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Operation Chimera - Trinity of Darkness

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

Zack let his mind wander as they started walking towards the steakhouse. He was thinking about his time back as a simple trainer, battling gyms to get badges, eventually collecting all eight. Then that was when one would be granted the chance to fight the Elite Four, and if one were to manage to defeat them, then they would be able to challenge the champion. It had always been Zack's dream to be able to gather all the badges then challenge the champion at some point during his journey, but things had changed once he had hit Saffron City, and he had to rethink his path in life. He had been angry and confused when he had been transformed into a chimera, he had fled to Orre, and isolated himself from pretty much everyone. It was a secluded life and now as Zack thought about it, it was a pretty lonely life. But his Pokemon were there, supporting him, they were close, and for that, Zack was glad to have them. They finally reached the steakhouse, and they made their way inside, Zack's stomach growled again but he didn't pay it any attention. He was still lost in thought, this time he was thinking about a chimera mutagen that was tucked some place safe in his house, it was a Latios mutagen, something he had stumbled across during his flee to Orre, he had wanted to use it some time soon, but using the mutagen would more or less abolish the Quilava genes inside of him, and make it harder for him to hide his Pokemon features while out in public. Because, after injecting himself with those genes who knows what features of the Pokemon would he get? Wings, horns? the tail? Zack wouldn't know until he actually injected himself with it. He sighed, Why me? he muttered out loud, not realizing that he had said that out loud.

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town-Orre

"It was nice talking with you, but I got to go now. I'm supposed to head to Gaeton Port. United Nations set a base there and I was assigned to go there."

"United Nations?" Eric asked. Broadsword gasped.

Terra's Kadabra looked furious. Its spoon was glowing, which probably meant that it was going to try a Teleport if Eric attacked. Eric didn't have that intention in mind, however.

"Don't you know what United Nations wants to do? They want to completely wipe out the Chimerae! And you, being a doctor, can't agree with that!"

Broadsword ran forth before I could stop him and extended one of his blades, putting it to Kadabra's throat. If you try to Teleport, he said, I will pursue you and eliminate you. Do not try to escape.


Weird Person
Terra Ferest
United Nations?
Pyrite Town

"Don't you know what United Nations wants to do? They want to completely wipe out the Chimerae! And you, being a doctor, can't agree with that!" Terra looked at him confused but before she could ask anything Eric's Gallade put one of its arms to Jim's throat and said something.

"Jim, return!" Terra pulled out his PokeBall and returned Jim to it. Then she looked at Eric. "What do you mean they want to wipe out all Chimerae? They told me that United Nations provided a haven for the Chimerae they captured and could not cure. I joined them to help those forced to become a Chimera to get their lives back together. Are you saying I was lied to? Are you saying that the United Nations are really killing the Chimerae it captures?" Terra's beliefs were being shaken.

Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
Kara Smith
Old Team Snagem Base

Sighing, I ran a hand through my red hair as I looked up into Orre's night sky. It had been another long day of trying to live by with the little resources the group had managed to get their hands on, after a quick run to Pheneac while remaining undetected, and I was clueless as to what our next move should be. We couldn't remain at this falling apart building much longer; it was bound to be discovered by our enemies, and sitting here like sitting ducks would simply be suicide. It was time to move.

I sighed again. "Move...And I was beginning to like this place." My stomach began twisting into nervous knots at the thought of leaving the one sanctuary I had ever known.

But the question was...where could we go? With the little amount of information Terrance and I had managed to gather after listening to the old radio sitting on the kitchen counter, things looked really really bad. The world was pretty much involved in a massive biological war between three powerful criminal organizations, Black Alpha, Galactic Plasma, and the U.N, who had just recently decided that any man or woman with pokemon DNA in their veins was to be exterminated. It was quite a change in gears, if you asked me.....But what do I know? I'm merely a unstable former lab rat, after all! A crazy, suicidal lab rat, if you ask Mia or Justin.

My temples began to throb; I immediately popped two asprins in my mouth. I was thinking too much into this right now. Tomorrow I'd worry about it.

Suddenly my hand reached for a pokeball in my pants pocket, and tossing it, there was a great flash of light as one of my pokemon was released. Flygon.
The great dragon pokemon blinked, temporarily disoriented as it woke up from what of must of been a good sleep in its poke ball.

"All right Flygon. How about a midnight fly?" I asked, standing up as I brushed the sand off my pants.

"Flygon?" The pokemon tilted its head questioningly, as if asking, "What's wrong? Something bothering you?

I didn't answer at first, just glanced out at the never-ending desert. Then I murmured, "It's nothing...Just stressed out, that's all."

Flygon regarded me with its strange eyes for a moment before turning around, extending out its pentagonal wings.

I smiled slightly, grateful that I didn't have to explain for once. Then I climbed on Flygon's back, straddling my legs on either side of the dragoness's midsection just as she took flight.

And it felt amazing. Just what I needed.

….And then things got a lot worse.

A lot, lot worse.---------------------------------------------------------------------

Zero, Black Alpha’s Shadow
Black Alpha
Unknown Black Alpha Base in Orre

I gazed at the two grunts before me coldly, my body completely still with silent fury. Why did I always get the idiots?

”S-s-sir we c-c-can explain….” The shorter, fatter of the two began, sweat gathering on his brow. “T-t-there was nothing we could do-”

I held up a hand to silence him. “Nothing? There was nothing you could do?” My voice was ice cold. “What a pathetic excuse.”

The fat grunt swallowed loudly, his face pale. His tall partner standing beside him seemed to be beginning to tremble…How weak. I could almost smell their fear.

“The…mission…S-s-sir…you must understand, the fat grunt begged, “We had to retreat. Those U.N soldiers were massacring us left and right. We had to get out of there….”

Another pathetic excuse. “So?” I said. “Your mission was to capture the Outskirt stand, U.N’s original HQ when they first came here, so of course the U.N bastards would try to protect it.” I stood up slowly to tower over them. “Even so, your squad had both the element of surprise, as well as several Chimera mutagens as a backup in case of emergences…Yet somehow, you still failed miserably…”

With no effort at all, I disappeared for just a millisecond, using my ever-present superhuman abilities to materialize a few feet behind the two grunts before they realized where I was. “And you know what that means?” I started. “Black Alpha no longer needs you, or your services.”

At the sound of my voice, the two grunts began to whirl around, but before they could finish, I had already pulled out my two handguns, and pulling the triggers, I heard the loud report as they went off.

Seconds later, brain matter and blood splattered everywhere as the bullets found their mark, giving the men gaping holes in the back of their heads, and then both the grunts fell over with a loud thump, twitching momentarily once more before all the life left their bodies with a final whoosh.

For a few minutes, I simply stood there, shaking my head in disgust. Those two had deserved their fate, no doubt, and how on earth they survived because of such stupidity, I had no clue. And, because of them, Black Alpha had lost a major advantage against the U.N, which meant we were in trouble until another plan was made….By me of course. I didn’t trust the other elites in the organization, for the possibility of them messing up as well was likely, whether it be sending out new recruits to fulfill a crucial mission, or getting themselves killed, not that I cared though. Too much was at stake.

Without a second glance at the bodies on the floor, I walked out of my office into the dimly lit hallway.

Now where to begin…?

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town-Orre

Broadsword eased, now that Kadabra was in its Poke ball. Terra looked shaken.

"What do you mean they want to wipe out all Chimerae? They told me that United Nations provided a haven for the Chimerae they captured and could not cure. I joined them to help those forced to become a Chimera to get their lives back together. Are you saying I was lied to? Are you saying that the United Nations are really killing the Chimerae it captures?"

"Yes! I've seen it with my own eyes. They put them in labor camps, torture them, and kill them. It's...it's just gruesome." Eric shivered. "Look, it's up to you what you do next. But it sounds like Galactic Plasma views the Chimerae as you do. Galactic Plasma wants to build a safe place on the moon where the Chimerae can live. Help us, Terra. Don't you think the Chimerae deserve a chance too?"


Jonah Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Unknown Structure-Orre

As Jonah walked the halls of the base, he didn't hear anything at all. He could tell, however, that the base was in use. There were lights on, and the walls were freshly cleaned. It was bizarre, to be sure...but Jonah wouldn't let that impede his progress.

Suddenly, Jonah heard voices. His stealth training kicked in, and he hid along the wall, eavesdropping just out of sight.

"The…mission…S-s-sir…you must understand," someone said shakily, "We had to retreat. Those U.N soldiers were massacring us left and right. We had to get out of there…."

"So?" A cold voice said. "Your mission was to capture the Outskirt stand, U.N’s original HQ when they first came here, so of course the U.N bastards would try to protect it." There was a slight shuffling sound. "Even so, your squad had both the element of surprise, as well as several Chimera mutagens as a backup in case of emergences…Yet somehow, you still failed miserably…"

This went on for a bit, and then there were two gunshots. Blood spattered the floor near where Jonah was hiding.

So it's a Black Alpha base, Jonah thought to himself. Well, killing those bastards is what I'm here for.

Jonah took out his dart gun, and saw someone dressed very similarly to himself walking away. He fired, but the dart missed and hit the wall. The Black Alpha agent didn't notice.

I'd better follow him, Jonah thought. As the agent walked out of his own office, Jonah plastered himself to the wall just out of his sight. He reloaded his dart gun and prepared to fire it.
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Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Orre, Gateon port/ UN base

The UN's take over of the port did not go without some voices of dessent. A couple of smaller chimeras and human protesters opposed the occupation but they were no match for the force that had landed upon their town. The vacuum tanks did most of the work, sucking up and trapping anyone or anything that got in the way. Considering the UN's new reputation for violence it is surprising to see them handle prisoners so gently but it is most likely that they were simply conserving ammo for later.

Pikababe is given two choices: Stay on the Battleboat or go on patrol to help search out the enemies of the UN. She would never get a chance to rescue Jigglypuff sitting out in the ocean someplace (not with Admiral Moby breathing down her neck) so Pikababe goes ashore and waits for the patrols to get organized and outfitted.

The UN suspects that Black Alpha and team Galactic Plasma must be laying low in the region, so in order to flush them out, columns of tanks (10 double barrel versions + 1 Vacuum tank per formation) will be dispatched to every major city in Orre. Any time a tank patrol runs into trouble, reinforcements will be continously sent to that location until the resistance is terminated. Pikababe chooses a group of vehicles at random and hops on. "Where are we headed?" A tank gunner answers her from within an open hatch, "This column has been ordered to Pyrite town ma' am"

(OOC: The UN patrols are npcs and can be used however you want or ignored. I will only be partially controlling the patrol that my character is with)
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Weird Person
Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma (unofficial)
Pyrite Town

"Yes! I've seen it with my own eyes. They put them in labor camps, torture them, and kill them. It's...it's just gruesome." Eric shivered. "Look, it's up to you what you do next. But it sounds like Galactic Plasma views the Chimerae as you do. Galactic Plasma wants to build a safe place on the moon where the Chimerae can live. Help us, Terra. Don't you think the Chimerae deserve a chance too?"

"Of course they deserve a chance! I'll join Galactic Plasma to save the Chimerae from discrimination!" Then Terra remembered something. "Oh, but I'll have to leave my scooter and phone here. My phone has a GPS card in it so that can be tracked and my scooter has a tracking chip in it so that's not a good thing to have."

Terra took out her phone when it gave the Legend of Zelda chest opening theme, signaling she had a text. She opted out of quoting ChuggaaConroy and read it. "Doctor Ferest, a column of tanks is heading to your location. Leave Pyrite Town and proceed to Gaeton Port immediately."

Terra dropped her phone with a panicked look on her face. "Eric, we have to leave, NOW! A column of tanks is coming to Pyrite Town. I'm not sure what a column of tanks is, but I'm pretty sure it's not good to go against."

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town-Orre

"Eric, we have to leave, NOW! A column of tanks is coming to Pyrite Town. I'm not sure what a column of tanks is, but I'm pretty sure it's not good to go against."

"Hmm...I know where we can go. Broadsword, Teleport us to Citadark Isle! We can lay low there until this whole fiasco is over. The tanks won't be able to find us there."

Broadsword nodded. The red blade-looking extension on his torso glowed as he put his hands together and closed his eyes. There was a blinding flash of light, and suddenly, we were whisked away from the scene. We found ourselves on Citadark Isle, inside the volcano.

Eric prayed that this plan was as foolproof as it had sounded.


Mewtwo is awesome!
OOC: At this point, I may put a character in here who is a guy that works with the Black Market boss I'm allied with. If I need to post a SU for him, let me know.

Juan Mendez
Outside Nimbasa City, Unova, in forest

Juan awoke to the sounds of nature and Fereida's XM radio tuned to a news network. In recent news, the UN naval fleet have taken control Gateon Port in Orre and detained any and all civilians in the port declaring that they are 'unsure' of who is involved with Chimera activity. the woman news reporter said, In relation to this story, UN spokespersons have announced that they are sending armed soldiers to the different cities of Orre to eliminate any other activity that may be occurring. I doubt I need to tell anyone listening that it is important that you stay out of their way and report any illegal activity you witness to the nearest soldier or UN police officer. For the morning news, this is Jennifer Eastings, reporting to you live from Goldenrod City.

As Juan awoke, the group turned off the radio they were listening to, waiting for Juan to awake, and gathered up their things to meet Virgil back at the concert hall. As they found the road and walked back into the city, the quiet, empty city they saw last night no longer existed with tourists scattered around the city, and street vendors. At the concert hall, they saw Virgil waiting for them. "Sleep well?" Virgil asked, greeting them.

"Fine," Johnny said, "Ready to make the trip?"

"Yes, I've packed everything, including my science equipment and research...but there was one thing I've been thinking about," Virgil replied, "For one, I think I know where you can find Sarah Westings; we're still in contact with each other, but we try to keep it to a minimum because she uses a different name now."

"We would be surprised if she didn't," Juan said, "What do you know right now?"

"She goes by the name Jennifer Eastings; she's currently a news broadcaster in Goldenrod City in Johto. I'm sure that if you watch the news in the morning that you see. In fact, she was on this morning," Virgil said, surprising the group.

"We heard part of her report this morning," Fereida said, "But let me guess, there's a catch in you knowing her true identity?"

"Yes," Virgil replied, sounding disappointed, "Recently, they've started recording calls to her news network for security reasons; if I call her by her real name, that will draw attention to her...obviously, it wouldn't end well. If we're going to get her to come with us, we're going to have to meet with her personally."

Virgil could see the disappointment on the group's faces. Unfortunately, finding her wasn't going to be as easy as finding him. "Second," Virgil said, continuing despite the group's disappointment, "I've been thinking about some of the things Jamie has told me that the UN has been using to deal with Chimera's, and its obviously not rght....I've been thinking...if we can get Sarah on our side, and we can get enough dirt on the UN, we may be able to force the UN to rethink what they're doing.....I don't know if it will lead to assassinations or something like that...but...it could work."

"Well..." Judy said, unsure, "I'm no politician, but it could work. We just need to get the information; and hopefully Jennife- I mean Sarah, knows a few politicians that are willing to help."

"Anyways," Juan said, changing the subject, "We're getting off track; come with us, we have a friend that will take you back to Orre. We're meeting him in the forest, lets get moving."

As the group walked back to the clearing in the forest, Juan dialed Honcho's number on his cell phone again. "Honcho," Juan said, "Its me, Commandante. Virgil's helped us find Sarah; she goes by the name Jennifer Eastings and is a news reporter in Johto. We need to find a way to get a meeting with her...so we probably won't be leaving Unova for a bit while we investigate in the meantime. Can you keep eyes on Orre for us?"

I see, Honcho replied over the phone, I'll see if I can work something out with her; in the meantime, you should go ahead and search for clues around Unova; that is where Galactic Plasma is bound to be with the data stream we 'intercepted.' I have a man back here in Pyrite town that can watch things here for you; Good luck.

Jack Rover
Pyrite Town

Jack leaned aganist a building on the sidewalks of Pyrite town in his hoodie. Keeping a low profile, he watched the thugs, soldiers, and civilians walk by. His from the boss were to find any information he could that could help their new partner, Commandante, in their mutual goals with all 3 of the groups in the news; Galactic Plasma, Black Alpha, and the UN. He had even heard the recent news; UN tanks and soldiers were on their way to watch over Pyrite town. Jack wasn't concerned; to them, he was just another guy...who also knew how to handle a gun.

As the battalion entered the town, Jack's cell hpone rang as he watched the tanks roll by. "Jack here," he said.

"Rover," his right-hand man, Riley, called to him. "Remember that Crossbow that Honcho told us about? The one that can fire syringes? The CRA's?"

"Yeah, I remember it," Jack replied, "What about it?"

"Commandante's friend, Carlos, came by and dropped off a copy of the prototype; he wants us to test it while he makes the final model; and boss wants you and me to test it when we can," Riley explained, "Come back to the house after those tanks roll by and lets go looking in the Under and see if anyone Chimera's from Galactic Plasma or Black Alpha re down there?"

"Sounds good," Jack said, trying not to draw the attention of the UN soldiers, "I'll be there in a bit."

Jack hung up and stood there for a few more minutes while the soldiers went by; watching them, while they were not watching him...he hoped.


Borderline Troll
Herman Blake
Coasting over Pyrite

I remember this place. This desert. This God-forsaken desert.

Pyrite was all but a small prick in the desert from the view of my Obsidian's cockpit. Staring off to the right, I see nothing but arid desert for miles, the dirty, yellow sand reaching to the blue horizon. To my left, I look down the see Pyrite as the only blemish on the landscape around for miles. It was a shanty town, basically. It had barely grown in these years, and at its core was a city built of rusty garbage. Fitting, since the entire region seemed to be that way, even if it tried to hide it under the guise of progress.

I look back out into the desert, gazing at the sand. That dull, clay-like sand. It looked like a sea of rust and decay... like the end of civilization out here. A shiver runs up and down my spine, and I remember. I remember watching my best friends die out here over this God-forsaken expanse of sandy clay and lifeless-stone. I remember that this is wear those monsters; those 'Chimera's congregate. I remember this is where Black Alpha struck us all where it hurt. I remember when those harpies tore my buddy to ribbons. Yeah, I remember this desert...

It's a hell of a hard time to maintain an engine out here. Sand gets in just about everything out here. If there's a crevice on anything, you can bet that rusty damn clay-like crap is going to jam it up. Let it sit too long, and it can set, almost like concrete, especially if it's exposed to water and then dried, which tends to happen when you're constantly making runs to and fro carriers out at sea. The rest of Aztec squadron and I; all seven members in total, spend more time cleaning that stuff out of our engines after having to fly low and close, than actually flying. And when running CAS, you tend to get close enough for that to happen. Luckily, as of now, I, and my two wingmates, are high and clear, and our F/A-41's ain't gotta deal with that right now.

But knowing how this war's been going, that's armor column's a prime target for the Chimera or any faction associated with them to display a show of force. Peering down, I squint, and my helmet adjusts automatically. The visor detects the squinting of my eyes, and zooms in, and suddenly what was a mile beneath me now looks like only a few dozen feet. Watching, I see all 11 tanks, including those shoddily designed double-barreled monstrosities, roll on through into Pyrite. What Admiral Moby planned was anyone's guess. Damned fool, that Admiral, and his consort. Fancies himself some sort of great tactician, when in actuality he's a moron who'll choose to bombard a port with artillery that's shown no signs of resistance. Power-tripping idiots like him are what give the U.N. its bad rep around these parts, to be sure.

Regardless, I have a job to do. I turn my eyes forward again, laying my head back against the seat. My Obsidian is cruising at just below sound, and we begin to route our formation to the left, slowly beginning to encircle Pyrite. A vulturing maneuver, just to make sure we're never too far away from the patrol. A Texaco is inbound soon, so fuel shouldn't be a concern at the moment, though these Obsidians are notorious gas-guzzlers. I got about four more hours of flight time for what's looking to be an all-day patrol, but a quick refuel and I'll be ready to stay in the air all day... I know my wingmates are groaning, but I have no problem getting more flight hours under my belt... God, I love flying these jets. Greatest feeling in the world, flying a fighter. Whenever I step into the cockpit, I feel like a superhero putting on the cape. Just that sense of duty and power, combined with soaring around in this machine... it's amazing, all I could ever want.

Dark Pulse94

Scienta Potentia Est
(OOC - time for a catch-up. Hope you don't mind me meeting up with Juan and that, if so, I'll edit this)

Corporal X
Pyrite Town, Orre

The Raid was hailed as a success all throughout Orre. Galactic Plasma was forced to retreat to somewhere in Unova, and Squadron X was given a lot of "rest missions" - There were a two small raids of Vigilante and Black Alpha bases, as well as very short trip back to Hoenn to provide backup on reported Chimera activity - which turned out to be false.

However, some new intel had been gathered of a Vigilante group led by a specific "Juan Mendez" that we were supposed to meet. Very little information was given, to the point that Not even Juan's group knew of the Rendezvous yet. It was strange - very little intel was given on either part, just that someone in Pyrite knew them, most likely where they were as well...

So we joined in a UN military patrol, sitting at the back of the soldier until we arrived in Pyrite - Apparantly the guy's name was Jack Rover and that he'd be able to get us to them.

We walked by at the back of the line, before noticing one man - he was trying to keep a low profile, trying a little too hard. KaS approached the man after a motion from X, asking him:

"Would you happen to know anyone around here by the Profile of Jack Rover? We need to speak with him immediately."

(Sorry lol, but I didn't know what else to do - I won't be so inactive ever again, but I was kinda waiting for grassmaster's Bulbasaur, but he never posted >_<)

Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Orre, (approaching Pyrite town)

So here she was, riding in a convoy full of her enemies/ allies. It is kind of a strange feeling, on the one hand its not like Pikababe can hope that they run into some super poweful chimera because if the UN patrol is wiped out than she would be wiped out right along with them! On the other hand, their brutal tactics almost guaranteed civilian casualties if any sort of battle got started. Maybe Pikababe will be lucky and neither Galactic Plasma nor Black Alpha would make an appearance in Pyrite town. Unknown to Pikababe, squadron X is also along for the ride but they are in the back of the formation somwhere out of her sight. Who would have guessed that she might run into Corporal X in Orre of all places?

Pikababe can see that the line of 2 barrel tanks rolling along a desert road is a somewhat intimidating sight to the occasional spectators that they pass. The armored bottom sections protect the treads which leave tracks in the dirt as they move. The top section houses the cannons, has the hatch opening on the roof and all of the tanks fly medium sized flags of the UN. Besides the cannons, each tank also packs smaller laser paralysis weapons in the case that the UN wants to incapacitate a target rather than kill it. The vehicles are large enough to hold the tank crew and up to about 3 passengers. (probably around the size of 1-3 mobile homes counting everything)

The vacuum tank has no visible weapons, it seems to mostly be just a pair of threads connected to armor, connected to a large opening which leads to a big container in the back with a sort of drivers station on top. As Pikababe wonders how many pokemon she could catch if she owned one of those to herself, the column enters Pyrite town. Part way down the main road, the tanks roll to a stop. The commanding officer of the patrol speaks through the radio. (Pikababe does not know who it is or which tank they are inside) "There does not seem to be any chimeras around. Soldiers dismount, we will do a couple of sweeps through the center of town and then return to base."

A total of 20 UN grunts come out of the tanks and with squadron X, they appear to form a decently sized crowd. Despite the desert terrain, all of the grunts wear black body armor and a variety of black gear. Half of the solders let out Poochyeneas while the other half load their rifles. Even though the UN has been responsible for some atrocious activities, they are considered to still have popular support among the people, altough Pikababe wonders about the accuracy of that information. Armed with only a small stun gun and her own pokemon, she moves with the patrol being careful to stay extra close to the nearest hulking tank. As the troops spread out, Pikababe is sure that one of the soldiers looks awfully famliar but he had already gone to investigate a suspicous person by the side of the road.

The sound of the UN's Obsidian aircraft flying overhead is reassuring but it does not look like there is going to be any major trouble on this trip. Suddenly the front end of the patrol halts and a grunt calls out, "Uh oh, look at this!" A UN issued scooter is laying on the side of the road. "Dam those Black Alphas, dam them to hell!" One of the grunts punches his gloved fist into the ground! The CO looks the scooter over and says, "Calm down soldier, theres no need to jump to conclusions. We will simply perform a few extra sweeps of this area to make sure that nothing unusual is going on." It was true that there could be plenty of reasonable explanations as to why the scooter was left unattended.

Pikababe notices that the small vehicle is fully charged. "I'll take the scooter back to Gateon port, you guys can finish up the patrol." One of the UN grunts salutes Pikababe as the CO begins reporting the situation over the radio, altough he does not raise the alarm. The column of tanks continues its sweep of Pyrite town as Pikababe hops on the scooter and heads back the way they had came, leaving the town..

Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
I am going to assume everyone arrived along with EG.

Lt. Jacob Saxton
Black Alpha
Pyrite Town

To say the least, Jacob was getting antsy. He hadn't been waiting wrong, but he was constantly checking everything. Deep from within her Pokéball, Tranquility transmitted a mental message. “ Three people matching your description you gave to the waitress are approaching. Also, I have detected a 40% increase in your Scyther hormones. Are you alright?”

“Just getting restless that's all. Actually, could I have you watching to make sure our meeting goes uninterrupted?”

“Of course, but I will be keeping a close eye on you.

On its own accord, one of Jacob's two Pokéballs burst open revealing the Aura Pokémon. Without another word, Tranquility walked out the patio door and leapt to the roof to visually and mentally scout for Jacob.

Not long after she left, Jacob inadvertently lapsed into a daydream. Unlike most daydreams, Jacob did not find himself away in some fantastic place where is imagination ran wild. No, Jacob was in a boxed room with no windows. Predicatively, Jacob glanced at his arms finding that they were once again human. Unfortunately, there was another being in the room, himself but not himself.

Hello Jacob. Come to visit me again.

Jacob always tried to not look at the creature in front of him, but he always failed. Standing in front of him was a green man sized insect: a mantis. It spoke in a disembodied, serpentine voice that would normally send shivers down anyone's spine; Jacob was by now used to it.

You and I both know that I don't visit you by my choosing. So, an particular reason why you are interrupting my lunch.

No reason; I just do it to irritate you. To brake down your mental wall. Eventually, I will be free of this prison you say disdainfully created for me.

Only when I die will you get the complete luxury of being free insect , Jacob thought irately.

“Jacob, snap out of it. Your company is here,” a feminine voice reverberated across the prison.”

The walls quickly warped all around, signally that Jacob's stay was to be brief, but before he returned to reality, the Scyther's voice and body entered his head and sight again with a rather cryptic message, Soon you will get to feel what it's like to be caged human. Soon indeed.

The last thing Jacob saw before the dream ended was the head of the beast that he imprisoned within his mind: Jacob's old human face.


Back in reality, Jacob saw Leslie escort the trio that followed him to his table. Jacob heard the lady ask what each wanted to drink and eat. When she asked Jacob what he wanted, he replied, “A simple sixteen once sirloin, medium rare, for me please.”

During the course of time Leslie got everyone's orders, Tranquility projected her thoughts on the past five minutes.

Your Scyther hormones managed direct 40% of your thoughts. What happened?

I don't think he intended for it to happen. I know you can feel it too, but something is not right. The air is charged with tension. Something is about to happen, and very soon if it is that powerful to heighten my primal self.

Yes, I feel it. I'll let you enjoy your lunch with peace and will inform you if I see anything.

Returning his thoughts to his company, he saw that each of them were looking at him, most likely asking for an explanation.

“Well I can't tell you much until I ask where each of your allegiances lie? I can guess that none of you are UN members otherwise I would be wouldn't be here, but I must be cautious nonetheless. I will tell you this though; my business requires high risk work to which at your choice you may help with, but the result will bring about the downfall of the UN and a more. . . friendly Black Alpha regime should all go well.”

Laying the foundation of what his business was with this group, Jacob awaited their responses.

OOC: Just for the record, Jacob is not possessed. The experiment that changed somehow implemented a Scyther's insticts, and it merged with his own, causing a split personality. Also, as much as I wanted to be cruel and have the UN invasion happen before our lunch arrived, I decided otherwise so enjoy your character's lunch. . . while it lasts.


Mewtwo is awesome!
Juan Mendez
Outside Nimbasa City, Unova

It took a few minutes, but Paul finally spotted their flare from the clearing in the forest. Leaves and dirt scattered everywhere as he descended to let Virgil on board so he could return to Orre to help with the Serum. As he descended and Virgil moved his things on board, Juan's cell phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, it was Honcho again. "This is Commandante, what do you need?" he said, answering the phone.

I've been doing some digging on you Commandante. And I have to say, you've done quite a bit of work in a short time before we met, Honcho replied, confusing Juan, From what I found out about your friend, Carlos, you've escaped from Black Alpha when they were in control of Gateon Port, were part of the raid on it long before the more recent one, and you've made friends with not only a Special Operations squad, but you were also friends with the currently most wanted man on Earth.....I'll say I'm impressed....especially considering you haven't even been officially linked to these things yet.

"We've...done some things," Juan said, nerved, "What does any of what we've done to the groups we both hate have anything to do with this?"

Because, he said, Those connections you're looking for in the government to start a political war against the UN you may already have; take for instance Squadron X. They're a well known unit that's also been hailed for their recent accomplishments, like the Gateon bunker raid. Should they happen to have any disagreement with a group of people, or should they happen to be as connected to the UN as they seem to be, they be a good person to be friends with.....Your answer isn't important; I've already contacted them

Juan was agreeing to what he was saying until he mentioned the contact he made with them. "You what?!" Juan said, suddenly upset.

Relax, Honcho reassured, remaining calm, One of my right-hand men is meeting with him; a guy on the street known as Jack Rover. I gave them enough information that they would know they need to meet him; if anything goes wrong, there'll be a few guys hidden with AK-47s. I take full liability for anything that happens; you have my word.

Juan tried to calm down and see the value of his plan, but he still was very doubtful. Then again, Corporal X had been friendly to them before; if they knew who they were, why not again? "Alright." Juan said finally, "Go ahead. Me and the group are going to split up and look for some evidence in Unova; let us know how that meeting goes. Call us later."

Virgil was already waving to the group as he lifted off the ground with Paul and the helicopter made a turn towards Orre. For now, the rest of the group wanted to investigate Unova.

Jack Rover
Pyrite Town, Orre

Jack waited for the battalion to pass by before he would return to the house. Suddenly, he had remembered some of the orders that Boss had given him when the report about the UN operation came in. He was to wait for a group called Squadron X to find him and meet with them at the house about Commandante. While Jack was remembering the orders, a group of UN soldiers walked up to him. "Would you happen to know anyone around here by the Profile of Jack Rover? We need to speak with him immediately," the leader of the squad asked him.

"Lots of people look for him," Jack said, keeping his hood over his head with his arms crossed, "Why should I help you?"

As Jack spoke these words and the soldiers responded to him, he soon noticed the insignia on their uniforms that displayed what squad they were in. Luckily, they had asked a civilian about who they were supposed to meet when that person was staring them in the face. Jack, reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. He stopped leaning off the wall he was leaning on and tossed the paper to them as he walked off to the outskirts of town. "Take this," he said, tossing the paper to them, "Its from a friend."

As Jack walked off, he was unsure what the squad was saying to each other after that, but he knew that paper would help them find what they were looking for, considering it said:

1900 Outskirt Road, Pyrite Town Orre, on the outskirts of town.

Knock twice and ring three times.

Don't try anything, or he won't be there

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
En Route to Phenac City, Orre

Back into the frying pan. The plane we took to go to Orre was nothing special. It was nothing more than a beat-up, old cargo plane that supposedly Team Galactic Plasma had rescued from an airplane boneyard, and was one of many that the team had decided to restore and make operational again. From what I heard, Team Galactic Plasma was rapidly taking planes that were just rotting away, restoring and repairing them, and commissioning them for use.

"No one notices them missing anyway," Jeremy Render told me, there for the ride. "They have hundreds of planes just sitting there. Passenger planes, private planes, even fighter jets and bombers, only obsolete by a few years. Would be ironic to see fighter jets the UN long forgot about laying waste to theirs."

I figured that was unlikely considering they probably had pilots that were way better trained than a group of lab rats. I wasn't going to argue though. Team Galactic Plasma was focused on the moon, so building state of the art planes didn't rank very high on the agenda.

"So what's the current state of Orre?" I asked him, wondering if our scouts had told him anything.

"The UN is penetrating in deeply," He told me. "They may have full control over Pyrite and Gateon. Word has it that they're also using some kind of vacuum device to round up the Chimeras for incarceration."

"Hey, what if we use a FEA?" Janine asked, finding a way to outsmart it. "If we get too big for them to suck up, they're in trouble!"

"Yes... that is a possible option," Jeremy nodded, a bit skeptical. "I... would use caution, however. You and Alex... well, another FEA and you two might not be able to change back. Bear in mind Pokémon can never go back to previous evolution states, and like them, you're not affected by Overrider mutagens or CRAs anymore."

Would be a hard choice. Elite Chimeras were high maintenance from what I heard, and being stuck as one would be taxing on Team Galactic Plasma's resources. They were looking into ways to make it easier and more feasible, but there was only so much they could do. Still, I wasn't going to let the UN bag us, and if it meant avoiding capture, I would definitely consider it.

"We should be landing in Phenac City shortly," Jeremy told us. "Remember, we need to keep Black Alpha and the UN focused on each other. If you destroy the UN's assets, frame Black Alpha for the deed, and vice versa. Also, learn as much as you can about their operations, and sabotage them if possible. And if you find noteworthy intel or data, send it via encrypted data transfer to us. It will help us decide where we need to deploy our defensive resources."

Made sense. I nodded in response, and it was then that Jeremy handed us our equipment in a backpack. Thankfully, being bigger meant it was much easier to carry more stuff. In addition to the backpack, I was given a pretty huge advanced-chimera version of a M95 Barrett sniper rifle, one that fired bullets practically the size of tank shells. I could imagine anything shot with this would be in pieces.

We were getting closer now.


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
En Route to Phenac City, Orre

What a cool find! I got a nifty looking experimental weapon! A thunder-charged bladed boomerang that looked cool and sparkled when I threw it! Now that's beating up bad guys with style!

I also got a cool backpack loaded with tons of other cool stuff. This was great, I could see where Alex and Theresa had so much fun with these crazy espionage missions and all this other cool James Bond stuff. Sure beats looking at boring all rocks all day and trying to figure out how to grow stuff on the moon's surface. I'd leave that boring ol' fluff for those other guys any day of the week!

I looked out the window, feeling sudden excitement. Boy, the UN and Black Alpha were going to get the biggest tactical wedgie of their lives! I could see Orre now, and the familiar desert. Truthfully, I was hoping we'd get to beat up the UN first. Those cocky little freaks screwed us over, and now it was time for them to pay! When they met the three of us, they'd soil their pants so hard even their mother would have to get a change of clothes!

As far Theresa... ah, whatever, screw her. Alex and I could do this alone, and we'd have a ton of fun with it, I'm sure. I wasn't going to let little Miss Raincloud ruin this party, and if Theresa wanted to cry about it, I figured I might as well just let the little old brat just let it out in one big whine. It was silly for Theresa to expect Alex and I to have to mommy and daddy her so she'd feel up to being happy and content again. I had been with Alex long enough to know what he needed and when. I was going to show her that I could be even more reliable than she was. Plus, I had the medical experience where Theresa was totally clueless like some daft little medical intern who had a bad hangover and accidently tied her shoelaces together! What a riot! If she really wanted to help her "boyfriend," she'd understand her place in all this. Besides, when Alex and I got married, I suppose Theresa could still stick around, do the dishes, clean the rooms, the laundry, and such and such.

Once we finally landed on an old and seemingly abandoned airstrip, I knew it was time to rock and roll. If they were really over in Pyrite Town, boy, they were in for a lot of big surprises once we got there. I couldn't wait to see the look on their stupid faces as we unleashed a sneak attack on them and suddenly their pants were on fire! And I'd love to show up and hand them an ice cream cone, knowing they'd be stupid enough to try and put the fire out with it! Ha ha ha!

In the meantime, I unwrapped a candy bar and started eating it. I couldn't explain it, but I felt like I was getting a killer sweet tooth all of a sudden. And it was great!

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Theresa Del Monico
Team Galactic Plasma
En Route to Phenac City, Orre

I received a backpack, said to contain better equipment for my size, though I thought the words "better equipment" were relative. Strangely though, mine was much longer than both Alex's and Janine's bags, and rather wide too. It was also a sling bag, unlike their backpacks. Maybe my weapon was huge and needed to be drawn out from my back? Curiously, I unzipped the bag.

"Mein Gott..." I whispered as I pulled out the weapon issued to me. A scythe, a really long one perfect for my height. Its long handle and curved blade were shiny black, a black skull decorated part where the blade and handle met, and black chains ran down the upper handle. I noticed that the outer rim of the sinister, dark, crescent-shaped blade glowed a sickly purple...an oddly familiar sickly purple. Poison, definitely. After spacing out for a while, I then looked at the scythe incredulously.

"Wait a minute...did they just pull out a name book and find out the meaning of my name? That's embarrassing!" I thought, remembering that my own name meant "Reaper". I then shook my head, convincing myself that they did know of my taste. Looking behind where I was sitting, I noticed something...strange. A machine, big enough for anyone to lie down on, guarded by four Team Galactic Plasma members. My urges getting the better of me, I got up, left my stuff and walked over to where it was.

"What's this supposed to be?" I asked the four, who just looked at me.

"Let's just call it Project Lethe." One of them replied, smirking. Lethe? That name...I heard that somewhere. My head then started throbbing. Suppressing my past really took its toll on me. I really needed sleep to forget.

"Umm...is it for...sleeping on? I am a bit tired..." I asked. They looked at each other, exchanged knowing glances, then nodded.

"Uh...yeah. I guess you could see it as that. It gives you umm...good dreams! Yes, good dreams...and good vibes to go with it!" Another one replied hastily. I needed those good dreams...and vibes, real badly. Without a word, I lay down on the machine.

"Well, you better make sure of that if ou don't want anything slashed off!" I warned. They then placed a mask over my mouth and nose. Sedated sleeping? Cool, even better than normal sleeping, considering my head hurts too much to sleep normally.

"Arceus...what a troubled woman..." I heard one of them whisper. Wait...what made them say I was troubled?

"Yeah...eighteen years of it. Should we take those off?" The only woman operating Project Lethe whispered. Were they exploring my mind?

"Yes those only...all twenty-two years would be overkill...plus she couldn't remember what we're about to do too. She might sue...she's the dangerous type." The first one said, pressing a few buttons. I struggled to stay awake, trying to listen to their conversation, but the sedative was strong, in a matter of a few seconds, everything went black as my eyelids shut themselves.

A few hours later....

"Come on, wake up Del Monico! The plane already landed!" Somebody said as a hand shook me awake from admittedly, one of my best slumbers ever.

"Alright...I'm up..." I replied, blinking as I sat up weakly, finding myself on some strange machine...maybe something I lay down on before I slept? It was the only bed-like thing here...

Strangely, my head felt...clear. Light...better than I've ever felt before. As if a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I allowed myself to stand up and rush back to my seat, grab the scythe and supplies I was issued, and hop off the plane. I saw Janine unwrap a candy bar...wait, were candy bars even legal in the military? Janine was a funny one...a true girly-girl who unfortunately wasn't practical at all. I felt hungry and thirsty however, and candy bars were out of the question, getting gooey melted chocolate all over my fur was the last thing I wanted. Looking at the supply bin, I swiped three bottles of Red Tauros and handed two to Alex and Janine.

"We'll need that energy. Plus, Janine, you can't keep at a candy bar in the middle of a desert. It's obviously going to melt, and chocolate on white fur is disgusting. Might as well drink...plus if that bar of yours melts, at least ya got something to wash the goo." I said as I gave them the bottles, before taking one long drink from my own. After that sleep...I felt that I could do anything...take on anything somehow...all without fear.
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Scienta Potentia Est
Black Alpha catch-up

(lets see how I go posting on my phone :s)

Corporal X
Pyrite town, Orre

it just so happened that guy was Jack Rover, our contact. He stealthily gave X a slip of paper detailing of a house in Pyrite's outskirts (bare with me I can't do multitabs on this shiv) - it was as good a place as any, so we headed to that address

the place seemed desolate and deserted, but safety was always key, QuickScope and KaS headed onto the roof of the home across, providing any cover needed, while SLAG and Chan (Frank had stayed at Outskirt stand) stood together over X's right shoulder - they would have a clear shot if need be, but X's bulk would at least partially conceal them from the doorway

X knocked twice and rung the bell three times (if it's wrong I'll edit it later) and awaited for the door to open, while hearing confirmation from the team that the area was secure...


Darkling's Lullaby
OOC: Good morning! I’m sorry about this, and if the GM considers it too much I’m willing to tone it down, but several small things have set my feathers crosswise, and I feel the need to make the situation around Pyrite Town both a little hotter and more even. Normally I wouldn’t be this bold, but my father’s teachings of the history of WWI and WWII, as well as his actual service in Vietnam, and my own sci-fi and fantasy oriented brain have kicked in. Note, if anyone wants to take over NPC Chimera’s introduced here, feel free. The main thing I wish to really debate is the idea of continuous reinforcements, since such a thing doesn’t really work, especially in a contested area like Orre currently is. Even with two, maybe three, continents worth of UN soldiers, that’s not enough for an infinite amount of them to be sent to one trouble area. *Cuts herself off before she starts a major rant.* Before I go any farther, let’s just say that while I understand that this is a game and therefore not entirely within real world laws, or even the regular Pokemon game laws, that I feel the need to even the playing field.

Pyrite Town
Black Alpha/Neutral
Current Status: Under Siege

The UN soldiers under Admiral Moby might be strong, and they might be intelligent, but they were underestimating their opponents vastly. Even captured, for the short time their powers still worked, every Psychic Chimera in the group broadcast the same message.

/We are Taken. They come for Pyrite next./

It wasn’t specific, true, but it gave some warning. Steel, Rock, and Ground Chimera’s retreated to the caverns below Pyrite, working to reinforce them and expand them, while Ghost, Psychic and Dark types wove traps and sought out weak areas. The train that once led to old abandoned buildings was given a through check and repair, children, weaker Chimeras, and those whose nature was not warlike were sent to the outpost as it was repaired and its defenses reactivated. While on the surface not much was altered, many of the tunnels were sealed or rigged for easy sealing, and snipers left guns and ammo depots scattered about.

In the caverns again, Water and Ice types checked the springs, making sure that the waters would run clean and usable, and Grass types used every available area to garden, and Normal and Fighting types herded animals in. Any who could fight drilled relentlessly, and Flying types watched the skies, waiting for signs.

The UN was in some ways pitifully obvious, with their trail of tanks. On solid ground, in mud, yes tanks were hard to beat, but in sylvan areas and on sand…

Their first warning was when three tanks sank. Their first sight of what caused it was when a graceful head breached the sands, turning to look at them out of a pure black eye that blinked a second eyelid across it. Primarily Milotic in shape and form, the Chimera had the stubby limbs and coloration of a Sandile, and the long back spikes and the heavy claws of a Sandslash. As more of the back up and supply line tanks were sucked down in different areas, though the trucks had an easier time avoiding the quicksand, the second stage called out the name of it and it’s companions that were creating such chaos before sinking back under the sands, bleeding slightly from bullet wounds.


In Pyrite town itself, things were also happening. Soldiers looking by ones and twos disappeared, their Poochyena’s yapping about in confusion or rifles laying where they had last been. While it wasn’t doing much, it was thinning them down, evening the odds. One or two might have heard a chilling laugh before the cold took them. Only one saw it, and he got off a shot that phased harmlessly through it before the grinning zippered Banette mouth snarled and the Gengar spikes flattened against it and the glimmering jewel eyes and sharp claws of a Sableye made his mind collapse with a Nightmare.

“Dementia didn’t like that, UN scum!”

Strauffor Tenno
Pyrite Town

Unaware of the chaos that was starting to unfold outside, Strauffor seated herself politely at the table, smiling at Jacob a little while she ordered.

“A 16 once as well, as rare as you can make it, with a side of potatoes and brown gravy.” Yubel raised her head, squealing ‘Per’s. “And a garlic salad and a ten once cut up for Yubel here.” The waitress snickered a little at the Serperior’s demands, but didn’t seem too surprised. Strauffor then turned, and waited for Jacob to talk.

“Well I can't tell you much until I ask where each of your allegiances lie? I can guess that none of you are UN members otherwise I would be wouldn't be here, but I must be cautious nonetheless. I will tell you this though; my business requires high risk work to which at your choice you may help with, but the result will bring about the downfall of the UN and a more. . . friendly Black Alpha regime should all go well.” Strauffor patted Yubel consideringly.

“To paraphrase Kipling ‘I am the Liepard that walks by herself, and all places are alike to me.’ I have no love for the UN, not when they threaten my husband, nor have I any love for the current chaos and unrest that Black Alpha is sowing. Galactic Plasma…” She paused for a second, considering. “They opened Pandora’s Box, and while I cannot hate them for it, neither can I support them. As far as I know, they have no long term evidence of what harms mutagens could possibly wreak, and with Heights as an example,” A wry smile crossed her face. “I feel that there is still too much unknown for sure. Do Chimera’s follow the Pokemon pattern, that their offspring will be of the mother’s ‘species’? Will a Chimera and a Chimera produce some bizarre mix of their changes? Do regular humans run the risk of dying out to Chimeras that may after a few generations become nothing more than new Pokemon species? As I said to Zack, I take the view of Darkrai’s Advocate in this.”

She patted Yubel as the garlic salad arrived and the Serperior greedily dug in. “I think that Galactic Plasma did not think past what a wonderful thing they had discovered, to whether or not it was safe. As for their moon base,” Strauffor made a disdainful noise low in her throat. “They must either create a colony in a dome that runs the risk of a bunch of bored Chimeras accidentally blowing a hole in it, or terraform the whole of it, which would require condensing millions of years of evolutionary chaining. Quite frankly, at the rate things are happening, they don’t have the time it would take to do it.” Yubel made a greedy snort sound and then sputtered, having got a piece of her salad up her nose. Strauffor sighed.

“One should also take into consideration that isolating themselves up there would probably only increase UN aggressiveness towards them. So much easier to justify the use of overwhelming brute force against a forming army of Chimera planning a spacial assault with no innocents in the road. That’s what they’ll feed the rabble, at least, and the sheep will lap it up eagerly, believing they're being saved from a horrible fate worse than death.” She eyed Jacob, her face impassive.

“If you can pull off what you claim, leave the UN incapable of persecuting Chimeras and burn the rot out of Black Alpha to create something that gives both Chimera, Human, and Pokemon a chance, I will agree to follow you.” Yubel hissed softly. “But I have my own quest as well, and if information comes up that leads me to my husband, I may choose to follow it until I know if he’s alive or dead.” Hayden, Strauffor reflected, would probably like this Chimera. They were similar in personality, in their desire to either be free or be the one in enough control that they weren’t threatened by idiots with more fear than common sense. Well worth the risk, in her opinion.


Shadow of nothing
(OOC: I am posting this from school right now so I don't have time to play catch up all that much. Also I will post again later with my second character but I wanted to get this up first.)

Ian Blackwood
Team Galactic Plasma
Unknown Black Alpha Base

“Zero told me to tell you that any and all information you can get us about UN defenses and people in the Port, should be obtained as soon as possible.” The Captain told me. I nodded under my hood, aware that the motion would seem rather small and would likely be missed. I immediately started to review my contacts and who I could use to get info on Gaeton Port as I stood and turned to leave.

Before I started walked I asked, “Is that all?” However I didn’t wait on an answer and simply left the room all the while repeating the mantra, “Stupid orders, always pain is the ***.” As I left, a small item in my pocket vibrated, and I paused pulling a small phone like device from one of the inside pockets of my coat. I pressed a button and the Zero’s face appeared on the screen.

“Commander.” I said with a nod and kept walking. Zero’s face was hidden as ever behind his helmet, but I got a feeling he was smirking.

“Reaper.” He said with somewhat a nod of his own. I hid a chuckle, not many knew, but my codename had not come from an incident in the Kanto Region…but rather from the commander himself. “I trust you have your orders?” It was phrased as a question but both of us knew that it wasn’t.

“Correct. Do you have any additions?” I doubted so, but then again the commander was certainly insane so anything could happen. He shook his head.

“No additions, I thought you might want to know that the UN recently did away with a Galactic Plasma bunker in the Port.” I grunted, inwardly cursing. That bunker supposed to remain undetected, and safe, giving me a place to report to.

“I see.” I said neutrally, stepping out the doors of the base, and running a hand over my belt, selecting the Pokeball I wanted. “Will that be all sir?” I asked. In response, the connection terminated. Ignoring the blunt dismissal, I flicked my wrist, releasing three of my Pokémon, Salamence, Scizor, and Espeon. All three simply looked at me waiting for orders. I made no sound and instead climbed onto Salamences back, and made a flicking motion in Espeons direction. The Psychic cat nodded and jumped up next to me before its voice echoed in my head.

“Well?” I motioned again, this time indicating that Espeon should broadcast my words to the other two Pokémon as well. The gem on its forehead glowed and then I began thinking.

“We are to find out as much as we can about UN operations in the Gaeton Port area, including numbers defenses and such.” I told them via Espeon. “Typical combat setup, but we don’t want to cause all that much carnage.” I added as an after thought. Salamence rumbled its acknowledgement, as Espeon leapt up to settle on the dragons head and Scizor appeared next to me. With that Salamence took off and rose quickly, ascending to several thousand feet. The sun was beginning to set as we neared the port, and as the excitement of a mission set in, adrenaline fueled my muddled genes, and my vision sharpened and refined itself allowing me to see perfectly. I was surprised that I got a favorable modification, for the moment but didn’t think to hard on it. As we neared the port, my eyes widened at the shear number of ships in the harbor. Great heavens….were they planning a full scale invasion of Orre or something like that?

I reined in my shock and objectively began assessing the assets the UN had, knowing that the amount of time before I was seen was small, and frankly I didn’t want to be dog fighting a bunch of UN pukes. I pulled out the phone I used to communicate with Zero and pushed a button before speaking.

“UN defenses in the Gateon Port area estimated at two or more Divisions in strength. Visible are eighty to one hundred ships of various size and use, hundred of combat ready tanks and troops. Personal estimate that attack on this location would fail.” I dictated. That done I placed the device in its holder again, ready to send to both my bosses later. Now however I needed to get away before someone noticed us. Granted the night would hide our presence well but not good enough for my liking.

As Salamence turned to the left beginning to depart the Port Area, I saw a column of Tanks headed towards Phenac City. The commander had never said that I couldn’t screw with the UN a little bit, so maybe I could bang up this patrol a bit.

I looked it over from above and grinned. Eleven tanks total. Nice easy picking with the right moves and direction of attack. I knew that armor on tanks would render Scizor unless, so I recalled her and sent out Umbreon and Jolteon instead. As Salamence circled from above the column stopped for a moment. I grinned pouncing on my chance. I directed Salamence to pass over the column from the front at a height of about twenty feet or so. I pulled out a handgun and also Lucario’s Pokéball. The convoy never saw it coming.

Salamence literally came right over a sand dune and most of the guys were so green they just stood there gaping. I jumped off Salamence’s back and released Lucario. As I hit the ground Salamence Fire Blasted one of the tanks and a pair of Shadow Balls hit another. A third was picked up and thrown by a blast of Psychic force, and that was all before I landed. When I hit the ground people started yelling, and I took my cue to start killing.

I exploded into motion, shooting one guy in the head, and moving much faster than a normal human, thank you genetic experiments, appeared in front of two more, slicing their throats with a throwing knife from my belt. That made one tank crew dead. Off to my left I heard screams and while ducking behind the overturned tank I saw Lucario’s hand flash and a silver orb landed in the midst of several UN soldiers. I shot one of them in the back as he watched the Flash Cannon explode, and them Salamence Fire Blasted another tank. I ran towards on of the tanks which still had a crew in it and dove inside, knifing the loader as I entered. The gunner turned and opened his mouth to scream, but a bullet took care of that. I grabbed a grenade, pulled the pin and jumped out, slamming the hatch behind me.

As I took in the scene I could not help but chuckle. Of eleven tanks originally, only four were still in working order, three, I corrected myself as the grenade went off in the tank behind me. Lucario stepped out from behind a burning wreck of a tank flinging an Aura Sphere at the back of one of the working ones. I leveled my pistol at the tank, but no one came out, and the door had a solid hole in it. I stepped into the middle of what was once a tank column an survey the damage.

Definitely a good day.


Borderline Troll
Herman Blake
Refueling over Pyrite
, Orre

I pulled the throttle down slightly, letting my plane gently drift away as the fuel line dislodged from the intake. My Obsidian drifted away, and I slowly pulled back and away, knowing my entire squadron was running on full again. Pulling the stick to one side, I fell back in formation with my squadron, Aztec's 6 and 7, who had refueled before me. The refueling line retracted back into the massive plane, and the massive, bulbous aircraft pulled out to the right. I pull up ahead, speeding up and rocking my wings in salute.

"Thanks, Texaco, we're all checked out here," I assure them through my radio, nodding vacantly as I watch their aircraft soar up and away.

"Roger, Aztec. Good hunting." Comes the response, the voice of an older man in his late forties or so. Quite professional, which I always like. In the corner of my eye, my HUD displays 7 planes, divided into three squares. Two of them are enlarged, representing my wing-mates, 6 and 7. The other two squares represent other patrols, and are greyed out. Aztecs 4, 5, 8, and 9 are back in Gateon, aboard the U.N.S. Red Crown, the carrier to which we had been stationed for this invasion. Good men and women aboard that ship; which set it apart in my mind from Moby's usual group, which he'd dragged along in this massive offense of his.

It isn't long before something much more important catches my train of though, and a panicked voice shoots through the radio set.

"AZTEC!" I'm on full alert, peering down out of my plane as I recognize the calls of a comrade. "This is Lt. Sullivan, Bravo Platoon, we've been ambushed! Chimera-- multiple, ground and ghost!," Immediately I recognize this man as a tank commander, noting the sound of gunfire in the background. " Requesting air-support; need an eye in the sky here!" He didn't even need to finish before my squadron angled our aircraft downwards, headed towards the road.

"Copy that, Bravo. Aztec, moving to engage," I affirm,my aircraft heading down a trajectory into the back of the armor column, or what was left of it. Multiple tanks down, the others were spreading out to decrease losses-- some were still being trapped, those burrowing Chimera trapping them in holes. I can't help but smirk; the Chimera probably think they're immune down in those caverns, the think. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong, I knew, my left hand moving to flip a switch. A small orange light came on, and then a red one.

"BOX6 -- HPFAU389 -- ARMED" says a large, blue text at the bottom of my vision. High-Penetration, Fuel-Air. I've been waiting to use this beautiful weapon on a burrower, and I'd just so happened to be carrying one. My fingers tremble around the trigger, and tighten as my plane decelerates. I twitched, waiting, waiting... I hoped that Chimera would have the nerve to pop out again-- And so it did. That hideous creature peeked out again, just some meters away from where a truck had just rutted itself, soldiers scrambling away to escape as the Earth consumed the vehicle. My smirk itches, seeing the creature pop its head down again. 'You won't escape, not this time,' I note. It can't hide from MY weapon. Pulling my HUD's cross-hairs over the hole the snake had just fallen through, I can feel my finger shiver, just ever so slightly, and the text on my screen changes.


And just like that, I watch as the steel pillar suddenly jets out and away from my aircraft, leaving behind it a thin vapor trail. My hand moves back, and my aircraft pulls away and to the right, and I peer down in anticipation to see the fruits of my efforts. I see that silver spear soar through the desert air with a dull whine, tracing it with my eyes as it collides with that dull, clay-like sand. And for a split second, it just disappears, and it looks as if nothing's happened. But I know that's not true.

The HPFAU's steel tip slams through the clay effortlessly, slicing through several feet without detonating, though the process has, in reality, just begun. As it hits that cavern those burrowers had been utilizing to sneak around, the bomb suddenly bursts out for the FIRST time, spraying out highly volatile fuel into the air of the cavern, where it mixed with that sweet, sweet oxygen. And then the second burst comes. There's a blinding light inside that black, fresh cave, and suddenly the Earth itself turns into a very real hell as a rush of horrid heat and pressure screams through the caverns at many times the speed of sound. The very ground overhead erupts as a small amount escapes, but most of the energy stays underground, just as it is meant to. Those caverns suddenly fill, and the itself shakes as the world just feet beneath it is burned and pulverized by the intense pressure, the air itself turning into an intense flame as anything biological is seared and shredded and crushed. Seconds later, the 'ambush' caverns are empty, and only charred, unrecognizable bits of what used to be Chimera remain, scattered all over.

Content in this kill, I soar out and away, before looping around, and peering down. I see only a small, single smoking crater, and no more movement. Nodding, I confirm to Bravo Platoon's lieutenant.

"Burrower neutralized; flank clear."