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Operation Chimera - Trinity of Darkness

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Avenger Angel, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Strauffor Tenno
    Gateon Town to Pyrite Town, Orre

    The day had proven less than fruitful, with no new information forthcoming, and Strauffor had hitched a ride to Pyrite. The town had a hotel, and a half decent place to eat. Once off the truck and in the town, she released Yubel from her ball again, since the Serperior was an admirable way to keep unwanted attention far away. Strauffor looked up and down the street, considering.

    “Food or rest, food or rest…” Meanwhile, Yubel had slithered and turned to see the alleys, and spotted something. A black Charizard, that was a new thing to the Serperior, though she knew it was a horrible flaming death to her thing, and a Chimera. She stretched herself out as far as she could, hissing. Strauffor turned, looking at the Quilava Chimera male, her face impassive as she tried to decide. Asking him was something she needed to weigh carefully. He probably had no idea where her husband was, and if he did, the odds he would be willing to share information with a plain vanilla human were low. He also might attack her. Still, there was a chance, so Strauffor began walking in his direction, ready to grab for and unleash Gyshal or Lupiel if she had to.

    “A moment of your time, please?”

    Yugo Tenno
    Cianwood Docks, Johto

    Yugo had decided to detour to Cianwood on his way to Orre, wanting to train Nightmare and Frostbite a little, and also to look for more concrete information. Chanur had made several scoffing noises, but was resigned to the boy and his inability to concentrate on where he should be going and what he should be doing. He was at that age of humanness, after all.

    Yugo had been somewhat stalking the Kecleon boy, wanting to find out where he might reliably obtain something interesting in the way of mutagens, but then the boy had started. After he’d gotten his tail back under control, Yugo hadn’t approached him, but had instead gone his own way. Chanur had spotted a cove earlier, and Yugo let his team out for some exercise there. Peanut began grabbing Tentacool’s, trying to figure out how to eat them, while Frostbite drifted a little way off and Nightmare climbed up on a rock to poke at a Shuckle. Chanur lounged nearby in Hydreigon form, and things were quiet. Until the arrival of another person and Pokemon. Yugo didn’t look up at first as Frostbite zipped behind him to hide, busy watching Peanut.

    “Peanut, don’t eat those, they’re poisonous…” He looked up then, blinking. Pink fuzzy ears, tail, pink fuzzy legs ending in pink fuzzy paws. Yugo blinked again.

    “What in the name of Dialga’s horns did you cross yourself with? Nothing should be that pink.”
  2. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

    Zack's eyes lazily scanned the littered street that he was walking on. Something shiny caught his eye, thus grabbing his attention. He slowly approached the item and picked it up. He examined it with curiosity; it was a ring, a beautiful one at that, much too beautiful to belong to anyone in this town. The owner of it must have come from some place else, because the three gems; a Ruby, a Sapphire, and an Emerald, seemed to belong to a much higher class then to those who live here. He smirked, it was his lucky day, he would be able to sell the item for a good amount of money, he would make a profit out of what someone lost. It wasn't fair, but that was life for you.

    “A moment of your time, please?”

    A voice sounded from behind Zack, and he quickly shoved the ring into his coat pockets, from beside him, Blaze sniffed the air and let out a low growl. Zack placed his hand on the Charizard's neck, Shhh, it'll be okay... I hope. He whispered to the fire dragon who lowered his head and kept a watchful eye on his trainer.

    What is it that you need miss?
  3. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Strauffor Tenno
    Pyrite Town, Orre

    Strauffor ignored the Charizard’s growling at her, though Yubel hissed at it and bared her fangs, threatening to go snappy snap snap at it. Yes, she’d lose, but that didn’t matter to the Serperior. Gyshal often made noises that suggested Yubel wasn’t all the way there mentally. Strauffor reached up and wrapped her hand around Yubel’s mouth, pinning it closed.

    “I apologize, Yubel is… not social. I’m looking for a Chimera, a male basic with Mawile and some Bisharp coloration, metal skin, and bladed fingers, black hair and gray eyes. Most likely wounded, most likely unaffiliated. Would you happen to have seen him?” Her tones were calm, though guarded. She wouldn’t bet on losing, but Strauffor wouldn’t bet on winning without severe loss either. If Yubel went up in flames due to her own stupidity, Strauffor would grieve.
  4. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

    Another growl escaped Blaze's mouth, and Zack couldn't help but roll his eyes. What is it with you and grass types? Did you always have a bone to pick with the Bulbasaur back at Oak's lab when you were still a Charmander? Zack asked his Charizard, who let out a grunt and another snort. Zack grinned, he had hit the nail right on the nose. Hastily he flashed a nervous smile to the woman. He won't bite, or burn the grass type of yours over there, just as long as the grass type doesn't attack us. Said Zack, patting Blaze's back, the Charizard huffed and swung his coal black tail upwards before placing it back down to its usual position, sitting idly on the ground.

    “I apologize, Yubel is… not social. I’m looking for a Chimera, a male basic with Mawile and some Bisharp coloration, metal skin, and bladed fingers, black hair and gray eyes. Most likely wounded, most likely unaffiliated. Would you happen to have seen him?”

    Zack had already guessed the grass type Pokemon wasn't all to friendly, he reached into his right pocket of his pants and pulled out his old Pokedex. It was quite old, but it was updated to the point where it could give him info on whatever Pokemon he had never seen before, and he had never seen a Pokemon like 'Yubel' Before.

    A Surperior huh? He muttered, putting the Pokedex back in his pocket and bit his lip as he shook his head. Sorry, but I haven't seen anyone that describes what you're looking for. He shrugged, Sorry about that.
  5. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Strauffor Tenno
    Pyrite Town, Orre

    Strauffor looked tired at Zack’s answer, Yubel wiggling loose of her hand to make encouraging little noises and flick her tongue against Strauffor’s cheek. She patted the Serperior’s nose fondly, managing a small smile. There were a lot of Chimera anymore, after all, and the world was a big place. It had been a small chance that the Quilava would have seen Hayden.

    “I see. Thank you for your help. It was a small chance anyway.”
  6. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

    “I see. Thank you for your help. It was a small chance anyway.”

    Again, my apologizes, best of luck with finding who you're looking for. He bowed his head, pushed his shades up to cover his eyes, then turning around to leave. Blaze eyed the Surperior though narrowed eyes as he followed suit with Zack and turned to leave. A growl rumbled in Blaze's belly, followed shortly by a rumble from Zack's. He stopped briefly and held his stomach, he had skipped out on eating this morning, and had forgotten some money, but that wouldn't be a problem, he had that ring in his pocket that he could cash in after all. He smirked and waved a goodbye wave to the woman who had asked him if he had saw a certain chimera. Blaze let out a low whine before nudging Zack, he was hungry and wanted food now. Zack shook his head. Got no money yet, so you're going to have to wait.

    rrrrrrrr........ Grumbled Blaze, clearly not happy to wait for something to eat.
  7. strategiser24

    strategiser24 Mewtwo is awesome!

    Juan Mendez
    Abandoned Base, Underground Lab, South-east of Outskirt Stand

    The phone line only connected to one number, and that was the number that Judy had gotten from her friend. By now, the Black Market boss has been waiting for a few days for their call. While dealing with criminal organizations could get them prison if it ever got out, right now, the UN is too busy dealing with the Chimeras to worry about the Black Market. Taking a deep breath, Juan turned on the voice changer program Johnny had programmed, and dialed the only number the satellite phone would call and waited.

    After several moments of the ring tone, a voice answered the phone. I have been waiting for your call for days; why have you taken this much time to contact me?!?

    The voice was obviously modified, it was too deep and had too much audio editing for it to be anywhere close to a normal voice. "Sorry," Juan said back to the strange man on the other end, "We had problems setting things up for this operation."

    Its quite obvious that you don't want me knowing who you are if you're modfying your voice with a computer program,the Black Market boss said back, You're alreaady better than most clients who contact me; I would have esxpected no less from someone highly recommended to me by one of my top men. Allow me to introduce my self; I am Head Honcho, and I believe my man called you Commandante.

    'Is that my new name?' Juan thought to himself, "Yes and I imagine that he's already told you what we want to work out with you?"

    Doesn't give any trace of his identity and is straight to the point; that is what I like in a client, Honcho replied, Yes, my man has told me your situation, and I believe that I can help you; only thing is, I ask something in return from you as a.....business partner

    "Business partner?" Juan questioned, "Why do you want us to be this close to you? How do we know you're not luring us into a trap?!?"

    As you already know, the UN has outlawed Chimeras and is arresting and potentially executing anyone with modified DNA. No doubt, no one with a sane mind desires such a fate, and so much of those same people have come to groups like mine in search of help, but we can't do much for them, Honcho said, You contacted me, Commandante, because you needed to locate 'specific individuals' that could help you develope a serum to counter the Chimera modifications. I can locate your team of scientists and give you as much help and supplies as you need, as long as you can agree to supply me with some of these reversal mutagens. This way, my clients can walk free from the UN, you have your scientists, and you are closer to whatever goals you have for dealing with Black Alpha and Galactic Plasma.

    Juan and the rest of the group was shocked that this Black Market boss that they had just met, would easily agree to giving them what they want. "I can agree to that Head Honcho," Juan said, unsure, "But why are you so eager to help us?"

    I have my own reasons to hate Black Alpha and Galactic Plasma, he replied, They've, first, slowed down business for me significantly with all of the chaos surrounding these events, second, I have my own personal reasons for being aganist Heights and any of his followers or children of his experiments......what that is, is not of your concern; now, do we have a deal?

    'Personal reasons?' Juan thought to himself. "We have a deal," Juan said, sounding like businessman, "I'll give you the names of the scientists I need to find; there are five of them, one I've already found, the other four had these names when they were last on the grid: Virgil Thomas, Jeremy Render, Sarah Westing, and Johnny Wagner. As to whether or not they're using these same names or not, we don't know."

    Honcho was quiet for several seconds before Juan called his name again. Apologies, he said, trying to remain in his normal voice, My communication lines have been giving me trouble. Nevertheless, I will notify my agents in the regions we cover. Any information I gather about your scientists, Black Alpha, Galactic Plasma, or anyone else that may be of interest to you, I will notify you as soon as possible...before I leave you, I do have one piece of information that may concern you.

    "Excellent," Juan said, "What do you have for us right now?"

    Galactic Plasma's bunker in Gateon Port was raided only a half-hour ago; however, most of the Chimera's slipped on board a ship waiting in port and sailed away from shore, he said, there was a stream of data that was also transmitting from the bunker during the raid; most liley, they were transferring information they didn't want in the wrong hands, however, my men were unable to intercept it due to a high level of encryption that couldn't be cracked before it reached its destination: all I know is that the signal was being sent to the Unova region. I can't tell you where it went, but Unova may be a place of interest for you to investigate if you so desire a new lead.

    On that note, Honcho hung up. Turning around, Juan looked to the rest of the group, who had been listening, and began to negotiate what their next action should be.
  8. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Strauffor Tenno
    Pyrite Town, Orre

    Strauffor heard both sets of stomachs grumble, and patted Yubel soothingly. She tilted her head to the side, considering. Yubel let out a whiny little hiss, but subsided again. Strauffor turned again.

    “If you’re hungry, I’m heading to eat myself. Company while eating would keep… minor annoyances at bay. I’d pay for the meals.” Normally Strauffor was not social, but another person would keep some of the men of Pyrite town from hitting on her. There was also the chance she might learn something new.
  9. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

    “If you’re hungry, I’m heading to eat myself. Company while eating would keep… minor annoyances at bay. I’d pay for the meals.”

    Zack turned around, an eyebrow cocked, he was being offered a meal? He shrugged, Sure, company... He hesitated before going on, ... would be nice. He nodded to himself, usually he didn't trust others considering what happened to him, but hunger always got the best of someone. His stomach rumbled again, and he sighed. Thanks, so where shall we go to eat then? He asked the woman before smiling, slightly red, Sorry, where are my manners, my name is Zachary, or Zack for short. And, what may your name be? He extended his left hand, lifting it from the warmth of the pocket it was residing in, and offered her a handshake.
  10. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Strauffor Tenno
    Pyrite Town, Orre

    Strauffor extended her own hand and shook Zack’s while Yubel nosed inquiringly at one of her pockets. The Serperior wasn’t too interested in annoying the Big Black Flaming Death as she thought of Blaze the Charizard, or the little Human who was Also Flaming Death, so she went looking for interesting things in Strauffor’s pockets.

    “Strauffor. I prefer my full name to any nicknames, though. As for where, the Blue Ditto serves good food, if not overly fancy.” She tilted her head to the side. “You’re not used to people who don’t automatically judge you, are you?” Yubel raised her head again, sticking her nose under Strauffor’s chin and going to sleep.
  11. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

    I hate my full name, that's why I get everyone to call me by nickname, which is, in short, just a shortened version of my actual name. He nodded, Anyways, nice to meet you Str- Stra He paused, his brow furrowing, he had never heard of a name like this before, he pronounced it mentally a few times before speaking again. Strauffor, right? I got it right... right? He nodded again, that was right, he just knew it. Meh, sometimes a place that looks rundown could have really good food, like this one place in Pewter City, mmmmm... The place looks so rundown, but the food is something else. The raven haired teen grinned, it had been ages since he had last eaten some good food from a joint of some sort. However, at Strauffor's next comment, Zack's heart almost skipped a beat, he hid his surprise by cocking an eyebrow. What exactly are you implying?
  12. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Strauffor Tenno
    Pyrite Town, Orre

    Strauffor let a little flash of amusement pass across her features at Zack’s uncertainty that he’d gotten her name right. She’d never met another with it, wasn’t even sure if it wasn’t just something her parents had made up on the spot just to have something to call her.

    “Yes, you got it right. I honestly think that they just strung a few syllables together into a name for me.” She saw him tense at her observation. “I mean that people judge by how another person looks well before they know them. People look at a dusty ten year old and automatically think ‘new trainer’, or at a woman who’s thin as ‘probably sicks anything she eats up later’.” She paused. “People are truly dumb panicky animals about that. The Chimera I’m looking for,” Strauffor patted Yubel as she hissed softly. “My husband. It doesn’t matter to me what he looks like, but who he is in actions and words that matter to me. With the UN being… obstinate, I fear that he could lose his life.”
  13. AudinoGlitch

    AudinoGlitch Weird Person

    Terra Ferest
    United Nations
    Phanac City South Gates

    "Ugh..." Terra moaned from boardom. "Nobody's coming this way. The most we're seeing is an occasional wild Aron. I just wish someone brought a Chimera so I could cure it with my CRA. The more people that get cured the more innocents we save. I know some Chimeras can't be cured so UN has to put them in the shelter, but at least the CRA works on most Chimeras and-"

    "Aud-Aud-Audino?" Clare responded annoyed.

    "I assume that means 'would you just shut up' or something like that." Clare nodded and then pointed to something in the distance. "Please tell me that it isn't another Aron." Terra looked in her binoculars and put them away. "Alright Jim," she said as she tossed up a Pokeball, "I need to teleport!"

    Jim came out and teleported her to the thing she saw. It was a Chimera in its advanced stage. It looked like a Machamp with Volcaroa wings. As soon as it saw her it attacked with a fire breath attack which she jumped back from. "Jim, restrain it with Psychic so I can cure it!" Jim focused his powers and held the Chimera still with Psychic. Terra took out a syringe of CRA and injected it into the Chimera. It turned into a teenage boy.

    After Terra led him into Phanac City she had Jim teleport her back to her post. "I'm glad I managed to cure him. I wonder if anything else will come." She put her binoculars back up.

    ooc: can someone please interact with Terra? Friend or foe, I just want someone to interact with her.
  14. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

    Zack let out a sigh of relief, he was glad he had gotten Strauffor's name right the first time. It was a good thing that he had stopped and thought how to pronounce it first. Okay I see what you mean, and I understand fully, I've met quite a few people over the years that are so full of themselves, thinking they have the right to judge those just how they look on the outside, it's the inside that counts, the person inside, not the appearance... He trailed off with a sigh, sadly most people didn't think like that, most judged by appearances, he knew that from personal experiences. So your husband is a chimera? Hmm, how may I ask did you two meet? He felt uneasy about asking Strauffor the last question, seeing as he had only just met the woman, and he might then get labeled as a pesky teen. He adjusted his sunglasses again, making sure his eyes were hidden, he wanted to keep the fact that he was a chimera a secret from everyone he met.
  15. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Strauffor Tenno
    Pyrite Town, Orre

    Strauffor paused for a second, face blank. After a few seconds, she replied.

    “We were raised in the same place for awhile, as part of a project. When it ended, we were shipped off to different places. I met him again when I was trying to follow the normal mode of teenage Pokemon trainers and earn enough gym badges to compete in the league.” She petted Yubel. “We… clicked. It was that simple, or that complicated. We chose to marry, to have a child, though Yugo is… more of a normal teen then we were. When things got so out of hand with Black Alpha, Hayden was simply one of many who became Chimera.” She smiled. “It just doesn’t matter to me. He is still the same person I chose, the one who tastes of darkness and ice and bitter bright metal.” Strauffor contemplated the sky for a second. She’d left a lot out, such as what the project had been for, and her odd psychic ability to track people by the taste of their blood.

    “Do you know the story of Pandora’s Box?” The question was seemingly out of the blue, though Strauffor did have a reason for asking it.
  16. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

    Zack nodded slowly, So it was pretty much fate that brought you two together, then together again? He cocked his head to the side slightly, hoping to get this question 'right' like he did the others. Blaze couldn't help but blink in surprise, after what happened, Zack hardly ever talked, he had become closed off, distant from humans. He kept away from them most of the time, living with just his Pokemon, yet here he was talking to someone he had just met like they were an old friend or something. Zack's actions baffled Blaze to no extent, the next thing Blaze could be expecting is the removal of his trainers sunglasses, in the middle of public. He narrowed his eyes and watched Zack closely, his hand hand moved to the said item, I know that feeling of- He was cut off by Blaze, who had let out a roar, as Zack turned to the Charizard, he saw a look that said: "Don't you dare blow your cover!" Zack gulped, Blaze wouldn't be too happy to make a sudden flee from the town. Zack guessed that it was because he wanted something to eat.

    “Do you know the story of Pandora’s Box?”

    Zack shook his head, Sorry, no.
  17. Unicorn

    Unicorn Neigh.

    Meurig Fews
    Black Alpha
    En route to Orre-- Stopping in Cianwood for repairs

    Meurig sighed with impatience and collected himself in a chair as he waited in the emtpy cabin of the ship. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift into an uneasy sleep, his mass spilling over the edges of his seat. When he awoke, he found most of himself oozing onto the floor. A small hole was burning into the side of the ship. Damn. He mentally scolded himself for his stupid mistake. If he wasn't careful, his highly acidic body could cause unneccessary damage. The hole was growing larger, despite his withdrawl. With a sigh of reluctance, he removed himself from the cabin and moved to find a crew member.

    Meanwhile in the captains' room, the crew was suddenly alerted about the problem. The ship had a leak now, though no one knew how it had happened. According to intel, it looked like a hole had been burned in the hull somehow. The person reporting the problem didn't show their face, but stayed in the shadows, merely stating that the ship had a hole in cabin 9 and if it wasn't repaired, it would sink. How mysterious.

    Meurig would have liked to see what everyone would do if he hadn't said anything, but there was more at stake here. He had no interest in killing anyone and he didn't have much more time to waste. He had caused his own set of problems now. Black Alpha would not pleased; not that it mattered, he was more annoyed with himself than worried about punishment. He didn't feel threatened by them anyway.

    An anouncement went up over the loudspeaker stating that the ship would be stopping Cianwood due to technical difficulties. Meurig smiled crookedly at the fact that the captian chose to leave out the details. "Attention, passengers, this ship will sink if we don't stop to fix this ****," Meurig murmured the more accurate statement to himself. He stared out one of the rounded windows of the ship and saw the small island of Cianwood coming into view. Chances were he would have to find another ship on the docks there, and alert another member of Black Alpha of his presence.

    They often got uncomfortable when they didn't know where he was. How curious.
  18. Endarkened_Gardevoir

    Endarkened_Gardevoir Darkling's Lullaby

    Strauffor Tenno
    Pyrite Town, Orre

    Strauffor smiled a little at the Charizard’s roar. It was clearly protecting Zack from making any kind of screw up.

    “It’s an old story, I forget where I first heard it myself. Long ago, there was a giant who stole the secret of making fire from the human and Pokemon Gods, and gave it to the humans. The Gods were angered by this, and thus they decided to trick him. They made a beautiful female giant, who they named Pandora, and gave her to him as a wife.” She petted Yubel, who snored a little.

    “This might not seem so bad, but they gave Pandora a box when they made her, and told her never to open it. But Pandora was like the Donphan’s Child, full of insatiable curiosity, and one day it got the better of her, so she decided to peek into the box. When she opened it, illnesses and cruelties leapt out, striking humans and Pokemon alike. The last thing out of the box was Hope, however, but Pandora crippled it in her fear, slamming the box lid shut on one of its wings.” Strauffor looked across the street, checking signs on the doors.

    “The story was meant to illustrate that you can’t undo things that have escaped, only hope for the best. Chimera, Humans, Pokemon… mutagens are a Pandora’s Box, and now that it’s open, it can’t be crammed back in and the lid slammed down. No matter what the UN thinks.”
  19. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Alex Waters the Bunninja
    Team Galactic Plasma
    Twin Rapier Cargo Ship, En Route to Unova

    The ship's intended destination was to head to Unova. I knew... unfortunately, that the raid on the Gateon Port bunker was the last Orre location Galactic Plasma had. I figured it was only a matter of time before they found it, but no one suspected that soon.

    "Alex... where is this ship headed to?" Theresa asked me, facing the disappearing Gateon Port.

    "Somewhere south of Driftveil, I believe," I told her, knowing the ship needed to head somewhere unsuspicious. "Unfortunately, there's nothing left in Orre for Galactic Plasma. Every last location's been compromised, and we can't afford trying to set up a new one in there."

    It was too close to both of our enemies, literally between a rock and a hard place. Besides, it was probably better to just let the UN and Black Alpha kill each other while we figure out how to get the moon up and going. It was going to be pretty different, but at least we had the assurance it would be safe for all of us if it worked.

    "I guess I'll have to stay out for a while..." Theresa muttered, looking downcast. "Gotta make sure Corporal X doesn't follow. I can recognize their faces...plus attack from afar I guess. You've been through enough, Alex...I don't want to see you get hurt. I guess you could go below decks with Janine for a while...make sure you're safe. You're the world's most wanted man now, Alex. Not everyone recognizes me...go in first...your safety matters to me...and everyone."

    "I appreciate it, Theresa," I told, not really knowing what else to say about that. "Don't let it bother you so much, though. We'll work things out, don't worry."

    Taking her advice, I decided to head below deck with Janine. Janine looked at Theresa curiously, but said nothing. It was strange though. At one moment, Theresa could be a total hardass and take no one's gruff, but there were times when it seemed like the whole world was crushing her all around.

    It would be a while before the ship made it to its destination. They'd have a pretty hard time tracking us, but even if they did, we'd lose them once we made it to shore and dispersed.


    Janine Price the Seraphare
    Team Galactic Plasma
    Twin Rapier Cargo Ship, En Route to Unova

    Oh brother. I swore, Theresa could be such a sad sap at times, trying to play at Alex like a guard dog with sad puppy eyes. Me, I wasn't that kind of downer. Theresa, she tried to play the woe is me and the pity game. Come on, is that the kind of thing Alex really wants to hear? Send the guy on a guilt trip or something? Sure, Alex was a pretty valued member of Team Galactic Plasma now, considering his skills, but it wasn't like every hitman on the planet was licking their chops at his name. We was, however, proving the black bunny with the wakizashi was a force to be reckoned with though!

    "She can be such a downer," I told Alex, figuring he'd actually want to hear something optimistic for once. "Bright side is, we got most of the info and stuff out of there in time. Heck, the only experiments that were left behind would probably take the UN months just to figure out what the heck we were doing with them. We didn't lose much, and heck, the days on that place were numbered. Maybe set us back a week, if even. Wasn't like that stupid simulation was working out that well anyway."

    "It's mostly about X, though," Alex told me, leaning against the metallic wall. "He... it's just hard to imagine he's the enemy now. That's what's really bothering Theresa at the moment. The UN, well, it just feels like they messed up everything."

    "To be honest, the guy was kind of creepy," I told him, just imagining his masked face. "X? Who names themselves after a single letter of the alphabet? Loved the visor mask too. Kind of like a terrorist's ski-mask on a bigger budget."

    Alex couldn't help but snicker at that, but it was pretty short lived. I could see it in his eyes that he was hoping we wouldn't run into them again, because he wouldn't want to hurt an old friend, but he would if he had to. As far as I was concerned, I never really trusted the guy that much anyway. Something always seemed a little weird with him.

    "How close are we to getting on the moon anyway?" Alex asked me, knowing I had the inside knowledge of that.

    "Might be a while," I told him. "Oh sure, the moon base is undergoing construction and if we wanted to and if there's enough room, we could hop up there now, but the problem is the base can't support the raising of crops and food quite yet. We really need to teraform it also. It would speed the building process immensely."

    "We just need to hold out long enough," Alex told me, feeling it was quite possible we'd make it. "Stay away from the UN and Black Alpha, and let them slug it out at each other."

    Oh, I knew we would make it. It just kind of felt like waiting for Christmas. Freedom, our own, homegrown planet that none of these other morons could touch... it would be a whole new life, really. Where it really didn't matter if you were a Chimera or not, although anyone who has ever been one can confess it's quite fun! It would be worth it.

    "We recently had contact with the moon base," One of the other scientists spoke to the two of us, approaching us from behind one of the metallic shipping containers. "Things are... looking a bit positive though. They're able to produce power at the base now, and they've become 40% less dependant on imported resources."

    Ah yeah, Jeremy Render, the suave and nonchalant Floatzel and Braviary Chimera. I actually knew quite a bit about him, remembering Team Galactic Plasma picked him up recently from Johto shortly after the UN declared their war against Chimeras. Turned out, he really didn't like it, and felt it was just as bad as attacking someone for taking multivitamins in the morning!

    "And you must be Alex," Jeremy introduced himself to Alex, shaking his paw as he gave a nice, smug smile. "Great to meet you. Name's Jeremy. Jeremy Render. I'm a genetics researcher who came on board after I heard what the UN was doing to Chimeras. Wasn't going to stand for that at all. Still, can't help but say... you two lovebirds look perfect for each other."

    I tried not to smile too hard. Ooh, Theresa would have a fit if she was down here hearing this! From a third party no less!

    "She'd cute, I'll admit," Alex told him, taking a glance at me. "She's a bit... well, crazy, but funny too though. I guess you could say we get along pretty well."

    "Yeah, I can be a bit of a goof at times, I'll admit," I told Jeremy, blushing a bit as I scratched my ear. "You know me, Jeremy, life wouldn't be fun if we took it so seriously all the time. I sure don't!"

    Not like Theresa did.

    "Ain't that the truth," Jeremy agreed with a nod. "Damage loss at the Gateon Bunker was expensive, but the overall damage to our goals is only trivial thanks to that last minute data-transfer you guys performed. Financially, it was a blow and we did lose quite a few personnel in there, but to our overall goals, we're still doing pretty well. We may just need to ask for additional investment. Thankfully, there are plenty of people with big bucks that decided to become a Chimera too. Their money means their spot on the moon. Things... may just have a way of working out after all, hopefully. Anyway, I won't keep you two, although I would like to keep in touch. Still though, Alex, you sure picked out a cute girlfriend."

    I couldn't help but get close to Alex when I heard that. I just... had to take advantage of this moment!

    "Well, love isn't always something you find," I told him with a little smile. "Sometimes... it finds you."

    I couldn't help myself. I became so impulsive, and I gave Alex a kiss on his cheek right in front of Jeremy! A quick and innocent one, but definitely a kiss nonetheless. And Alex... he looked a bit surprised at first, but he was okay with it!

    "Take care, you two," Jeremy told us both as he couldn't help but smirk again at that, shortly after taking off.

    It was such an awesome moment. Such a "go screw yourself, Theresa" kind of moment! Sure, this old, dimly-lit, beat up cargo tanker sure wasn't the most romantic place out there, but who cared!? I certainly didn't!

    "Yeah, you sure are one crazy girlfriend," Alex told me, sighing with a smile. "Is this really the reason why you became a Searphare?"

    "It is... although I love how cute it feels," I told him, smiling a bit. "Alex, I really love you. I'm really sorry about all the stupid things I've done with flowers and that nonsense. It was loony, I know. I get like that sometimes, but I won't pin anything like that on you ever again. I promise."

    "It's alright, no worries," He told me.

    And we stayed close to each other as the ship gently rocked as it moved through the waters...
  20. Dark Pulse94

    Dark Pulse94 Scienta Potentia Est

    Corporal X
    United Nations
    Gateon Port, Orre

    It was Alex, but he seemed... angry... He shut off the lights and called out to me:

    "I was hoping it wouldn't turn out this way, X. Sorry, but we've already made sure the UN won't be getting very much out of this bunker. As for you, I can see that you've pretty much already said that if we want to survive as a species, we need to fight you and every other UN bastard that shows up at our door. You've made it personal, and I'll be honest, you've lost all my respect for that."

    Theresa also seemed rather upset, but to her she seemed more bewildered than enraged. I thought I made it clear to them that we had no choice but to stay with the UN, which was why we split up...

    "Alex, Theresa." I called out to them, hoping they would at least hear a few words from me. "After the war."

    Switching back to the radio, I commanded the rest of the squadron.
    "We're heading back. We raided the base, but they've destroyed everything. Besides, they're evacuating."

    "What are you doing Corporal! Consorting with these monstrocities! Why I auta alert high command of this treason! We should be going after them!" Frank intergected, but I quickly got him back in line.

    "That's an order private. We are special ops, not Kamikaze's. We only just managed to get in here alive, now their entire forces are together, we won't stand that chance. We're leaving now, and if I dare hear another word of complaint, you'll be getting to get right up close and personal with our friend FlashBang..."

    I took another glance back with my nightvision, but Alex and Theresa were gone. It was a pity really, they were great fighters, worthy of even hosting their own squadrons, but unfortunately Commander Johnson had higher-ups, and they said no Chimera's, no tolerance. That was just it, I had no say in the matter...
    (man, I'm really seeing Squadron X like the 501st in this scenario, just the innocent trooper, manipulated to betraying his friends)

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