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Operation Chimera - Trinity of Darkness


Darkling's Lullaby
Pyrite Town
Black Alpha/Neutral
Current Status: Under Siege

While Herman's explosive had indeed killed one of the Sandwyrm's, he'd made a mistake in his assumption that they were a 'burrowing' Chimera. The Sandwyrm's did not tunnel like Sandslash or Sandile. Instead, they 'swam' through the sands the same way a Milotic would through water. Indeed, they were not solely Ground typing, but Water as well, hence the quicksands they created. In all, there had been six of them, before the blast. Two of them swam deeper into the sands, creating churning 'sandpools', two choose to continue with the quicksands, and the fifth raised his head, glaring at the helicopter.

"Murderers! Cowards! Why won't your kind LEAVE US ALONE!" The tail end of the statement was punctuated by a Hyper Beam, but the Sandwyrm didn't stay above ground to see if he hit anything, swimming under again to move to a different spot.

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

They had entered the restaurant and were escorted over to another male who was sitting by himself. It was obviously the chimera that had been beckoning them to this very place, but what did he want with them? Zack's question was quickly answered however. But first, the waitress was awaiting his order. Two quarter pound sirloins, and two baked potatoes. He told her as she smiled and walked away. Blaze grinned happily, he was going to have a good meal when it came.

“Well I can't tell you much until I ask where each of your allegiances lie? I can guess that none of you are UN members otherwise I would be wouldn't be here, but I must be cautious nonetheless. I will tell you this though; my business requires high risk work to which at your choice you may help with, but the result will bring about the downfall of the UN and a more. . . friendly Black Alpha regime should all go well.”

He listened quietly as Strauffor started to tell the Chimera her side of the story.

“To paraphrase Kipling ‘I am the Liepard that walks by herself, and all places are alike to me.’ I have no love for the UN, not when they threaten my husband, nor have I any love for the current chaos and unrest that Black Alpha is sowing. Galactic Plasma…” She paused for a second. “They opened Pandora’s Box, and while I cannot hate them for it, neither can I support them. As far as I know, they have no long term evidence of what harms mutagens could possibly wreak, and with Heights as an example,” Zack took notice of the wry smile that crossed her face, but he didn't say anything. “I feel that there is still too much unknown for sure. Do Chimera’s follow the Pokemon pattern, that their offspring will be of the mother’s ‘species’? Will a Chimera and a Chimera produce some bizarre mix of their changes? Do regular humans run the risk of dying out to Chimeras that may after a few generations become nothing more than new Pokemon species? As I said to Zack, I take the view of Darkrai’s Advocate in this.”

After she had finished, he decided on speaking next. And I myself am just trying to avoid all the crap that seems to be hitting the fan lately, I don't want to be involved in this mess, I hate fighting for something so pointless, the chimera's and humans should just live in peace, but it seems like the UN has a mind of their own. I've heard that they kill those they capture, leaving them at dire risk of being killed if captured. It's sad really.

He shook his head as the waitress came with the food. Zack began to pretty much pig out on his while Blaze downed it in a couple bites. Zack chuckled, his partner was such a glutton when it came to foods that he liked! But Zack couldn't blame him, the Charizard was hungry. He listened quietly to the rest of what Strauffor said and didn't say anything until he finished his steak and baked potato. When he did speak; however, he kept his head down.

There's nothing really wrong with Black Alpha is there? I mean, they seem like nice people, or am I wrong? He asked curiously, looking down at the table.

A sudden growl from Blaze alerted Zack of something wrong. He grimaced, Guys, I think something's wrong, It's rare for Blaze to be worked up like this, and I don't like that stance he's in... He cast a worried look to the coal black Charizard, the fire dragon's eyes were narrowed into twin slits, a growl emminating from his maw.


Borderline Troll
Herman Blake
Engaging Hostiles, Pyrite, Orre

Out of the corner of my eye, I can feel my pride in the accomplishment deflate as I see another of those slimy worms poke its head out of the muck-- tracking me as I transited the sky. I look over to it, in time to catch a glimpse of flickering orange. Recognizing the energy signature anywhere, I begin my roll right as a warning siren blares in my ear. I push the stick hard into the left, and my plane yaws hard, flaps opening up to direct the airflow around the plane as nozzles push the thrust in just the right directions, allowing me a sharp, arcing turn into the battlefield. From just where I was a moment ago, a blazing orange beam of energy whizzes past, scorching the air as I pull back and to the right, immediately correcting myself as I come out of the maneuver.

"Aw, hell!" I exclaim in unhappy surprise, turning my head quickly to the right, watching as two dark-grey specks screamed in from the Western sky. "Aztecs--"

"On it, Blake, we got this," Aztec Six reassures me as my wing-mates swoop down and in as I recover from the pass. Their Obsidian strike fighters swoop in like ferocious predators, falling perfectly into formation as they focus their planes on where the Hyper-Beam has just came from. In seconds, I see a faint, yellow twinkling, coming from the front, beneath, and slightly to the left-of-center of their aircraft, and know all-too-well what that is. As I gain altitude, I zoom in on the ground. There, I see the 25mm, Depleted Uranium rounds, slam into the mucky Earth.

120 rounds, every second, struck that muck, in a pass that lasted around four. The twin fighters engines gave a high-pitched yell as they approached, and the clay-like dirt and sand was thrown into the air in hundreds of tall plumes as the soda-pop-bottle sized munitions struck, and pierced through the quicksand for many a meter downward. The cannons shredded the Earth in a long, broad, twin-striped line, before my Aztecs pull up. In that moment I pull into them, and make another pass-- perpendicular to theirs, I cut across.

I aim my nose downward, and my fingers dance about the stick, flipping a trigger open, and the text blinks into view again--

25x137mm CANNON -- ARMED

I take a deep breath in, adjusting my plane slightly to intercept what I saw as a slight whirling in that mucky sand-- an attempt, it seemed, to escape horizontally away from the first line of fire. It was only a slight adjustment for a possible target-- fair enough, I assumed, and depressed the trigged with my index finger, squeezing tight around it as I heard my aircraft begin to shudder with recoil.

25x137mm CANNON -- FIRING

A stream of hot depleted Uranium suddenly spills out in an almost solid-yellow line. The massive rounds slam at an angle into the muck, cutting deep into the wet Earth and throwing up the muddy plumes again as I pulled back ever so slightly on my stick, guiding my aircraft along the path I'd designed as I kept that trigger depressed, painting along whatever moved. Several round slammed into the tops of sunken tanks; a few even penetrating them, as my line cut into the quicksand, slicing a line clean through it with my gun. For all of five seconds, I can hear the beautiful, beautiful hum of my GAU-12 Equalizer as it spits the armor and Earth-piercing rounds at a rate of 3600 rounds per minute, the high, mechanical buzzing and whining sounding like the hymns of angels. I depart sadly with the sound as I finally pull off the trigger, and pull back on the stick.

"25x137mm CANNON -- ARMED" My HUD changes the text back, and a reading next to it lets me know I've spent 312 of the 2000 available. My Aircraft quickly ascends again, and I turn to see my wing-mates falling in around me.

"We're going to need a new plan of attack," Six calls out to me as we speed away, and I nod, starting to think of one.

"Roger, ascend to 5000 feet; we'll circle around."


Well-Known Member
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Ava Blackshire
Black Alpha
Cianwood City, Johto

As Ava let out her rant, the young man’s Ditto transformed into a Gardevoir, calm and confident. Its voice penetrated Ava’s thoughts.

”It does not pay to underestimate an opponent girl. I’m older and higher level than you’d think.” Ava held up her hands in a gesture of compliance. ”I’m just stating facts,” she thought peacefully back.

“As for why I’m here…” he began.

”It’s called being a lazy irresponsible teenager,” his Ditto finished. Ava stifled a giggle. She didn’t know why she hadn’t run off yet. In the past few minutes, she could have easily asked Tails to use a gust on the ground, stir up some sand, and make her escape. But, to be honest, Ava was actually glad to be here talking to this stranger. She was out of the house, away from her father, and she was having a good time for once. She psychically told Tails to be on guard, but that they wouldn’t be leaving quite yet. Smiling, she looked to the boy.

“So, I don’t even know your name yet. Sorry if I’ve been rude, but ya know, being a Chimera isn’t always the safest. By the way, I’m Ava. The sea is beautiful, isn’t it?”

Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
Sorry Aura Wolfe, but we need to get moving.

Judging by what he heard, Zack wasn't much of a fighter while Strauffor seemed like she could hold her own (she definitely showed he attitude and aptitude). The food arrived shortly after their explanation, and Pokémon, human and Chimera dug in. Not even three minutes in and before I could correct Zach about his assessment of Black Alpha, several things happened: (1) instincts were first to kick in as a my feral side erupted as a deep growl escaped my and Zack's Charizard's mouth, (2) a telepathic message invaded my thoughts, and (3) a resonating blast shook the entire foundation.

First, Tranquility's message, Jacob, the UN has invaded Pyrite town. A few ships are off shore while there is a squad of tanks, soldiers, and aircraft around the city. Chimeras here have taken priority in attacking them so a full scale war is going on here. Also, Black Alpha's sand worms are here tearing through the soldiers and tanks while the aircraft are ripping through them. What should I do?

Try and stay hidden bring down the aircraft with Psychic or your aura. Best to use Psychic as it is less noticeable and undetectable. We are heading to the rooftop soon. . .with a few companions.

Ugh, fighting. I was hoping to avoid it, but I know you have a plan. . . you do have a plan, right?

I'll choose to say yes; I do have a plan.

This ought to be good. finished the Lucario, sarcasm being a rare feat for her to achieve.

“Come on follow me. Let's head to the roof and scout out what's going on or follow a path that Guess the UN is finally playing their hand.”

At that moment, an idea crossed his mind; one that would drive the UN back and leave Black Alpha easier to take down from the inside. I made my way to the stairs and took out a modified Blue Tooth that I could exactly grasp and insert in my ear. I spoke softly the numbers required to dial my “boss's” phone.

“Hey Zero, I know we agreed not to contact each other until my mission was finished, but problems have arose. Looks like the UN is playing almost all of their cards and have begun another assault on Orre. Pyrite town has been hit and who knows about the other towns. I am still tracking the traitor, but my recent focus is being drawn to the current problem of Pyrite. Will call you again should anything change. *click*

Jacob didn't look to see if anyone followed me out, but I burst through a door in the kitchen, ran up the stairs to the roof and burst open the door leading to it. Atop it, Tranquility was concentrating hard on the aircraft overhead. Gunfire was resonating all around and battle cries of anger and death sounded off on nearly every street. A female Machamp was taking on a group soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. A few fliers were attempting to achieve flight without getting shot at to engage with the aircraft overhead. To put it simply, chaos incarnate had trampled the streets of Pyrite as all hell had broken loose.

Jacob backed up from the edge of the restaurant a few steps, turned, ran toward them again, and dove off, angling himself to cleave to unfortunate soldiers in half.

Tranquility, keep a mental note of my. . .

I'll try. This isn't Star Wars where I can just quickly make a connection with these things and force 'em down you know. It takes some actual work on my part.

Chucking, Jacob burst off to the right and cleaved another soldier before flying through the nearest alley to avoid the spray of bullets.

“This is going to be a long, fun day.”


Shadow of nothing
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Abi Reynolds
Black Alpha
Unknown Black Alpha base.

Leaving the conference room I was stuck contemplating the enigma that was Reaper. He never gave out information about himself, and none was to be found. When he had arrived I had made a point of understanding more about Reaper, since the Commanders had told me that he was very dangerous. I had to hold in a snort remembering being told that…Everyone knew that people who worked directly for Zero were dangerous, and what made them think that I would consider this guy and exception to that rule.

I pushed open the door to my room and locked it, paranoia left over from spending three months around ex-soldier and certified madman Ian Blackwood. I couldn’t help but smile. I could still remember Ian’s face, even though I hadn’t seen him in eight months, clear as day. His sharp angled face and piercing eyes, along with his very abrasive attitude towards everything and cold exterior, is many was reminded me of Reaper. Both of them had even acted the same way when I first saw them. I had to shake my head at the memory of accidently surprising Reaper. Just like Ian had, he had shot directly against the side of my head, taking off a small lock or hair with the bullet.

Hell, he had even said the same thing, I realized with a start. Now that I think about it, his guns look the same too….. My thoughts trailed off as I tried to consider just how many similarities Reaper and Ian had. What I quickly realized was there were dozens of them.

Ian always used four Pokémon, Salamence, Espeon Umbreon and Lucario. The other two slots on his team would rotate by days of the week and sometimes even his mood. I then considered Reaper’s Pokémon. Reaper had four Pokémon that I knew of. A Salamence, Espeon, Jolteon, along with a Scizor, and I imagine two others. This matched Ian’s team, since I had often seen his Salamence and Espeon, and I was fairly sure that he had a Jolteon, but I wasn’t sure about a Scizor. However I also knew that he could change that around without too much effort. So now it was possible that Ian and Reaper had some similarities.

I continued comparing the two of them, and settled to considering their personalities. I was stunned by the similarities between the two. Both of them were misanthropic bastards who would be perfectly content if the world burned before their very eyes. Or that was what I had gathered from my brief interactions with the two of them. Both were highly professional with some strange sense of right and wrong, but I wasn’t sure what that line was. Also I had just witnessed that Reaper had a great contempt for authority, and I already knew that Ian did.

Then there was the fact the two looked almost perfectly identical, right down to the stitching on the jacket. The only major difference in clothing was that Reaper wore a hood. I frowned as I recalled that the jacket Ian often wore had a hood that looked exactly the same, and if I remember the one time I had seen him with that hood up, he and Reaper would have been called twins.

Shaking my head at the resemblance I booted up my computer to try and find some more information on Reaper, and maybe see if we had information on Ian. As I absently entered Reaper into the mainframe and was stunned when a simple error message appeared, simply saying, “ACESS DENIED”. I blinked.

“Well…that is certainly not useful.” I muttered. Apparently the only way to get information on Reaper would be to drag it out of him myself.

I sighed, knowing that my new self-appointed task would be hell.


Darkling's Lullaby
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Pyrite Town
Black Alpha/Neutral
Current Status: Under Siege

The reaction to Herman’s stream of fire was… impressive, to say the least. Roaring in agony the Sandwyrm surfaced, throwing his head back and splattering sticky sand everywhere. His left foreleg was gone, and lighter wounds trailed down his side. He swung back under the waterlogged sand fast, and the other four abruptly surfaced, all turning their heads upwards. They bared their teeth, and then lashed out in concert, four Twister attacks spraying sand, water, and debris everywhere while they sank deep and joined the male in fleeing the fight, having done as much carnage as they dared.

Strauffor Tenno
Freelancer/Black Alpha (Tentative)
Pyrite Town

Strauffor smiled at Zack. “They’re distributing mutagens to anyone who can front the money at the moment, Zack. Ex-soldiers, Pokemon trainers, bored rich kids, criminals. It doesn’t matter to them, as long as the person can pay. Heights may have gone on to Giratina’s embrace, but that’s merely lopping the most dangerous head off the Hydreigon. The infrastructure was left fairly intact. What our acquaintance here,” She inclined her head towards Jacob, since she didn’t know his name. “Is angling at is for us to take the other two heads, in this case the UN and whoever is heading Black Alpha at current, out and replace the dead Hydreigon with a live Gallade. The problem is getting the heads to die. After all,” She looked pensive, causing Yubel to raise her head from her steak bites and salad and hiss inquiringly. “the rot that is hidden under the surface is the hardest to see and cleanse. She stopped when Yubel continued hissing, eyes narrowing when the ground shook.

“It looks like the UN has come calling.” Strauffor followed Jacob up to the roof, looking out over the scene. A few snipers, some of them Chimera but the bulk of them normal looking humans, picked off anything that looked like it was giving commands that they could. A metal skinned Aggron Chimera smacked Poochyena’s around like cricket balls, and the Sandwyrm breeched the surface, screaming his pain to all that could hear it. Strauffor assessed the possibilities.

“The fliers are obviously the higher priority. While they man the skies, the high ground and the walls are useless to us. Unless we wish to cede the surface of the town and retreat to the caverns. While it might take them longer to do so, they’d still be able to break the caverns like a Dewott breaks a Shellder.” She narrowed her eyes. “I hate fights like this. It’s annoying to have to figure out how to take the enemy’s advantage away, instead of having the advantage in the first place.”

Yugo Tenno
Cianwood City, Johto

Yugo would have liked to make a rude gesture at Chanur, but having a handful of Druddigon tail prevented such immature means of revenge. He settled instead for hauling Peanut around and tossing him to Chanur, who yelped and went head over heels while Peanut flailed, excited about the game of ‘Annoy the Ditto’. Nightmare rolled her eyes and returned to her rock, turning her head to futilely gnaw on the Shuckle with her heavy steel jaws. The Shuckle slept right through her attempts to eat it. Yugo shrugged at Ava’s comment about the sea.

“In general, one sea coast is about the same as the next. My name’s Yugo, Yugo Tenno.” He looked out at the ocean, thinking for a second. “The lighthouse is nice. A sign of danger in the water, but nice.”


Borderline Troll
Herman Blake
Engaging Hostiles, Pyrite, Orre

We pull up to around 5,000 feet, out of range of most attacks. Turning my head downwards, I squint again, and see that those Wyrms, must have been at least three or four of 'em, are throwing up a series of Twisters. Four spiraling pillars of muck and debris begin to form, effectively covering their retreat into the mucky Earth. Huffing, I turn my Bird back out towards Pyrite itself, knowing that those tornadoes aren't going to let us or our munitions get anywhere near that road without incurring serious risk. Looking forward again, I try and re-establish contact with Lieutenant Sullivan.

"Bravo Actual, come in. What's your status, over?" I call in over the comm relays. I notice my wing-mate Six's aircraft is jerking slightly, the wingtips seeming a bit jittery. We ascend a bit more, pushing our aircraft up a bit farther to avoid the mud and debris getting slung around.

"This is Bravo Actual-- It's FUBAR down here! We got snipers picking us off wherever we pop up; only 4 tanks still operational. We're falling into defensive formation-- We need some damn guns on these snipers!" Sullivan's voice comes in, obviously filled with panic, though I could hear him giving orders still in the background. He was holding up well enough, though it was hard to tell past all that gunfire in the background. I peer over the edge of my craft, seeing that the tanks have fallen into a defensive circle. I saw men manning their machine gun turrets frantically firing... One getting picked off quickly by a sniper.

"Roger, Bravo Actual, we'll make a pass here in a moment. Light 'em up with a designator if you can," I reassure him, getting only a 'COPY THAT!' in response. I'm beginning to formulate a plan of attack to clear those snipers out for our boys on the ground, when I'm interrupted by the voice of Aztec 6.

"Boss, I think I got a bite," He informs me, and I recognize that callsign. 'I got a bite' was pilot-speak for 'Psychic-type pulling my aircraft'. It was an extremely urgent problem for most aircraft... But not the F/A-41B. Dark-type armor kept Psychic-types from getting a good grip, almost like we were all oiled and slicked up, by deflecting telekinetic energy. It was pretty easy to slip out of a psychic-type attack for an Obsidian, since roughly ninety-percent of the energy is nullified or reflected. Hitting a fast-flying or far-away aircraft flying straight was difficult for most Psychics. An Obsidian in a high-G turn? Nigh-Impossible. It was still possible to feel the noticeable tug of a Psychic-Type trying to yank you outta the sky, though, so we still have a useful little alarm that alerts us that they're attempting it.

"Roger; Aztec: bank hard, right, low. We're looping around Pyrite; clear those rooftops, keep an eye out for Psychic-users," I instruct, pulling my stick in the designated direction. Without delay, my wingmates follow suit, turning with me in formation as we swing out wide, and then turn inward in a sharp spiral towards the outskirts of Pyrite. We throttle down, slowly our aircraft slightly as we angle ourselves to skim over the town. Our Obsidians roar and groan in high-pitched shrieks as we move into the town, perpendicular the spiraling twisters, and begin our attack run around 1,000 feet in the air. We level our aircraft out, and begin using our eyes to visually mark targets. To do this, we start squinting at buildings, letting our helmets zoom in for us, and--

"Mark." I say promptly, spotting a human sniper, not one of ours, in a window. Automatically, my helmet detects my voice, and an orange dot appears inside a building window, right where my eyes were focused. It's a transparent orange square, (), designating a target to strike. Within moments two, then three, then four more markers appear in my vision, for a total of five marked snipers, easy targets for our guns to work on now. We're nearing the outskirts opposite the city, when Aztec 6's craft shudders again.

"Damn, think he's still on me," My pilot says, his voice showing some annoyance as something struggles to grip onto his aircraft. "Som'in's got me, and I don't know what," He continues, his wobbling a bit, though he throttles forward and regains some more control, though he turns away a bit from the squadron. "I'm alright, little bastard is annoying though," He informs me, still on his 'bite'.

"Keep it together, Six," I caution, looking over to him as he joins back in the formation.

"I'm good boss, don't worry about me," Ricky reassures as we shoot out from the other border of Pyrite, ascending upwards again. We throttle up again, our engines whining as we push them to accelerate to just below the speed of sound as we try to make soem distance away. We keep this up for roughly a half-minute, before once again the nozzles of our engines narrow and we decelerate slightly, and begin to make a wide turn. Pushing our aircraft tighter, we re-align with Pyrite town, still seeing those narrow, spiraling pillars of earth slinging their mud around, though they will hopefully die shortly.

"Aztec squadron, engage marked targets," I inform, squinting one last time. My aircraft suddenly shudders a fair bit as if I hit a turbulence that wasn't there, and a small purple light goes off in the side of my vision, informing me,


Got a bite. Great, now its trying drag me down too. I decelerate again, swerving left and right a little bit to shake the psychic type off. Seeing my maneuver, the other Aztecs begins doing the same, falling int close behind me, and swerving around my aircraft as we try to throw the psychic off our trail. 'Where are you...' I almost mutter, searching roof-top to roof-top between the snipers we'd already marked, when I see, sh a distinctive group of figures on the roof of a restaurant... One of them is a Lucario, peering angrily towards my bird. The zoom is a bit fuzzy at this range, but I can tell its looking straight at me. "...Mark." Another orange square appeared over the roof of the restaurant, making six targets into total.

My fingers reach in towards my console, flipping a pair of switches, sending the signal through to my ground-attack missiles. The guided AGM-109 Tauros, which more than lived up to their name, were more than capable of finding their way right through a window into a sniper's nest, and blow it to kingdom come. And they were my weapon of choice for Close-Air Support passes like this, where I needed something a little more focused than guns.


"Aztec Six, take left, Seven, right. I have center targets," I tell them throttling as we rapidly approach the border to Pyrite. My wingmates break off, giving a pair of 'Roger's, as they prepare to fire into their own lines. Quickly, we break into the border, and slow just ever so slightly. My finger twitches once, and my HUD changes accordingly.



A screaming, white spear suddenly lurched forward from beneath the left wing of my aircraft, launching forward at super-sonic speeds with a burst of flame, propelling the warhead forward. Back fins stabilize it, and the small computer in front of the warhead searches out its target; the orange square. Which just turned a bright read as my missile locks into it, propelling itself forward faster than even its screech. The sniper in the window of the building was never aware what was coming until the ground-attack missile struck his window, immolating him instantly in a hot burst of fire. the pressure wave blew him and his equipment apart instantly and efforlessly, leaving only a large hole in place of the window he'd been stationed in. In that instant, the orange square goes black. Similarly, two other red squares go red, then black, and finally disappear. This happens again a moment later as my wing-mate's manage to slam their AGMs into their second set of targets, and I can only hope that means another set of snipers destroyed under them.

My aircraft rumbles again, and I turn my focus onto the restaurant again where that Lucario, and that other, presumably other Black Alpha militant sat. The aircraft wobbles again, and I pull to get my Obsidian back on track so that I can keep that Lucario in my view. The shudders get stronger, and I know it's going to be difficult to get a shot off and that thing tries to grab my aircraft with all its focus.I pull up on the stick, and stare right back at it, placing my crosshairs right over the rooftop of the restraunt. My finger twitches again, and my aircraft rocks slightly as I ascend up and away from the newly detatched weight, as it too activated as turned itself for the building's roof.


I didn't stick around to see if my strike hit, and the orange square dissipated from my vision as my aircraft screamed past, shaking windows as I come within a few hundred feet of the ground, and shoot out the other border of the city, leaving a low rumbling in my wake. I pull back on my stick, looking to my right, and as expected, I see Aztec 7 moving back into formation with me after having dispatched his targets. Nodding, I turn back to my left-- And see Aztec 6, limping along. I notice that one of his tail fins is gone, and his left engine is billowing smoke.

"Aztec 6, report?" I ask quickly, squinting my eyes to zoom in on the damage.

"Debris from them fuggin' twister, hit me right in the ass!" He tells me, though I could almost tell with the substantial amount of red mud on the back of his Obsidian.

"Copy that, Six, return to the Red Crown," I tell him. A small box in the corner of my HUD has changed, and Aztec 6's plane is depicted as an orangish yellow, with the back-end covered in a warning sign.

"Roger that, breaking off!" He says, his aircraft shaking violently as its damaged engine tries to keep up with the undamaged one. His whining, lumbering aircraft turns out for the sea to regroup, as Seven and I throttle on ahead and ascend.


Weird Person
Terra Ferest
Ex-United Nations
Citadak Isle

Terra looked in awe at the base Galactic Plasma made in Citadak Isle. "Wow...this is amazing." Then she turned to Eric. "I must thank you for informing me of the United Nations' evils. I can't believe I let myself get fooled by them...then again I have been duped a few times."

Then she remembered that the United Nations would notice her scooter on the ground. I assume they'll label me MIA and put the blame on Black Alpha. If the United Nations finds me then I can fiegn innocence, get some information, and then fake a kidnapping. Hopefully I'll just be assigned medical tasks.

Terra turned to Eric again. "So, will you give me a tour of the place? I'd like to see more and sign up with Galactic Plasma."


Shadow of nothing
OOC: Hang on I thought that Black Alpha had a base on Citdark Isle, not Galactic Plasma.

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

Well damn, something was wrong, the ground shaking proved that to be true. He made his way outside to see what was happening, his mouth gaping open upon the sight that he was welcomed with. A few snipers, some of them Chimera but the bulk of them normal looking humans, picked off anything that looked like it was giving commands that they could. A metal skinned Aggron Chimera smacked Poochyena’s around like cricket balls, and the Sandwyrm breeched the surface, screaming his pain to all that could hear it. Zack grimaced, this didn't look good, not at all.

He climbed onto the back of Blaze and took off into the air, the Charizard's massive wingspan stretched across the sky as they began to ascend into the sky. He had lost track of Strauffor and the other guy when she took off, and now Zack wanted to find them before things got really nasty. As they got level with the roof, he heard a faint voice.

“The fliers are obviously the higher priority. While they man the skies, the high ground and the walls are useless to us. Unless we wish to cede the surface of the town and retreat to the caverns. While it might take them longer to do so, they’d still be able to break the caverns like a Dewott breaks a Shellder.” Zack recognized that voice! it was Strauffor's voice no doubt about that! He motioned for Blaze to land on the roof, and it was proven true. “I hate fights like this. It’s annoying to have to figure out how to take the enemy’s advantage away, instead of having the advantage in the first place."

He landed down beside them, and sighed. I don't want to fight, I hate fighting, but if I have to I will... He trailed off and shook his head. The fighting was pointless, yet a part of him got excited just thinking about it!

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Isle-Orre

"So will you give me a tour of the place? I'd like to see more and sign up with Galactic Plasma."

"That's fine," I said with a nod. We walked into the base. It was more of a bunker, really--not very impressive, other than the fact that it actually survived the volcano's heat on a daily basis. It was only three rooms, the first of which we were in now--the lobby.

We walked up to the receptionist's desk. "We have a new recruit," I told her.

"Excellent. Go through that door," the receptionist said with a smile. She gestured towards the door on the right. I wasn't familiar with this particular base just yet, so I didn't know what would be there either.

We walked over, and I opened the door. Behind the door was a mixture of an armory and a shooting range--one side of the room was covered in shelves of guns, and the other side had paper targets of Black Alpha and UN members.

"Wow," I said with a whistle. "Why didn't I know about this earlier?"

I walked over and took two assault rifles. I recognized the model type--they were capable of firing almost 300 rounds per minute, and loaded mainly with incendiary bullets. The guns weren't loaded, but there were tons of ammo cases beside the shelves. I took as many magazines as I could fit in my hands, loaded the guns with two of them, and stuffed the rest into my bag.

"You can take your pick," I told Terra. "But if you don't like anything you see, I could give you one of my handguns."

Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
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Kara Smith
South of Team Snagem Base

I cannot explain how simply amazing it is to fly, the freedom of simply gliding through the air on delicate, yet powerful wings, and watching as the land races past you far below, a vast, endless desert of pure golden sand….Or at least, that’s what if must of felt like for Flygon, I‘ve always suspected. Me? I was just in it for the ride. Literally. But, that wasn’t too bad, I guess. Although the breeze was like ice as it hit my skin, I actually didn’t mind it all that much. It was a nice change from having Orre’s usual god awful heat clinging to me everyday, where I could hardly breathe without feeling a weight pressing on my chest. Much, much better. Do I seem really…I don’t know, cheerful? Well, don’t think I’m a little ball of sunshine, because I’m most certainly not, since I hardly ever laugh, or smile, and am an unstable former lab rat. I could explode at any moment, honestly. A ticking time bomb! So, all in all, I just enjoy flying.

For how long I remained stationed on Flygon’s back, I don’t really know. I just know I thought about how crazy my life was, even though this whole jaunt’s complete purpose was to help me, well, forget everything for a bit. That’s what two years in hiding does to a person, it makes them realize how bad the world is, and how badly your life sucks. You see reality with a different, more critical eye, as well as experience the loving feeling of paranoia. You cannot trust anyone, not even those that are facing the same situation as yourself…Every man for himself the saying goes, or in my case, every woman for herself.

Except…well, Terrance is a different story. During my imprisonment in that accursed lab, along with the other subjects, Terrance was the man who taught me how to survive without going insane, taught me what its like to exist and think on my own. He was like a father to me, although I’d never say that aloud.

Suddenly, I became of aware of a sensation tugging at my thoughts like a child trying to get attention from a neglecting adult, and I frowned. How uncomfortable. It was making my stomach churn. What was this feeling? There was an air of almost forebodingness to it…And nostalgia.

Then it clicked. I had felt this once before, the day when all of us subjects in the lab began the rebellion against Black Alpha, when I had felt almost sick with anticipation, knowledge, and worry. It was dread. Someone was going to die.

“Something’s wrong.” I said aloud, my voice barely a whisper. Immediately, Flygon turned its long sinuous neck my way, so that I could catch a glimpse of its eyes, and let out a questioning cry. I didn’t answer her. Instead, I heard myself order, “Go back to the base. The others are in trouble.”

The dragon pokemon nodded without a word, angling one of its wings steeply toward the ground before righting itself towards the direction of the base. By this time, the horizon had a pink tinge, the stars were disappearing, the sky gaining more and more of its usual shade. Dawn was approaching, I realized with horror. I had been gone almost the whole night.

Wonderful. I thought sourly, struggling to remain calm. Perfect.

As the base came into view, I squinted to get a better look, almost choking when I saw them. On the ground, just mere feet away from the decaying building, a large state of the art war tank sat on the soil, its steel polished plates glinting with the early rays of the sun even at this height. And on its right side facing the base, I bet you didn’t see this coming, was a entire freaking squad of soldiers. Just my luck.

And three bodies covered with familiar clothes were slumped and lying on the ground, unmoving. Something crimson colored was coming from them, dyeing the sand--Oh Areceus. Those bodies…could only be those of Terrance, Mia, and Justin.

Damn it all.


Zero, Black Alpha’s Shadow
Black Alpha
Unknown Orre Base

As I walked down the hall without a sound, I suddenly remembered that a few day earlier I had ordered some Black Alpha operatives to gather intelligence on the state of Gateon Port, to see how powerful the U.N’s defenses were so a possible attack could be launched on a later date. I needed to see how their progress was going, along with matters. I scowled for a moment, cursing under my breath for my lack of memory.
If those idiots failed to perform this mission, I swear I’m going to kill them. I thought, before quickly shaking that notion away.

That’s when I thought of Ian Blackwood, or should I say Reaper, who just happened to be extension of myself. Wherever I couldn’t go, I often would send him instead to take charge of the mission. He was a wonderful tool, with a success rate much higher than most of the other operatives in the organization, even the other “elites”. He was often mistaken for being me because of his cunning and ruthless ways, too. People feared the man called Reaper. Perhaps he was already making his way there.

I grinned. The public had yet to see what true terror really was.

Pulling my phone out of one of the inside pockets of my coat, I quickly dialed the code. Seconds later, I saw a familiar hooded figure appear on the screen.

“Commander.” He said with a quick nod. Based on the dark background behind him, I presumed he was in one of the other hidden bases.

I gave a slight nod of my own. “Reaper.” I greeted, using his codename in case there were any unwanted guests around. His mouth absently formed into a smirk, letting out a small chuckle that he was trying to hide to no avail. I had come up with that name myself, after observing his abilities firsthand for myself. “Reaper” seemed to have been the only alias that would fit him, and since then it had stuck. “I trust you have your orders?” I added, the statement phrased as a question even though it wasn’t.

Another nod. “Correct. Do you have any additions?” Reaper inquired.

I shook my head, disappointed. “ No additions, I thought you might want to know that the UN recently did away with a Galactic Plasma bunker in the Port, though.”

The little of visible skin under Reaper’s hood seemed to darken. “I see.” He grunted. “Anything else?”

No. Just get to work. I ordered silently, turning the device off and putting it back in my coat. My feet kept traveling down the hall until--

I immediately stopped in my tracks, realizing that I was being followed from behind. A pair of unknown eyes were watching me carefully, a gun in the owner’s steady grasp aiming at my back. I smirked, knowing how keen my senses were, giving me the feeling of having 360 degree vision so that I could see from all directions.

Feeling quite comfortable despite the weapon at my back, I let out a feigned whistle to act like I was impressed. This stranger was indeed an idiot, but since he decided to hinder my progress for the time being and most likely planned on killing me, I decided to humor him for the hell of it. This wouldn’t take very long.

“Well, Well,” I said slowly, “It seems I’m in trouble, doesn’t it? A gun at my back, with a unknown assailant wielding it from behind, ready to pull the trigger at the moment’s notice….What a unfortunate situation.” Pausing, I inclined my head to the side for a moment before adding mockingly, “Are you an assassin perhaps, sent to kill me? The enemy sure is getting serious…” More like a becoming a thorn in my side. I inwardly added, waiting to see if the stranger would comment.

Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
OOC: Alright, Tranquility isn't dead, but I am not going to explain why until the next post. This one is to give Mr. Blake a run for his money. . . and tip Jacob over the deep end thinking the Lucario died. Also, Twilight, don't forget that in my previous post, I had Jacob try to contact you.

Lt. Jacob Saxton
Black Alpha
Pyrite Town

Like always, Jacob had a plan. One of the few times in his life that Jacob actually willingly decided to be a test subject was as a recruit in Black Alpha. It focused along the lines of using Double Team to disorient opponents with a twist. The images actually were slightly real in that they were corporal. Out of the ten subjects, only Jacob mastered the technique, and he was using it at the very moment as the idiot UN members continually sprayed and wasted ammo at whatever jumped out of his current hidy-hole. Once Jacob knew that they were out of ammo, he jumped back out and mopped up the rest of the soldiers in under a minute.

It was at this point in time that Jacob looked to the skies as he heard the roar of the fighter planes flying over again. He saw them decelerate and hover just over head while maneuvering side to side as if shaking something off. Jacob stood there for a moment wondering why they were doing that until it slowly dawned on him why, but it was too late. The lead plane turned slowly and faced one of the rooftops as if to fire at it. The same rooftop that housed the Steakhouse, the same one he jumped off just minutes ago, and the same rooftop that currently held his traveling companions, and especially the same rooftop that his most trusted partner was going to die on. Wasting no time, Jacob flashed a mirage into reality and commanded it to intercept whatever missile that was going to be flying out of the plane. He hoped it would reach it in time.

His hopes were dashed as a voice echoed solemnly in his head, Good-bye, Jacob may your mission be finished and happier days be with you in the future.

The missile launched and came dangerously close to the building itself. As a huge concussive wave followed the explosion. He saw the image he summoned wink out of existence, but Jacob's concern returned to Strauffor and mainly Tranquility. He flew up to the top of the restaurant and surveyed the damage. Debris cluttered the top, and Strauffor and Zack were at the far left end. He couldn't tell if they were hurt or not as the center of Jacob's attention fell only on the body lying at the right end. Jacob's mind went reeling, and a rumbling rage sparked in his chest. Many things flew into Jacob's eyes, regret, fear, rage to name a few as he half flew, half ran to Tranquility. He always regarded her as his shrink, helping him deal with his Scyther half of him. Up until a incident last week where Jacob lost complete control over himself, Jacob never liked the idea of having her around. Since then, Jacob had appreciated her help more, but now nothing could help in fully recover. Jacob had placed full faith in her recently in helping him, but now. Now. . .

Jacob slowly took in the sight before him. A singed body, what looked like a lot of cuts and bruises from being thrown by the concussion, ears and eyes bleeding. Jacob could take death, but this was different. Jacob told her to hold her ground against the aircraft flying around on her own, no help. Regret and grief sank in for a moment, and then the primal, unmerciful, ugly rage set in.

Eyes wrenched skyward, he saw the fighters coming around for another pass. His inner rage pushed him overboard; he let, he wasn't about to let her death be vain. In a span of ten seconds, Jacob had created nearly 70 mirages all the while resharpening his scythes to near perfection. Completing his Double Team stampede, he stopped to leave himself mentally stable to fight. While he could produce a vast army in a moment, too many would leave him completely unconscious. He was already feeling fatigued, so he needed to keep himself stable. He knew he could probably tax himself enough to create twenty more, but he rather save his mind unless absolute necessity.

All thoughts turned malevolent as the very air around him answered his mind. A deep black and swirling purple windstorm sprang up from nowhere. Jacob charged and with him the 70 clones of him. They still couldn't do damage, but they could take the hits for him and excel at removing heat-seeking from the equation. All 71 beings of Jacob flew at the Obsidian airplanes with each scythe bathed in the sickly green light of a Fury Cutter. Revenge would be his until every last plane fell to the earth or fled in fear. Naturally, the planes open fired before Jacob reached them, but only a few of the clones got hit. He could only produce about twenty more before he would be too exhausted to fight, instincts told him that.

Jacob neared the first plane, particularly the one with the damaged wing and began hacking away at the other wing. Completely hellbent, Jacob never saw what exactly the pilot was doing, saying, or anything; he only cared about grounding every bird up in the air. Succeeding after about a dozen swings, Jacob flew off and watched with glee as the fighter went down. He didn't hover for too long as it would give him away, so he moved on to the next one, and for whatever reason, an expansive amount of fury, more so than what he felt now, cascaded over him.


Weird Person
Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma
Citadak Shooting Range

"You can take your pick, but if you don't like anything you see, I could give you one of my handguns."

Terra scratched her head. She had no knowledge about guns except for the wounds they made. She sighed and shook her head. "Do any of these guns come with a guide? The only gun I've ever used was a stun gun. I've never really needed to use a gun with Jim protecting me."

Terra then shied away a little. "Besides...I can't end a life. I can't bring myself to kill someone and stop what good they could do in their life. I know there are evil people in this world, but even if you brought me someone that was pure evil I still couldn't kill them. Really, unless you have a gun that shoots out lightning that only stuns people then I shouldn't carry a firearm."

ooc: Hint, shoots out lightning. If you want a name for that type of gun, call it a Tesla. I got the idea from Warehouse 13.

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

"Really, unless you have a gun that shoots out lightning that only stuns people then I shouldn't carry a firearm."

"Terra, I understand your dilemma," I began, "but lives are at stake here. It's been said that no one ever won a war by dying for his country, but by making the other guy die for his country. If you're fighting someone and decide to spare their life, chances are you'll end up with a bullet in you the instant you turn your back. This isn't a game, and you can't go around saying you aren't going to take a life. I don't like it any more than you do, but to survive this war, you need to use a gun." Eric took one of his handguns and handed it to Terra. "Just take it. It'll serve you well in the long run."

Meanwhile, I decided to try out my new assault rifles. I took one and turned off the safety, then aimed at the target. I fired a three-shot burst. The bullets tore through the paper, but at the same time, exploded, setting the paper ablaze.

I had a feeling I'd like these guns...


Jonah Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Black Alpha structure

“Well, Well,” the Black Alpha agent said, “It seems I’m in trouble, doesn’t it? A gun at my back, with a unknown assailant wielding it from behind, ready to pull the trigger at the moment’s notice….What a unfortunate situation.” It was clear now that he was mocking me. I gritted my teeth. “Are you an assassin perhaps, sent to kill me? The enemy sure is getting serious…”

I knew that I couldn't reply. I just kept my dart gun leveled at his back. I could kill him now if I wanted to...it would be so easy. But there was a certain...aura emanating from him. I couldn't identify it.

I shook my head. "Just out of charity, I'm going to tell you who I am. My name's Jonah Starstorm. I'm a Galactic Plasma agent. And no one sent me here to kill you." Now it was my turn to mock him. "I'm just cleaning the world of incompetence and foolishness."

I quickly fired a poison dart directly at the agent's back.


Mewtwo is awesome!
Juan Mendez
Outside Nimbasa City, Unova

Soon after the helicopter lifted off with Virgil on board, the group began to discuss their next course of action. Honcho had informed them that he was working on a plan to get in contact with Sarah Westing. In the meantime, they were meant to investigate Unova for Galactic Plasma. Considering the roads for the region went in a circle, Johnny and Fereida decided to head east from Nimbasa, while Juan and Judy agreed to head west and that each group would investigate the cities in that direction.

"Keep your cell phones on and your eyes open," Juan said, addressing everyone before they split up, "Expect the unexpected and make sure you let the others know if you get any information; i'll let you know if the Black Market has any more info for us. Good luck....to both of us."

The group gathered their things and went in their separate directions, unknowing of what they may find in the cities....or behind the next tree or bush.

Jack Rover
Pyrite Town, Orre, Current Safe House in city outskirts

Jack walked through the outskirts of the town on the way to the house. The only people who spent a significant amount of time here were usually the residents or the people who spent most of their time on the sidewalk or their porch. Unknowing to most people, some of the people on the sidewalks were, in fact, Black Market associates. When a meeting was supposed to happen, they were the ones who would give him advice as to whether or not it was safe to meet with whoever it was they were meeting with. Eventually, Jack made it to the house and entered with the same knock as always.

By now, the guys who were with Jack's group were getting themselves ready for the meeting they were soon going to have. They made sure that everything was correct, as it wasn't everyday that they would be meeting with government soldiers. Minutes passed while Jack examined the syringe-firing crossbow prototype that Commandante's contact had left earlier, when Riley's cell phone rang with the associates outside on the other line. He hung up only moments later. "Are we clear Riley?" Jack asked, setting the crossbow down on the main table.

"They're not bringing a tank with them or anything other than the six of them," Riley replied, "Only thing out of the ordinary is a message from Boss saying there was an 'unauthorized aircraft' flying over Orre a while ago. Not sure who or what it was, but its not those planes dropping bombs on the town either."

"They're here!" the doorman yelled, looking out the peephole, "Everyone in position!"

Everyone that was relaxing in the room beforehand grabbed their rifles and handguns and rushed to their hiding spots in the dark corners, closets, and behind the boxes in the room. Once everyone not important to the meeting was hidden and ready, the door was knocked on with the exact combination of knocks that Jack had given them. The doorman looked through the peephole again and gave a thumbs up that it was indeed Squadron X. He unlocked the door and opened it for the squad. Jack remained in the back of the room they were in until they walked in. The doorman closed the door behind them; realizing there was only four of them when Jack said there were six that had talked to him on the sidewalk earlier, he made sure he was cautious about where the others had gone. While they may have glanced at him, he ignored what they may have told him and kept an eye on the armored soldiers holding more advanced guns than they had. "I got nothing for you, check with Rover," he said to them, keeping his rifle ready, "And don't try anything stupid."

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Phenac City, Orre

After getting off the plane, I realized we only had one contact from Galactic Plasma here. That was pretty much it. Only thing I heard was that Pyrite Town was a war zone, and that we could be expecting the same to happen here. Right now, we weren't in the state to affect all that much in Pyrite at the moment, but Phenac City was a different story. Meanwhile, I wasn't sure who was winning in Pyrite Town, but I knew weighting the danger between the UN and Black Alpha, I think I'd rather have Black Alpha in charge, even though I hated both of them.

Word had it that the UN Air Force was ripping Black Alpha a new anus, which didn't bode well mainly for the fact that anti-air definitely wasn't my specialty. I didn't know all the details, but then again, that's why we were deployed here. Considering we had lost nearly everything in Orre to the UN or Black Alpha, I figured it would be a decent idea to make sure things stayed balanced between the two. If one side started winning, we needed to beat them down a little to keep the balance, thus buying Galactic Plasma more time.

Phenac City was peaceful at the moment, although I figured the UN had its hands full in Pyrite Town, so they probably didn't have too much deployed here. I wasn't too crazy about the fact the UN had most of southern Orre. They were claiming too much ground, and very quickly. At this rate, I could imagine they'd be all over Unova quite quickly after this, and I was sure sooner or later they'd start uncovering our operations.

Several ideas came to mind. One was to plant the idea that there was a traitor in the UN, a possible Black Alpha mole of some sort. The other was to sabotage some of their machines and weaponry without making it look obvious. They'd rely on those in the event of a possible invasion, only to find out they didn't work. I did the math, and it all lead up to one solution.

We needed to keep the combat in Orre. Letting it go to Unova was a bad idea, and if Black Alpha had already lost Agate, Gateon, Phenac, and was in the process of losing Pyrite, they were going to pretty much lose everything. My only thought was to head over to Pyrite, and start plucking out the UN's assets on Black Alpha's behalf.

Theresa seemed to be in a better mood, and she handed me a bottle of Red Tauros for later.

"Judging by the situation, Black Alpha needs help, and we don't want the warfare to head over to Unova, where most of our operations are taking place now," I told Theresa and Janine. "I'm not a big fan of helping Black Alpha, but the UN is systematically reclaiming Orre, and we can't afford to have Black Alpha fall back to Unova. Therefore, we're going to need to head into there, and take out as many of the UN's assets as we can. We need to keep it balanced between the two, and right now, the UN needs to be swatted down a few notches."

"With what proverbial fly swatter?" Janine asked, taking a bite out of her chocolate candy bar.

"We should have enough powers on our own," I told her, knowing that's what Chimeras excelled at. "That, and your Pokémon. Sure, we don't have IGLA launchers or Stinger missiles, but we don't need them. And remember, if the UN attempts to capture you, bring out the FEA. I'm not kidding either."

"Mmm, I like that," Janine nodded.


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
En Route to Pyrite Town, Orre

So we were helping Black Alpha today to mess with the UN a bit. I figured it was only fair. Those UN boys would look quite cute in a body bag. Alex mentioned we needed to rely on whatever innate powers we had to take out the UN. Hey, might be a good idea to show them what Chimeras were capable of! You never know, they could have reconsidered this whole war on Chimeras thing if they saw how awesome we were!

"We'll need that energy," Theresa told me, handing me a bottle of Red Tauros. "Plus, Janine, you can't keep at a candy bar in the middle of a desert. It's obviously going to melt, and chocolate on white fur is disgusting. Might as well drink...plus if that bar of yours melts, at least ya got something to wash the goo."

"Oh my god, mommy, I think I can handle myself!" I replied to Theresa, laughing hysterically. "It's just chocolate, don't have a cow! Besides, the rest of the candy I have doesn't melt," I told her, showing her my nice goodie bag full of cool stuff. "See? Jawbreakers, candy corn, sugar dip, rainbow crunchies, and loads more! I'm kinda like the Easter Bunny, only I'm keeping it all to myself! Ha ha!"

Because sharing... well, if you share with someone else, there's less for you, of course. Not that Theresa was someone I'd share candy with anyway. But if Alex wanted something... aww, I guess I'd have to give him something. Thankfully, he didn't look like the kind of guy that would have a sweet tooth anyway. But if he did... well, I suppose I could give him a little, although I would really hope he didn't want the rainbow crunchies.

Traveling on foot to Pyrite might be of a little pain, but we could handle it. And since it seemed like Alex was going to need to go sniping, he was going to need a spotter, right? Or whatever he was doing. I just wanted to break something apart into little pieces! To pass the time, I felt like skipping through the hot desert sand, really wishing for the first time I had brought along a really big rocket launcher, but I supposed the charged boomerang would do. I was NOT going to behave until I saw something blow up. By my own hands, of course. I didn't want to sound like a pyromaniac, but... oh, there was nothing wrong with a little bunny wanting a little ANARCHY, was there? But yeah, by my own hands only. And then I'd laugh and wish them a Happy Deathday. Which made me wonder... do they celebrate the day you die in the afterlife the way they celebrate your birthday?

Pyrite Town in the distance looked like a wonderland... if you happened to be Hannibal Lecter that is! The UN sure had quite the air force. So agile, so dynamic... so expensive! Knowing every plane I blew up would cost the UN $50 bajillion dollars or something each would give me such a warm and cozy feeling inside. Watching them go round and round like socks in a washing machine... I could just laugh imagining them go boom!

It was a shame, though, because I would have liked to collect on the big, fat I.O.U. that Black Alpha should have been indebted to us. But ah, screw them. Soon enough, both the UN and Black Alpha were going to be all stiff and deaddy-weddy. And then I'd dance on their graves and give all the maggots their own names. I always wanted to name one Pugsley.

I whipped out the radio, and figured I better report on the current situation.

"This is... uhh, Bravo Bird, and we're about thirty seven and a half... uh... clicks from the target location!" I spoke into the radio, hoping I was doing this right. "Sitrep... situation is... uh, serious! UN's got bogeys all over the place!"

"Ugh, give me that..." Alex muttered, grabbing the radio out of my hand. "A 'click' is 1,000 meters, or about a kilometer. We're not that far away from Pyrite. And where the hell did you come up with Bravo Bird? Is that seriously your call sign or are you just making that up?"

Oops! Well, at least I knew now! Okay, okay, so I didn't get all this weird military jargon stuff. And I didn't get all those weird and funny call sign names anyway. I thought they just made them up as they went along!

"Cancel that last transmission," Alex spoke into the radio. "This is Nemesis, and we're about five clicks away from target, Pyrite Town, which is currently under fire. UN seems to dominate the air, but I don't have enough of a visual on the ground forces. We're going to give Black Alpha a little edge, just to encourage them not to fall back. Out."

He then turned off the radio, and handed it back to me. I smiled a bit bashfully, and just strapped it back onto my belt. Yeah, I kinda felt like a goof, but I was learning though!


Weird Person
Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

"I don't like it any more than you do, but to survive this war, you need to use a gun." Eric took one of his handguns and handed it to Terra. "Just take it. It'll serve you well in the long run."

Terra sighed as she took the instrument of death. To her, this was admitting defeat to evil. She walked up to the firing line and held it up with only her left hand, pulled the trigger, and nothing. Confused she pulled the trigger a few more times and smacked the gun. "Hey Eric, I think your gun's busted. I can't get it to fire."

The gun was fine. It was loaded too. Terra was pulling the trigger hard enough. What was the problem? The safety was still on.

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

Terra took the handgun, and tried to shoot one of the targets. Confused, she turned to me. "Eric, I think your gun's busted. I can't get it to fire."

I walked over, slightly amused, and walked over to Terra. I took the gun, turned the safety off, and handed it back to her. "When the little switch in front of the trigger is red, that means the safety is off," I explained. "I'll get you some ammo for that."

I waked over, searched through one of the ammo crates, and found a small box full of clips for a Desert Eagle handgun. I handed the box to Terra. "These should last you awhile."