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Operation Chimera - Trinity of Darkness


Borderline Troll
Herman Blake
Engaging Hostiles, Pyrite, Orre

I ponder on the words of the Chimera for a little while. Not all Chimera were evil? Well, I knew that, in a way. I also knew that the majority of the Chimera were actively seeking to infect the rest of humanity with their virus, however, which isn't exactly something I was to let slide. Perhaps there are good individual Chimera? Maybe. Maybe he is telling the truth. And I hope he's not just talking to make sure I don't withdraw my mercy... he's a dead dog if he chooses to go back on his word. If not?... Maybe he'll have earned a little respect from me. Maybe not admiration, but respect.

My squadron will be liable to look over him and his pals as they retreat, since we’re more busy hunting active threats right now.

I pull back on the stick, recovering my bird from another run as I leave the dust to settle behind me, and coat the remains of another Black Alpha sniper as the roof collapsed out from under it. I pull up into the night sky, watching as a pair of Obsidians crossed my view. Aztecs 3 and 5, it looked like, moving in on another run of their own. I feel a little happy inside; I know my teammates are competent enough to not need me holding their hands the entire time. They knew how to operate when a job needed to get done... and boy, was there ever one here. As I watched, I saw them ducking into the Southwestern part of town, a tinkling stream of yellow bolts blurting out towards the ground as I look away.

I knew right away, from the resistance Black Alpha was putting up, that they intended to stay right put. This terrorist group was dug in like an Alabama tick, and it was going to take a hell of a lot of leverage to dislodge them. From what I knew of Pyrite, there used to be a massive, secondary city underneath the ground. It was sealed up, but I'm all too willing to bet Black Alpha's sunk its roots deep down in there. I think about this for a minute as I begin to throttle out and away from the town, when one of the ground teams tries to patch through to me. A second later, I hear, yet again, another somewhat frantic voice.

"Aztec, Aztec, come in--" It's the voice of a female this time, she's yelling pretty hard over all the explosions and gunfire.

"Aztec Leader here, report. Status?"

"This is Lieutenant Daylee, 4th Armored, w--" I heard nothing else but a scream after that, and for a short second, I could swear I heard a nostalgic sound. A two second -chime... do-do-doo.... Like a jack-in-the-box or an... ice-cream truck. And ice cream truck? The hell would an ICE CREAM TRUCK being doing out here? Black Alpha must be damn desperate for technicals. I began to pull off on the throttle, and gently yawed to the side to begin a second run.

My radio begins to crackle, and I hear the same line coming through. "Mayday, mayday, this is Charlie Platoon, 4th Armored, we're in need of assistance! Enemy f-- technical! Painted like a damn ice cream truck!! Chimera occupants!" He yells, and sure enough, I hear that music in the background. My eyes shift a bit as I turn my head back. I almost ask for where he's at as he shouts "Requesting close-air support at Mike-Bravo, position!" He yells, and my eyes immediately dart towards the 'Mike' section of 'Bravo' sector, a single block of Pyrite.

It doesn't take long for me to spot my target through squinting eyes. My helmet zooms in, and my pupils instantly focus themselves on a fast moving, brightly-colored object, zipping down the streets, dodging potholes in the road as it sprayed machine-gun-fire from a gun atop it. Squinting in at it, I see bullets dinging off its brightly-colored hull. Baghdad armor on an ice-cream truck? Creative. I don't know what they were going for with that 'please shoot me it hurts to live' color scheme, though, but judging by the swathe it was cutting, it seems like is was going pretty well. Well, it would have been, if good air support weren't hard to find.

"Roger that, Charlie Platoon. This is Aztec Leader, I am moving to engage," I report back, though I know there’s a little more to it.

“Roger, roger, thanks!” I hear, but I’m too busy doing to calculations in my head to really think it through. Killing a technical was no big problem, really. Killing a technical as it ran down the street, flying straight past boots on the ground? It’d be hard as hell to hit it, not to mention minimize casualties. Dammit, this was a job for ground-pounders to be doing… don’t they have anything to take it out? None-the-less, I’ve got to think about this if I want to disable that truck without incurring any friendly-fire.

Yawwing slightly to the left and decelerating, I pull to intercept them—And apparently, so is Aztec 8. Surprised, I turn to look at his aircraft, and he’s already pulling ahead of me to attack. I pull back a bit, deciding to let him take care of this, and turn, thinking I’m going to go select another target as he takes car of this battle-ice-cream truck. That is, until, I hear a horrible ringing in my ears.

“Lock, it’s got a lock!” Aztec 8’s voice echoes through my radio, and my heart sinks as I pull away, dumping flares almost instinctively. My eyes dart to the right immediately as I watch Aztec 8 desperately turn into a roll, only for the heat-seeking missile fired from the truck to slam into his Obsidian anyway, shearing off its wing. For a moment, my mind fills with blinding rage.. The Chimera would have taken a fourth pilot, and for that there could be no more forgiveness. Suddenly, a ray of hope—Aztec 8 had been far enough away from the ground to eject, his cockpit detatching as his ejection seat shot into the air.

Aztec 8’s Obsidian slams into a small shop on the edge of town, engulfing it in a massive explosion. I pull out and away to around 2,000 feet as I start formulating my attack run. The Chimera aren’t getting away with this bull. I press forward on the throttle, and my bird lurches forward, pressing me back into my seat from the sudden acceleration. I pull hard to the left, my thumb hitting a swith on my console as I turn hard into the left, spinning my plane in a tight turn towards the street the ice-cream truck was barreling down.


The Guided Small Diameter Bomb. ‘Small Diamter’ in this case meaning an explosion with a diameter of 10 meters. The ‘Guided’ part came from the bomb’s ability to adjust itself according its target. In this case, the vehicle’s unique heat signature amongst the rest of the street, which was beginning to cool now that night was setting in. That shoddily armored truck, however, for however much ice-cream was inside it, showed up as a light house to infrared. My plane begins to descend, and my eyes dart towards the ice-cream truck, still making its runs through the roads. Wreaking havoc, though not at all hard to spot with that obnoxious color-scheme. My eyes squint, zooming in on the

“Mark.” I say quietly, realizing I was holding my breath as my plane leveled for the ground. As expected, an orange square appears directly over the truck, and begins to shakily follow it. My finger hovers over the trigger, and I pull my plane slightly to the right, pointing my nose to the road in front of them as I approach on an attack angle, reaching only a 1,000 feet and closing. The orange square hovers over the target, shakily moving in front of it. It would be now or never.

Aztec 8’s ejection seat had just barely skimmed the ground, when my finger depressed the trigger, and immediately my arm pulled gently back on the flight-stick, and to the right. Sensing what might have been coming next, having soared so close for so long, my hand immediately traveled to another switch on my dashboard, and I immediately dropped my second, and last, load of flares, scattering them over the city as I pulled out and away, immediately gaining altitude and distance from my target.


I looked back just in time to watch as the section of road where the ice-cream truck would have been become covered in a sizable flash of a fireball, followed quickly by a fifty-foot tall plume of blown-apart dust and concrete, which covered the street from one side to the other. Bit of destroyed road hit the rooftops of buildings, and I saw nothing move from that dark cloud in the night, and the buildings aflame on the block over revealed no movement. Satisfied, I soar off again, and begin trying to get into contact with Aztec 8.
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Shadow of nothing
Ian Blackwood
Team Galactic Plasma
Inside Super Grand Hotel

"We're lucky to be alive," Alex observed,. "As humans, I don't think we would have survived that." Alex told me, and to some degree I had to agree with him, even if I looked like a human and I often thought of myself as one, I hadn’t been human for a while now.

I followed Alex back towards Janine, wondering what the situation was outside. Deciding to chance the UN intercepting my radio, I pulled in out, amazed that the handy little thing had lived so long in battle. Quickly I found the frequency I wanted.

“Reaper calling Safe Haven, Reaper calling Safe Haven.” I said softly, using the standard call signs for Pyrite Town. Only static sounded for a second before the radio crackled softly.

“Safe Haven here Reaper. Where the hell are you sir?” The man on the other end of the line asked and demanded at the same time. I didn’t answer his question, instead giving him a series of orders.

“Listen carefully Colonel.” I snarled. “Right now the only reason I am not ripping off your head, is that I need you to inform Base 387 that we need backup immediately.” On the other end of the line I heard several words being exchanged in a clipped fashion before the voice came on again.

“Your request has been sent sir.” The man on the other end seemed tense, not that I could blame him. “Do you need anything else?” I didn’t answer instead terminating the link. Inwardly I frowned. I had picked up far too many ticks from Zero for my own good. Still they made keeping command in combat much easier, since I was technically outranked by the guy I had just got done talking to. Of course my standing in the organization was higher, but still he could have ignored my orders…at the price of his life. Not that I would be the one to kill him either.

Alex and Janine discussed some plan they had made, something about jesters, and candy weapons. While I wasn’t sure it would work I also was fully prepared to make sure it did, mainly by coordinating the arrival of more of Black Alpha with the time those two pulled off whatever the hell it was they were planning. Still I followed them to Realgam Tower all the while trying to come up with a way to take down planes and helicopters, which were without a doubt the most dangerous weapon the UN had. However watching Janine cover a C4 block in bubblegum gave me a very odd idea; something so strange in just might work.

Internally I contemplated using gum covered C4 as a weapon against the helicopters the UN had brought, the only problem being getting up there. Still Psychic would handle that…I hoped.

That thought in mind I followed the three Chimera who now appeared to be the only people of competence opposing the UN to Realgam Tower. While they were coming up with weapons from hell and strange outfits I was trying to find ways to capitalize on my resources. Taking the time to swipe some explosives from Alex coated the things in any sticky substance I could find and set those aside. That done I called in a status report, and then we were leaving.

Alex and Janine were riding in an Ice Cream truck of all things, and dressed up in the bizarrest outfits I had ever seen. Still that wasn’t my problem. While they would be fighting from the ground, I was going airborne. Quickly calling out Salamence I climbed onto its back calling out the rest of my Pokémon except for Scizor. I hid a smile; this would be just like that time…My thoughts trailed off remembering something…fire, explosions, death, pain, was all I could think of. Shaking off those feeling I filled my Pokémon in on the plan as we made good time to Pyrite.

As Salamence circled I couldn’t help but consider that the plan we were using was the most ridiculous thing ever. No sane person would ever dress up as some kind of rabbit clown to gain a tactical advantage over the opponent, simply because it was suicidal. Either way I would do my bit to make sure we screwed the UN over royally.

As Alex began his attack I circled high above watching as Janine took out a plane and a helicopter using an assortment of her bizarre weapons. As soon as the plane crumpled I sent a mental command to Espeon, which immediately started using Psychic to hurl the sticky C4 packets at other aircraft, almost all of them landing with light thumps. Just as they landed I pushed the detonator and watched as several of the helicopters when up in smoke. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that the UN was being brought low by nothing sort of candy…if I could have outright laughed I likely would have.

I ordered Salamence to drop down the surface, I wanted in on the action, yeah I had a broken arm, but with out a doubt I had fought with much worse injuries. However just before the dragon could land I watched a UN plane, an Obsidian, swoop over the Ice Cream truck. However right before the plane could have blow the truck up in a great ball of fire, it jerked violently, in a maneuver I knew that only the best pilots could have accomplished before releasing a cloud of flares and pealed off. I frowned, since following that plane could allow me to eliminate the rest of the aircraft that were blowing the town to bits. I changed my plans at the last minute.

“Salamence! Follow that plane!” I barked, locking my eyes on the aircraft. My pokemon quickly followed the plane, and while it couldn’t keep up, cutting corners made sure that we followed fairly closely. “Tag him” I whispered and Espeon telekinetically hurled a block of explosives at the plane, which landed right behind the cockpit.

I smirked. Time to have some fun. “Connect us.” I said softly to Espeon, who nodded before the crystal on her head started to glow.

I focused on Espeon and sent a mental message to the pilot knowing he would hear me.

“Rather interesting thing you did just now…sparing Chimeras…that could land you in some serious problems with your superiours you know…”I trailed off letting that sink in. “Still…it also could cost you your life. That aside I would like to speak with you, preferably without the restraint of Psychic speech. If you wish to respond, simply think your response and I will hear it…If you do not response within twenty seconds, I will simply detonate the C4 packet behind your head and kill you.” I finished and waited for the pilots response.


Mewtwo is awesome!
OOC: Haven't included anything from Juan yet since he's in Unova and it's quiet there...right now at least.

Jack Rover
Near Pyrite Town

As the van drove towards Pyrite Town with hardly any regard for speed limits. He had suddenly remembered that X had shouted to him as they were evacuating the safe-house in Pyrite that he wanted to talk with Juan; he wasn't sure if he would agree to it, but apparently they still knew each other...at least he thought they did....Nevertheless, before Jack could think any further, his cell phone rang again, it was boss...again. "This is Rover," he answered.

Jack, I've gotten in touch with our friend, and I've told him what's happened, Boss said, He's told me that he's heard rumors in Unova about X and his squads achievements; he doesn't think that he's going to want to break any rules to help us, but he did say that he'd be willing to talk with him; if he trusts him, then we're not going to stand in his way. I need you to get another message to him; give him the number i'm texting you, it should be the number for a pay-phone in Driftveil City.

"I'll get it done Boss," Jack replied promptly. Though he knew he'd have to be quick if he wanted to do it without getting shot in the crossfire or drawing too much attention. As they re-entered Pyrite Town, Jack wrote down the number Boss had sent him on a piece of paper. The paper said:

Juan trusts you, and we don't think that trust is misplaced. He'll wait for 24 hours.


Don't keep him waiting too long.

"Rover! They're over there!" The guy driving said, pointing to the Squad on the ground in the distance.

He promptly stopped the van, causing the tires to screech. Jack opened the sliding door in the back with the plumbing sign on it and threw them the message. "Remember me?" Jack yelled over the fighting in the background on the other street, "Consider this a form of thanks for trusting us and Juan earlier!"

Jack tossed them the paper and shut the door as the van speeded away again. The guys drove the van towards the street where the fighting was happening. They stopped the van in an alley connecting to the street. To their amazement; the Chimeras Boss told them about were causing all this trouble in an Ice Cream Truck...shouldn't have been a surprise since their disguise vehicle was a plumber's van.

Jack and the four guys, that came with him, grabbed their weapons, including the Crossbow, and supplies and moved towards the street; trying not to attract too much attention. Jack hoped that his long-range shooting skills were still good enough to shoot the Crossbow.
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Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
(OOC: I have a problem with the C4 just magically attaching itself to a dark type aircraft so quickly, but that's just me.)
Jacob Saxton
Ex Black Alpha
Pyrite Town

“Better idea, Vaporeon, it may be better to freeze this so it won't scar forever.”

Before my request with Zack was asked, Jacob decided better on it. His attention was too focused on the truck that just zipped by beneath them. He watched as the driver plowed through UN soldiers, armors and reduced of the metal birds that I fought earlier to flames and dust. Not long after, another one, familiar in the way that it had a gaping hole on the bottom of it, blasted an area right next to the truck and flew away again before performing a damage assessment.

“Damn. That ain't good,” Jacob swore as he saw the plane that was hit ignite in flames but was quickly relieved as he saw the pilot eject himself. Zack's Vaporeon gently struck Jacob with another Ice Beam though this time it stopped the blood flow and left the skin around looking pale. Eyes still on the ejected pilot Jacob spoke up, “I'll be back.”

He ascended quickly into the air and sped straight to the parachuted pilot. Grabbing as good as a hold Jacob was capable, he flew toward the streets to find a radio as the pilot didn't have one. Spotting one quickly amongst the body of a UN soldier, Jacob set the pilot down.

“There's a radio and a flare. Grab it, and I'll take you to the rooftop above for extraction.”

“Why?” He quickly hoisted a pistol that was once at his side and aimed it at Jacob. “Your kind just shot me down. What makes you any different than the psychopaths in that truck?”

Jacob rushed forward and before the pilot even fired a bullet, the gun was expertly dislodged it from his hands.

“Because I don't enjoy fighting. Not every damn Chimera is a terrorist. If I had it my way, Black Alpha and the UN would be gone. Black Alpha for starting this entire war in their desire to enslave mankind to Chimeras and the UN for having the audacity in rationalizing murder.”


Wow, you don't know do you. Any Chimera taken as a prisoner of war is put into a camp and executed.”

“Well, from what I see, you guys deserve it.”

“Your leader above us would say differently.”


“Whoever rocketed the truck after your plane crumpled to dust. You think I would walk around with cannon rounds for fun.”

The pilot actually looked Jacob over and all the while, his eyes grew bigger. It was clear that he wasn't intimidated by the fact Jacob stood almost twice the guys height, though, it may be the fact that he actually realized where the bullets came from.”

“Only wounds I have seen like that come from our aircraft. The fact that you lived is miraculous enough, but why would Herman let you live?”

“I. . . I begged him not too. Not proud of it, but I still live. My thoughts were only focused on the fact that my Lucario actually survived one of those rockets you guys use, though, I feel that death may have been a more peaceful ending than being blind and paralyzed from the legs down. I guess this Herman has some semblance of a heart. Anyways, will you allow me to take you up to the roof.”

Whatever, it's not like I have a choice now do I?”

Jacob smiled, “No, not really, but you know, it could be worse. Imagine if I had let you parachute yourself into a battle. You should consider yourself lucky.”

The pilot shrugged as Jacob picked him back up and flew to the rooftop. Once there, Jacob asked for the radio to which the pilot gave it to him, tuning it to the frequency for whatever Jacob would need,”

“This is Lt. Jacob Saxton, ex Black Alpha. Herman, I believe we have met three times now. Your downed pilot is safe. Head back to where you hammered the truck and find a flare; he will be there.”

Jacob threw the radio back to UN soldier and before another word was said, Jacob left and returned to where Strauffor and company were still reviving the Lucario. The latter was breathing much easier thanks to Strauffor's treatment; however, it was time for her to real help.

“Strauffor, Sophie, and Zack, thanks for the help, yet now I need to get her to a medical hospital. There is one halfway across town that I can take her to. Thanks to you guys, she has a good chance to live, and I thank you one again dearly. If in your travels that you starting hearing of Alpha Purity, you have a good shot finding me again. It's time I start eliminating Black Alpha and their short lived tyranny.”

Jacob slowly picked Tranquility up and headed south. Night had set in quickly and gunfire was starting to die down. On silent wings, Jacob sped to the Pyrite Hospital, probably turned into a military hospital for the wounded, but Jacob had “charismatic” ways of getting his wants. Sure enough, it was filled with UN and Black Alpha soldiers alike. It was rather interesting to see that the hospital had taken a neutral stance on the war even though it was in a Black Alpha controlled city. Inside, a woman at the receptionist desk sat and was hastily filing medical reports.

“I need my Lucario looked at now. You wait any longer, and she is dead.”

“We don't have any roo. . .”

“Make some, or I lay her dying corpse right here on your desk, and you and I both watch her die.”

“I, uh, right this way sir.”

“Thank you.”

She led them to a empty room marked with a name for the person that would have used it. Jacob lay Tranquility on the bed and sat himself in one of the chairs. Not long after, Jacob was quickly asleep from exhaustion.

Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Freelancer in UN clothing
Sailing toward Unova

Pikababe is making full use of the UN assets available while she still could. A small room with computers lets her research info dealing with the Castelia detention center. Nothing too detailed was available to the public over the internet but it was good enough to get Pikababe started. Her search would have looked highly suspicious if someone was performing it without wearing a UN uniform.

There did not seem to be many UN members aboard the ship anyway. Why bother with a slow freighter when the UN had much faster ways to travel from place to place? A couple of random sailors posed no threat to Pikababe but she was worried about what might happen when they docked. More equipment and personnel probably would be getting on and headed to Orre and it was important for her to avoid any unneccesary questions.

Pikababe had gathered enough data, a rescue attempt was going to be risky but should be doable if nothing went wrong. She decides to ditch her uniform before leaving the ship, it is just too much of a liability where Pikababe is headed. A sailor makes an annoucement, "Next stop, Castelia city!"

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Theresa Del Monico
Team Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town, Orre

Before this, I never was able to fathom the meaning of the phrase "Victory is sweet". For me, I never thought of victory tasting like candy...until now. Bizarre this idea may be, it certainly would be effective. The carzy candy seemed to be working, catching everyone off-guard. I took one of the candy rifles, a dark purple grape-flavored one, and stuck it out of the window, starting to shoot.

We were doing well for a while, shooting and launching Jawbreaker Bombs left and right. Jawbreaker Bombs were actually fun to throw around, and Janine seemed like she was enjoying it. I peered into my basket, still a lot of them left. I got ready to throw a few more, until I saw someone shoot towards us. His bullet collided with a Jawbreaker Bomb Janine threw, but when the smoke cleared, I saw who it was who shot, as well as those accompanying him.

"Damn, it's X and his gang! Is he on a mission to stalk us wherever the hell we go?" I shouted turning to them as I got my scythe ready. After a moment when I turned back, they were gone, like a desert mirage. No, I really saw them. Stalkers. Weak-willed stalkers.

That wasn't the worst of it though. I heard a sound from over us. I looked up and saw an aircraft dropping...something over our ice cream truck. Mein Gott...it was a bomb.

"Fuck, fuck! Alex, Janine! Let's get outta here!" I shouted as I leaned forward to wreck their chairs, tearing them apart. I then spread my four wings and kicked my right-side door off.

"They dropped a damn bomb, get out of here fast!" I warned them as I grabbed my scythe, the rifle, a wicker basket filled with Jawbreaker Bombs and my radio. Just as I felt that the bomb was about to hit, I grabbed both their hands, making sure they still had their weapons and leapt out of the truck and flew away as fast as I could while keeping them up in the air.

Smoke soon clouded my view as I flew, and I felt the heat of flames...not that it affected me. Once I was sure that we were at a pretty safe distance, I landed,after which I collapsed onto the ground from exhaustation. Carrying a ton wasn't easy, but I couldn't let them die...I wouldn't let any of my allies die. Coughing, I struggled to get back on my feet, feeling slightly dizzy.

"Well...that was a close call." I remarked, looking through the dust. There were a lot of them, and I meant a lot. This was going to be harder than I thought. however, remembering what we had to do, I immediately plastered a big, fake smile on my face. Act the fool, and maybe UN won't open fire. Carrying the wicker basket on my left arm and wielding the rifle one-handedly, I led them back to Pyrite town, opening fire as I kept the Easter Bunny smile on my face. I was going to save the scythe for later, when there were more. Nothing like being the evil psychotic Grim Wolf...in a bunny suit. Wherever X was, I was going to shoot him, if he hurt me or betray any of my allies, I hurt him...and he did just that. Grabbing a couple of Jawbreaker Bombs, I flung them towards a couple of UN soldiers, exploding on contact. Around them, other UN soldiers were probably wondering what was that bright-colored candy ball that just exploded. Laughing sadistically, I grabbed four more and flung them one at a time in different directions. Victory never tasted so sweet.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town, Orre

Our fun was quickly and swiftly spoiled. X and his gang were back, but before we had the chance to do something about it, someone in one of the planes launched a guided bomb at the ice cream truck. Impulsively, I knew the best way to get that thing off of us was to get some kind of obstruction between us and the bomb before it closed in. One option was to get a building between us and the tracking bomb, but it just didn't happen. We never made it on time.

Theresa saved both of our hides, grabbing us and launching herself out of the ice cream truck before the whole thing utterly exploded in a massive fireball of carnage and mayhem. Thankfully, we were resistant to the flames and fire, but the entire truck was nothing but a flaming husk now.

"Well... that was a close call," Theresa remarked as she was peering through the dust cloud that was left from the havoc.

"They... killed our ice cream truck!" Janine shouted angrily, looking at the smoldering, gutted vehicle. "Those bastards!"

"This just means they want us to try our new weapons, see?" I told Janine, trying to get her to cheer up. "Come on, it'll be fun. We'll get payback on those flies."

I wasn't sure how considering our only SA-18 IGLA launcher was still in the flaming mess that was actually drivable only one minute ago, but there had to be something around here we could use.

"Oh my god, what happened to Jubilee!?" Janine panicked for her insane Lopunny companion, looking back to the flaming truck in grieved horror. "Did she escape!? Did she get out in time!?"

Ouch, I wasn't so sure about that. I knew Jubilee had been helping Janine launch explosive jawbreakers, but if she was caught in that explosion, she would have been roasted alive. I looked around myself, but there was no sign of her anywhere. I knew Theresa just barely managed to get the two of us out of there in time, but I wasn't so sure about that Lopunny.

"No, no, no!" Janine screamed, rushing to the flaming husk to try and find some kind of confirmation as to whether her Lopunny survived the explosion or not. "Please no! Please don't be dead! Ohhh....!"

It was rather tragic, but I didn't see any sign of Jubilee anywhere.


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town, Orre

I was going to kill all of them. ALL OF THEM. And their whole families. Just to make sure they were out of the gene pool. If I ever figured out which one of those sorry, maggot-headed prick pilots dropped that bomb and killed Jubilee and our ice cream truck, I was going to shove a nuke so far up their anus that they'd taste the plutonium. And then I'd drop them on their own mother's house. All while laughing and playing Mexican fiesta music. And then I'd treat myself to a banana split sundae and maybe play a little Dance Dance Revolution to work off a little steam.

But then, something caught my attention.

"No... oh god no... no, not one of those!" I heard someone shout, coming from a narrow alleyway.

And I turned to see what it was, and it was Jubilee, shoving a bright red cherry-flavored explosive jawbreaker right in the mouth of one of those UN soldiers! She was alive! She then quickly ran back to me with a bright smile before the jawbreaker exploded like a grenade and sent UN solider head pieces flying in all directions.

"Jubilee, you're alive!" I cheered, hugging the cute and beloved Lopunny. "Ohh, I was so worried! I mean, your fur got pretty dirty and all, but... oh, you're okay!"

"Lo-punny!" Jubilee cheered with a warm smile.

"Aww, don't you worry, we'll get even with those pilot bastards for blowing up our ice cream truck!" I told her, just happy to see she was alright. "We can always get another one. A bigger, meaner, even cooler one! Just you wait, you'll love it! I'll even make sure you get your own battle station, Jubilee!"

"Lo-punny!" She cheered again.

"That's my special girl!" I smiled, giving her a kiss. "You tell 'em, Jubilee! You tell the world!"

Meanwhile, Theresa was slaughtering UN soldiers like there was no tomorrow. She looked awesome, a girl werewolf in a cute, bunny costume! Slashing up UN soldiers with a scythe made of candy! It was cool, only we could have thought of something so incredibly epic. And then I saw Alex, so charismatic as he was slicing a UN soldier in pieces like a dim-witted turkey. I swore, there were going to be plenty of people pieces in the streets tonight! But I wasn't about to let them have all the fun alone! No sir-ee! I whipped out my cool, candy boomerang and hopped into action, singing as Jubilee got more explosive jawbreaker bombs ready.

"Oh, here comes Janine Cottontail," I sang cheerfully, "hopping down the bunny trail! Hippity-hoppity, Easter's on its way!"


Borderline Troll
Herman Blake
Engaging Hostiles, Pyrite, Orre

Well, isn’t this just fine and dandy. It appears that, yet again, the Chimera have taken an interest in me, and after a short thump I hear yet antoher voice in my head, this one a bit more condescending.

“Rather interesting thing you did just now…sparing Chimeras…that could land you in some serious problems with your superiors you know…”

‘Well, no, actually,’ I think outwards, hiding the most important information deep down. I let a few lies leak to the surface every now and again, mostly having to do with plans for fake super weapons or made-up offenses on random locations. Just as we’d been trained to do. ‘I’m at my own discretion to attack or not attack whatever I please. Hell, if anything, this’ll get us good P.R.’

“Still…it also could cost you your life. That aside I would like to speak with you, preferably without the restraint of Psychic speech. If you wish to respond, simply think your response and I will hear it…If you do not response within twenty seconds, I will simply detonate the C4 packet behind your head and kill you.”

Oh, so THAT’S how it was going to be, huh? I peered back, and sure enough, there’s a white brick around two meters behind me, and to the left. That’s what I get for flying in straight lines, I guess, then. So, the little Black Alpha flunkie thinks he’s gonna bring me to the bargaining table, eh? No dice. But I can’t let him think that, so I keep that thought hidden under the more juicy though of ‘I hope he doesn’t find out about our Drill Tank prototype…’

‘Well,’ I respond, my hand absently reaching for a switch. ‘Give me a second to think…’ Click.

BOX 7 -- HPFAU389 -- ARMED

Immediately I pull back on the throttle, and the acceleration in my jet suddenly ceases. The man and his Salamance rocket past in an instant, before I start speeding up again, slowly. My Obsidian whines gently, and soon I’m within 30 feet of the dragon’s tail. I could touch it with my nose if I wanted. Any attempts to swerve away are thwarted rater easily, and he’ll find that the Obsidian is deceptively agile for its size, and I quickly matched any turn he made, no matter how sharp, the rolls I took could easily keep me behind him.

‘Now listen here. I have just armed a high-powered thermobaric device, and if you detonate that C4 of yours, guess what? In a split second, that device will trigger my explosive, which has an explosive yield of approximately 2 tons TNT equivalent. Which is more than enough to vaporize you at ten times the distance from me you are now, maybe only mostly immolate you if you manage to throw up a Light Screen or some such. So, if you press that detonator, we’ll both die. Understand?’ I ask, becoming equally smug as I tail him. This is the point where I’m waiting for him to suddenly realize he picked the wrong fight, and then I continue. ‘Whatever it is you have to say, you can say it now.’

I wait for his response, briefly hearing a call over the radio.

“This is Lt. Jacob Saxton, ex Black Alpha. Herman, I believe we have met three times now. Your downed pilot is safe. Head back to where you hammered the truck and find a flare; he will be there.”

…Well, he knows my name. That certainly isn’t good at all. Also, I don’t ever recall meeting him more than once, really, but… I feel a bit grateful if what he said is true. Wary, but grateful. I sigh, and hone in on his signal.

“…Understood. Thank you,” I say, swerving my plan a bit to counter a turn made by the dragon, making sure to keep my cannons crosshairs pinned on it. Not thinking about it, my finger flips the switch, and my display changed.

BOX 7 -- HPFAU389 -- ARMED

So whichever came first, I guess, I could be prepared. I switched over my radio signals, and began a chat with my wing.

“Aztec 7, report.”

“Yeah, boss?” His voice comes in, questioning. I hear the low rumble of an engine as it heads downwards at and angle, and the low humming of his Equalizer, signaling he was in the middle of an attack run.

“Take the wing and ascend to 3,000 feet, commit for FAS.”

“…Sir, what’s—“

“I’m just a little busy right now and I need you to take over for a minute. I’ll talk to you in a minute.”

“El-Tee, wha—“

I cut off my radio contact right then and there, choosing to concentrate on what lay ahead of me. I breathed in slow, pushing on the stick gently, squinting at the man and his Pokemon. For every twitch he made, I mirrored, and my plane mirrored his Salamence maneuver for maneuver, acceleration or deceleration for likewise. He wasn’t going to lose me. ‘Now, you’ve got about ten seconds to start talking, before at least one of us dies in this rusty desert. And no, I'm not going to land for you.' I say, making sure he remembers which one of us is riding a lizard, and the other is in a top-of-the-line fighter jet with a built-in cannon.

From the corner of my eye, I see a squadron of 4 fighters raising up into the dark night's clouds. They'd continue their attacks from on high, putting themselves in less danger. Bless 'em all, and I hope they have better luck than me.


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Toby Weaver
Team Galactic Plasma
Grand hotel

Ignored completely, well the mind of the tri-colored bunny was busy with the all important candy line of weapons, wow GP is really trying everything. I call in that their fine when another distress signal is put in for a group on the top of the building that we were on, 5 minuets and were under attack. Well let how bad it is back there.

what was the building

there we have it, someone completely blasted the building and I could even see one of the bodies. Well I'm on my own now as I see a bunch of generic obsidians planes comeing towards here. I quickly get into what was a very tall casino. This time a few U.N. agents were there. Considering I was a chimera they were not a bit welcoming

I quickly used a bullet punch on the sniper knocking him out. Then a shadow ball get another one before an guy with a knife attempts to stab me but the plate armor makes it ineffective.

I use another bullet punch for the kill on him, now leaving the room empty. I take a knife and a small med kit from the dead bodies. I ascend the staircase until I find the top with a group of snipers but they seem not to notice me coming in. I take one out with the knife and another is thrown off. The last two each get a few random shots until they dive into the sea of pavement as well. I radio in the death of the team and the building was gained as I pulled out bullets and dressed the wounds. in no time a group of gunmen came to the roof to cover the area. I came back downstairs to find a couple chimeras guarding the first floor.

A small fleet of obsidians are heading to us. I then get a idea, although I think it wont work I try veering the plane a bit. it sorta works but not to what I needed. I then use some the the psychic gem, does absolutely nothing for the cause. Well It's a coin toss for where this war goes.
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Dark Pulse94

Scienta Potentia Est
Corporal X
Pyrite Town, Orre

Squadron X, with no further orders, headed down the street to the outpost. However, on the way, they were spotted by a strange van. Out popped Jack and threw a small slip of Paper at me. Upon that very slip of paper had a way of contacting Juan. With the information, the team headed off double-time...

Resources were strictly rationed at the outpost, and Squadron X had only managed to accquire a small desert jeep to travel back themselves. No protection, no concealment.

At the same time, X relayed the intelligence across to Hoenn Command, he also took a satellite phone - he would call Juan later, when there are not as many operatives around. Resupplied, Squadron X headed off to the desert.

As the team drove off towards the edge of the town, who did they chance upon but Alex and Theresa, just on the other end of the alleyway, causing quite some Havoc, in... Clown costumes!? What were they thinking?

"Okay guys, let's show these UN Millitia how the Special Forces operate! QuickScope, you know the Drill. Chan, you're going to engage, call out for Theresa and use your innocence to call them off Guard. SLAG, cover Chan if things spoil. KaS, hide behind one of the vehicles in front of them. I'll go to the other side of the street and flank them as well. Wait for my Signal and track their movements."

With that, the Squadron got into position. X took the Jeep and took a wide path to the alleyway on the other side of the street, while the rest followed the along before choosing the ambush point.

"Okay, Chan, head out now. QuickScope, Target the white bunny Janine, I don't want to see Theresa or Alex Dead, but any sudden movements will give them more than fair warning..."

With that, X hid in the shadow of one of the buildings and sent a command across the UN Radioes.
"This is Hoenn Special Ops Squadron X here, engaging three hostile Chimera's. Requesting all available units to leave the immediate vicinity immediately. I repeat, Leave the immediate vicinity immediately!"
With a nod from X, Chan stepped out to try and Distract the Chimera-clowns.
"Theresa! Theresa! Are you okay!" She called, dragging their attention aside. "How're the bullet wounds? Let me check them up!"

At this point, KaS nodded towards X, hiding ahead of Alex and the girls in a similar fasion.
The distraction was perfect, most of the UN soldiers got enough time to clear the Area. It was just us and them.

[from this point on, I am posting as if you did not attempt to attack Chan. If you decide to attack or resist, then the post from here down will be both null and void]

"Also, why are you dressed so funny!?" Chan asked humourously, already setting up her medical supplies and start checking Theresa all over, oblivious to both Theresa's self-consciousness, checking her for bullet wounds from head-to toe (trololol :p)

X then stood out of the shadows and rolled something across to Alex, it just bumping his leg.

it was an electrical flare, unopened. Strapped around the stick itself was a quickly-scrawled message.
Channel: 25-b
Frequency: 45
X relayed the message to the squad, and they all switched their helmet radios to the set channel and Frequency.

"Eww." Said Chan as she climbed off of Theresa as if she was some kind of Jungle-Gym. "Whoever fixed you up did a horrible job at it. Everyone knows you NEVER leave bullets in a wound." Chan retorted. "Now when I try to pull them out, it's going to hurt, plus I'll need to re-open some of these wounds."

While Theresa was busy being exmined by Chan, X spoke into the Radio.
"Nemesis, this is X." He spoke into the radio. "We need to speak to you more privately. My squad is already positioned and we have you surrounded, so we are going to fein capturing you. We won't tie you up, but we will march you out of the town. Then we can talk, there is a lot of intelligence I need to share with you."

"SLAG here. Alex, think back to the incident at Silph Co. What did X, KaS and I do to help destroy the Dragon?" SLAG asked into the radio, much more sincere this time.

"QuickScope here. Tell Janine and Theresa not to make any sudden movements when X pops out. I'm still not too happy about Theresa's attack on him, so if someone tries anything funny, that someone will get a Bullet to the Brain."

At this point in time, X, KaS and SLAG stood out from hiding, surrounding the Chimera's from three sides.

"Come on now, let's get going." X called out, shutting off the radio. "You have caused the UN too much trouble."
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A small fleet of obsidians are heading to us. I then get a idea, although I think it wont work I try veering the plane a bit. it sorta works but not to what I needed. I then use some the the psychic gem, does the trick taking down the plane and colliding into another. I call that a success...
((OOC: That doesn't work. Obsidians are specifically designed for that to NOT happen.))


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((OOC: Ok, fixed.))


Shadow of nothing
Ian Blackwood
Team Galactic Plasma
Over Pyrite

Instantly Espeon began to feed me a stream of mismatched information, about super weapons, random attacks and other standard diversions the UN taught soldiers to use in the event of a mental incursion. I knew somewhere his actual thoughts were hidden, but I wouldn’t try to find them, a bit of goodwill, something he should be glad of. His words came across loud and clear however.

Abruptly his thoughts took a turn to something called a Drill Tank, a creation that I knew didn’t exist. That was a UN project back when I first joined, abandoned due to costs of development and prototyping. I realized just a second later that the thought had covered something, which wasn’t good. Espeon looked at me, gem shining brightly.

He just called you a Black Alpha flunky. The Psychic cat announced. I made a sharp motion at her indicating she should just play relay. As you wish. So he thought I was Black Alpha, something that I would need to fix. My thoughts were shaken out by the sudden smell of jet exhaust, and I looked up surprised to see the Obsidian had pulled up and now was flying about thirty feet behind Salamence. Any time he wanted he could blow me to hell. Lovely.

Instantly Salamence twisted, making a sharp turn to the right, but the aircraft followed easily.

“Don’t bother.” I mumbled, knowing that Espeon would tell Salamence what I said. “He can follow us with ease.” Still I locked eyes with the pilot under my hood, wondering what the next move would be.

‘Now listen here. I have just armed a high-powered thermobaric device, and if you detonate that C4 of yours, guess what?’ I realized what he was saying, my time in the military proving useful for something this time, ‘In a split second, that device will trigger my explosive, which has an explosive yield of approximately 2 tons TNT equivalent. Which is more than enough to vaporize you at ten times the distance from me you are now, maybe only mostly immolate you if you manage to throw up a Light Screen or some such. So, if you press that detonator, we’ll both die. Understand?’ The pilot demanded, sounding smug, and he had a right to be I guess. Not many people had one upped my like this before. ‘Whatever it is you have to say, you can say it now.’

Had I been through any less than I have, I would have panicked, flipped out and died. Unbidden image flashed across my eyes, showing faces I could remember clear as day. The suddenly everything changed, people died, blood flying, and culminating with a huge roar of several tons of C4 high explosive detonating, C4 that was supposed to kill me.

I couldn’t respond to the UN pilot, I was frozen with shock at the scenes playing out before my eyes. Memories rushed back, suddenly little things I had related to events that I couldn’t quite remember, but now I could. The last operation I had untaken for the UN, know simply as DELTA. One of the most hell gifted missions in history. My entire squad had died that night, and I had tried very hard to join them. Still that hadn’t worked, but the grief over those deaths had quite obviously been repressed, I guessed based on the final memory of the sequence, brought forth by the subconscious thought of being immolated by two tons of TNT. Seeing as how that was very similar to what had happened to me then anyways…My thoughts trailed off abruptly as I brought my focus back to the situation at hand.

I was likely going to die, either from the cannon that plane undoubtedly had, which was likely armed, or from my own weapons…Goody, smooth talking was not my specialty. Still, I might be able to appeal to my characteristic bluntness to get this one done. I knew that very few would condone the terrible things that the UN did the Chimera and I could use that to my advantage, granted that was the only thing I could call upon right now. If I was wrong…well I would die. That simple.

Salamence twisted turning left, bringing us near Pyrite again, since we had been pulled a little bit out of the way. The Obsidian followed us doggedly; its pilot’s voice echoing in my head for the first time in several minutes. ‘Now, you’ve got about ten seconds to start talking, before at least one of us dies in this rusty desert. And no, I'm not going to land for you.' I sighed. Salamence was great for transport and combat support, up Joelton would forever be my anti-air Pokémon and it wouldn’t be able to hit the Obsidian, because we would all die. I sighed as more strange information crossed the UN pilots mind.

‘UN pilot, I assure you that I am not going to try and pry information from your mind.’ I said, raising the hand with the detonator. ‘This is the detonator for that explosive block behind your head.’ I opened my pocket setting the detonator in it carefully, before moving my hands away from it deliberately. I knew he would consider that a trick however. Still, it had to try.

‘I understand you position on the matters at hand, and I would like to clear up a few matters for you. I am not a member of the less than pleasant organization know to the world as Black Alpha, in fact I likely hold them in higher contempt that you or the rest of the UN.’ I knew that statement was obscene, since this pilot had undoubtedly seen me slaughtering his troops. Changing gears suddenly I began speaking again. ‘I ask you UN pilot, if you truly know what your commanders are doing with the Chimera you capture? No I imagine you don’t.’ I said, realizing that I sounded condescending just then. ‘The deaths you have sent many of my supposed co-workers to today is merciful compared to what is happening to the capture Chimera in camps around the world. There innocent people, who have done nothing more that be in the wrong place at the wrong time, are worked long endless hours, given little by way of provisions, abused by the guards. Worse still, those there are not given painless humane deaths, but instead are forced to beg for death, and eventually die of starvation, dehydration, except for the lucky ones, who die from the abuse.’

I allowed that little tirade to sink in for a moment. ‘Now I do not mean to say that all Chimera are innocent, far from it. However most of them have done nothing wrong, not acted out in any way against the laws, or killed anyone with their forms. They simple decided to try something different.’ I was disgusted at myself for sounding so emotional. ‘So tell me, UN pilot, do you condone that? Do you condone treating intelligent beings, no matter what they might be, like slaves? Treating them like less than dirt? Is that something you are willing to have on your head? Do you wish for that?’ I demanded.

What I was about to do would be walking a fine line, and very hard to do. If I lived this day out, a massive bull’s-eye would be painted on my head, for capture and death. Still it was needed.

‘I understand previous dislike and distrust of Chimera, and frankly most of them do not trust you. Hence another party is this war of ours is trying to find a way to separate the Chimera from the humans. The Chimera will be gone away from your notice and no longer of concern or capable of causing such hell as they have now.’ Now how to deal with Black Alpha. ‘Black Alpha shall burn, and if we were capable of meeting face to face, I would give quite a bit of information on them. In fact I would give it now, but much of it is in folders, on paper which I cannot hold in flight. I give you my word as a fellow soldier that in such an meeting I will not harm you, and afterwards, I will leave this combat zone and not return.’ I closed my eyes, hoping what I had said would be enough.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town, Orre

I had been trying to avoid X and his team, but we just kept running into each other. He sent me a radio contact, something I was definitely skeptical about.

"Nemesis, this is X," He told me through the radio transmission. "We need to speak to you more privately. My squad is already positioned and we have you surrounded, so we are going to fein capturing you. We won't tie you up, but we will march you out of the town. Then we can talk, there is a lot of intelligence I need to share with you."

I laughed. I swore, it was becoming harder to take this guy seriously, so I couldn't.

"Right, no distrust between us," I laughed into the radio. "Killing a few of my friends and allies in Gateon Port was just a little butt-biting between friends. And yeah, shooting up Theresa, best buddies to that to each other all the time. Maybe if you don't mind, could I try a little fire-breathing on Chan right here? I think that might foster our friendship a little more."

"SLAG here," He spoke into the radio, trying to convince me otherwise. "Alex, think back to the incident at Silph Co. What did X, KaS and I do to help destroy the Dragon?"

"Times change, SLAG," I told him, knowing that was for sure. "Galactic Plasma is just trying to get Chimeras off the planet because of how insane everything has become and because humans on the UN are nutty, genocidal bastards. The Dragon was dictating their operations and Galactic Plasma obeyed out of fear, because let's face it, that thing sure wasn't a laughing matter. Yes, they're not of complete sound mind and whatever, but when you bend the rules, the things you can do are pretty incredible. But frankly, I'd rather not leave myself up to the mercy of the UN. So yeah, sorry to say, old pal, but I don't trust you and wouldn't set foot in UN territory unless I was there for mission purposes.."

The fact we were even having this conversation was inane in the first place. We were on opposite sides, and the truth was, Galactic Plasma just wanted peace, and if peace meant shipping off every last Chimera to the moon and hoping to start a new life there, well, to me, that was the sanest choice. Just as long as the UN stayed here and left us alone on the moon, there wouldn't be problems.

"QuickScope here," He told me as a warning. " Tell Janine and Theresa not to make any sudden movements when X pops out. I'm still not too happy about Theresa's attack on him, so if someone tries anything funny, that someone will get a Bullet to the Brain."

Truthfully, it wasn't X or the rest of his goons that I was worried about the most, other than QuickScope. I didn't know where he was positioned, and while I thought Janine and I had killed him before, it was obvious he was not the target in question. While I could fight X and his squad, QuickScope was armed with a sniper rifle that could arguably kill a Chimera if it was a well-aimed headshot.

"Crap," Janine muttered bitterly, seeing X, KaS, and SLAG appear out of hiding.

"Come on now, let's get going," X called out, shutting off the radio. "You have caused the UN too much trouble."

Damn, if only I knew where QuickScope was positioned, I could work this out and improvise with a fight. I wasn't up for getting picked off either, but surrendering to X was pretty much accepting death without a fight.

"Their sniper is somewhere," I told Janine and Theresa, slightly looking around to where QuickScope might be positioned to have a vantage point. "I just don't know where. We're being hunted and I don't know his vantage point."

I threw my radio down into the sand, still trying to buy time and think of some escape alternative, but I wasn't coming up with much. Summoning a Pokémon would just result in QuickScope picking one of us off with a clean and lethal headshot. Meanwhile, I couldn't think of any visual impairing moves that I had access to. As much as I would have liked to throw up a Smokescreen or a Flash attack, I just didn't have them.

The other last resort was the FEA I still had. Becoming a fifty foot Bunninja would make QuickScope's bullet smaller in proportion, and probably not as lethal. He'd be lucky if he could get it through my skull. Problem was, I was at that stage where evolving couldn't be undone, and becoming that big might kill any ticket I might have had on going to the moon...


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town, Orre

Crap, I hated these guys. Alex looked ready to give up, which was making me a little anxious. I didn't want to die! Why couldn't these UN douchebags just leave us alone!?

Alex was probably right about that sniper guy. But, if they took us away, wouldn't that take us further away from the sniper? We didn't have to escape right here and right now, just as long as we did it before they took us off of Orre.

"Aww, don't shoot, please..." I told them, dropping the big bag of jawbreaker bombs I had. "I promise we didn't make any of those UN guys suffer."

"Punny..." Jubilee muttered, looking pretty downcast with her ears drooping more than usual.

God, I really hated surrendering to X and his weird team of awkwardly-named cronies. I mean come on, what kind of crummy call sign was SLAG or KaS? Snowshoe was way cooler! Still, I would have loved to use the FEA, but I wasn't sure if that dude's sniper rifle could still hurt me. I could imagine a hole in the head of any size wouldn't be too comforting, and the idea of getting my brain shot up and becoming a fifty foot tall brain-dead bunny with the intelligence of a vegetable didn't sound so appealing.

Still, what a bunch of party poopers. We were in a tight spot, but I was sure we'd come up with some snappy way to get out of this...


Dark Pulse94

Scienta Potentia Est
(Jean will now need to decide how we get to that conversation, but I can re-post flashback style if that happens)
Corporal X
Outskirts of Pyrite Town, Orre

We Marched the three Chimera's out of Pyrite into the Desert with Theresa all Patched up thanks to Chan taking things too far.

At this point, X took a glance around and, not seeing anyone around, put his gun away.

"Alex, I need you to listen closely." X said, looking straight at the Chimera more than twice his height. "We have gathered some intelligence from an anonymous source, and we know about Unova."

"But," QuickScope jumped in, stepping out from the town, still sniper in hand. "We will not be heading there. While we may abide by the orders the UN, Hoenn is where our Loyalties lie, and they have got other plans. We have been ordered to find a Vigilante group, the same vigilante group that helped us fight those five Gigantic Chimera's."

"At the same time, Hoenn is questioning, not openly, but within their ranks, the execution of Chimera's." X continued, finishing off what QuickScope began saying. "So as a result, they will be privately supporting your trip to the moon."

"Here!" Chan called out, pulling out a white card. "This will let you access the Mossdeep Space Center!"
"Consider this an apology, Alex. You were a great friend those years ago, and may you live safely when need be." X finally said, before turning to leave. "I suggest you flee now, as if you escaped, and besides, if we wanted to capture you, why wouldn't we do it here, rather than at Hoenn?"

With that, Squadron X returned to the Jeep, heading back to Gateon Port...


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OOC: Gonna see how well I do with Pvp. No, I'm not against you now Pulse (or, in theory, you, Neo); Rover doesn't recognize Theresa because she's in the clown disguise, and he cant hear what you guys are saying since he's too far away, so he doesn't know he's shooting your/our potential, friends.

Also gonna give some names to the temporary characters with him; considering just calling them his guys would get repetitive.

Jack Rover
Pyrite Town, Orre

The explosion from the Un airstrike left dust flying everywhere; Jack and the group stayed in cover behind the crates in the alley. "Rover! Over there!" One of Jack's guys called out, pointing up in the air to three Chimeras fleeing the explosion.

Before the dsut could settle, the group hurried past the disoriented UN soldiers towards they thought the Chimeras landed. They ran for some time, lugging their guns and other equipment with them. Though eventually, they found themselves in another alley; on the other side, were two people dressed as clowns...but they were too big to be ordinary...humans. "Hey, arent those the-?" Rodney, one of Rover's guys, began to say.

Jack quickly tackled his man standing out in the open and pulled him behind a crate. "Shh," he said to the three other guys hiding behind the dumpster on the opposite wall, "Let's see what happens before we go picking fights with guys two times our size,"

Jack stared through an opening between two of the boxes and saw a soldier step out of cover and approach the giant clowns. The soldier began to speak, but hearing what they were syaing was almost impossible to hear from that distance. Though oddly, the soldier was healing th wounds of one of the Chimeras. Confused, the group continued to watch the events. "Wait a minute," Rodney said again, "That's X's guy isn't it?"

Words seemed to be exchanged between the four, but suddenly, out of nowhere, X and the rest of his squad stepped out of cover. "That is X!" Rodney exclaimed, "He got the Chimeras!"

"Wait," Jack called out to him, before he stepped out from behind the dumpster, "One of their squad members is missing; and I remember him bragging about the 'world's best sniper' watching over our meeting with our guys earlier; he's probably watching this from somewhere, and X doesn't know we followed him, lets wait and see what happens now."

They sat there behind their cover for several more moments. Finally, the four squad members began to lead them out of the alley; they were heading out of town. Jack motioned for the group to follow him as he led them through a street parallel to the one X was on. Eventually, they were out of town and close to the desert. More words were exchanged between X's squad and the Chimeras, Before X turned to leave, one of the solders tossed a starnge card to the Chimeras; whether it was their business card, or a bribe to let X and his squad go free, X's squad entered a jeep that had been pulled up and drove away. "Why the..." Louis said out loud, "Why'd he let them go?"

Jack thought for a moment, but still wasn't sure why they had left them. "They're out of range from their sniper," he suggested, "They gave them that card so that they wouldn't tear them to shreds out here, where no one can see them...That's not important right now though; we've got three Advanced Chimeras standing right there, unaware to us yet, we've got our orders, and I've got Juan's crossbow; this is our chance."

Louis shrugged off his disbelief and grabbed a Molotov from his bag. "Arnold, catch. You've got the best arm."

Arnold was already carrying the taped-together RPG on his back, but he'd always been Rover's muscle when he needed it; considering his height and football talents. "When Arnold throws that Moltov, run somewhere else before they have enough time to react," Jack instructed to everyone.

Jack peered behind the rocks and chose his target; the White-bunny looking Chimera. Jack took in a deep breath as he prepared to shoot quickly and then run again. Arnold grabbed a lighter from his pocket and lit the paper that had been shoved into the neck of the Moltov. Soon after, he stood up from behind the rocks with Jack; they couldn't tell which way the Chimeras were facing, but Rover quickly took aim as Arnold made the distraction. "HEY!" he yelled, "Catch this!"

Arnold threw the lit Moltov in the Clown's direction as Rover pulled the trigger on the Crossbow, firing the syringe with the Reversal-mutagen, and then the group quickly ran in the opposite direction, drawing their guns in preparation for a potential fight.
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Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Unova, arriving at Castelia city

The UN cargo vessel docks at the port and just as expected, a crowd of troops and equipment make ready to load up the boat. In the shuffle of people and machines, Pikababe is able to slip off of the ship and out of sight thanks to her civilian clothing. (actually she could have easily passed for a sailor as well) Her rescue plan was simple, by using a disguise she would get apprehended on purpose. Then after Jiggles had been located, they would exit the facility via the plumbing system.

It was horribly cliche' but the UN's extreme paranoia would make it easy to get mistaken for a chimera and get inside of the detention center. "Predator and Super sayain cacnea come on out!" There is no way that they would allow a prisoner to keep their own pokeballs, so Pikababe dispatches her team to lookout positions around Unova. Predator (Pidgeotto) will fly overhead and rest as needed. Super sayain Cacnea will wait next to a sewer exit near the desert area south of Nimbasa city that connects to Castelia citys sewer system.

Now to put the plan into action all Pikababe needed to do was pick up her chimera disguise at a Castelia city costume shop which she previously had placed an order for while still on the cargo ship. With any luck the guards would try to capture her rather than just shooting her on sight...

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Outskirts of Pyrite Town, Orre

We marched a few clicks away from the main warfare in Pyrite Town. As long as it was just X's squad, I could hold off on retaliating for now. But if I at any moment saw more UN forces attempting to hold us down, boy the proverbial sh*t was really going to hit the fan hard when they saw what I was capable of. Still, X put his gun away, but I wasn't about to let my guard down.

"Alex, I need you to listen closely," X told me, looking up into my eyes. "We have gathered some intelligence from an anonymous source, and we know about Unova."

Typically, I liked to replace the word "anonymous" with "confidential" or "f*ck you, I'm going to just leave you in the dark." This was either a scare tactic or a bluff. Either way, I wasn't buying it.

"But," QuickScope quickly jumped in, still armed with that sniper rifle we had been dreading getting shot by. "We will not be heading there. While we may abide by the orders the UN, Hoenn is where our Loyalties lie, and they have got other plans. We have been ordered to find a Vigilante group, the same vigilante group that helped us fight those five Gigantic Chimeras."

I faintly remembered some other organization involved, someone other than the KA. I never got the details on it, however. But whether X was affiliated with this vigilante group or not, it didn't exactly fill in the blanks here.

"At the same time, Hoenn is questioning, not openly, but within their ranks, the execution of Chimeras," X continued. "So as a result, they will be privately supporting your trip to the moon."

How the hell did they know that was our plan? Damn it, if the UN found out that was Galactic Plasma's whole mission, everything we had been working for would be compromised and I knew for a fact the UN would deploy as many resources as they could to intercept the entire operation. That knowledge wasn't safe in Hoenn's hands, especially if their allegiance to protect Chimeras was definitely questionable. The UN would have none of that, and would declare Hoenn as a traitor to the joint operation. I knew why the UN didn't want us alive. To them, we were monsters... unnatural, savage creatures that were the byproduct of reckless, insane science.

"Here!" Chan called out, tossing me a white security access card. "This will let you access the Mossdeep Space Center!"

I looked at it for a moment, not sure whether to believe all this. If Hoenn was having different thoughts about this operation, they were either going to need to be open about it real fast, or change their mind back to the way it was before, but I knew they couldn't keep this little secret quiet for every long.

"Consider this an apology, Alex," X told me, turning to leave. "You were a great friend those years ago, and may you live safely when need be. I suggest you flee now, as if you escaped, and besides, if we wanted to capture you, why wouldn't we do it here, rather than at Hoenn?"

They simply returned to the jeep, and headed off, bound for Gateon Port, I was sure. I had mixed feelings about this whole meeting. I wasn't ready to trust X quite yet. I knew one thing, however. I couldn't trust Hoenn to sponsor Galactic Plasma's mission. And another thing, even if they did, the rest of the UN would find out one way or another about it. All it took was one turncoat, and it was over. Hoenn had nothing to lose if they ratted out the Chimeras, and what better way to do that than to let Galactic Plasma trust them, and when the whole operation is in their hands, let loose the UN on us, totally disrupt the mission to the moon, and essentially doom every last Chimera to their death.

"You really think they know what's going on in Unova, or was that a bluff?" Janine asked me, wondering if they really knew where the critical bunker was located.

"He didn't specify an exact location," I told her, looking off into the distance. "Narrowing their search down to a single region doesn't help them much. Regardless, contrary to what X believes, I wouldn't trust Hoenn with carrying my groceries, never mind the whole lunar operation. We do, however, have to warn Galactic Plasma that they're really running out of time."

"Yeah..." She replied, knowing we couldn't wait around for them to discover the secret. "I figure if they don't have the teraforming equipment ready yet, we need to at least get our research and manufacturing processes up on the moon, and hope we complete research and implementation before... we run out of supplies."

It would get pretty ugly if we did. Still, I knew the UN wouldn't even accept us being on the moon, likely paranoid that we would try to take over the world from there someday, or some other ridiculous paranoia that they were acting upon themselves. Still, as long as we got the appropriate lunar defenses up in time, we wouldn't have any war between us. We would always see any kind of craft approaching.


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Outskirts of Pyrite Town, Orre

It was a real mess.

"We should get out of here," Alex told me, making eye contact again. "I don't want to risk getting a radio call intercepted, but we need to let Galactic Plasma know that if they don't step up their game with the research, we're going to get caught."

How he planned to pull that off was a big question. We needed a ride out of this frying pan, and I was sure the UN wasn't going to provide that. Not to mention driving their midget cars wasn't going to work either. But getting an evac... might be possible if we made it to the right location.

"Evac at Realgam Tower seems like a good idea," I told Alex, suggesting that as a solution. "I think we did what we could in Pyrite Town. Let's just hope Black Alpha can keep the UN busy long enough for us to finish the job and get the frick out of here."

"Yeah, let's do that," Alex suggested, leading the way to Realgam. "Truthfully, I'm kind of hoping this is the last time I see Orre."

We were ready to head out, not really sure what to do about X. Was that weird guy really still our friend? I dunno, I wasn't too convinced. Something seemed fishy about it all.

And then moments later... that's when we were attacked. I wasn't sure if X was the guy who set this up, but it was WAY too conveniently timed. I suspected something was up when he brought us out here of all places.

"HEY!" I suddenly heard someone shout. "Catch this!"

I suddenly turned around to see a glass bottle break, spreading flames and broken glass everywhere. I wasn't really too afraid of the fire, but I couldn't imagine who would do that and why, unless they were just a freaking pyromaniac. And that was right at the moment I had gotten shot with a syringe. I just scoffed and could have laughed, figuring I was well beyond the point of being affected by CRAs, since that's pretty much what this thing looked like, and I highly doubted it was a FEA since they'd have to be stupid to evolve their enemy. But... it wasn't too funny when the CRA was actually working...

"Wha...!?" I gasped, feeling myself shrink and my white fur rapidly disappearing to be replaced by normal, human skin. "No way, are you kidding me!?"

Oh, I couldn't believe it. They must have developed a stronger CRA, because this one sent me right back to being human again. I couldn't believe it, I totally lost my ultra-cool Seraphare form! What a bunch of pricks! And what an embarrassment, I had to use my now oversized jester uniform as a huge cloak so I wouldn't be completely naked in the desert. I saw Alex had been shot too, and even he had been returned to human form, struggling with his huge costume just to keep from being totally naked. Now he was just an ordinary human guy, and not his cool and charismatic Bunninja self. I mean, he was still cool and charismatic to me... but oh, the Bunninja form was so much cooler and cuter! I swore I was going to make those bastards pay for this one!

Boy, I was pissed. They totally undid our cool bunny forms! First our ice cream truck and now this!? Boy, these UN freaks sure played dirty. And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, they started running like a bunch of cowardly little children. Those jerks. My candied boomerang was now way too big, and I looked and there was no way Alex could use his Wakizashi anymore. Aww, and we had just gotten these cool weapons too! We didn't have any guns either, and heaven forbid if I was going to run after those jerks barely clothed and risk losing the only article of clothing I had trying to run across the hot Orre sands. Running around naked in the desert with my feet burning wasn't my idea of a good time. Thankfully, I at least still had my Pokémon. Jubilee was nearby, looking a little concerned at the whole situation. Quickly, I grabbed Lash's and Crunch's Pokéballs. I really wasn't too crazy about these two mean and nasty Pokémon, but golly, these dingbats sure deserved it. They sure couldn't blame me if they were reduced to a misshapen pile of people pieces!

"Go Lash and Crunch!" I shouted, tossing their two Pokéballs onto the sand. "Tear those punks to pieces!"

Lash the Garchomp and Crunch the Mawile emerged, disturbingly eager for mayhem. I pointed to the intended targets that were trying to flee the scene, and they savagely ran right after them, hungry for combat. Jubilee had also given chase, out for payback and retribution that these two-bit punks erased our cool bunny forms. Lash unleashed the fury of his Dragon Rush, while Crunch attacked with Iron Head. Following closely behind, Jubilee attacked the group with her Dizzy Punch, and I could at least take a small bit of comfort knowing I wouldn't be on the receiving end of that attack.

Alex had released his Jolteon, Hydreigon, and his Floatzel, and sent the three of them after our attackers as well. While Rogue the Jolteon was fast and was easily catching up to the group of UN freaks that had attacked us, I knew if Rogue even just delayed them by just a tiny bit, the others would feast upon the advantage. And I sure would love every minute of that!

Rogue the Jolteon attacked with a Thunder Wave attack, knowing it would slow the group down considerably if they got hit by it. Meanwhile, Guile the Floatzel attacked with an Aqua Tail assault, following by Backlash the Hydreigon unleashing the wonderfully chaotic fury of his Outrage attack. I couldn't help but giggle and laugh, even though I was definitely not in the most ideal of situations. Those maggots were going to get what they rightfully deserved, and I couldn't wait to see the look on their stupid faces once they did!

Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
(OOC: I know I didn't outwardly post it, but assume that Jacob's Sandslash, Rage, was recalled before the he flew to the hospital.)

Jacob Saxton
Ex Black Alpha
Pyrite Town → Desert Outskirts

Groggy eyes slowly opened to reveal a brightly lit room. Straps bound the prisoner to an uncomfortable table. Only able to slightly look left and right, Jacob observed that wires were extending out a machine and were attached to needles or pads that were inserted or placed all along his body. Off to his right, he could hear voices, a male's and a female's.

“Ms. Price, I do believe this may be your crowning achievement, at least, if this works.”

“It should Dr. Price. The only thing that could go wrong are my expectations of what our lab rat will turn into. My samples were inadequately labeled.”

“So be it. Everything is in place. Only thing left. . .” he was saying this as he was injected whatever fluid was in the syringe,” is injection. Alright, now for the results.”

“Oh, I hope he turns into something cute. He could be my pet then too.”

The changes were immediate. Pain ruptured throughout his body as he underwent the changes of whatever these mad people injected into him. He glanced down at his hands, no longer the normal color of skin but a chitinous black; where fingers should have been, there was now a long, wickedly sharp scythe in their place.

“Well, well Janine. I must say I'm impressed. . .”

Jacob didn't hear any more of it. For whatever reason, some thing was jabbing him in his side.


“Ah finally awake. I was beginning to worry that you might have slept yourself into a coma. How are you feeling? You look awful. Would you like someone to patch you up?”

A young nurse, male, was standing in front of Jacob. In his hands was a clipboard detailing various medical jargon that Jacob could not comprehend. Jacob didn't immediately respond as his first thoughts were to check how Tranquility was doing. She was still laying on the bed, though now she was injected with various unknown medications which reminded Jacob all too much of his past experience with needles and wires.

“I'm fine. How is she though?”

“Good news is that she'll live, though she is currently locked into a coma from her injuries. We found that her eyes suffered traumatic damage though we got positive responses when checked meaning that her eyesight should recover over time.”

Relieved as he was, Jacob could see the doctor was holding something back, and it was most likely the very detail that Jacob wanted to know. He could accept Tranquility being in a coma, though it pained him a bit to here. No, the real question was this:

“What about her paralysis? Before she blacked out the second time, she mentioned she was unable to feel anything on lower body.”

Jacob looked long into the nurse's eyes and likewise did the nurse return the stare. No answer needed to be said. Jacob could see the answer as if reading a book. The no words would comfort Jacob, no sympathy would lay low the grief building in him once again; the nurse knew this. He politely walked out of the room, and let Jacob sulk in his thoughts. The sulking, though, was short-lived. There were vows to keep and planning to be done. He wasn't going to outright kill another UN soldier again, but he would start on working on overthrowing Black Alpha which would require immediate help from the person he was supposed to hunt down. Jacob got up and went to his partner's side.

“Sleep well, friend. Hopefully when you wake, the world will be a better place.”

Exiting the room, Jacob sought another nurse and did, relayed a phone number to contact him should the Lucario wake up. Quickly making his way outside, Jacob flew off in the direction of where the truck had been incinerated. The scent of candy was still heavy in the air, so Jacob followed it to where he would hopefully find Janine. Reports in Black Alpha suggested that Alex was with her though they had no mention whether his our partner in crime, Theresa, was with him. It was presumed that she was, but reports were sketchy at best.

Following the scent, he came upon a back of what looked like Jawbreakers. Jacob ditched the bag and continued on the trail, following a heavy taste of cinnamon. Leading him to the edge of town, Jacob was met with his answer. Off in the short distance, he spotted three Chimera escorted by UN soldiers. For whatever reason, the soldiers left in their jeep, leaving the Chimera trio behind, though not long after would, someone decided to start picking a fight with them. Jacob would wait, hovering in the air, to see how everything would break itself down, not wanting to get himself into another fight at this point in time. At least, this was the plan before syringes went flying; two of the chimeras shrunk back down to human. Most surprising of all, it was the two people he had been looking forward to meet. The ridiculous getup that they were wearing could not hide who they were. Sure enough Alex and Janine were human again. Jacob wasted no more time and flew toward the retreating ambushers. Several Pokemon were following behind the group so Jacob made way to the front of the retreating group. Landing in front of them and sending his Sandslash, Rage, out, Jacob readied himself into a fighting stance and his only words were this:

“You, my friends, made the biggest mistake of your lives.”
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