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Operation Chimera - Trinity of Darkness


Well-Known Member
Toby Weaver
Team galactic plasma
Near mossdeep

Surprisingly enough the flight was comfortable in comparison to the smugglers plane I took to kanto. The sea breeze is cool and the beaches looked white and beautiful. I’m support to meet my new team a long ways away from the detention center controlled by the U.N.; they came and took over the island to themselves. So it’s a win-win for us because we might get some new members and they will love us giving us good publicity.

Mossdeep was controlled by The U.N. for containment purposes. The space program shut down in fear of galactic plasma stealing info and mossdeep was in a media blackout and no one has gotten out yet. The people trapped are ready to give them hell but of course are suppressed. Now we are the liberators.

Were using a U.N. helicopter so we haven’t been pulled over. We land in the forest of the island around 60 miles away from the mossdeep detention center. I see them in base in the small pasture that we landed. One pops his head out and tells the others. 1 chimera from the look of it a drapion, blastoise, staraptor mix looking like a purple, jointed arms and legs looking like they could be tied together, and two cannons on her (75% sure it was a her at least) back. 4 other guys come out and quickly turn around; they instantly turn to a straight line and showed posture. The highly respected looking one came out in a stride giving glances at the men. He seems o run a tight shift. As I finally touch ground holding the G.P. “starter pack” with a fe and a special item depending on where you were stationed so I got some kind of syringe called "Bitter heal", it's made to heal using roots of various plants.

He started and walked towards me. He said “listen here, I will need a name/rank” Reading his lips I thought back Toby Weaver and rank two, I don’t talk I think and my codename is mb short for mind bullet.”

“SO you’re a telepath trying to get in my head? Well no dice, this is a thick steel wall and you ain’t getting thought” he replied. Ignoring his grammar error he introduces me to the group. “Ok we have here free bird, slack, alien, crackpot, and sue (although being a guy)”

Reading his mind he was going to pull a knife and sta... I quickly jump back as the steel blade comes forth. “What the hell?” I asked as he put his knife back. “Wanted to know if you were legit or some kind of street performer” he thought back “Now if you need me I will be in my quarters, set up the tent we leave in 3 hours and there I run over the plan” he said. He left and headed into the biggest of the 4 tents.

“So, what do we do now?” I asked. Alien, a guy with slicked back dark hair and pale skin. “Look you know what a commanded can do to any subordinates does you?” he said.

“What?” I asked him knowing the answer but hoping I was wrong, the female chimera came up thinking “he can kill them at will and there was 7 of us 2 days ago” she mentioned.

On route to detention center

“SO, were the hell are we alien” he asked one of the members. “ok were are about 30 minutes from the center as long as we don’t do anything stupid” he said glaring at the chimera freebird “well there could be a trap around here” the man nicknamed crackpot said nervously

“ARE YOU QUESTIONING MY DECISIONS PRIVATE” yelled the leader “or maybe you planed an ambush” he said grabbing a pistol and pointed it at the now nervous man. “Now, I suggest you don’t even suggest I’m not doing my job” he said putting his gun back into the holster

All it took was a simple ok from crackpot for the commander to find reason to shoot and kill him. A small but vivid blood splatter on the tree he was in front of and his lifeless body dropped. I saw everyone else completely normal as if he was still standing. I was stuck to bury the body and he thought to mention this as a battlefield casualty. Well this was going to be fun. Then another shot was fired, not by the commander but the man names slack with the torn clothes and sniper rifle. This time the commander was on the receiving end. I was halfway done so I could make it two at least. I think it’s time to ask some questions…

“Ok, so can someone please explain why I now have to bury two bodies now, and why the commander went absolute hazel (nuts in other words) on us” I thought with urgency. Of course this leads me to looking down the barrel of a gun, a sniper rifle to be exact.
I didn’t see it but I think they were arguing and eventually the gun was put down and a sigh of relief is gone through my body, but I still haven’t got an answer.

“Ok, I greatly appreciate you putting down the murder weapon and none of this will spill but still, why do the first two kills of the day is not to the enemy but our own team?” I asked

“Long story short the commander’s brains got scrambled in the last mission by a mix a bit similar to yours and went crazy, killed three of us including old pot there.” Freebird replied with a grim look.

“Well we made up a plan to storm the base while we went down the abyss to madness, and we just made a part for you, welcome by the way, couldn’t have said that while he could fire a gun.” Said the man ironically named sue with surprisingly clean clothing but a bit of powder on his black gloves.

We eventually find the “reservation” although that term was probably one of the most positive terms in anything I have heard. Take everything you have heard from the U.N. about them and replace the word with prison (jail if you want) and there you have it, a solid definition.

The gray monotone building with watchtowers looked like Judie. Part one, getting a spy. I teleport to the roof of the wall and attempt to alter one of the guards, this time altering the memories.

A careful procedure, but just got to go back to their then set the basic rules. Now he is Victor Gavin and a spy for team galactic who is goanna trip the alarms and destroy the communications room. With the corner free sue, who turns out to be the explosives expert, sets put a small C4 pack and we wait until they alert me the sirens are going off.

And so with an explosion we were off. Slack and sue freeing the prisoners from their cells. As me and free bird cleared the way. Along the way a few small triggers on the walls were attached curtsey of the C4 man himself.

It was me with various projectiles or birdie and her water attacks clearing the halls. A few wound from the both of us with me getting the heavy of it but somewhat reduced from the armor. The prisoners free and the first floor wired we climb/flied up to the top floor with the more vital information on it including tapes and recordings from people trying to get an inside scoop on there. Alien the hacker on the team used the computers and downloaded some of the files on there.
Sue activated the chage and the walls collapsed, bricks tumbled but the guards probably got out.
The rest of us took turns guarding the doorway. He finally green lights us and we go to the roof. I hold up alien wile slack and sue ride/hang on for dear life to birdie and we fly off. We see the prisoners heading to arrange boats on the portside during all of the confusion and we make off with it. Freeing mossdeep and gaining members for the team. We hitch a ride back to kanto.

It went pretty well and our next thing to do between the 5 of us was to protect B.A.’s next point, Pyrite city.

((OCC: sry first I wanted to make it at least a bit on accurate on time but life so meh, but I got one in."


Shadow of nothing
Ian Blackwood
Galactic Plasma
Destroyed tank column

Taking a moment to bask in the destruction I turned and headed towards Lucario, while above me Salamence circled before preparing to land. As I passed a destroyed tank I heard some grunt behind me. I didn’t stop walking however, wondering if someone was actually going to attack me.

“Stop! Put your hands up and drop your gun!” A voice behind me called. I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh. How stupid was this guy? It’s not like this is TV or something like that.

“Now why should I do that?” I challenged. Not turning around. There was no response, so I assumed the guy had died, on something.

“I said stop! If you don’t listen….I…I….I’ll shoot!” The guy yelled. I kept on laughing and made a sharp motion with my left hand, turning to the left. A flash of blue moved before me, to fast for my now human eyes, and then a satisfying thud was heard. I calmed myself and joined my Pokémon, as Salamence touched down. However before anything else could happen my phone/radio squawked loudly.

"This is... uhh, Bravo Bird, and we're about thirty seven and a half... uh... clicks from the target location!" I blinked at the completely incomprehensible transmission. Who the hell was Bravo Bird and, I noted as I pulled the receiver out and looked at the transmission frequency, why were they using the standard Galactic Plasma encrypted frequency? I was fairly certain that my actual employer didn’t have any other agents in that area of Orre, not after the route of the Gateon Port bunker. The only other base I knew of was on Citdark Isle, hidden in a small house, and I didn’t want to risk giving Zero that piece of knowledge. The radio continued speaking as I thought these things. "Sitrep... situation is... uh, serious! UN's got bogeys all over the place!"

Now that I could make sense of and it helped explain the first message. These agents, whoever they were, were quite a distance from there target, whatever that was, but could tell that it was under attack, and even that it was the UN. Now the question remained who the hell were they?

"Cancel that last transmission," The radio spoke a moment latter. I frowned but listened as the voice continued. “This is Nemesis, and we're about five clicks away from target, Pyrite Town, which is currently under fire. UN seems to dominate the air, but I don't have enough of a visual on the ground forces. We're going to give Black Alpha a little edge, just to encourage them not to fall back. Out."

Now I could tell what was going on. The agent in question was Nemesis, aka Alex Waters, and one of the few other combat operative in Galactic Plasma. Only he didn’t get set on suicide jobs. It seemed his job was to bust up the UN and blame Black Alpha for it….I might as well go help, not to mention Zero would be pissed if we lost Pyrite.

I pushed a button and spoke into the phone, “Nemesis, this is Ian Blackwood. I am acting as a spy within Black Alpha and will be approaching Pyrite Town to assist that faction. Anyone who arrives from slightly south on the back of a Salamence is not; repeat is not, a threat.” I hoped he heard that since I figured where Nemesis went, Rougewolf wasn’t far behind. While I might be a Super Soldier, I wasn’t cut out to fight two Chimera at one time, and dying wasn’t on my list of things to do. I climbed onto Salamence’s back and called out Scizor as well, to make the list of Pokémon I had deployed, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Scizor Salamence, and Lucario. In other words my whole team.

“Alright Salamence, you will carry me Espeon Umbreon and Lucario, flying at a height of thirty feet. The others will follow on the ground.” I didn’t wait for question and Salamence took off to a new transmission.

“Attention all Black Alpha! We need help, we’re being overrun!!!!” I growled. So now they call for backup.

“What the hell do you mean, you are being overrun!” I snarled into the radio. Just because I already knew what was happening didn’t mean I had to say that I did. “You should be able to deal with the UN easily enough. Or must I deal with you as well?” I growled.

“No sir, but the UN brought planes! Half a dozen planes sir, and they are killing us left and right!” I snorted.

“Shut up. I will assist you momentarily. However when this is done, you will be held accountable for wasting my time. Reaper out.” I smirked, let them stew on that. I looked around and noticed that Salamence had covered the ground to Pyrite quickly; even now I could see the town, along with several columns of tanks heading towards it. I couldn’t help but smirk. Time to mess with their heads a little bit.

Pulling out my phone, I set it to broadcast on the standard UN encrypted frequency, something that I really wasn’t supposed to know. “Attention all UN agents, this is Black Alpha agent Reaper speaking. Cease you attacks on Pyrite immediately or suffer the extreme consequences of war.” I terminated the link as Salamence approached a group of UN foot soldiers having a shoot out with some of the Black Alpha troops.

Crouching I jumped off Salamence and leveled my handgun.

Time to start killing.


Weird Person
Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

With the safety off and the gun loaded Terra once again tried aiming, but she wasn't sure. She held the gun an inch from her face, but shook her head. She tried having her arms extended, but this didn't feel right either.

Sucking it up, Terra fired the gun four times, but her bullets were spread out on the target. She sighed. "This is going to be hard to get used to. The recoil of the gun makes it hard to aim after shooting it once."

She tried putting the gun in her pocket, but she forgot the safety. The gun also didn't fit well. "Actually, I should probably work on reloading and shooting again." She grabbed the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting herself in the leg. "GAH!" She dropped to the ground. "Quick, get me a bandage wrap so I can stop the bleeding!" She applied pressure to her wound to slow it down. She grit her teeth through the pain. This is why us doctors don't use guns.

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

Terra put the gun in her pocket, but it didn't fit. "Actually, I should probably work on reloading and shooting again." She tried to take the gun from her pocket, but it fired, and shot her in the leg. I gasped, but she took control of the situation. "Quick, get me a bandage wrap so I can stop the bleeding!"

Terra was the doctor, so I just did what she said. I took the first aid kit out of my bag and handed her the bandages. Then I sent out Broadsword.

"Use Heal Pulse on Terra's leg," I told him. He put his hands together, and the red shape on his torso glowed pink. A series of pink and yellow rings hit Terra's wound.

OOC: You can decide if this works.


Weird Person
ooc: In the many RPs I've done in chatrooms magical healing hurt like hell, so I'm going with that.

Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

Terra braced for pain. She had Clare use Heal Pulse to mend a few on-the-field amputations and every patient screamed bloody murder as the flesh grew back. As the rings hit her she could feel the flesh growing around the would and it burned like a red hot poker.

"GREAH!" she screamed in pain. Her eyes were shut tight and she was groaning loudly. It was 30 seconds until the wound closed. Terra stayed on the ground because her leg was still aching. She carefully took the gun out of her pocket and put it on the ground. "If I'm going to carry that around then I'll need a holster so I don't have a repeat of this." She rubbed her leg and moaned a little. "Do you have any Tylenol or Aspirin?"

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

"If I'm going to carry that around I'll need a holster so I don't have a repeat of this. Do you have any Tylenol or Aspirin?"

"Yeah, right here." I took a bag of pills out of my first aid kit and tossed it to her, then was wrapped in thought. I'd never used a holster for my handguns--I'd just put them in my pockets and was very careful about taking them out. But if there was Deagle ammunition in the shooting range, surely there'd be a holster too. I clipped my assault rifles to my belt and looked around on the shelves. All I could find was a leather sleeve for a stun baton, but it looked to be about the right size. I handed it to Terra. "See if this works as a holster."


Weird Person
Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

Terra popped an Aspirin into her mouth and swallowed it. She pushed herself off the floor and dusted herself off. Then Eric handed her something. "See if this works as a holster." Terra put on the sleeve and put the gun in there. It wasn't a perfect fit, but it was good enough.

Then Terra remembered her Pokemon. I should probably let them know about my change. She unclipped her Pokeballs and let out Clare and Jim. They both looked around confused, although Jim got in an aggressive stance. "Hey, calm down Jim. I have to let you guys know that we're now working with Galactic Plasma. It turns out the the United Nations were just as cruel as Black Alpha and that they tortured and killed Chimeras that were captured. Do you guys understand?"

Both Pokemon nodded. It would explain the negative feelings I received from her superiors whenever Terra helped a Chimera. Jim thought.

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

Terra took one of the Aspirin. Then she let out her Audino and Kadabra. Upon seeing Kadabra, Broadsword tensed up, but I held him back.

"I have to let you guys know that we're now working with Galactic Plasma. It turns out the the United Nations were just as cruel as Black Alpha and that they tortured and killed Chimeras that were captured. Do you guys understand?"

Terra's Pokemon nodded. Now that Broadsword understood, he walked up to the Kadabra.

I apologize for my rudeness before, he said. If you can forgive me, I am willing to work with you to achieve the ultimate goal of Galactic Plasma.

I smiled. Broadsword never ceased to amaze. Always a gentleman, but a fearsome battler. And of course, my best friend.

"Well, that's settled." I took a Poke Ball off my belt, and Pterror appeared in a flash of light. "Go scout out the rest of Orre," I told him. "See if it's safe to head back yet."

The Archeops nodded, then flew out the window.


Weird Person
ooc: [Stuff in this is Pokemon talking] just an FYI.

Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

[I apologize for my rudeness before,] Broadsword said to Jim. [If you can forgive me, I am willing to work with you to achieve the ultimate goal of Galactic Plasma.]

[It is no problem. I would have made a similar action if you tried to harm Terra.] Jim replied. [Although you would probably best me with your speed and mind resistance. I had no idea that you would grab me like that so predicting your movements would be nigh impossible.]

[Well if Jim here can't predict your movements then even together we'd have a problem,] Clare chimed in, [after all, I have to predict when to use Heal Pulse otherwise I might use it as Jim gets attacked and it will go to waste.]

Meanwhile Terra saw that Eric sent his Archeops to scout the area. "Are you sure he won't get spotted? If he gets tagged or is fallowed then we might be in serious trouble. The United Nations has a powerful air unit that would cause major trouble even for a Dragoon squadron from the Final Fantasy series, and those guys rip through flying enemies like paper."

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

It is no problem. I would have made a similar action if you tried to harm Terra. Although you would probably best me with your speed and resistance. I had no idea you would grab me like that--predicting your movements would be nigh impossible.

The Audino said something in reply, but not being psychic like Kadabra, I couldn't understand it.

"Are you sure he won't get spotted?" Terra asked. "If he gets tagged or is followed then we might be in serious trouble. The UN has a powerful air unit that would cause major trouble for even a Dragoon squadron from Final Fantasy series, and those guys rip through flying enemies like paper."

"First off, you know a lot about video games," I began. "And second, Pterror will be fine. Archeops are actually somewhat common around the desert area. People will just see him as an ordinary wild Pokemon."

Eric, Broadsword said, I just thought it would be prudent to know that the Kadabra is named Jim.

"OK, Jim. Got it."


Darkling's Lullaby
OOC: Back! Took a nap nice and early, so I should be going strong for awhile.

Strauffor Tenno
Freelancer/Black Alpha (tentative)
Pyrite Town

Strauffor would have replied to Zack, but the bullets made a short, temporary hell of the rooftop. Yubel lashed out with vines to secure them to part of a still stable area, while Strauffor gasped as she slid. For a second, she dangled by Yubel’s vines and a single hand, blackness trying to engulf her.

It might have, if not for the taste suddenly in her mouth, making her gag. While Strauffor’s ability centered on the taste of a person’s blood, with nuances in it known only to her, the taste vanished once the person was dead. Save for this one. Rot nearly overpowered it, a reminder, but under it was stone and dark soil and the curious taste that was no taste of truly pure water. Sabrina had never detected medium abilities in Strauffor, nor any kind of haunting, so Strauffor guessed that the taste and the voice that accompanied it were products of her own mind.

Stand up, Strauffor Rhiannon Lenertz-Tenno. This is not the time to pass out and die.
The voice was young, male, and as soft and flat as her own. A dead boy’s voice, but it did the trick. Strauffor’s grip solidified on the rubble, and she heaved herself up, ignoring the scrapes along her arms and the gash bleeding down her face. None of it was getting in her eyes, after all. Yubel whined and released the bruised vines, looking dismayed at the shredded leaves on her tail. Strauffor shook her hair out of her face.

“Bloody jerkwad, I liked this shirt. Zack, does Blaze think he can do some fast aerial manuvers with two?” She picked up the item she’d spotted in the rubble, a .50 cal sniper’s rifle with a box of ammo meant to fell at the least a rampaging Chimera the size of a Wailord with an Aggron’s armoring. “I can aim this thing and pull the trigger, but the recoil will absolutely wreck my shoulder joints. You could hold it and brace it, but probably wouldn’t be as sure of a shot.” Strauffor didn’t mention that she was likely to throw the thing in panic once she’d shot it if she was holding it as well. She hated guns, the sound of them and the smell of them and the weight. Knives required closeness, true, but they didn’t sicken her the way guns did.
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Dark Pulse94

Scienta Potentia Est
(OOC - there were five when you met them, and only three are entering the room)
Corporal X
Hidden Outpost, Pyrite Town, Orre

As X and his crew entered the room, we noticed the darkness and instantly switched to nightvision. The Place was crawling with people! No matter, it was obvious they had less advanced guns, so they would have a hard time not only penetrating our armour, but also getting a clear shot without hurting one another.
"I got nothing for you, check with Rover," The doorman said to us, keeping his rifle ready, "And don't try anything stupid."
"Same goes for you." X responded, polishing his combat knife like it was a trophy. An obvious warning. "We've got the worlds best sniper sitting up in the building opposite, and he's got his sight trained on you as well as anyone visible from the windows."

Sentiments aside, X, Chan and SLAG headed over to where Jack Rover was, hidden away in the back of the room.
"So you thought to bring me to an environment where you thought you had the advantage, eh?" X said to Rover in an almost condescending tone. "Oh well, for now I'll play your game."

X then switched to the radio helmet so nobody could hear him.
"There's a lot of them, but that's no trouble. SLAG, Chan, move to the corners of the room. KaS, don't let yourself be ambushed. QuickScope, keep an eye on the doorman and anyone else you can find."
Receiving four responses of "Roger" - X continued.

"I've been asked to come here in search of a group of Vigilantes. Their leader goes by the name of Juan Mendez. Do you or do you not know of these people? I need to know where they currently are and where they are going to be in the near future."
X Paused for a second.
"Or, if you don't want to tell us, we can have the UN officers come in here and lock you all up for lawless activities and unauthorised ownership of weaponry. But that's not my department. I'm just the Special Ops."

Aura Wolfe

Well-Known Member
(OOC: Sorry, the internet was down, but it’s all good now.)

Sophie Lance
Pyrite Town

Sophie watched and listened to the conversation going around her with much interest. This Chimera wanted their help? That was… unusual, she had to admit. She was more than happy to share her view on this entire mess that was going on at the moment, but the waitress came over with their orders before she could speak. With a curt nod, Sophie decided to wait until after they’d finished eating.

She was focused on her meal entirely, until a low growl came from beside her. Sophie’s head snapped up in alarm, and she looked around for the source of the noise. It appeared to be Zach’s shiny Charizard, who looked most uneasy. Seconds later, their host let out a snarl as well. Sophie’s hands tightened into fists, and her heart started pounding.

“Guys, I think something's wrong, It's rare for Blaze to be worked up like this, and I don't like that stance he's in...” Zach said, grimacing as he spoke.

Anything else that would have been said was cut off by a loud sound, that ripped through the air and forced the teenager to shove her hands over her ears. While she yelped in pain from the sound, their host leapt up from the table and moved away, heading towards the stairs. Strauffor followed him, while Zach headed out the main door. Not wishing to be left alone, she darted out after him, only to be left alone when he took off on Blaze.

“Oh Arceus freaking dammit…” Sophie snarled with annoyance.

She spun around, hearing a loud, and slightly familiar shout. It was that Chimera from before, the Machamp one. She was engaging a whole group of UN soldiers by herself, moving faster than any of them could. It was impressive, but Sophie could see the red stains of blood on her, and knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to take them down alone. She didn’t hesitate.

The nearest UN solider turned as she got close to him, and pulled his shotgun around. Sophie grabbed the barrel of the gun and shoved it to the ground, then kicked the man in the face. He staggered backwards, blood gushing from his nose. Without missing a beat, she danced forwards and punched him hard in the chest, followed by a punch to the throat. He dropped to the ground, gasping for air.

Another solider spun, taking aim with her gun at Sophie’s chest. As she pulled the trigger, a light blue barrier appeared between them, making the bullet deflect off it and into the leg of another solider. He roared with pain just as she heard an eerie giggle from behind her.

“Kione!” Sophie commanded. “Disable their weapons!” She knew very well that the order could be ignored, seeing as Kione was a wild Banette. But it would be helpful if he could.

“Oh no you don’t!” The wounded man yelled, and threw a Great Ball at the ground. In a flash of white light, a bulky looking dog Pokemon appeared, letting out a low growl. She wasn’t quite sure what it was called, but it had brown fur, and what appeared to be a really, really long thick moustache and a furry face. However, judging by its colours, it could be a normal type, which could be a bit of a problem for Kione.

The Banette laughed a challenge for all to hear, before shooting a blue and white flame towards the dog. It exploded upon contact, burning his opponent. The wounded man opened his mouth to shout an attack, just as Kione moved, suddenly blurred and punched the dog across the jaw.

“Stoutland, use Crunch!” The man exclaimed. The, er, Stoutland, didn’t hesitate, and wrapped its jaws around the Banettes smaller body, chomping down. For a moment, Kione writhed in pain, before phasing through the creatures skull and moving away, murder in his eyes.

“Lass!” The Chimera cried in pain as a bullet entered one of her many arms. “A hand would be wonderful!”

Leaving Kione to fight his own battle, Sophie leapt forwards and kicked one of the soliders attacking the Chimera with the blade of her foot. She missed the intended target of the back of his knee, which would surely dislocate his leg, going a little too low, but the force knocked him over, leaving him dazed for a moment. She took the opportunity to stomp down on his hand, shattering the bones within.

A roar filled the Chimera’s body as suddenly her hair turned into a V shaped mane of flames, fire covering her hands. She leapt forwards and punched a woman in the face, which caused her hair to catch on fire, before spinning around and picking the wounded man up into the air, hurling him into the wall. He fell to the ground, and laid still.

For a moment, the two of them stood there, panting, before realising that all of the soldiers were unable to fight, or dead. Kione laughed playfully as the Stoutland looked towards the dead UN solider, confusion filling its eyes. Slowly, it walked over to the corpse, then laid down next to him and howled mournfully. Sophie saw the Chimera bite her lip, seeming to regret having caused the Pokemon pain. She said something to the dog in its language, causing it to lay down on the body, protecting it.

“He is protecting the body.” She told Sophie, her mane still raging with fire. “Stoutland’s are insanely loyal to their trainers, even if they think what they are doing is wrong.”

“I thought you were just a Machamp Chimera, but Machamps don’t have flaming manes.” Sophie pointed out to her.

“Yes, well, I also have the DNA of a Darmanitan in me, but it only seems to turn up when I’m close to dying.” She looked at her blood stained hands. “The fact that I could use fire magic at all is a cause for concer-“

A single gunshot rang out as her head exploded, showering Sophie with blood and brain matter. She let out a cry of shock and threw herself to the side, missing a second bullet. As the body of the Chimera collapsed, the enemy was revealed to be the man that Sophie had first attacked, a huge Golem and a tiny Kecleon beside him.

“Gol, Blender, make quick work of the Banette.” He said, eyes deadly. “I’ll take care of this girl.”

The two Pokemon lumbered off to the side, the Golem roaring a challenge for all to here. Kione eyed the two of them nervously, before letting out and creepy giggle and disappeared into a building. The Golem smashed the wall down, and the two of them followed. Sophie paid little attention to them though; Kione could easily lose them if he needed too. Her eyes were focused on the barrel of deadly and powerful looking gun that the man had, aimed right at her head.

“You made a very foolish mistake back there girl, choosing to help a Chimera.” He said softly. “Even if you are but a girl, and know nothing of the world, you still must have been intelligent enough to figure out that trying to help a Chimera would most certainly result in your death.”

Sophie took another step back, turning slightly side on so she could hide her hand as it reached into her pocket, and closed around the syringe. She prayed it was what Stauffor had said it was.

“You’re a pretty little thing, yes, but it makes no difference to me. Say goodnight now.” He aimed as Sophie pulled out the syringe, her hands coated with sweat, her heart in her chest and her brain screaming: run for your effing life!

“Eh, I’ll pass.” She said, and she plunged the needle into her arm, quickly injecting the Chimera Mutagen. She felt her body start to glow with heat, and she let out a cry of joy as she felt the DNA surge through her body, fusing with her own and changing her body. The entire process of evolution only lasted for a second, but the light it gave off was enough to make the man have to turn to shield his eyes.

With her eyesight and all her other senses feeling heightened, Sophie just let her body move instinctively, without thinking about it at all. She leapt forwards, beating the small white wings on each side of her head to let her gain more distance and height, before swinging an extra limb which she appeared to have gained during the evolution. As it hit the man in the face, Sophie realised that it was her hair, acting as a powerful tail. He reached for his gun, aiming again as the basic Chimera opened her mouth. Purple and yellow flames spilled out, engulfing his body completely. He screamed and let a final bullet fly, but Sophie just raised a protective shield around herself, and it bounced away harmlessly.

She closed her jaws and studied the charred remains of the man, flicking her forked tongue and tasting the air around her. It smelt of ash, blood, and there was a strange smell in the air too, that reminded her of grass. With a jolt, she realised the smell came from her.

Sophie turned around and moved back towards the Steakhouse, unwilling to stay anywhere near the dead. However, she was surprised to find upon arriving that the building was in a very sorry state, having been nearby a powerful attack. As she got closer, she saw the form of Host (she thought of that bug Chimera as that instinctively) soaring into the sky. And then suddenly, there was a huge swarm of them, all heading to attack the planes.

She summoned a whirlwind of leaves around herself, and opened the wings on her head to allow herself to be lifted into the air and onto the top of the wrecked building, her eyes searching for any signs of Strauffor and Zach.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Rooftop of Super Grand Hotel, Pyrite Town, Orre

Thankfully, we had set up a position on top of the Super Grand Hotel, which was still intact. The hotel itself was a relatively safe distance away from the rest of the combat going on in town, but we weren't exactly perfectly safe here either. Regardless, I had an exit strategy, if it was needed. Meanwhile, from what I could see, there was quite a bit of blood in the streets, and the UN was essentially showing no mercy against the Chimeras.

Setting up the scaled up M95 didn't take too long, but this position allowed me to have a pretty decent view of the rest of the town. Meanwhile, the UN was crawling everywhere, and from what I could tell, the battle had gotten pretty bloody. Shortly after setting up position with Janine using bionoculars to spot targets, I got a message from our contact in Orre.

"Nemesis, this is Ian Blackwood," The contact told me, although we had met before. "I am acting as a spy within Black Alpha and will be approaching Pyrite Town to assist that faction. Anyone who arrives from slightly south on the back of a Salamence is not; repeat is not, a threat."

"Copy that," I replied to him on my own radio. "Current position is on the Super Grand Hotel rooftop. Meet us there if you can, we'll cover you. I'll brief you on the mission we're deployed for."

Meanwhile, Janine got to work on spotting targets, even though there were plenty. She avidly looked left and right, and was giggling.

"They're freaking everywhere, honey bunny!" She chuckled before unwrapping another rainbow-colored lollipop and sticking it in her mouth. "Plenty of UN people to splatter! Which one of these morons to do you want start with?"

"Ones that aren't looking in our direction and aren't in groups," I told her, knowing the whole point of sniping was to take out targets and stay hidden. "Don't worry if they're in a vehicle. In fact, it might be a good idea to target drivers, if you can see them."

I could tell Janine wanted to be the one shooting, not just painting targets, but she still seemed to enjoy the feeling that comes to marking targets for death. She joined me besides the cover of the air conditioning unit, and proceeded to be on the lookout.

"Feel the wrath of Snowshoe and Nemesis, United Numbnuts!" Janine giggled avidly. "Bunny power forever!"

"Snowshoe?" I asked her, wondering if that's the call sign she picked. "Not a bad call sign, if that's what you're picking."

"Yeppers!" She replied with glee, whipping out her scanning binoculars. "Now then, let's see who's on the Grim Reaper's Candid Camera!"

She was psychotic, but at least dependable. Insanity in an ally was better than insanity in an enemy. Still wasn't sure if I'd trust my life to her, but considering she wanted nothing more than for me to ask her to marry me, I figured she'd rip anyone's head off who tried to hurt me. I still wasn't sure if having that kind of bodyguard was the best or worst thing that could have happened to me.

Loading in the enlarged magazine of the scaled up M95 rounds, I set the sniper rifle into position, and looked into the scope. Hopefully we could turn the tables around in this battle, and keep Black Alpha in control of Pyrite Town. I didn't want the UN to get too comfortable in here, especially when Team Galactic Plasma was definitely not ready to begin teraforming work on the moon. Better they fight over here than in Unova.


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Rooftop of Super Grand Hotel, Pyrite Town, Orre

Ooh ho ho!, this was going to be fun! I just had to remember what Alex taught me about spotting. I had practiced it before, but ah, this wasn't a drill. Meanwhile, I felt alert and ready for anything. Sucking on the sweet lollipop in my mouth, I looked for the first candidate for death!

Sooo many UN dimwits to choose from, all conveniently wearing the same uniforms. I saw a bunch running across the street, all hustling like a bunch of drunken Zigzagoons with sticks up their anuses! I then looked through the scope and spotted a viable candidate. Ugly looking meathead with a machine gun on a bipod trying to cover a street.

"Dimwit to the left, two and a half quarter value at left 14 degrees, mounted belt-fed weapon facing southwest," I told Alex, snickering. "Good hunting."

Alex held his breath, and I just waited for the moment. And then... BOOM! Boy that gun was loud! I watched as the UN machine gunner didn't just get shot. He freaking exploded from the size and force of that bullet! It even took out a nice portion of the wall that had been behind him! And that meant it was time for target number two!

Searching around, I found a guy driving an armored Humvee, which was loaded with people. I knew this was against Alex's ideal targets, but if that Humvee was taken out and no one lived to tell the tale, our location wouldn't be compromised, or whatever fancy term they used.

"Armored Humvee closing in half a click to the north, fully stocked," I reported to Alex, avidly waiting to see what he was going to do to these scrubs. "Right 16 value, downward 32 degrees and dropping. Good hunting."

"You'd better hope this hits and takes them all out for both our sake," Alex told me, not really liking the fact I was getting greedy pretty early. "Remember, you stand out more than I do, Snowshoe."

"Oh, just shoot those worms already, you know you want to!" I giggled. "They'll think they were shot by a tank, not a sniper!"

He didn't respond, and I just looked at the moving Humvee, just eagerly awaiting the destruction. Soon enough, Alex fired, and the driver of the Humvee, his chair, and a good portion of the Humvee was pulverized! It was enough to send the Humvee into the air and then tumbling over a few times. It was then that a few Black Alpha Chimeras took advantage of the disabled Humvee and used some fire attacks on it, causing it to explode.

"Grr, kill-stealers!" I growled at them. "Those were ours!"

"Never mind that," Alex told me, just trying to get ready for the next target. "Keep on the lookout."

I kept looking around, and then something caught my eye on one of the building rooftops. I zoomed in closer and realized it was definitely a familiar target. It was a UN sniper and a spotter, facing another building, seemingly quite focused on a particular target, which thankfully wasn't us. It was none other than that QuickScope guy and his buddy KaS, two of the members of Corporal X's team. Payback time for what happened in Gateon Port!

"Ho boy, you're going to like this," I giggled. "Rooftop of three story apartment, 34 degrees to the right, upward 19. Look familiar?"

"Damn, is that who I think it is?" Alex asked, spotting the targets for himself. "Isn't that KaS and QuickScope?"

"Ding! Ding! Ding!" I laughed. "Johnny, tell our winner what he's won! Why, none other than the golden opportunity to splatter them halfway across Pyrite Town! Although I imagine if you shoot one, the other's gonna run off like a little girl scout stung by a Beedrill. Take out QuickScope, I never did like that prick."

Alex didn't hesitate. In fact, he seemed more inclined to do the job. He took aim, held his breath, and then squeezed the trigger.

And I just watched and waited for the results...

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Theresa Del Monico the Roguewolf
Team Galactic Plasma
Rooftop of Super Grand Hotel, Pyrite Town, Orre

We reached Pyrite town after some time...and two bottles of Red Tauros. Janine was becoming unbearable. As if I was even a sweetie girl. No effing way, I was a spicy food kind of girl.

And "Bravo Bird"? Seriously? That was freakin' hilarious and stupid. Nobody would take anyone codenamed "Bravo Bird" seriously. Well, at least she changed it to "Snowshoe" once we reached the hotel. More reasonable and less...crazy.

I took my scythe in one hand and Alex's rifle in the other as the UN closed in. That way, I could shoot at any distance and slash and poison anything or anyone that came closer to me. They were doing a good job so far.

"Damn, is that who I think it is? Isn't that KaS and QuickScope?" Alex suddenly asked. Corporal X's gang? Mein Gott...them?

I looked down and saw that they were right. The UN was now crowded around the building. Black Alpha was also around. I shook my head, within a while, we could be trapped. I looked towards Alex as I stepped towards him. Reaching into my utility belt, I took out two pairs of red goggles and tossed them at Alex and Janine.

"Put them on. It's going to get a little...sandy. They'll help you see and aim properly." I told them as I allowed my wings to flap swiftly and conjure up a Sandstorm. I intensified the gusts, allowing the dust storm to intensify. Once I deemed it thick enough, I leapt over the edge of the rooftop, my wings propelling me downwards. I held out my rifle and began to shoot downwards, laughing guiltlessly.

"Die, die UN!" I whispered as I closed in on the ground. Quickly, I executed Dig as I looked around, searching for where UN could have clumped the most. Within seconds, I was underground, beneath the rocks, soil and sand...where no-one would expect me.

Once down there, I lay on my back and raised my rifle to just below the surface and my scythe's edge to poke out just above. Deeming my position good enough, I allowed my wings to propel me around quickly as I started firing bullets upwards and out of the ground, hoping that they killed at least some of the UN. It was the best I could do to help. Clumping up there will leave us trapped sooner or later. Corporal X's scent was getting surprisingly close, I could smell them. Immediately, I surfaced in front of them.

"Say goodnight, X! That's what happens to traitors." I snarled as I held up my rifle, starting to pull the trigger.

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Weird Person
Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

"First off, you know a lot about video games," Eric began. "And second, Pterror will be fine. Archeops are actually somewhat common around the desert area. People will just see him as an ordinary wild Pokemon." Then he said "OK, Jim. Got it."

"Yep, and my Audino is named Clare. Anyways, when you're in medical school or working as a doctor you need a form of release. For me, that form is video games. I just like being able to save a fictional world from the fictional evils that plague it."

Then Terra turned to the window. "Still, I'm worried about your Archeops. If it flies into Gaeton Port then it might attract attention. Gaeton isn't really a desert place so an Archeops might attract attention."

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

Zack gasped as bullets were sent towards the small group of the rooftop, he winced as one nicked his shoulder sending scarlett red drops of blood splattering over the place. He smell of iron or whatever hit Zack's tastebuds and his nose wrinkled up at the smell. His shoulder was throbbing, and there was a sharp pain. Gah, bastards, they'll pay for that. He muttered, flames threatening to spurt from the back of his neck and his lower back.

Blaze let out a roar, eager for battle, and flew over to where Strauffor was standing, scratched and bloodied.
“Bloody jerkwad, I liked this shirt. Zack, does Blaze think he can do some fast aerial manuvers with two?” She picked up the item she’d spotted in the rubble, an item that Zack knew was some sort of gun, but couldn't really tell what it would do. “I can aim this thing and pull the trigger, but the recoil will absolutely wreck my shoulder joints. You could hold it and brace it, but probably wouldn’t be as sure of a shot.”

Blaze can carry two people and still be pretty speedy, but I do have another flying Pokemon if you want to use her. He pulled out a Pokeball and let out his Pidgeot. This is Queenie, she's the fastest Pokemon on my team, and is very agile. The bird Pokemon stretched her wings and let out a cry.

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

"I'm still worried about your Archeops. If it flies into Gaeton Port then it might attract attention. Gaeton isn't really a desert place so an Archeops might attract attention."

"I can see why you'd think that," I said. "But most of its food--Ratatta, Zigzagoon and the like--are located outside the desert. So they'd think he was hunting."

Suddenly, a Galactic Plasma agent burst into the room. "Eric, we need you to help us," he stammered. "You're the only one with the proper Pokemon!"

"Slow down," I said. "What's the big deal?"

"There's a bunch of Steelix outside, and they're getting ready to tear the base down! Our bullets aren't even denting them and we don't have any Fire types!"

I turned to Terra. "Stay here," I said. I then ran outside past the agent, my hand on Forcefire's Poke ball.


Weird Person
Terra Ferest
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Shooting Range

Suddenly, a Galactic Plasma agent burst into the room. "Eric, we need you to help us," he stammered. "You're the only one with the proper Pokemon!"

"Slow down," Eric said. "What's the big deal?"

"There's a bunch of Steelix outside, and they're getting ready to tear the base down! Our bullets aren't even denting them and we don't have any Fire types!"

Eric turned to Terra and instructed her to stay put, which she did. Jim and Clare had other ideas. Jim teleported the two Pokemon to Eric and they ran along with him.

We wish to help you. he said with his mind. My Hidden Power is the fire type while Clare can use Helping Hand and Heal Pulse. While we don't fallow Terra's instructions in battle, it's because we know how to battle better than she does. We are willing to fallow your orders in this situation.

ooc: Unlike Terra, her Pokemon are good in a fight.


Shadow of nothing
Ian Blackwood
Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town

I broadsided that first group of UN soldiers, catching them totally unawares, something I liked, since it allowed me the element of surprise elsewhere. Even better, my presence seemed to hearten the troops who saw me, meaning that Black Alpha would fight even more fiercely than usual. I ducked behind an overturned vehicle, trying to decide on the best course of action. However that was decided for me when Salamence landed with a mighty crash, my Pokémon jumping off its back and spreading out, quickly and efficiently doing away with the scattered UN troops they met.

While they were doing that I pulled out my radio to receive a message that it had recorded while I was yelling at my new subordinates. I pushed the button and strained my ears to listen.

"Copy that," came the recording, in a voice that I vaguely recognized as Waters.. "Current position is on the Super Grand Hotel rooftop. Meet us there if you can, we'll cover you. I'll brief you on the mission we're deployed for." I grimaced. The hotel was on the other side of town, and town was crawling with UN soldiers. I wasn’t looking forwards to this, genetic mutations or not.

“F*ck you, Waters.” I growled. Swiftly I pulled out my Pokéballs, recalling Salamence Jolteon and Umbreon. Salamence would get shot to pieces, Umbreon had no shadows to work with, and the raw speed of Jolteon wouldn’t help in close quarters. Espeon jumped up and curled it self around my neck, a slightly uncomfortable but very useful position. Lucario and Scizor took up positions to my right and left. Grimly I started towards the hotel, readying myself for some nasty combat.

As I left the edge of town and entered a more central area, the first thing I noticed was that Black Alpha was getting slaughtered. No, slaughtered sounded too nice; I concluded after a moments contemplation. Utterly massacred fit the bill better, since I could only find a selected few Black Uniforms intact around the area, and that was something I wanted to change.

As I leapt forwards the world around me blurred, as another genetic enhancement set in. This one, I figured, was speed and I made good use of it, simply stopping behind a group of UN soldier, who again didn’t see me coming. I shot the first one in the back of the head, knifed a second and punched the third so hard his neck broke. I jumped away before the other two could understand what was happening and attacked another group. Off to my left I could see Scizor and Lucario making short work of various groups of soldiers, usually in a very brutal fashion. I held in a wince as Scizor used X Scissor to decapitate on guy. Dispatching my latest opponents I holstered my pistol, and drew my assault rifle instead.

My Pokémon joined me, covered in blood, and I couldn’t tell if it was theirs or not. So to be on the safe side I recalled them and raced towards the hotel once more.

As I ran I would occasionally take potshots are various UN squads, while racing past them and trying to remain unchallenged. This worked very well, at least until I came to the area outside the hotel itself. Kneeling in the shadow of a building, I couldn’t help but wince, the whole place was surrounded with guys, and there wasn’t a good way inside.

“Well I guess we are gonna have to gamble.” I murmured to Espeon which hissed in response. Just then a figure appeared on the edge of the building, but I couldn’t get a good look at them since my eye sight was not currently enhanced. However I got a fair idea of who the person was when a sandstorm whipped up suddenly. Before I had a chance to say anything, Espeon raised a Light Screen around me, keeping the sand away from my person.

Knowing that this could be my only chance to get in the building, I quickly exploded forwards covering the short distance to the hotel as fast as I could. Behind me I could hear bullets flying and screams, but I ignored them, even when several grazed my legs. With a crash the doors of the building gave in and I rolled into the foyer. Roughly a dozen UN troops were there, and surprised by my sudden entrance were unable to draw weapons in time. I fired nine shots and hit nine of the guys in the head, for instant kills. Ignoring the blood mesh I made, and with no time to reload my assault rifle, I attacked the remaining three with knives.

Just before I hit them I had a fleeting thought that hand to hand combat was the worst part of my job. However I quenched that thought and lashed out, gouging the first man across the stomach, his entrails spilling outwards. The next man I stabbed in the eye, just a something thudded against my upper arm. Turning my head I saw the last UN soldier, looking on with wide eyes at his knife, which was currently sunk into my body armor. I smiled at him, under my hood so he really couldn’t see it, before bringing my other arm across and goring him stomach area. He screamed pitifully as I ran for the stairs, fully aware that more UN would try and enter soon.

Climbing up the levels of the hotel wasn’t hard, but extremely irritating, since random people would appear with weapons and Espeon couldn’t always keep me from harm. I stood ready to head up onto the roof. Every step hurt, since I had gotten shot in the right leg, and my side, along with a fracture in my left arm. Sadly fighting dulled even super human reflexes and the last two floors had roughed me up quite a bit. Even worse was that Espeon couldn’t manage to defend me well in close quarters, since it couldn’t raise Reflect fast enough. Grimly I pushed back my hood revealing my face before opening the door to the roof top. Before walking out, I made sure that my guns were put away, just in case, and that my remaining knives were holstered. Finally I reached up and lifted Espeon from its place setting the Psychic cat at my feet.

With that I stepped onto the rooftop.

“So what job did they saddle you with Nemesis?” I called out.