own thoughts, obviously not paying attention to where he was going.

Owch, damn it! Grumbled Zack as he recoiled from walking face first into a wall. He had been deep in thought, not 'thought's pursue, more like letting his mind wander freely, and because of that he had collided with a wall, knocking his sunglasses off. He grunted as he bent down and placed them back where they belonged: Sitting on the bridge of his nose to cover up his crimson eyes. He let out one more sigh, ran a hand through his raven back hair, and continued to walk around aimlessly, his hands finding their way back into his pockets as he walked.


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John Hammond
Pyrite Town Docks, Orre

John was asleep inside a large cargo box. He awoke with a start as the box slid down a ramp and was placed in a line with other boxes. Men were opening them and passing them along to other groups to unload them. His box was then at the front of the line, and one man stuck in a crowbar to open the top. John acted quickly. Sending out charap, he said "Plan chimera screem. You know what to do." Charap perched on his neck as John tucked his head into his sweater. He then pulled his hood over charap so only her face showed, creating the illusion of a chimera.

The men opened the crate and one yelled "Holy Sh_t! Its a chi-" but he didnt finish the sentence due to Charaps hyper voice knocking the men out unconsious. "Check the perimeter Charap." The parrot pokemon flew off to make sure its safe. John then sent out sceptile. "Stay close, but search with us." Sceptile dissapeared into the shadows.

John snuck off into the night, moving as quietly and stealthily as possible. Charap retuned a few minutes later, and gave her report. " Chimera to the north, mutegan seller to the south, nothing else so far." she croaked it out in a scratchy voice. John continued down the alleys, making sure no-one was folloing him.

He soon met up with a known mutagen seller. John whislted to get the boy attention, then snapped his fingers. Sceptile leapt out of nowhere and grabbed the teen, throwing him into an alley and pinning him to a wall. "Where is the Black Alpha base. You sell mutagens, you know. Tell me, and I might let you live."
"I dont know nothing man, lemme go!" he responded. Sceptile pushed him harder into the wall. "Last chance, The Black Alpha base and testing facility. NOW!"

UN soon to be operative
Gateon Port, Orre

He heard of the attack on a chimera base and was racing to meet up with the UN agents. He raced through the grass, hoping to get to the base to help. He finally reached the city, and ran to the bunker that the vibrations from earthquakes came from. He couldn't go in the entrance, too many humans. He approached the side, and used his vines to take the grate off the air conditioning vent and leapt into it.

Using the vents to navigate the building, he used sound to find the room where the action was. He popped down the grate right above Corporal X and his team, and caught a fleeting glimpse of the chimeras running away. He almost set off a round with his Glock 19, but realized he wouldn't get in a good shot. He had to conserve his limited bullets. He shot off an energy ball instead.

"Lousy chimera's. Humans who think they can replace pokemon." he said, though the humans would have heard pokespeech. He turned to the UN humans, hoping to look at them as if to say "What next?"