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Operation Chimera - Trinity of Darkness


OOC: LOLOLOL. As soon as I leave a place, something starts to happen there. Damn, I need to be more patient. Hahaha.

Meurig Fews
Black Alpha
Cianwood-- Johto (waiting for a new ship to head back to Driftveil)

Meurig yawned and hauled himself off the ship, ignoring stares from other passengers. He didn't really care if anyone saw him leave at this point. What could they have done? Thrown him off? He was already leaving. Call the police? They were no threat to him.

Once off the ship, he slithered onto the docks and looked around, trying to decide his next plan of action. If there were any Black Alpha members here, he would need a way of contacting them. He could cause a scene, but that was probably more trouble than it was worth. He didn't know anyone locally to call either, but he didn't care for telephones much anyway.

The point was, he was not in Orre anymore and he had no idea who might be in Cianwood. With a disgruntled sigh, he produced a small cellular phone from inside his glop. It was covered in slime, yet it still worked somehow.

"This is Meurig Fews. Change of plans. My ship had... an issue. I'm in Cianwood now. Awaiting orders, if you care to give me any" he spoke to his commanding officer

"Stay there. I meant to call you earlier, but you had already left. The UN has destroyed Galactic Plasma's last Orre bunker. No need to join that fight. I'd just as soon have you go back to Driftveil, but I can understand if you want to just hang around there for a while. I know much you hate traveling and--"

"Stop sucking up to me. I'll go back to Driftveil as soon as I find another ship. I'm tired of wasting time."

Meurig hung up the phone and absorbed it back into his purple mass. So... back to Driftveil again. This was turning out to be a fun day. Maybe he would have some time to cause a little mayhem before he left after all.
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Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Aboard the UN battleboat Hammerhead (off of the western coast of Orre)

Admiral Moby pulls up a chair to the table in front of Pikababe and continues speaking as if nothing had happened. "Now then, as I was saying. The UN is always on the lookout for new talent to help us to crush Black Alpha, Team Galactic Plasma and any chimeras that disrupt the natural order. If you join the UN then you can have a hand in making the world a safer place. (by any means neccesary)" He smiles.

"And what if I refuse?" Pikababe questions. "You are free to leave at anytime but if you do, I am afraid that your Jigglypuff pal will be immediately executed." This turn of events was mind boggling, how could the UN have become so warped and so merciless? The UN that Pikababe had known was gone, this gang of brutes should really call themselves U.N.T, the Uber group of Nefarious Thugs. Pikababe is out of options, if she does not cooperate with these uniformed crooks, then there is little doubt that Jiggles is done for.

Reluctantly, Pikababe decides to join the UN, at least until she can figure out a way to save Jigglypuff! After hearing that Pikababe will be cooperating with his organazation, Admiral Moby leans back in his chair and rubs his hands together as he triumphantly shouts, "yes, YES!" and laughs evilly...
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Dont, move, a muscle
John Hammond
Pyite Town

John had finished interagating the poor guy and left him tied up near a dumpster. Someone would find him eventually. Unfortunatly, he hadn't gotten any information from him, and John had been forced to move on. As he passed through the town, he saw a woman talking to a seemingly normal teenage boy. What caught Johns attention was the shiny charizard next to him. Impressive, he thought. He went to the local food place, called the Blue Ditto. He got a table and people watched, keeping an eye out for anyone, chimera or human, who might know where the Black Alpha testing facility is.

Zaur the Bulbasaur
Hoping to be a UN
Gateon Port, Galactic Plasma bunker

"Hey, I'm talking to you, human!" he said at Corporal X, hoping to get his attention. "What are you blind? Im trying to help you guys." Zaur was impatient, to say the least. Ufortunatly, all the Humans would have heard was "Saur, bulbasaur, bulb." Zaur followed the squadron, still trying to get their attention and respect.


The North Wind
Castelia City, Unova

Siva was hung up the phone with a grin. He just got word that a Galactic Plasma base was found and destroyed. He wasn’t happy about it being destroyed, but about something else. The GP members boarded a ship heading in this direction. He was eager to have them arrive. He could finally get some answers to a few questions that he had.

Siva was working out of a room hidden below the basement of a house in Castelia. The house was owned by a Chimera sympathizer, so Siva used this to his advantage. Siva had nothing to do but wait.

He sat and began to meditate. It was a hobby that he picked up after becoming a Chimera composed of Psychic Pokemon. It passed the time and allowed him to fine tune his mind, body, and soul. He finds the new abilities that he has to be quite amazing and totally worth having. Who knows, maybe one day they will grow stronger.

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

Zack flashed Blaze a glare, his crimson eyes locked onto the Charizard as he furrowed his brow. Sorry. He muttered to the fire lizard before turning his attention back to Strauffor.

So basically the whole chimera thing is something that we can't get rid of no matter how hard people may try? He shook his head. I knew it. He thought with a smirk, some day, those like him would be seen as 'normal' once more, without people trying to hunt him down, he would be able to live without hiding. The thought of that made him grin even more, he wouldn't have to hide anymore, and continue his trainer journey. He stopped walking and looked around the town, now where was the "Blue Ditto"? He looked around, biting his lip. His stomach growled again, followed shortly by a rumble from Blaze's stomach.

Are we almost there?


Mewtwo is awesome!
Juan Mendez
Abandoned Base, Underground Lab, South-east of Outskirt Stand

A half-hour passed whiled the group tried to figure out what they should do next. During that time, Carlos continued his work on the Crossbow and Jamie began her research on the new serum, despite the fact she wouldn't make it far alone. Juan and the others sat there consulting on what to do next when suddenly, the phone line rang. Surprised, Juan answered the phone while everyone else watched. Head Honcho here, the modified voice said, I have information on one of your scientists; the first one was quite easy to find.

"Good work," Juan complimented, "What do you have for us?"

Virgil became a player in a Symphony Orchestra in Unova; he's also well known to have a significant background in genetic research. Not only that, but he joined the Orchestra's Euphonium section only two years ago; when Virgil was last seen by you. Honcho said, He performs tonight at Nimbasa City's concert hall; one of the pieces they're performing includes a concierto dedicated to their 1st chair Euphonium player.....I'm sure you know who I'm refering to....Never the less, the orchestra is also holding an event afterward where those who attend can talk with members of the orchestra; this should be your best opportunity for meeting with him.

Juan stood there surprised that someone who had barely escaped death would still be quite public afterwards. "You said they perform tonight," Juan said, "If we're going to get there on time for the show, we're going to need more than a 12 hour drive to Unova if that's even possible."

I've already thought ahead for that, Honcho reassured, A have a 'transportation expert,' that goes by the name of Paul, that can pick you up from your location and fly you to Nimbasa City and have you there in-time for Virgil's performance. All I need is a phone trace and for you to signal him when he gets close so he sees you.

Juan turned to the rest of the group listening and looked for agreement on their faces. "That'll work," Juan agreed, "We're en route to a clearing roughly a mile north of Outskirt Stand, we'll throw a smoke flare when we see the helicopter."

Paul will radio you when he is approaching the location you described. Honcho out. he said before hanging up.

Juan and the group rushed to pack what they needed for the trip to Unova and ran up the elevator and then to the Humvee. "Carlos, when this Black Market guy picks us up, bring the car back here and keep radio and sattelite watch for us and answer the phone if Honcho can't get us on the radio," Juan said giving last minute orders, "Jamie, help out Carlos with the tech and keep working on the serum as much as you can; and make sure you keep working on the Crossbow, Carlos, when you get back."

On that note, the group pulled out of the ruined garage and drove out to the desert, heading to the northern part of the desert near Outskirt stand, leaving Jamie behind to keep doing her work. Within 20 minutes, they reached a flat piece of land in the desert that would be suitable enough for a helicopter to land. Commandante, an unfamiliar voice, unmodified voice said over the radio, This is Paul, I'm approaching the position you told Head Honcho about; I'd recommend you drop your flare now, I barely see anything form up here in the desert sky.

On that note, the group stepped out of the sandy Humvee and Judy pulled the pin on the smoke flare and threw it. Gray smoke rose from the cartridge, and after a minute, a chopper could be heard overhead. This is Paul, the radio said again, I see the flare, descending now.

The dot in the sky became larger and sand began to fly everywhere as the helicopter descended from the sky. Within moments, the helicopter had reached the ground and the man inside was calling for them on the radio to get in. The group waved to Carlos as they climbed in the cargo helicopter and lifted off the ground. "It should be a few hours before we reach Nimbasa," the short, brown haired, man named Paul said from the pilot seat, "So you can shut the door and relax for the next few hours; the Orchestra performance starts at 8:00 tonight and its only noon, so three hours of flight shouldn't be too long. Its definitely faster than by boat."

With that note, the group latched the passenger door and relaxed as much as they could in a moving helicopter, and tried to catch up on the restful sleep they had missed out during the last few days.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Sophia Black
Black Alpha
Black Alpha Base; Testing Facility/Prison; Somewhere in Orre

The U.N Operative's eyes fluttered open as he slowly regained consciousness. The first thing he saw upon waking, a pink and purple dragon with white antlers, a red flower petal that resembled a scarf attached to her neck, and two pink flowers with leaves on both sides of her head. There was a also a small hole in the middle of her forehead. "Oh good you're awake." Said the dragon woman in a rather child like voice. "I must say, you're new look is absolutely faaabulous!"

The UN soldier quickly realized that he was chained to a wall. He had no idea how this happened. He rembered being surrounded by some strange pink mist, then the next thing he knew, this was happening. "What have you done to me?!" The soldier shouted.

The Chimera grinned, but said nothing. Instead, she merely stepped aside revealing a full length mirror. Allowing the soldeir to see the adorable Chimera form she had given him. He was now a Munna/Jigglypuff/Bellossom chimera. His entire body was pink, and covered with a purple floral pattern. Where his nose was, he instead had a Munna like snout, and he also had big red eyes with long feminine eyelashes attached to them. On top of his head were small triangular ears that resembled Jigglypuff's ears, his human ears were gone, in their place were a pair of flowers like a Bellossom. He also had a pink curl on his forehead like Jigglypuff has. To complete the look, he had a yellow and green grass skirt around his waist. "Well, do ya like it?" She asked enthusiastically.

"You've turned me into a freak!" The man shouted. "Change me back this instant!"

"Now why would I do that? You're look positively adorable just like that." She cooed while pinching his cheek. "Besides, even if I do return you to normal, it's not like you're friends back at the UN will take you back now will they?" She said this in a much more serious tone, dropping the child like voice. This caused the Soldier to stop struggling. She was right, the UN had a Zero Tolerance policy against Chimera's and people who had been Chimera's. This man had seen what they did to them, and it was absolutely horrible. Almost as bad as being stuck in a humiliating Chimera form like this one. "I thought that would get your attention. Now then, you got two choices, either join Black Alpha and I can give you a better Chimera form, or we can throw you out to be tortured and killed by your former teammates. If I were you, I'd strongly suggest the former." With that, Sophia Black exited the prison cell, leaving the UN Operative alone with his thoughts.
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*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Theresa Del Monico
Team Galactic Plasma
Twin Rapier Cargo Ship, En Route to Unova

Unova...the ship was headed for Unova...I was a wanted criminal, how could I go back without being arrested. Reason I was wanted? Slapping that Gym Leader Burgh when he tried to crrep up on me. I know, a lame reason, but I was wanted. My nightmares began in Unova too...my drunkard of a father Leonardo, my often-absent mother Arianna...Juvie Hall everything. I wanted to forget my past but it somehow comes back to haunt me in different ways.

I sighed with relief as I remembered that I was a Chimera and therefore, no-one would recognize me. I looked out at the horizon as the sun set. The ship was moving very quickly, and so far, nobody seemed to have caught up. Satisfied, I turned back.

"I'm hungry..." I murmured, before going belowdecks to rest after a couple of hours of making sure that nobody was trailing us.

Once inside, led by Alex's and Janine's scents, I found them. Janine was as usual, cuddling up to Alex yet again. Before I sat next to Alex, I gave her the finger. Might as well annoy her in my ways if I could.

"No sign of them, fortunately. We'll be fine." I told Alex, reassuring him. We were safe...for now that is. I eyed Janine suspiciously, wondering what the hell she was up to. Thankfully, beds on this ship were single-sized. My mind told me that if they were any bigger, Janine would probably insist on sleeping next to Alex as part of her "Bunny Love".

Later, past midnight

I was no longer aboard the cargo ship, but rather, was inside a magnificent white dome with elegant Greek columns, the setting sun a perfect background. Where the hell was I? What the hell was I doing here? Looking on at those who were present, I saw several people, dressed formally. In front, wearing a dark suit was...Douglas Price? What was Douglas Price doing on a podium? Was Alex in front of him...the tall man in tailcoats?

My eyes scanned the rest of the place in confusion. What the heck was happening? Harp music started playing, making my ears hurt. Wait...that was the familiar tune of the Wedding March. I was at a wedding...wait, I was at Alex's wedding? Douglas Price was the wedding host? The hell, things just got a lot stranger.

As the bride reached the end of the aisle, I could not help but squint to see who it was. A long veil covered her head, and she wore a long, white fairytale-style gown. Seeing that gown, I already had a bad feeling. That wasn't my type of gown, I would have favored a cutout dress, a low-neckline dress or a sheer Greek chiton. That style the bride was wearing was too...sugary and princessy for my taste. Still, I tried to get a glimpse of her face, or even her hair. I was blond, of course I could distinguish my hair clor above all else. What I saw though just tore me apart.

Dark hair. The bride had dark hair that fell in messy curls. As the faced Alex, I saw her eyes. Green, like plants. Like envy. Janine, it was Janine.

"No...no.." I whispered as Douglas Price began the wedding. No...why? Why did it have to be this way? When was I ever going to be happy? At peace? Why was the whole world against me? What have I done wrong to this world? As Alex and Janine exchanged vows, my heart could not take it anymore. I was a few seconds away from a total breakdown.


"NO! NO! NOOOOOOO!" I screamed, opening my tear-filled eyes. Strangely, I was back on my bed. A nightmare, a terrible one at that. Alex and Janine seriously got married in my nightmares? Serioulsy, what have I done to make the world hate me?


Well-Known Member
Ava Blackshire
Black Alpha
Cianwood City, Johto

Ava happily ran after Tails, avoiding the occasional glance in her direction. Sure, she could easily cover her ears, tail, and feet, but the pink skin stood out a bit. She often played it off as a birth defect, even using it to earn sympathy from time to time. But out in her cove, she could be free as a bird! Speak of the devil… she thought. Tails spun into the air in an intricate maneuver and dove back down at an impressive, yet dangerous speed. He pulled up a foot in from of Ava causing her to squeal in delight. She couldn’t wait to get out of her heavy disguise and play around for a bit.

Ava hurried around the bend, entering her hideaway from the north side. Making sure no one had followed her she flung off her extra clothes and floated joyfully in the air a bit. Her short brown skirt fluttered gracefully for a moment then settled as she returned to the ground. A big grin spread across her face as she turned to her faithful friend.

“Ok Tails, what do…” Her Taillow was chirping furiously from a rock neighboring the shore. But his frantic noise was not what made her stop. Just beyond him, a young man stood beside the water with four Pokémon around him. As he laid eyes on Ava, his expression immediately turned to that of shock. At the same time, she guessed her face looked white as the sand. They looked at each other for a brief moment, synapses working hard.

“What in the name of Dialga’s horns did you cross yourself with? Nothing should be that pink,” he blurted. Ava couldn’t reply for a second, lost because she was so taken by surprise. Glancing at Tails, who had now settled, she tried to form a sentence.

“I uh… you- umm… there’s… Well, I wasn’t aware that I was that pink,” she replied meekly. That, was about the stupidest thing you could say! she chastised herself. Shaking her head, she hastily recovered.

“I mean, I'm usually so careful that no one finds me. Quick question, are you going to kill me, kidnap me, or report me? I’d rather not start off on the wrong foot,” Ava babbled. Her mind worked on overdrive to try and get herself out of the possibly terrible situation. Her telepathy told her no one else was too close by and nothing in the man’s mind could help her in the moment. Well, at least he’s not from the U.N. or anything… As far as his thoughts go…

"A-also, if you have any overrider mutagen, don't get any closer. I could kill you with a thought." She hoped her empty threat would at least buy her some time. She gulped, looking to Tails helplessly.

Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
Lt. Jacob Saxton
Black Alpha
Pyrite Town

“God how I hate Agent Zero. Go to Pyrite town, find the traitor. Blah, blah, blah. Never appreciates the work I do. Once they are removed, I can free Black Alpha of this tyranny they reek upon the land.”

Much to Jacob's irritation, he once again found himself on an errand for the “elites.” For once though this errand required him to assassinate a traitor, one Alex Waters. The official story was that he turned his back on the Joint Operation task force/ Black Alpha. Not satisfied with the “official” story, Jacob dug deeper into the records of Black Alpha. Hidden records and hollow lies rang from the lips of his “superiors” as the truth spilled out in the mission reports and hidden documents of those that knew the truth.

Either way, Jacob was not planning to kill Alex anyways; an enemy to Black Alpha was a potential ally to him. What Jacob needed were brave people to stand against the malignancy of Black Alpha. What Jacob truly feared was that Black Alpha was beyond saving.

Off in a nearby ally way, a conversation between two Chimeras were ensuing. Jacob followed the sound of it. He passed through a rather busy part of the city and found a Parasect/Venosaur and a Audino/Chansey talking.

“Did you hear, the Galactic Plasma base fell in Gateon Port. I hear that most of the residents got away, but some fell to the onslaught of Corporal X and his team.”

“Ya I heard about that too. Seems like the Bunny Alex and his posse escaped too. Weird isn't it; him working with those goons. Then again, the UN wants him dead yet is considered a traitor to Black Alpha. There is even a steep bounty to anyone that can capture him, dead or alive. 600K in dollars I here.”

“Ah to have such money. Let's get him then.”

“Yes, let's. Word is that a ship was heading somewhere to the Unova region. We should start there.”

Poor fools, they don't even know what they are getting themselves into. This was when Jacob decided to intervene.

“You do realize that he was one of Black Alpha's deadliest operatives. Now that he is rogue and is a powerful Chimera, he is one of the deadliest beings in the world . I would suggest in holding your lives more dear to yourselves than tossing them into the abyss.

Needless to say, the two characters turned fearful at the approach of Jacob and ran. Many knew of him throughout Orre, many wished they had not. Although Jacob knew his reputation was a charade, many of Orre's citizens thought he was a merciless man who killed anyone who got in the way of any mission. While he was a ruthless person in uniform, he held a soft heart. Orre deserved a better government than what Black Alpha was giving. Soon, he would be known as a liberator. Hopefully, he was as persuasive to the people as his reputation was large. But first, the target he needed to find and recruit: Agent Waters. Lucky for him, Agent Zero wasn't going to contact him at all this mission for fear discovery.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Twin Rapier Cargo Ship, En Route to Unova

Janine had definitely gotten pretty insanely lovey-dovey in front of this Jeremy Render guy. Still, hearing Janine was sorry for all the crap she did with those flowers, I felt a massive wave of relief. That was really a whole lot of crap I really didn't feel like going through with again. Still though, did she really think we were THAT close and were in THAT serious of a relationship? I honestly considered it more of a "casual friendship," and figured we were allies and needed each other in this mess. Still, I looked into Janine's eyes, and she was deadly serious on loving me. And not the kind of "I love you and you're mine to do with however I want" kind of relationship, like the kind when she stuck me with that ungodly awful Bellossom, Lilligant, and Venusaur Chimera mutagen. Instead, it was something she sincerely wanted to be mutual. She wanted to invite me in and have me walk in on my own accord, not drag me into a relationship with a nutcase I was never going to tolerate.

Really though, I didn't know what to think of it. I had to admit, Janine had gotten better. Way better. She was still a nutcase in my opinion, but her presence was at least tolerable now. But to really get that close to her like this... she needed to slow down, because I wasn't ready for any of that kind of stuff. Now was definitely not the kind of time to be going out on dates, if that's what she was thinking.

I then caught sight of Theresa, who wasn't too keen on seeing Janine cuddle up to me. She came besides me and sat down, but I saw out of the corner of my eye her giving Janine the finger. Man, it was always a world war between these two. Janine just sucked her teeth at Theresa's gesture, and just turned away.

"No sign of them, fortunately," Theresa told me.

"Good, let's hope they never figure out how we left," I replied, knowing that would save us a lot of agony.

Meanwhile, it was getting late, and the ship probably wouldn't arrive in Unova until tomorrow morning. The beds they had on this ship weren't much, but I've had worse. They were still way better than the kind of beds one would get in an army barracks.

After shutting my eyes, I just dozed off, and allowed the night to carry me away.


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Twin Rapier Cargo Ship, En Route to Unova


I didn't know what it was, but for no good reason, Theresa started screaming like her whole body was inflating and was about to explode. Ugh, I swore, Theresa had better to have been dying to scream like that at this time of night, because if she wasn't, I was going to duct tape her head to make sure she wouldn't be doing that again for a nice long time. My eyes were still heavy and burning, but I looked up anyway to see her freaked out like a ghost just came up and bit off a part of her face. And really, it was quite weird and odd for savage hellhound werewolf like her to suddenly be so freaked out at something.

"Theresa!" Alex shouted, quickly jumping out of bed. "Are you alright!?"

She was fine, probably having a nightmare. A few of the other Team Galactic Plasma people who were nearby looked at her to see what was wrong, but when they realized she wasn't physically harmed and Alex was already catering to her, they grumbled and just headed back to sleep.

"She looks okay to me," I shrugged. "Probably dreaming about Black Alpha or that Corporal X guy."

Or whatever. She started whispering to Alex, thinking I couldn't hear her. Uh huh, yeah right. If there's one thing a Lopunny can do with these really big ears, it's hear. So I listened in on their conversation, wondering exactly what kind of creature of the night happen to crawl up Theresa'a anus and bite her in the colon.

"It... was awful..." Theresa told Alex, whispering and trying to keep quiet, though she was failing miserably at trying to keep it a secret. "I had a dream about a wedding, and I knew something was wrong when I realized it was yours but it wasn't mine. I was watching from afar and I realized the person who you were marrying was Janine!"

Oh, now this was interesting. Trying to hold back a wild giggle was tough, but I did because I definitely wanted to hear the rest of this cute, little tirade. Here I was thinking Theresa... big, badass Theresa, was dreaming about getting shot and killed or probably turned into mincemeat by Black Alpha. No, not even getting killed wakes up the fury known as Theresa! Instead, it's a freaking wedding that drives her batty! I realized her ultimate fear was losing Alex to me. Or she was acting like it and was trying to use pity as a means to draw Alex away from me. Psh, figures. What a drama queen.

"I can't stand it, I feel like I'm not supposed to be happy," Theresa continued. "Like I'm always supposed to be pushed around by older girls. Everyone just expects me not to show it. I'm sorry, Alex, but after a while, I just can't keep things bottled up like that anymore."

"Relax and don't let it bother you," He told her, trying to comfort her.

"Leave her be, we really should be getting some sleep," I told Alex, hoping to end this nonsense early.

It was silly. Just downright silly for her to be trying to look sad, pitiful, and desperate. If Theresa really wanted Alex to love her instead, was presenting her in a way that made her feel sorry for herself... really the right way to go about it? Really didn't think so there.

"This is my business, Janine," Theresa barked back at me. "Get the f*ck out of here if you don't want me to cut you, shave you, or insert Garchomp mutagen in you."

Whew, what a grouch. Sure you really want to marry this lovely lady instead, Alex? Imagine her barking that kind of thing at you when she asks you to take out the trash, feed the kids, and mow the lawn! Yeah, "quit watching that f*cking football game and get to work on that lawn!" Word to the wise, Theresa, Alex wasn't going to marry someone who he felt was going to be crabby like that all the time.

"Figured, she's in a bad mood," I told Alex, laying back down to sleep. "I'd recommend just leaving her alone for a little while if she wants to be such a hardass."

I laid back down, still watching Alex out of the corner of my eyes. Still, what he said next was a bit surprising.

"Are you kidding?" He asked, looking at the both of us. "You two are fighting like hell to each other over me? Sorry, guys, but take a look around. We should be focused a bit more on Black Alpha and the UN rather than tearing apart each other, don't you think?"

Well, he had a point there, though Black Alpha and the UN weren't here so that really didn't matter. Yeah, it was a vicious love triangle, I was well aware of it and I was sure Alex knew it was crystal clear. Still, the way Theresa was being a crybaby about it was a joke. Kind of like the kid that cries at the checkout stand for mommy to buy her candy and has a bad case of the gimmies. Come on, a guy like Alex... would he really want a girl that does that kind of thing? Sad and meek one minute, and then angry and irate the next? I'll admit, I did get reckless and... downright silly every now and then, but I was pretty sure Alex would take that over the kind of emotional rollercoaster Theresa was on.

"Let's focus on them rather than each other, alright?" He asked, trying to stay more on the objective. "I can't have you two leaving the other for dead over this."

Well, I didn't want Theresa to die, I just wanted her to give up on Alex and pursue someone else. Still, eventually, we did go back to sleep, and in time, the cargo ship arrived at the shore, south of Driftveil. It was still early in the dawn, but now was a good time to head out and make it to the Driftveil bunker, where it was far less likely Black Alpha and the UN would track us down and find us.

Alex was right about the mission and all, but I was still going to try and warm up to him, gently and patiently at least. And definitely avoid getting angry and pissy like Theresa. I could at least control my temper.

Aura Wolfe

Well-Known Member
Sophie Lance
Pyrite Town, Orre

Down one of the backstreets, a large group of people were crowded together, swearing and shouting and screaming. They formed a circle between two people who were watching each other in silence, ignoring the crowd. Then, the young girl broke her poker face, grinning and letting a slightly crazy look come over her. Her opponent was not intimidated at all, and continued circling. The girls name was Sophie Lance, and her opponent was a woman in her late twenties, a tall and powerful looking blonde. But there was something about this woman that would frighten most people out of engaging in a fight with her. She had an extra set of arms, which she flexed, showing off the muscle they had.

Sophie bit her lip, her heart pounding. This woman had been infused with the Chimera mutagen, allowing the DNA of a Machamp to fuse with her own. She would be insanely strong and fast, and probably more than a match for the young girl. But, if there was one thing Sophie didn’t do, it was give up. She needed to win here, if she wanted to be powerful again.

The Chimera suddenly moved towards Sophie, two of her fists aiming for her head, the others forming a guard. She reacted quickly, and ducked to the side, before kicking the Chimera in her exposed ribs. The woman hissed with fury, a look of complete insanity in her eyes, and she kicked her leg out with the intention of knocking Sophie to the ground. At the last second, the girl jumped forwards, missing the sweep completely as she threw her own punch, letting out a loud yell.

One of the womans many hands lashed out, fast as lightning, and grabbed the punch before it could connect to her face. The two of them watched each other for a second, before the Chimera hurled Sophie into the ground by her feet. Dazed, but knowing that a kick was probably coming, the girl rolled to the side, narrowly missing being crushed under the Chimera’s foot. She jumped up from the ground, and made a guard again, panting.

The crowd was excited now, more of them placing bets on the Chimera. Sophie didn’t care about that though, she was focused on the prize. The Chimera woman had agreed to take her to someone who could get her a mutagen, if she could beat her in a fight. Feeling the pain in her side, Sophie was beginning to wonder whether getting in a fight with a fighting type Chimera was such a good idea.

”Quit whining and deal with it.” Her conscious told her. “It’s a bit late to back out now, so hurry up and win!”

This time, it was Sophie who moved first, feinting with her right and following through with her stronger left. The Chimera fell for it, raising one hand to block the attack that would never come. If the girl had been fighting against any one else, the feint would have allowed her to get a good strong hit in. However, another hand snaked out of nowhere and blocked the punch, just as a third hand hit Sophie straight in the face.

She staggered backwards, just as two hands wrapped around her neck. She felt herself get lifted into the air, and the sounds of the crowd cheering the Chimera on filled her ears. Something, probably a fist, smashed into Sophie’s stomach, making her bite her tongue in shock. She kicked angrily, hoping to make the Chimera release her, but the woman’s stomach was like rock. With a cruel laugh, she dropped the smaller girl to the ground, where she sat, dazed for a moment.

As quickly as the crowd had appeared, they suddenly disappeared, a couple of them laughing and pointing at the loser of the fight. Sophie felt her face burn red, but she refused to let them see that she was humiliated.

The Chimera smiled, seeming almost sympathetic. “Sorry girlfriend, but I cannot allow for a weak, unskilled person to hold the responsibility of being a Chimera. You have a bit of talent, but not enough. I suggest you train yourself a bit more.” She turned around, and disappeared into the backstreets of Pyrite.

Sophie lent herself up against the wall and groaned, wiping the blood that was dripping down her mouth. She would have bruises in the morning, she was certain. Feeling downhearted, she rose just as she heard an eerie giggle. It was very familiar to her.

“Kione.” She said sharply. “Come on out, I know you’re there.”

Out of the wall opposite, a creepy looking Pokemon emerged, giggling. He reminded her a bit of an abandoned doll. Kione wasn’t really her Pokemon, he just seemed to follow her around. She called him Kione because if she remembered correctly, it mean something like ‘he who comes from nowhere’, a name which would suit a ghost.

The Banette floated down and patted Sophie on the head, a caring expression on his creepy face. He almost seemed to be saying, better luck next time. She almost snarled with frustration, then pulled herself up and walked towards one of the main streets, her ears picking up on a conversation.

“- the UN wants him dead yet is considered a traitor to Black Alpha. There is even a steep bounty to anyone that can capture him, dead or alive. 600K in dollars I hear.” Someone was saying. Sophie nearly died upon hearing those words. With that much money, she could easily purchase a Chimera Mutagen. Back at home in Kanto, she’d had no problem at all getting money from her fathers bank account, but the bank he was with did not exist in Orre, so she had no money at all. 600 000 dollars would be welcome indeed… if she knew who this traitor was.

“Ah to have such money. Let's get him then.”

“Yes, let's. Word is that a ship was heading somewhere to the Unova region. We should start there.”

Sophie walked out of the alleyway, and looked upon the people there. There were three people, all who were clearly Chimeras. One of them cut into the other two’s conversation.

“You do realize that he was one of Black Alpha's deadliest operatives.” He said. “Now that he is rogue and is a powerful Chimera, he is one of the deadliest beings in the world . I would suggest in holding your lives more dear to yourselves than tossing them into the abyss.”

Sophie blinked, as the two of them looked at him with fear, and then sprinted away. Whoever this man was, he probably was feared. Above her head, Kione gave loud cackle, making the girl flinch. His sound and appearance, and his personality did not match at all. Sophie then focused again on the bug type Chimera. She almost stepped forwards to ask w ho was the traitor, but she stopped before she could let herself. He’d said this person was deadly, and Sophie wasn’t the greatest fighter.

She leant back into the shadows a bit, curious about who he was. Perhaps she would follow him for a while – she didn’t have anything else planned to do today.

Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Aboard the UN battleboat Hammerhead (off of the western coast of Orre)

Pikababe had changed into a nearly all black mlitary style uniform that seemed to be the norm on the ship. She really did not like admiral Moby but there was no telling how many more shark pokemon that he might own, not to mention that the ship is full of loyal UN personnel under his command. Pikababe just needs to grit her teeth and get through this in one piece. Someday she would have her revenge on this corrupted U.N. but for now she had to do things their way.

The Hammerhead is a battleboat that is part of a large UN naval fleet that has been battling Black Alpha along the coastline. Despite a pounding from water, ground and air forces, Black Alpha has been able to hold its own over multiple battles. Pikababe enters the bridge as the admiral receives new orders from UN headquarters. "There are reports about strange creatures in a small fishing village south from here. It is possible chimera activity and we are supposed to investigate."

The Hammerhead leaves the fleet and sails south, its 6 enormous cannons fully loaded. Once the village is in sight, the admiral raises his arm, "Full barrage, FIRE!" Pikababe tries to object, "No, wait! There could be civilians in the area!" Admiral Moby replies, "The UN has an entire planet to protect, theres no time to worry about minor details!" The cannons angle and adjust, targeting the settlement that is under suspicion...
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Darkling's Lullaby
Strauffor Tenno
Pyrite Town, Orre

Strauffor nodded to Zack’s question.

“It’s inevitable. Even if the UN were to wipe out the records, imprison all Chimera and past Chimera, too many people know that the possibility exists now. What was discovered once can be discovered again. What was known once can be known again. Time is relentless, and at the end those of the UN will lose simply because there will always be those who want the freedom to chose who they are.” She smiled a little at his impatience on the food.

“Almost.” She then spotted the girl fighting the Machamp woman, and losing. After the Chimera had left, Strauffor changed her course until she stood in front of the girl. Shielding it from view of the street, though not Zack’s view, she withdrew the mutagen she carried from her belt bag. It would hurt to lose it, but Strauffor felt that if she truly wished to change her form, it would be when she had seen Hayden alive or dead. While she knew her husband in any form through her gift, he would be skeptical of any Chimera that approached claiming to be his wife.

“Here. It may not be a form you prefer, but it’s still a decent one. Serperior/Milotic/Dragonair combo. I’ve never used it, so it’s doing me no good.”

Yugo Tenno
Cianwood City, Johto

Yugo almost winced as the girl stammered out the comment that she didn’t think she was that pink. Peanut, meanwhile stared at Tails, mouth open while the lightly chewed Tentacool slipped out of it and back into the waters to get away from overly curious dragons. Yugo knew he probably shouldn’t have blurted out the first thought that came into his head, but the pink had kind of engaged his mouth before his brain could stop it.

“I mean, I'm usually so careful that no one finds me. Quick question, are you going to kill me, kidnap me, or report me? I’d rather not start off on the wrong foot. A-also, if you have any overrider mutagen, don't get any closer. I could kill you with a thought." Yugo’s common sense chimed in about then, in two voices. The first one, his mother’s, said ‘Well, at least you have a Pokemon that can deal with her.’ The second one, his father’s, simply said ‘Idiot.’ Yugo chose his words with care.

“First off, no, no, and no to your question. I’m no ones moral center, and as a friend of mine’s mother said ‘If you want to turn yourself into a Pikachu/Swablu/Deino hybrid that’s your choice. I reserve the right to laugh my *** off at you and not be seen with you in public.’ As for the second comment, that was the worst move you could have made. Pink’s fairly common to both Normal and Psychic, and if you hadn’t told me, I would’ve wasted valuable time guessing which one for sure. If I had an override, I could use Nightmare and Chanur,” Yugo gestured at the Mawile and Hydreigon formed Ditto. “to subdue you and Frostbite,” The Froslass peered out from behind him. “to keep the Taillow out of the road while I used it. Never, EVER tell someone what typing you have, it can solidify an attack plan against you.” Peanut, bored with the conversation, turned back to trying to eat another Tentacool, causing Yugo to reach back and grab his tail, hauling him away from it.

“Peanut! How many times do I have to tell you that you can’t eat that! You’re not gonna live to be three at this rate…”

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Driftveil, Unova

I really wasn't sure what to do with these two. Both of them were in love with me, and now it was like they were expecting me to choose and settle things there and then. Truthfully, I had been focusing on things way different than that, but now that this came up, I wasn't really sure how to decide.

We eventually made it to Driftveil, where we'd head out on foot to try and make it to the Team Galactic Plasma Mistralton bunker to hopefully pick up where we left off. Thankfully, this place would be out of the heat that was going on in Orre, and would let us continue research in peace. Not to mention it was the right kind of place to develop the aircraft that would take us to the moon. Parts and the tools necessary to do it were in high abundance.

However, if we lost this bunker as well, we were in serious crap. The Gateon Port one wasn't too much of a loss, but losing Mistralton meant we'd almost have to start from scratch. Once the Twin Rapier had docked south of Driftveil, everyone stepped off, and used the cover of the woods to head toward the bunker. I met up with Jeremy Render again, the Floatzel and Braviary Chimera. He didn't seem surprised I was still with Janine, but he noticed Theresa was close by now as well. However, he didn't pay much attention to her.

"Gateon was... unfortunate, but things can easily make a comeback while we're in Mistralton," Jeremy told me. "We were originally using the facility to develop the necessary craft to transport personnel to the moon and back again, as well as transport supplies. However, there's room to continue the teraforming research."

"Guess the catch is we're putting a lot of our eggs in one basket now," I told Jeremy, figuring that's what this had come to.

"Well, unfortunately yes," He replied, showing he was a bit concerned about that. "We can't let what happened to the Gateon bunker happen to Mistralton. If the bunker is compromised, we've got to fight to the death to protect it, because almost everything rides on it now."

Point blank, if Corporal X and his buddies showed up there, he couldn't say I didn't warn him when I had to gut him alive. Meanwhile, it was also known that Black Alpha was hanging around Unova as well, hoping to net more followers than the desert area of Orre offered. Right now, Orre was totally contested between Black Alpha and the UN, and Team Galactic Plasma were just the little guys being caught up in everything.

Still, when it came down to it, we were entirely focused on the moon.


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Driftveil, En Route to Mistralton

Alex just seemed... undecided. Guess we kind of popped the truth on him sooner than he expected. Theresa and I wanted him. And I was NOT about to settle on letting him choose Theresa just because she wanted pity and someone to pamper her. Ugh, she was such a little twit. Come on, I've seen her shoot down bad guys like there was nothing to it and she was some apathetic badass who never thought anything of it, and now she was whining over a stupid dream? Definitely too young for Alex.

In the meantime, Jeremy Render went over the details regarding the Mistralton bunker, while I tried to walk closely next to Alex, since I honestly felt I was his real girlfriend and Theresa was just his emo sidekick. As much as I wanted to stuff my fist in Theresa's puppy face and tie her up with her own hair, doing it while Alex was around would be a big mistake.

I barely listened to Jeremy, since I kind of figured yeah, Mistralton wasn't one of those places we could afford to lose to either the UN or Black Alpha. I knew the gist of that conversation. I kept watch on Theresa as we walked, however. Right now, I was kind of regretting all of the stupid junk I did with all those flowers. Alex probably still hadn't gotten over that, and if it hadn't been for that, surely he would have chosen me over Theresa by now as the one to love. Right now, he just didn't want us fighting, but deep inside, I could tell he was having trouble choosing. I just had to prove myself more valuable and reliable than Theresa. Besides, Alex... he didn't need her. Heck, all those years, he got along fine without her.

The road to Mistralton was definitely off the beaten path. We kept moving as a group, following someone up ahead who either already knew the route or was using a GPS system to get the most straightforward directions he needed. Still, we needed to avoid the main roads. Sightings of Chimeras in Unova definitely would have been a cause for alarm, and we couldn't expose ourselves.

Still, I looked back to Theresa. She was probably going to glare, snarl, bark, flip the birdie, or whatever childish nonsense came to mind to try and get me to sink to her sorry level. Nah, not today. I just smiled at her. Yes, that was the right idea. Me being happy near Alex was the real thing that would drive her berserk. But if she even so thought of trying to get closer, I was going to shove her face so far down into the ground that she'd catch a nice glimpse of what the other side of the planet looked like.

Greedy, immature, moody... Alex deserved better than that. He deserved me.


Shadow of nothing
Ian Blackwood
Galactic Plasma
Unknown Black Alpha Base

I swept down the halls of Black Alpha base A14 with a mixture of disgust and amusement. As I passed them, the various lower ranking men saluted me or offered some other kind of greeting. Outwardly I made no sign of notice to any of them, and despite the hood that covered my face; I kept my face perfectly blank.

As an ex-Black Ops Lieutenant, I knew all about keeping my emotions in check, but even as I walked I was having a hard time keeping my cool.

As another man greeted me with a salute I wondered if this job would really be as easy as I thought it would. I was the wolf is sheep’s clothing here, and if I messed up I would die. Such a cheery thought, but it did beat out the alternative. Absently I pushed open a door, letting it bang against the wall behind, before entering the conference room. I sank into my usual chair and kicked my feet up on the table considering the situation at hand, which was so radically different from whatever I might have expected two years ago.

The UN had at last decided to make a serious stand against the Chimera mutagen, announcing that they were a crime against humanity. To compound the issue they had declared war on Black Alpha and my new bosses, and seemed hell bent on making sure that nothing was left to remind the world of the mutagen. When the orders had come in telling me to surrender I had laughed, and laughed hard. Now however I was cursing those orders. The only place I had to flee to had been my old enemy Team Galactic Plasma, and there was no love lost between us, that being said, I also knew that their plans for terraforming the moon where the only hope for the Chimera, short of completely imploding the UN that is. I heard the door open and turned my head slightly eyeing the new arrival. One of my so called co-workers. I hid a grin at that; if only they knew just who I was…I would never make it out of the room alive. I didn’t remember the name of the guy; I knew his last name was Reynolds…which interestingly enough was the last name of the other ranking officer in this base.

He was tallish, shorter than me by a few inches and burly, almost to the point of being fat. His eyes were very beady and looked like black pinheads sunk into face. Absently I equated his general appearance to that of a crocodile, or some other large reptilian creature.

“What?” He growled when I looked at him. I didn’t answer the question returning to my musing. “Oh, so just because you are Zero’s personal underling, you think you can just ignore the rest of us?” He demanded. I turned to face him inwardly grimacing.

When I had agreed to play Galactic Plasma’s inside man, and spy within Black Alpha, I had never expected to become the underling to one of the most feared members of the organization, both inside and out. I was accepted into the group by none other than the mysterious Agent Zero himself…and my initiation had been over seen by him as well. That man was truly frightening, and I had quickly realized that my own appearance was very similar to his, black coat, pants etcetera. Once right before I was sent out here, a grunt had actually thought I was Zero….He died. I was once again reminded of the dire consequences of messing up right now...If Zero caught me, I wouldn’t even live out the day, regardless of what enhancements I happened to have.

“Captain….I am under no obligation to answer you.” I was considered adding more, but opted against it, knowing that in the end it wouldn’t matter at all. Reynolds sneered. It suited him, in a broken sort of way, making his deformed face look slightly less ugly.

“Oh, getting awfully high and mighty today? How far did Zero shove that stick today?” This time I didn’t even turn my head to face him, opting instead to draw the handgun from my left hip and lazily began to clean it. I shook the clip free and reloaded the gun, enjoying Reynolds’s look of abject terror as I slid the clip home, even more when I returned the gun to its holster. He looked green as I turned, smiling, despite the fact he couldn’t see my face at all. Gently I pushed my hood back a slight bit allowing part of my face to be visible, and I hoped, displaying my smile.

“Watch your tongue, Captain…death doesn’t like to wait….” I trailed off using the nickname the troops had given me to full effect.

Abigale ‘Abi’ Reynolds
Black Alpha
Unknown Base

Whistling, I moved through the dark halls of my base. Yesterday, the same day that Zero’s guy arrived, I had been given command of the base after the previous commander had been found…inadequate. I shivered involuntarily. That thought was a constant reminder that while the group I was working for had more admirable goals than my old employer, not to mention better living arrangements, this job held a lot more danger in it. I paused at the conference room door, which was hanging wide open, and allowing a smooth cold voice to emanate from it.

“Captain….I am under no obligation to answer you.” This time I shivered voluntarily. The man who that voice belonged to was a cold and truly heartless individual. He had admitted when he arrived, to my face, that he wasn’t overly concerned if I lived or died! Okay, I knew there wasn’t a lot of love to go around at the higher level, but isn’t that a little harsh, just telling the person who technically is in command of you that you really don’t give a care what happens to them?

The man was called Reaper by the troops, a name he had earned for himself a few month ago during a mission that I didn’t know anything about. I might have been part of Black Alpha for almost three months, but my status as an ex-UN agent would always work against me. Never would the higher ups fully trust me, not at least until there was nothing left of my former employers.

Steeling myself to deal with Reaper, something that I expected would always leave me cringing, I stepped into the room. Reaper was holstering his gun and giving Mike, my immediate underling in the command chain, a very evil look. His hood was pushed back just slightly, allowing the already eerie shadow it cast to reveal the general shape of his face and also allowing his eyes to almost glow, a deadly green. His voice low and sounding almost completely indifferent to the matter at hand he observed, “Watch your tongue, Captain…death doesn’t like to wait….”

Mike winced and backed away slowly. Trying my best to keep my smile in place I made my way fully into the room, wondering just what remark I would be greeted with today.

“Well, if you have something to say spit it out…” Reaper announced, “I have…duties to…attend to.” Another facet of Reaper that made little sense, his seeming love of pauses in his speech, most of which simply added a slightly ominous tinge to his rather unthreatening wording. Despite the fact that his reputation, along with the stigma being associated with Zero carried, I knew that Reaper wasn’t actually going to kill anyone, at least not today. When he had arrived I had been quite bluntly told that Reaper would often be absent and that I should not question it.

What that really meant was that he had contacts somewhere in one of the groups arrayed against us, and without a doubt would like to keep in constant contact with them, since we needed information on the UN and badly, since all the spies we had were placed fairly low in rank and wouldn’t be climbing the ladder any time soon.

“Yes I do have something to say.” I announced in a cheerful and up beat way, knowing that it would piss off both officers, Mike more than Reaper; that guy had the emotional capacity of a rock for God’s sake! “Orders arrived last night, from the top of the food chain, we will be beginning operations against the UN presence in Gaeton Port in two days.” I turned to face Reaper. His hood was back in place preventing me from seeing his facial outline again.

He cocked his head to the side and made a gesture for me to continue. I smiled brightly at him.

“Zero told me to tell you that any and all information you can get us about UN defenses and people in the Port, should be obtained as soon as possible.” I told him. Reaper seemed to nod, but I wasn’t sure. He stood and turned to leave.

“Is that all?” He asked before simply leaving the room without waiting for an answer. As he did I heard him mutter something about orders and extremely difficult. I watched him leave wondering why he seemed so familiar. However I didn’t bother to think that much about it since anyone who worked for Zero’s division was often slightly insane and would never be quite right in the head.

Shaking my head I left the conference room behind and headed for my room. I needed to sleep, and probably would not get much for quite some time.


Mewtwo is awesome!
Juan Mendez
Nimbasa City Outskirts, Three hours later

Juan aroke to find that the sun had already set and that the city lights below were illuminating. Juan stretched out as he looked at Paul, still piloting the chopper over the nighttime Unova Region. The rest of the group was still asleep, when Paul turned to see Juan awake. "You're awake," he said, "One of your friends left a message for you as you were asleep; your scientist friend said 'if Virgil doesn't believe that you know me, tell him about the time I scared him on Halloween'.........I have no idea what that means, but she told me that is your best chance for getting him to listen."

"Thanks," Juan said, rubbing his eyes half-asleep.

Juan sat there as the rest of the group awoke and Paul called out 20 minutes later, "I'll have to drop you on the outskirts of town and you'll have to walk in if you don't want to attract any more attention."

The chopper descended from the sky. Slowly, the nighttime city grew closer as the chopper descended in a field outside of the city. "Leave your guns here; the concert hall will search your bags when you go inside. Take these flares, but dump them by a dumpster when you go in so the guards don't take notice of you carrying them; use them to signal me when I need to pick you up," he said, handing smoke flares from a bos next to the pilot seat, "I'll land the helicopter and wait in the forest outside Driftveil city; radio me when you need to leave. Good luck."

On that note, the group grabbed their things, leaving behind their weapons, and hopped off the helicopter as Paul rose up to the sky again and flew towards Driftveil city. The group soon found the main road and walked towards Nimbasa city. Juan looked at his watch as they entered the city; it was 7:45. The group hurried towards the concert hall and saw the doors already open. The group hurried to buy their tickets and enter the hall. Johnny turned into an alley and hid the smoke flares behind a dumpster. The guards at the hall then searched their bags and let them through.

The Orchestra wa already on stage when they entered. The group wandered around the aisles and soon found a row that had a view of the Euphonium section. The concert began as the Orchestra played through several pieces from renaissance history. While most of the concert they were focused and finding Virgil, they enjoyed the classical performance. Soon they found the man they were lookign for; the final piece involved a concierto featuring Virgil. The man in a black suit and dark-skin stepped forward to play the closing piece. No doubt, he had talent; if he was hiding from Heights all this time, he must have been very good at keeping low while still being a famous musician. By the time the concert was over, it ws one hour before mid-night, and the hall emptied as the audience either went home or stayed behind to meet the Orchestra. No doubt, the group was staying around.

Virgil received much attention from his listeners, no doubt, from his well done performance. Juan and the others waited for much of the crowd to leave so they could talk to Virgil without others listening in. Soon, past midnight, they got their chance as Virgil talked to a few remaining fans. The group approached him as they left and Virgil welcomed them with a smile. "More fans of my performance I'm assuming?" he said.

Juan took a deep breath and hoped that he will listen to him. "Not exactly," Juan replied, "We heard that you have a deep background in genetic research before you joined the Orchestra."

Virgil dropped his smile and raised an eyebrow in curiousity. "I might," he said hesistantly, "I thought you were music fans though, not traveling scientists."

"Does the name Jamie Redmond mean anything to you?" Juan said, trying to be straightforward.

Virgil's face dropped as he looked around him, "Come with me," he said, motioning them to follow him backstage.

The group followed, confused, and eventually came too what seemed to be a dressing room. Virgil shut the door and made sure it was locked before he spoke again. "How do you know who she is? She died two years ago with the rest of her team," he said nervously, "What do you want with me?!?"

"She never died," Johnny said, trying to reamin calm, "She survived the attack on her and her team, which you were on! She told us to find you for-"

Virgil cut him off as he grabbed a handgun hidden behind his dresser. The group backed away as Virgil continued to sweat in his suit. "I haven't done anything wrong!" he yelled, "Black Alpha, Team Galactic Plasma, anyone who used our research abused it! How would I know they would turn our evolution project into a war?!?"

"Wait!" Fereida said, "We're not with the U.N.! We're not here to get you in trouble either! Jamie told us to find you because she needs your help in creating a mutagen that can counter the Elite Chimera forms and save innocent people from the U.N. who used this technology! If you don't believe us, then what about the time-"

"Shut up!" he said, "The things you're saying are true, but I still don't believe that she is still alive! She had no chance of escaping Orre without Black Market contacts! You're lying to me: you're trying to get me to trust you!"

"Slow down," Judy said with calm nerves, "There's someone who wants to talk to you."

Judy handed Virgil a cell phone that she had dialed while they were following him. Keeping his handgun ready, he picked up the phone. "Hello? Who is this?!?" he yelled into the speaker.

Moments passed when suddenly Virgil's face began to calm down as sound came from the other end of the phone. "Jamie?" he said, astonished, "Is this really you?"

Soon Virgil set the handgun down on his dresser as Jamie continued to talk with him on the phone. "Can you wait outside," he said to the now relieved group, "I wanto to talk with her alone for now."

Juan and company stepped outside the dressing room as Virgil closed and locked the door behind them. Trying to recover from shock, they sat on some of the nearby chairs and waited for Virgil to re-emerge. Juan looked at his watch, it was now 12:45; it was well past midnight now, and the group was beginning to get exausted after the concert and the encounter. After 15 long minutes, Virgil remerged from his dressing room. "I'm sorry about the gun," he said, apologetic, "I've been so araid th U.N. would execute me if they found out that I was involved in making the mutagens several years ago...or that Black Alpha or Galactic Plasma had found out I was alive."

"Just....don't pull out a gun on us again," Fereida mumbled.

"Jamie's explained everything to me," he said, ignoring Fereida's sarcasm, "I'm willing to come back and help her with the new serum; I just need to pack myself for the trip. I don't suppose you have anyplace to stay do you? You can spend the night at my apartment in the city."

"No thanks," Juan replied, "I think after that 'introduction,' we'll camp outside the city and meet you here tomorrow; we'll make sure you have a ride to Orre."

Agreeing, Virgil led the group back outside and waved to them as they went in different directions. Johnny went and picked up the flares he left behind the dumpster as Juan unpacked the radio in the alley and tried to Honcho's frequency, "Honcho, its Commandante," he said, "Virgil's agreed to come help our friend with the serum."

After a few moments of static, Honcho came to the line, Hopefully, he wasn't that hard to convince, he said, unknowing of what they had to go through, I have new information relating to that raid on the Gateon Port bunker.

"Thanks," Juan said, trying not to get upset, "What do you have?"

I can confirm that the raid was, in fact, connected to the U.N.; they sent in a team of specialists to get any information they could from the bunker. However, judging that encrypted data was being transferred from that bunker during the attack, I don't believe much was left for them, Honcho explained, Also, I've also gotten a phone call from one of my contacts in Driftveil city. Apparently, there was an abandoned cargo ship found only a half-hour ago on a shore to the south of the city. The description seems to match the ship that sailed away from Gateon port during the raid on the Galactic Plasma bunker. As to what else is related to the ship, the Coast Guard is keeping a tight lid on the situation, for now at least....Nevertheless, I'll make sure that I arrange an escort and transportation for Virgil. Let me know if you need Paul in the morning so I know if I need to arrange something else for him......Have a good evening Commandante.

Juan turned off the radio as Honcho turned off his, and packed back into his bag. The group waked out of the now quiet city and found the clearing Paul had dropped them off and set up camp. Once the tents were set up everyone, who wasn't on night watch, collapsed in their tent in exhaustion.

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

It sound just like something being buried undergound only to be discovered again. It's just a never ending cycle. Though in my opinion, you may not side with me, but the whole humans becoming chimera's, part Pokemon, kinda help us understand how the Pokemon behave and live. I mean some of us carry Pokemon genes inside of us, and we may actually understand the Pokemon more. He looked over at Blaze and winked. The two were close, partners, but when Zack was changed, Blaze helped him though it, helped him control himself, they could even communicate slightly, though Zack was only getting the hang of basic Pokespeak.

He grinned hearing that they almost made it to the Blue Ditto, he was hungry, so was Blaze, though it seemed something had caught his companion's eye and he followed Strauffor over to the woman who had been beaten by the Machamp chimera. He let out a low growl as he eyed the woman, as Strauffor gave her a Chimera mutegen.

Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
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Lt Jacob Saxton
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Pyrite Town

He heard the cackle; he smelled the person watching him. Jacob turned on his heel and headed back the way he came. He needed food, a nice juicy steak sounded really good at the moment; however, he needed some information... and some amiable company, so he took a few steps, turned ever so slightly and beckoned the three newcomers to follow him. It was such a subtle notion that took so long to perfect that any other people who didn't have his attention would have missed the silent call.

He went down a few streets toward the “upper class” area of the city and headed to a rather well known establishment: The Steakhouse. A rather basic name, but their place was one of the best if not the best steakhouse in Orre. The exterior was spruced up well with neon lights, tapestries, a thieves dream if it were possible to actually steal anything here that was not cooking material. He was admiring the inside as well. A small water fountain gushed from the center of the place, heads of various game animals adorned across the walls, too. It was almost like a five star restaurant, but the fact that it was a steakhouse definitely brought the glamor down. Jacob also surveyed the interior, looking for nooks, crannies, escape routes and the like; although, He knew that not many people would challenge him openly for fear of being slaughtered in the wake of his scythes, nor was he expecting UN officials to barge in and disrupt the place; however, it was military training that caused these restless actions.

A waitress greeted him at the podium in front of him, “Just one today sir?”

“Actually no. I am expecting at least three others to show up.”

Jacob gave the descriptions of the three who met in the alley he existed half an hour ago. He didn't know if they did follow him, but if they did, he wanted them to at least be directed to his seat.

“Right this way sir.”

The waitress, Leslie as Jacob found out, directed him to a section of the restaurant that was recently refurbished to seat Chimeras who chose/ were forced to evolve. She graced her way to booth at the far end, conveniently right next to a patio door should a quick exit be needed.

“So what can I start you off with today.”

“For now, whatever beer you stock and a water please.”

“Alright, that will be Miller Lite, and I'll get that to you as quickly as I can.”

Leslie beamed another smile at him and left to complete his order. It was slightly after midday, so there were only a handful of people/Chimeras lounging around and enjoying a hearty lunch. Leslie quickly returned with his mug of beer and glass of water. Luckily, both were able to be lifted by someone of his. . . physique without a problem, so Jacob waited for a time, seeing if his possible company would show up.

Aura Wolfe

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Sophie Lance
Pyrite Town

The Chimera spun on his heel and turned away, walking to god knows where. Sophie made a movement to follow him, but suddenly a taller female blocked her path. The teen jerked her head back in shock, taking note of the scars on the womans body and her strong features. Behind her, there was a bulky looking male, around her age, who had to be another Chimera. He let out a low growl, which Sophie responded to with a dark glare.

“Here. It may not be a form you prefer, but it’s still a decent one.” The woman said, holding out a syringe to the green-haired girl. “Serperior/Milotic/Dragonair combo. I’ve never used it, so it’s doing me no good.”

Her first reaction was shock. After weeks of trying to gain money and track down someone before the UN found them, this random woman off the street was just going to give her a mutagen? That was… incredible. However, it was quickly replaced with suspicion. Sophie narrowed her eyes, her mind questioning whether this was really a mutagen. What if it was some kind of harmful drug? But a mutagen…

She wiped some more blood from the side of her mouth, then smiled and accepted the mutagen. “That sure is unexpected, but very much appreciated none the less.” She said, slipping the syringe into her pocket. Observing these people before she used it on herself would be a good idea first. And then, if she decided that these people were honest, she could spend some time trying to find an overrider mutagen, to try and get a form she would find more preferable.

“My name is Sophie.” She told the woman, slightly ignoring the more hostile Chimera. “I-“

She fell silent, looking past the two of them. It was the Chimera from before, and was it just her, or was he beckoning to them? It was subtle, yes, but she was certain that he was. Strange, she wondered exactly why such an intimidating person would want their company.

“… That Chimera…” She murmured, glancing upwards, only to find that Kione had disappeared. “He was beckoning us, I swear.”