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Operation Chimera - Trinity of Darkness


Borderline Troll
Herman Blake
Engaging Hostiles, Pyrite, Orre

Aztec 7 and I begin to loop around, starting out on our second attack run, hoping to disable enough Black Alpha targets to let our ground-boys out of that mess. Our aircraft bank hard and right, leaving Aztec 6 to regroup with the U.N.S. Red Crown. I look out to my side as I begin turning wide, happy to see that Aztec 7 is still holding formation with me. We'll do as many passes as it takes to--

"SHIIIITTT!!" I suddenly hear a cry from Aztec 6 over the radio. Before I can respond to his cry, I and Aztec 7 are almost immediately under assault from a barrage... of clone Chimera!? All the same damn one! Some sort of black, Scyther-like assailant, a hundred times over- wielding a scythes, were racing towards Aztec 7 and I. Immediately we break formation, and throttle out and away as the swarm draws near, our engines roaring loudly as flame bellows from them. The clones try to course correct, though they end up getting split as Aztec 7 and I go separate directions. I pull slightly to the left, throttling forward. The clones accelerate, trying to keep up with my aircraft, though as I keep up my turn they find it difficult to break their mindless follow-the-leader protocol, all of them tailing my aircraft in an attempt to slice into its rear.

“I CAN’T SHAKE THIS DAMN THING!! ARRGH!!!” I look ahead of me, resting my head back as I begin to circle left—And see, to my abject horror, that Aztec 6’s aircraft has been latched onto by one of these things, and it was violently ripping away at his already damaged aircraft, its Scythe ripping holes into the armor of his aircraft—And a shot straight through the roof of his cockpit. I hear a gut-wrenching scream for all but a moment, before Aztec 6’s line goes dead. My heart goes cold as I watch his burning plane begin to slowly spiral down to Earth, and that thing leaves it. My mind has gone blank, and my eyes just dully follow Aztec 6’s aircraft as it slam into the ground below, vaporizing in a small, orange and yellow burst of flame and scrap. I’ve lost a third good pilot to the Chimera.

“Boss, firing on bandits at your six…” I hear, in the voice of Aztec 7. I’m not really focused on him right around now as I turn my eyes back, noticing that the creature that had just ripped my friend’s aircraft apart was now speeding towards me. “El-Tee, whenever I’m gunning this things, they just disappear. Anything that reaches my bird just disappears, too.” I recognize it subconsciously first, as the signs of a Double Team. A well done Double Team-variant, used to distract us while that son of a bitch attacked and destroyed a fleeing combatant. I watch, slowly, as the Scyther race towards my aircraft, growing faster by the second. I could see the anger in its eyes as it lurched for my aircraft.

I wished it knew the hate in mine as I turned for it, and throttled my stick. For a moment, it seemed I would ram it, pushing my stick hard and letting my engines whine as we approached each other on a collision course. My aircraft begins streaming long lines of white steam, the engines glowing a hot orange as they released their thin jets of flame, and my speedometer quickly rose. That bug and I were just a second away from each other, and neither of us wanted to give up our game of chicken as the last split second approached. I was almost in a trance—I wanted nothing else but to splatter this cowardly S.O.B. over my windshield. But I knew what I was doing.

“Boss, what are you--!?” Aztec 7 began to call, still lancing lines of cannon fire through the Double Team clones chasing behind me I presumes, though they were far too slow to keep up with my nearly super-sonic aircraft. I don’t hear him finish before I jerk my aircraft hard and to the side, pulling on my rightward foil. The airflow around my bird changes, and in an instant, I’m caught in an Aileron roll. I my bird suddenly turns, I hear a loud THUMP, and high-pitched, short scraping, on the bottom as the bug whizzes past, and soon I pass up the flaming wreckage of my wing-mate, Aztec 6… God rest his soul, poor bastard… Black plumes of smoke begin to rise up from the desert floor where my pilot had lost his life, and I look forward towards the setting sun as it begins to cast its ominous purple and orange glow across the landscape. I see a few yellow streaks of twenty-five millimeter rounds streaking past, and I turn away from them as Aztec 7 whizzes past. “God damn, where’s he go!?”

I honestly didn’t know, though I knew that this day wasn’t going to end until one or both of us were blown out of the sky. As Aztec 7 turned back, telling me “Returning to air support, our boys are getting pounded down there,” He tells me. I know it’s true, our soldiers are getting wrecked without air support, and I’m quick to call that in to command. He falls to the left, returning to the city to give CAS to troops on the ground.

U.N.S. Red Crown, this is Aztec Leader Actual. Aztec 6 is dead, Pyrite heavily contested, Vice Admiral,” I speak, directly to the currently captain of the U.N.S. Red Crown. I trusted Vice-Admiral Lord Derrison to be a ways more competent to Moby when it came to matters like this. “Requesting full launch of reserve fighters in Aztec; over.”

I waited for what seemed like hours for the reply, and I got what I had hoped for. A voice, deeper and smoother than Moby’s, answers my request. “Roger that, This is Derrison Actual” Comes Derrison’s calm demeanor. “Launching Aztecs, 3, 4, 5, 8. Obsidian away, ETA 20 minutes.”

I breath in sharply through my nose, thinking this over for a moment. The image of Aztec’s burning jet, despite its gruesome familiarity to me, was etched into my mind, right alongside the images of the other wingmates I’d lost. I’d promised not to lose another and I’d failed in that regard… How the remaining Aztecs, my remaining… friends will continue to operate under my leadership knowing what I’ve lost? I can’t know, but I know we’re going to need my squadron to hold Pirate, even if we are limping on less than our usual legs. “Copy that. Be advised: Chimera Bandits in the area. Scyther-hybrid, Class Two, call is Sigma Bravo,” I report back, and the radio goes a dull silence.

I turn my aircraft to the left, and am preparing to circle around for that damned Scyther, when I hear my radio crackle with yet another disturbance, that of another distressed man on the ground. “Mayday, mayday, this is Lt. Maxwell Jules!” He calls in, and I can here the crack of rifles bounding around him. “This is Foxtrot Niner, we’re pinned by a sniper! fucker’s good, too! Picked off a HUMVEE, and I don’t know how many damn boys of ours!”

“Roger—“ I start, but I find my voice is in line with someone else’s; Aztec 7’s. I stay quiet a moment, and let him handle this. “This is Aztec 7. Highlight a target, I’ll squash it for ya,” He calls back. I could always trust Aztec 7, Jackson, to take charge even when I couldn’t. Sometimes it led to the butting of heads, but he was a good man, and if he wanted to take this, I’d let him. I got a bigger fish to fry anyways. I have a wing-mate to avenge. He throttles off, and I see an orange square appear, right over the roof of the Super Grand Hotel. Quite a large building, no wonder a good sniper chose it. Though, an even better sniper would have picked somewhere a little more inconspicuous, I’d assume, but that’s not my problem at the moment. I see Aztec 7 heading off for it, and I start searching the skies for my bandit.

“Got ‘em on the scope… Chimera sniper, looks like… tight grouping of them…” That catches my interest momentarily, but I’ve already found something that caught it even more: At my ten o’ clock low, I see the bastard that ripped my third friend out of the sky from me, coming straight at me again. It was almost funny; my bird cruised around three times as fast as he was going, and the only way he’s going to take me on is if I slow down. So I do. “Switching to CBU-47s,” My wing-mate calls, a few clicks to my right and soaring for the hotel. Cluster bombs; nasty things. Bombs that detected when they were around a hundred feet from the target, and would pre-emptively burst into dozens of baseball-sized sub munitions, to saturate in area in explosives. In this case, a rooftop made a valid target, since the exploding bomblets will probably smother the entire roof, as in addition to most anything near-by. The building was about to become unrecognizable in a few moments.

25x137mm CANNON – ARMED

The text in my HUD blinks back on the bottom as I flip my trigger open, and angle myself for the mindlessly-charging Chimera. His clones have all but separated at this point, with a few remaining, but I recognize this one, oh yes. At the rates we’re going, we’re all but two seconds from each other, locked in another game of chicken. This time, nobody’s backing out. Aztec 7’s voice comes in loud and clear over the radio again. “Box 8, away!” I hear, indicating he’s just launched his cluster bomb for that rooftop. I’m not bothered with it though, as I line up my aircraft perfectly with the Chimera at the last second, my finger depressing the trigger.

25x137mm CANNON – FIRING

And like that, a thundering whip of cannon rounds spurts out at a rate of sixty-rounds per second from my whirring minigun, the recoil shuddering my bird as I drag my crosshairs across the fast-approaching, enraged dot…

OOC: Yes, the aircraft did take damage, i.e. the scrape, but because of first-person, Blake doesn't know the extent of the damage yet, since it was on the bottom.

Also, here's an example of how Cluster Bombs work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYXdk-qTl5U
Also, Thermobarics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkeOHh8AoBM
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Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Outside the Base (Citadark Isle)

Jim and Clare appeared beside me as I sent out Forcefire. We wish to help you, Jim said. My Hidden Power is the Fire type, and Clare can use Heal Pulse. We don't follow Terra's orders in combat, but we will follow yours.

"In that case," I said, "Forcefire, use Fiery Dance! Jim, Hidden Power!"

The attacks tore into the Steelix, boosted by the intense heat. There were only about half a dozen, so I expected no trouble. Unfortunately, the Steelix survived the fire attacks. It was clear to me that they were Sturdy.

"Go, Broadsword!" I yelled, taking Broadsword's Poke ball. As he appeared, he immediately knew what to do, using Close Combat on all the Steelix he could get to. Each of them survived, however, and were now getting ready to counterattack...


Mewtwo is awesome!
OOC: Nothing from Juan atm due to major stuff happening to my characters is where Jack is.

Jack Rover
Pyrite Town, Orre, House on Outskirt of town

"That goes for you too," the squad leader said to the doorman, giving a glimpse of his knife.

"So you thought to bring me to an environment where you thought you had the advantage, eh?" the leader said to Jack in a condescending tone. "Oh well, for now I'll play your game; I've been asked to come here in search of a group of Vigilantes. Their leader goes by the name of Juan Mendez. Do you or do you not know of these people? I need to know where they currently are and where they are going to be in the near future."

Jack stepped from the back of the room towards the table in the center as two of the three of them moved away from the leader.

"Or, if you don't want to tell us," he continued, "We can have the UN officers come in here and lock you all up for lawless activities and unauthorised ownership of weaponry. But that's not my department. I'm just the Special Ops."

"You're as smart as you look," Jack responded, sounding like he was giving a compliment, "Most clients we meet with don't bother wondering why we meet here; but don't think you're the only one capable of getting someone arrested...but we're not here to exchange threats are we?"

Jack paused to allow a response; he wasn't trying to make a new enemy through this meeting. "Juan's told me about you...Corporal..., so yes, we know where they are and what they're doing, and no, he's not here...but he has told me some things to tell you; you see, we know that you were friends with him, but when Black Alpha's legendary chimeras appeared and chaos ensued, he went into hiding with his group. He didn't want to lose any allies, but considering you were a chimera when the UN 'declared war' against them, he assumed that you either were executed or joined Black Alpha or Galactic Plasma, like your former friend that goes by Nemesis. Obviously, that didn't happen, because you raided their bunker in Gateon Port."

Riley passed Carlos's prototype syringe-crossbow to Jack as he set it on the table. "Juan isn't against you, and we know that you still have your humanity and mercy, unlike some of your superiors," Jack continued, "I don't think that you would want to kill your former friends or your former friends want to kill you, but right now, the UN won't listen to much reason."

"Juan has a plan, and he wants and needs your help for it to work," Jack continued, trying to keep the leader's attention, "I can tell you where he is, and where Galactic Plasma might be, but if you want me to, I want to know if you still are on his side; Juan isn't asking you to betray the UN, he just wants to make sure that those who are innocent aren't killed, and those who are not are taken down. Right now, I'm sure even you can't say that that is what's happening X."

Dark Pulse94

Scienta Potentia Est
(OOC - I wasn't a Chimera at all during the Black Alpha RP - Juan has no Idea I was once a Chimera - nobody except for Heights, who is dead, and The Hoenn Commander, who is hiding it
Also, KaS and QuickScope are sitting on top of another building, probably one nearby if you've seen them - though they're just sniping out a location, while KaS covers QuickScope in case of enemies attempting to climb the tall building. Plus X himself is inside a different building! You wouldn't see or notice him - and Smell? You can't smell underground, as smell doesn't travel through solid objects - I'm sorry, but that post was wacked Diane...)

Corporal X
Pyrite Town, Orre, House on Outskirt of town

"You're as smart as you look," Jack responded, "Most clients we meet with don't bother wondering why we meet here; but don't think you're the only one capable of getting someone arrested...but we're not here to exchange threats are we?"
"Indeed we are not, although I am the head of Hoenn's Special Forces. I am above the Law" X replied, pocketing his knife. "Now, back to business"

"Juan's told me about you...Corporal..., so yes, we know where they are and what they're doing, and no, he's not here...but he has told me some things to tell you; you see, we know that you were friends with him, but when Black Alpha's legendary chimeras appeared and chaos ensued, he went into hiding with his group. He didn't want to lose any allies, but considering you were a chimera when the UN 'declared war' against them, he assumed that you either were executed or joined Black Alpha or Galactic Plasma, like your former friend that goes by Nemesis. Obviously, that didn't happen, because you raided their bunker in Gateon Port."
"I was never a Chimera." X replied, putting aside the ancient memory of Silph Co. Several years ago. "I have always been a Hoenn Special Ops. and would not betray the Commander even if it cost my life. The same goes for the rest of my squad." X responded darkly. He didn't like people even considering the thought of him Betraying the Commander. He was a friend to X, an older Brother, even.

At that point in time, Jack placed a strange Crossbow on the table. It seemed to fire syringes. CRA's judging by the shape. "Juan isn't against you, and we know that you still have your humanity and mercy, unlike some of your superiors," Jack continued, "I don't think that you would want to kill your former friends or your former friends want to kill you, but right now, the UN won't listen to much reason."
"That is the exact reason we're here!" Chan chimed in, sneaking up behind Jack - a very bad mistake, but hopefully the innocence of her high-pitched voice would prevent her from being attacked.

It was just at that moment (sorry for cutting you short Strat) that a Chimera popped out of the ground... Theresa!

"Say goodnight, X! That's what happens to traitors." She said, pulling the trigger of her rifle.
At that moment, the whole room erupted into chaos. I rolled forwards with my knife in hand, hoping to dodge the bullet. Unfortunately, the first bullet had managed to hit me in the back of my left leg, but that could be fixed with Chan's abilities - however it was surprising how much force the bullet had, being able to pierce the armour so easily.

As I tried to stand up, wobbly-kneed, SLAG opened fire, covering Theresa with Bullets. She might not die from it, but at least it would scare her back underground, or distract her long enough for.
"Fire in the hole!" Chan called into the radio, just in time for X and SLAG to turn their nightvision off. Chan's Flamethrower erupted to the scene, the bright flames would be enough to blind anyone adapted to the dark, although it only served to provide vision for X.

X then rolled across to his right and stood facing Theresa, preparing to drive the knife into her side.
"I don't want to do this Theresa, it's not us that are enemies, it's who we're working for." X called out above the noise of the flamethrower and shouts. "I have no choice in the matter."

At that point, X pocketed the knife, sitting down on a nearby table as the Flamethrower died out. Switching back to nightvision, he continued.
"Everyone has a superior, and currently we've got no fight with you. Leave this place before I'm seen with you. QuickScope's been holding his fire too long now."
as if on cue, the loud bang of a sniper rifle rang out across the town, although surprisingly, not from the building QuickScope was on (OOC - it's just a coincidence, but it would be enough to worry people that don't know where QuickScope is)

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Theresa Del Monico
Team Galactic Plasma
Pyrite Town, Orre

One of my bullets managed to hit X, but not before I got shot...a lot. I collapsed on my knees, before struggling to get up.

"I don't want to do this Theresa, it's not us that are enemies, it's who we're working for. I have no choice in the matter." I heard X told me as I struggled. No choice? Everyone had a choice. Why was he so...weak-willed? There is always a choice to do the right thing...is it right to cause the deaths of so many for something so...inevitable? He was one too...

"Everyone has a superior, and currently we've got no fight with you. Leave this place before I'm seen with you. QuickScope's been holding his fire too long now." He continued, before I dropped completely. Using most of my remaining strength, I burrowed back underground. Once in the darkness, I tried to heal my bloody wounds with Moonlight. The darkness helped a bit, but I was still quite drained. Some of my wounds closed over, but the others still remained.

Using my wings, I propelled myself back to where the building was from underground, wondering about X. What happened? Who ordered him? Why was he an exception? After some time, I arrived at the foundation of the hotel. Emerging from the ground, I flew up the best I could towards the rooftop. Not the fastest I know, my body was in so much pain.

"Alex..." I said weakly as I moved closer to him, placing my hand on his shoulder.

"I got to X...it isn't him...he's under orders. I don't know who it may be, but it appears that he was an...exception for some reason I cannot fathom. He's not going to kill us Alex...he let me go. Please...once we get to the bottom of this...allow him to explain. I don't think he made this decision freely." I told him, the blood flowing from my wounds staining the rooftop's cement red.

"Don't target him for now...we have to find out who it is...in Hoenn. We have to go to Hoenn. Maybe we'll find some answers..." I told him, before losing consciousness and blacking out.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Alex Waters the Bunninja
Team Galactic Plasma
Rooftop of Super Grand Hotel, Pyrite Town, Orre

I saw QuickScope go down, but I wasn't sure if it was because of him getting shot or if it was because he had taken cover. KaS quickly followed, but I wasn't sure if the shot had connected. I lost visual on them moments later, and I knew I couldn't keep focused on that spot forever waiting for them to pop up again. Who knew how long it would take before they did?

Theresa had handed Janine and I two pairs of goggles, as she decided to use a Sandstorm attack. After that, she whipped out her rifle, and went to town on those UN guys. After that, I lost sight of her, although I could still hear the gunfire.

Shortly after, the sand had dissipated, and I saw our contact, Ian Blackwood, had arrived with his Pokémon team. They seriously looked like all hell though. Most of them had blood splattered on them, and I couldn't tell if that blood was their own or someone else's. Meanwhile, Ian himself looked severely beat up. Truthfully, if I knew he was in such bad shape, I probably would have stuck to radio conversation instead.

"So what job did they saddle you with, Nemesis?" He called out.

"A matter of buying time," I told him, not sure if he knew the details. "After we lost everything in Gateon Port, we were forced to send everything to the bunker in Mistralton, and now we've got all our eggs in one basket. Our mission... keep the war in Orre balanced so it doesn't go to Unova. And right now, with the UN crawling all over Gateon, Phenac, and so on, we need to support Black Alpha in holding down Pyrite. Black Alpha may not have the aerospace resources to stop our lunar operations, but the UN does. If the war goes to Unova, there's a good chance of the UN intercepting our operations in Mistralton, and that would pretty much kill everything Galactic Plasma's been working for."

"Holy sweet Arceus, you look like crap," Janine told Ian, setting aside her spotting equipment. "Here, let me take care of that."

Janine then proceeded to take out her medical kit and addressed the bullet wounds that Ian had in his right leg and his side, using the best medical equipment Team Galactic Plasma had created. The fracture in his left arm was going to need some more time to heal, but right now, he was probably getting some of the best treatment he could get.

"Well, that should keep you going a little longer," Janine told him, finishing the job a few minutes later. "Yeah, getting shot sucks. I know what that feels like."

I figured we could still use Ian later, when we needed to arm explosives. It was okay if he didn't know how to make them or whatever, as long as he could plant whatever we gave him or take out any UN operatives that got in our faces, it was all good. However, before we got the chance to return to sniping, I suddenly heard multiple explosions in the air above us, and I knew exactly what was coming down. Cluster bombs...

"Oh sh*t..." Janine muttered, looking up at the sky.

Us being trapped on the rooftop didn't offer a whole lot of escape options. Punching a hole through the roof and diving into the floor below would save us from some of the direct impact of the bombs, but definitely not much. It was better than nothing, though. I quickly used a flamethrower attack, launching flames from my mouth before grabbing Ian and charging into the improvised hole. Janine quickly came in after me, and we crashed into the floor below.

Moments later, the cluster bombs had struck the ceiling, and a deafening roar of explosions had overwhelming us. The entire ceiling came crashing down moments later, burying the three of us in rubble.


Janine Price the Seraphare
Team Galactic Plasma
Ruins of Super Grand Hotel, Pyrite Town, Orre

I got up feeling like crap. Happy to be alive at least, now I just had to hope I wasn't freaking deaf or paralyzed for life. Well, my eyes still worked, hearing... still seemed to work, even though my freaking ears were ringing. I was half buried in rubble at the moment, and after shoving a rather big chunk of Super Grand Hotel ceiling off of my butt, I was able to dig myself out of the rubble. Gah, how I hated pain. Okay, so my body was pretty beat up, you didn't need to keep reminding me! Stupid pain.

Ugh, I looked just awful. Dirty, bleeding, my butt was hurting, and I saw my thigh was cut up pretty badly too. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen! How the devil did they see us anyway? Well, looking up, I saw those bastards in the planes were probably responsible for it. It was like I gave all new meaning to the term dust bunny. Barely anything on me still looked white. I was now more of a mix of brown and black and gray and patches of red here and there. Ugh, blood on fur sure didn't do it any favors.

"Alex!" I shouted, trying to look through the dust and smoke in my face. "Alex! Are you okay!"

Nothing. Holy bejeezus, I sure hope he wasn't dead. I'd make those bastards eat cluster bombs if they killed Alex.

He eventually dug himself out, although he looked to be in pretty bad shape also. I was just relieved he was still alive. He was cut up pretty badly, but thankfully, the burns we were resistant to. However, bomb shrapnel and jagged chunks of crushing concrete were not something part fire types were resistant to.

"Damn... damn it," He muttered, looking pissed. "I wasn't... expecting that at all."

"Hey, at least we're alive, huh?" I asked him, trying to keep on the optimistic side. "Where's that Ian guy? Ian!?"

"I don't know, he's somewhere around here," Alex told me, searching through the rubble. "We're definitely going to need your medical supplies. Do you still have them?"

I checked and yeah, still had them, though the box had taken a beating. Most of it should still be fine, but I was definitely going to need some more stuff and a new case if the opportunity arrived. At least it didn't turn into a gnarled chunk of twisted metal and find its way into my chest! That wouldn't have done me any good!

However, I heard someone approaching and realized it was Theresa as soon as I turned around. Holy... moley, did she look like sh*t. She was shot up quite a hell of a lot, looking like crap. Great, not only did I have to heal myself, Alex, and probably that Ian guy, but I had to heal her too.

"Alex..." Theresa muttered, putting her hand on his shoulder after climbing through the rubble. "I got to X... it isn't him... he's under orders. I don't know who it may be, but it appears that he was an...exception for some reason I cannot fathom. He's not going to kill us Alex...he let me go. Please...once we get to the bottom of this...allow him to explain. I don't think he made this decision freely."

"Let you go!?" I nearly laughed at the absurdity of that statement. "Look at you, he didn't let you go! They shot the hell out of you! Get real, Theresa, they're not on our side anymore!"

And good lord, she was bleeding all over the damn place. Theresa was going to hate me for this, but I definitely needed to get out Spring for this mess. Preferably before she bled to death and then some.

"Don't target him for now..." Theresa spoke, barely able to hold herself up. "We have to find out who it is...in Hoenn. We have to go to Hoenn. Maybe we'll find some answers..."

She then collapsed and totally lost consciousness. She was nuts. Go to Hoenn? Abandon the mission in Orre? Obviously losing a lot of blood caused her to not be able to think straight. Quickly, I grabbed Spring's Pokéball, and released her, knowing we definitely needed her help right now.

In a flash of light, Spring had emerged. I knew Theresa really hated this poor Blissey, but she was a really good healer.

"Hey, Spring, we could really use a Heal Pulse on Theresa here," I told her, knowing that should be able to keep Theresa alive. "She's kinda... almost dead."

"Bliss, Bliss!" She replied, before focusing her energy into a concentrated, healing wave of white energy.

What a mess. Spring was able to heal quite a bit of the damage, but those bullet wounds were still pretty nasty. How she ever managed to make her way back here was quite impressive. Meanwhile, I saw as Alex whipped out Rogue the Jolteon and Paladin the Arcanine, trying to search around for Ian. While they looked for him, I figured I better get to work on these bullet wounds. I didn't like Theresa, but I wasn't going to let her croak on me. Yeah, I could be naughty at times, but I wasn't some kind of mean-spirited b*tch that just lets people kick the crapper.

"Ian!" Alex shouted out, "Ian, where the hell are you!?"

Meanwhile, I busted out my medical kit and got to work on these bullet wounds. Spring was able to close up the wounds, but that didn't take care of the bullets themselves. Once I plucked them out, they were going to bleed like hell, so I needed to quickly dress the wounds. And Theresa was going to be surprised, but sugar was actually helpful in healing wounds... and I was always carrying sugar around. It took me a while to take out all those bullets and dress all those wounds, but when I was done, at least I knew she'd live. When she woke up, she'd probably be a little pissy about the pain and I was sure she wasn't going to like how much stitching I had to use, but still, she'd be alive.

As for my own injuries, using a little Morning Sun worked a bit, but I still had plenty of other messy injuries that needed to be approached directly. The cuts in my thigh meant having to pluck some rather nasty pieces of shrapnel out of my leg, but at least it wasn't too, too bad. Morning Sun cleared up some of the damage, but not all of it. The rest of going to need a little time.

Still, I could only hope Alex could find that Ian guy. Alex I knew was tough as nails and probably felt like he didn't need too much in the ways of healing but still... Ian could have been trapped in that rubble anywhere...


Weird Person
Jim and Clare
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Isle

Fireforce unleashed Fiery Dance while Jim sent out Hidden Power at the Steelix with a boost from Clare's Helping Hand ability. The Steelix managed to survive the onslaught, but that was to be expected. There were six targets so the power of the attacks were divided. Then Eric did something that Jim did not like.

"Go Broadsword!" Immediatly the Gallade used Close Combat but didn't knock out the Steelix.

Are you crazy?! Jim yelled telepathically to Eric. Close Combat reduces the defenses of the user! There are six Steelix here and Gallade lack physical defense! When faced with this type of situation being reckless can be your demise.

[Jim!] Clare yelled, [Pay attention to the battle or you'll wind up getting hit and knocked out! You have less defense than that Gallade so you need to stay alert!]

Right, sorry Clare. Jim turned his focus back to the battle, waiting another command or an attack from the Steelix.
Pistachio [Pachirisu] || Freelance || S.S. Libra Wreck
Pistachio scampered inside the ruin of the mighty ship. It was abolsutely masisve, and absoilutely rusty. Pistachio remmbered somehting Zack had read to him. The S.S Libra acted like a sponge. Once upon a time there's been decent sized Oasis around the S.S Libra. Then that Shaodw Lugia had dumped the ship there. It had sucked the water away from the Oasis and had rusted.

Pistahcio had been so cuaght up in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed a wall. He'd still been moving, and he rna straight into a rusty wall of an old cabin that no doubt used to house a sailor. Pistahcio's head hurt, but he didn't care about that. He froze. That blow to thecabin wlal has made a prtety resonant sound, and Piustahcio was extremely worried that if indeed any UN operatives were inside the ship, then they'd hera him. He pasued for a few minutes, rooted to the spot. Then he smiled a sigh of relief. He smirked. Ha. Stupid UN. They really did have awful security, huh?

The Electric Squirrel carried on scampering around the ship for awhile. And then he saw the ajar door, with voices inside. With a malicious grin, he peeked inside. He saw several relatively official-looking soldiers. His eyes widened and his smile grew even more malicious. This was it. They could totally ruin some of the UN's plans if they just succeeded in this mission. Pistachio took a deep breath and he charged at the gap. He's angled himself perfectly. He flew straight through the door without making it move, and, as he landed in the shadow of the room, did a stealth camo roll so he made no sound. Straight away he jumped of onto two feet and entered a battle stance, facing the UN operatives. If he'd been discovered he'd need to fight them. As it was, he quickly relaxed. They were too absorbed in what they were doing to have noticed anything. Pistachio nodded. Phew. He noticed a man about to speak. He realised this meeting had just begun.

"Gentlemen," said the man, "We know this much. There is a group of people hiding somewhere in this desert. They are past-chimeras, if not current Chimeras. We must eradicate them today. Shoot to kill. They're dangerous. Too dangerous. They must not live."

Pistachio's eyes widened. They were going to kill Zack, and his Family, as well as Toby! this... this was not good. he took a quick decision, and darted for the door again. He was not seen, once more, fortunately, and within a minute he was outside the S.S Libra wreck again. He raced up the desert dune back to where Zack was. He quickly took a device from round his neck and stuck it into his mouth. he got to the top of dune, and nodded to Zack frantically.

"Zack, we've got serious trouble, man!" he said. the device in his mouth was a Pokemon speech translator. Another advantage of having a Techno Genius on their side.

"What is it, Chio?" said Zack.

"There are defo Un operatives in there. They're gonna kill you and your family!"

"WHAT?" said Zack, outraged. "And how do they plan to do that?"

"They've got a map of the desert." replied Pistachio.

"Missiles then, Zack?" asked Blaze from beside Zack, using the same translator.

"Yeah, I'm guessing." Zack said, looking at his three companions. "Right then bros, we're going in. Leave no man alive. They won't grant you life, so don't grant them it."

Zack Robertson and Gang || Freelance || S.S Libra Wreck
And with that, the group headed down the dunes, with the same stealth that Pistachio had earlier. From inside the ship, the UN operatives, six of them in all, were completely oblivious. Zack approached the wreck of S.S Libra with his three Pokemon flanking him. They were ready. Zack had his Sword in one hand and his Pistol in the other. Blaze was holding a small version of an Ak-47, his face in a deep frown of concentration. Otto had a Katana in his hands, his shells ready on his legs. He stood with an air of gracefulness and royalty. Pistachio stood with a smirk on his face, Grenades strapped to a belt that he'd donned when he'd reached the top of the dune whilst he told Zack the necessary details. He also had a pistol.

Zack entered the ship, careful to not make too much noise. His Pokemon followed soon afterwards, taking care as Zack had to make as little noise as possible. With extreme caution to keep the stealth up, they followed Pistachio to the door that he had snuck through earlier. As Zack and his Pokemon were much bigger, they knew they would definitely not go unnoticed. They would go in, cause some ruckus, and leave, with one more threat to them behind them. They'd also steal stuff from the UN operatives. Once upon a time such a thing would be considered horrible by Zack and unthinkable, but now, with a serious threat to his life, it was very much a situation of eat or be eaten, or, in his case, kill or be killed. He couldn't afford to let anyone who threatened his own life live. He didn't kill people unnecessarily, and had a little compassion, but here, it was crucial that he destroyed this threat.

They reached the door and Zack nodded to his Pokemon. They all nodded back, and Zack counted to three in head. On three he kicked the door and yelled a battle-cry, jumping through the doorway. He flew through the air, and landed, performing a stealth roll and jumping up in one fluid motion. This distraction was just enough time for Pistachio to crawl in and run to the other side of the room unnoticed, and for Otto to do a similar thing. Blaze followed up last, closing the door and melting the handle with his fire. Nobody would escape unless if they were allowed to. Zack looked at the UN operatives. They were completely terrified. He looked behind them and saw that Otto was doing his job well. Otto wouldn't fight unjustly, which was precisely what this fight would be, so he had to stay out of the fight until the UN men were ready to fight. He was currently getting rid of a pile of weapons, slashing them up silently. Pistachio was setting up a timed grenade for Zack's party's escape. He and Blaze would commence the fighting.

"My name is Taj." said Zack, using his codename. "Once upon a time, I used Chimera mutagens. You may have heard of me. In fact, you may have fought alongside me in the fight to take down Black Alpha. I used to run the Kid Army. As soon as order was restored you outlawed Chimeras, threatening to enslave or even kill anyone who had ever used a Chimera form. Even those who had done so against their will were not spared. You captured them and enslaved them so that now they live as lesser beings. You are the filthy, despicable creatures, not the poor, innocent civilians who are now in your custody. I hear you're here to kill me. Well, I'm afraid I can't let that happen. So let's do a role-reversal, shall we? I kill you and continue to take down your organization. All I want is for people like me to be able to live amongst the public as normal human beings. Is that too much to ask?"

His emotive speech finished, he raised his pistol as the man in the middle of the group. Now that they were no longer shocked or surprised, the fight could commence. The man in the middle, clearly the leader, was Zack's target. He pulled the trigger on his pistol and the bullet flew through the air. The man dodged it, just, through some excellent reflexes, but before he could do anything, Zack was right by him, sword in from of him, running. He ran forward still, driving the sword through the man's chest. The leader grunted, falling to the floor, dead. Zack quickly pulled the now-bloodied sword out of his chest, and stepped back rapidly. Seconds later, another of the man stabbed with a knife at the spot where Zack been a millisecond earlier.

He heard a sharp whistle form behind him and jumped up, grabbing hold of a loose piece of ceiling. He noticed Otto throwing up a Protect and Pistachio copying Zack before Blaze let loose a wave of bullets form the AK-47 that ripped through the air. Three more of the men fell to the floor, dead. Now only two remained. Alex saw them nodding to on-another and the two pulled out pistols form their Jacket pockets. Zack knew what was going to happen before it did. The two men, still unaware of the two Pokemon behind him, fired one shot up at where Zack was, and one towards Blaze. But Zack was already ready and has dropped to the floor in front of his Combusken. He held the sword downwards, vertically. The bullet aiming for him shot through the roof of the room and the one aiming for Blaze ricocheted away harmlessly to the side. He saw one of the man swear.

Otto then entered the fight, jumping over the heads of the men and flashing his Katana. The men were once more shocked. Zack smirked at them.

"This is Otto." he said to them "A Master Samurai. Nobody has so far defeated him in battle. But who will face him?"

The men looked to eahcother, evil smiles spreading on their faces.

"Both of us, of course." one of them said.

"Oh, I'm afraid that won't be possible." said Zack. Suddenly one of the two of them's body convulsed and he fell to the floor. The remaining soldier turned round, and saw Pistachio standing there smiling wickedly. He'd shocked the other man with his electricity. He was unconscious right now. "Looks like it will be you then." said Zack. He walked over to the man, and held his sword out to him at arm's distance.

"If you win, and manage to kill Otto, we get enslaved or killed, whatever you want. If we win, and Otto kills you, we leave this ship with a nice bit of Intel from your dead bodies and that nice table with the map. Your unconscious friend will wake up bound and gagged. If the hunger and thirst doesn't kill him, I'm sure the venom we'll inject into his blood system will. Willing to take the gamble?"

"What happens if I say no?" asks the man "What happens if I walk out the door now?"

"Ah," said Zack "Then Pistachio there will kill you. You can't escape, either. All your exits are blocked."

"Well then, if I only have one option," the man said.

"Yes, yes you do." said Zack.

And with that the battle commenced. The man took the sword and Zack stepped away. He quickly took a swing at Otto, aiming to take him out with one quick slice. Otto sidestepped, and Slashed his sword down the man's side, aiming to draw blood and not kill, not yet.

"Try again." said Otto over his translator.

The man seemed a little surprised by the fact that his Pokemon foe could talk, but he didn't allow it to distract him for long. He roared and swung the sword wildly through the air at Otto. Otto tried sidestepping again but this time the man was expecting it and his slashed to the side. Otto jumped back, but couldn't avoid the sword completely. A Cut appeared around his belly. He frowned, and gripped the sword tightly. He'd let the battle go on long enough. He jumped. The man raised his sword above his head up, expecting and overheard smash, but that wasn't Otto's plan. The Samurai Otter instead threw his sword up and flicked the shells off his legs. They flew at the UN operative's chest and embedded themselves there. Otto landed, and caught his Katana seconds later as it too fell. Without even a brief break, he swung the sword at the man's head, beheading him. The head fell off the man's body. Otto grabbed his shells and did a back-flip away fro, the body.

"Good job, Otto" said Zack "Right, let's rather stuff."

Within three minutes they'd gathered everything the men had on them. The map came off the table and was pocketed. Right on cue, an explosion filled the room. Pistachio's timed grenade had gone off, blasting a hole in the side of the ship.

"Ok, guys, let's go." Zack said and the four of them headed for the hole. But just as they were about to leave, Zack felt a sharp pain his his arm. He turned round and saw that the unconscious man was now awake. He had just fired a gun. The bullet had his Zack's arm.

"Owch." said Zack. "Pistachio, forget the venom. Blow. It. Up." he said, angry. Pistachio nodded. He took a grenade from his belt and threw it inside the ship. The four of them jumped out of the ship onto sand, seconds before a loud explosion was heard inside the ship. They didn't look back though. The just ran back up the dunes and into the distance, away from the ship.

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Jonah the Slaking

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Eric Starstorm
Galactic Plasma
Citadark Isle

Are you crazy?! Jim demanded as Broadsword attacked. Close Combat reduces the defenses of the user! There are six Steelix here and Gallade lack physical defense! When faced with this type of situation being reckless can be your demise.

"Jim, you don't know what a Trainer and a Pokemon are capable of when they've been together all their lives," I replied. "Trust me."

The Steelix bore down on us all, readying various attacks. Four aimed at Forcefire, but two aimed at Broadsword.

"OK, Broadsword, use Shadow Sneak!" I exclaimed.

Broadsword jumped backwards slightly, and fell into his own shadow. The shadow extended as the Steelix looked around aimlessly, and stopped when it was behind them. Broadsword jumped out and hit both the Steelix in the backs, knocking them out.

"Now, Forcefire, use Heat Wave!"

Forcefire flapped her wings, blowing blisteringly hot air towards the four Steelix that remained. They all fell over, fainting from heatstroke. As soon as the four of them were down, the same agent that had first told me about the Steelix came outside, an empty Poke ball in hand. He threw it, and it shook three times, then clicked.

"Finally, I caught my first Pokemon," the agent said triumphantly. He turned to me. "Thanks, Eric."

"No problem," I told him.

Then I saw something that I would've expected at about this time--an Archeops coming down through the volcano. Pterror was back--it was self-explanatory.

I will translate, Broadsword said as Pterror alighted.

"What'd you see, Pterror?" I asked.

Pterror cawed for about thirty seconds, somewhat frantically. As he did, Broadsword's eyes widened.

"What is it?" I asked.

Pterror is not describing the results of his trip, Broadsword gasped. Toby is on this island!

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Toby weaver
Team galactic Plasma
Near Pyrite city

“So explain to me how your last commander died again?” our new commander, frostbite a mix of froslass, alakazam, and metagross. Looking like a white and yellow, blocky, humanoid with flat hands and whiskers.

“Well a guard had surprised us and he got a sniper to the head” I thought but nah, that’s not it. We shot him to save our lives but the body was never found.

The sand was hard for the apc but definitely possible. He started our briefing. “Ok, so pyrite city is under siege right now and it’s us vs. Black Alpha. Were here as reinforcements so that means were going to encounter 2nd and even 3rd tier chimeras if it get heavy. Get to high ground unless said 3rd tiers actually come, then get low because it will go down mini Godzilla and we don’t want to be on a collapsing building gunmen. As for us, just draw’em out then. Also some U.N. forces are there, normal and air forces. Pretty much one giant team death match here so just doesn’t die on me. Finally for the love of mew don’t split up.”

We finally get there and take it we missed quite a bit, already there is wreckage everywhere. “Ok, we should take that building over there” he said pointed to the most structurally secure one. To our disadvantage its B.A. owned. As we clime the floors chimeras were left and right but they were simple, stupid grunts who had no idea how to fight. We eventually make it to the roof to find an advanced chimera which was definitely part krookadile, hydrion, and swampert.

The rest of the team handles his support leaving me and frostbite to handle the tough guy. He starts firing off water guns but from this size it was like a hydro pump. All three heads were giving a relentless attack. It was easier for him then me to dodge and we couldn’t just use psychic and throw him off the building because of the dark typing. He starts trying to threaten us by how we have to run like the caterpies we are. I’m able to get in an energy ball and he got in a few icicle spears but besides that he was quite healthy.

When he does hit us he put’s you agents the wall but usually gets distracted and the other one of us get him and he stops. Getting sick of us he uses hydro pump for a hit on me and the walls don’t support this time. I’m sent out and into the air at least 40 stories high. I fall 5 feet before I can spread wings and another 5 before I can crash through the glass wall of the building.

The landing was brutal and definitely coughing up blood but not dead, for now. I try coming back up but 7 floors up alive, mb here alive but 3 floors down unable to get any higher, how’s it going up there?” “After you got blasted off I jammed a FE and he’s dead now, we set up base and I’ll call for a medic.” He replied. I coughed and injected the bitter root into me. Something about cell multiplication speeds up but I don’t remember the exact science of it. Eventually I hear a group coming from below as I black out.

1 hour later

I wake up to find myself on the top floor, and a person looking down on me. “He’s back, he’ll be good after another hour or so because of the medicine he injected” I saw him say. He told me not to fall asleep and fight when you’re ready. Everything was misty but gunfire was everywhere.

Like 2 hours later I guess…

I start to feel good enough to fight when there seems to be an explosion in the background. A transmission comes through the Galactic line as we call it. Apparently a couple of agents who are thought to be alive but barely are stuck under a collapsed building. 3 advanced chimeras and 1 human are confirmed. I tell them a quick “going to respond” and headed out trying to avoid any of the hostilities.

was was a hotel apparently

By time I got there the three reported chimeras got out but no human in sight. The damage was major and it must have been a huge building. "Ok I'm here about a distress signal sent by the operator you were talking to, seems like everything is under control, if you need a little extra support I'm here but if not I best be back on my way." I suddenly feel a presence among the wreckage, someone is down there. "by the way your friend some some were around there I said giving a direction among the tins of wreckage."

((OCC: bunnying for easy answers or helping find Ian in the rubble.))
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Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
Lt. Jacob Saxton
Black Alpha
Pyrite Town

Dodging bullets was hard enough even with his doubles up, yet Jacob was an exception who could, though only because of unpleasant training. While he zoomed about the sky chasing the ***** that shot one of his few trusted friends these days, Jacob had a few bullets nearly puncture his armor, yet his primal half never felt them.

On his first pass with the metal bird, he got a solid scrape on the underbelly of the bird, gouging a nice hole in it, but not enough to drop it out of the sky. It was in the middle of his second pass that a wake .

Jacob! Jacob! I. . .I can't see! The voice flooded Jacob's conscious as a cold river, soaking everything and leaving behind a numb feeling that completely sobered Jacob's hatred. To Jacob, the voice woke him out of his rage, but he couldn't hear the shock, the pitiful whimper of Tranquility's desperation to simply see. If it wasn't for the fact that Jacob noticed that the plane he was chasing was ridiculously close all of sudden, he may have completely missed the tsunami of bullets that rained out of its cannon. Many of them pelted his chest before he swerved out of the way and past the fighter. He had a clear shot to gouge a deeper hole into the craft but didn't take it. Blood was dripping off him now as the many of the bullets that hit him bypassed the exoskeleton and sunk slightly into the skin beneath. Jacob ignored the searing pain that he felt, albeit with great effort.

The fighter had turned around by then and was rushing at him again, bullets flying. His will to fight the thing was gone, only replaced by a desire to see Tranquity and comfort her as the full weight of the plea finally sunk in. Quickly releasing thirteen more copies of himself in a sweeping counterclockwise rotation, each of them flew into a different direction and definitely one that flew toward the plane. Hoping that the person behind the controls would get confused with which one to target, Jacob made a beeline trajectory back to the destroyed rooftop of the Steakhouse but not completely at Tranquility's direction for fear of bullets following him.

Don't worry, I'm coming. Just hold still and don't panic. Try using your aura to detect where I am and warn me if anything is behind me.

While aura provided a help to having her see people, it wouldn't replace true sight, but it was the best she could do at this point.

Jacob! You're alive still. Alright I'll try not to. . . Jacob! I can't feel them. I can't feel my legs.

It was rather odd to hear mental crying, but that was exactly what Tranquility was doing. It felt like she was crying right next to him even though she was still a few hundred yards away. It wasn't long before Jacob slowed his flight and scooped the crippled Lucario into his arms and fled to the nearest enclosure. Jacob made a move to find the Pokéball that would keep Tranquility safe but found that it no longer existed.

“Damn, I can't recall you. . .can you hear me?”

A little bit. It sounds muffled.

“Good. I need you to see if you can set up a telepathy link with the person in the sky still, ironically the same one you tried bringing down. We need to get medical help. I have nothing on me, so we can't do that if that thing is still hunting us.

The Lucario nodded out of habit and sat silently for a few moments, her breath slowly going back to normal as the realization set in that she would most likely not be healed completely for the rest of her lifetime or likely live much longer anyways. The gems in her palms glowed while she concentrated on finding the aircraft above. After a few moments her reply came, I think I have it. I could barely find in him inside that contraption but there was I hole for me to sneak through. You are free to communicate, hopefully.

Jacob sat there “silently” for a few moments wondering what to say. What could he say? Sorry for killing one of the guy's wing men? Guess so.

Can you hear me? It's the Chimera you just fought. I'm sorry for the grief I caused you. I understand what it's like to lose a friend. I almost lost one of mine which is the only reason we met. What you saw up there is a byproduct of my transformation, the problem of me going completely berserk if unrestrained. I can't seek forgiveness for what I did, but I would like to ask safe clearance for myself and my Lucario to get medical help. I know you're a UN soldier, and I shouldn't be asking mercy as a Black Alpha lieutenant, but I ask for it anyways. You don't know what it's like looking at the hand you were dealt and have fate throw it all away and leave you with junk in return. We both know Black Alpha is corrupt and that Chimeras shouldn't be around at all, but it's what life threw at the world. I'm sure you're waiting to for us to exit, so you can avenge your fallen comrades, but now I ask but this: may we leave in peace?

Well said Jacob. Well said.

At this point I hoisted Lucario into my arms again and headed to the roof to see our answer. I knew that a rocket would bury us no matter if we were in the building or not, so I wanted to see if compassion was truly dead to the UN or not.

Soaring Pikachu

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(OOC: Seriously people, good going! Anyways, on with the story!)

Orre, moving toward Gateon port/ UN base

Even though Pikababe had already traveled several miles away from Pyrite town, it was hard not to notice the roars from the Obsidian aircraft diving and swooping in the distnace. It is impossible to figure out what is going on through the radio because amost every normal frequency is full of chaos and utter insanity! As Pikababe looks up from the scooters control panel back at the road, she spots a sight that is both terryfing and awesome. "What in the blazes?!"

A small army of UN units is quickly proceeding in her direction, away from Gateon Port. As they get close, Pikababe struggles to get the little scooter to move out of the way! About 20 tanks compose the front of a massive 3 row formation, followed by more than enough troopers to cover a football field or two, followed by 20 more tanks which are surronded all around by about 30 or so jeeps. (she is just guessing based on eye level but Pikababe counts at least 500 grunts) It looks like the UN managed to get their Gateon airfield operational because hovering above the mass of ground forces is about 20 attack helicopters that she has not seen before. While not as cool as the Obsidians, the choppers are still quite deadly. The Whitehawk helicopters employed by the UN here seem to be equipped with one of two special weapon loadouts. Either a combination of mulitiple rocket launchers or (as if they are taking a page from the playbook of Jessie and James) giant, anti chimera nets. Looking at the whole scene from the outside, it is like a crowd of holiday parade marchers had decided to do one huge show in the middle of the desert!

One of the jeeps pulls up to Pikababe and a Commander Volt introduces himself. "Apparently one of the patrols stumbled onto a Black Alpha stronghold in Pyrite town. The higher ups have called out the heavy artillery for this one and are even scrambiling some of the reserve fighter planes. We have been given orders to handle any resistance with extreme force." In a rumble of steel and dust, the moving forest of UN ground troops continues on toward Pyrite town.

Pikababe almost wishes that she had become a UN general so that she could properly watch the battle but in order to do that she would need to turn a blind eye to all of the UN's evil deeds and she was not about to do that. Once again, Pikababe sets off for Gateon Port...
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Ian Blackwood
Team Galactic Plasma
Top of Super Grand Hotel

Nemesis turned away from the sniper rifle he was using to face me, taking a moment to size me up, and look over the blood on me. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking about, and I didn’t really care. In the mean time I looked him over. He hadn’t changed at all from the last time I saw him, and but Janine, I thought here name was, had. She now had a Chimera form that I was fairly sure was Lopunny, Togekiss and Ninetails. Somewhere a voice in my head wondered why she had chosen such an obvious form, but I really didn’t want to know. It also didn’t matter unless we ended up fighting.

"A matter of buying time," Alex said in answer to my question. He went on explaining, "After we lost everything in Gateon Port, we were forced to send everything to the bunker in Mistralton, and now we've got all our eggs in one basket. Our mission... keep the war in Orre balanced so it doesn't go to Unova. And right now, with the UN crawling all over Gateon, Phenac, and so on, we need to support Black Alpha in holding down Pyrite. Black Alpha may not have the aerospace resources to stop our lunar operations, but the UN does.” I grimaced at the thought of my other job having aerospace resources. That would end…badly at best. “If the war goes to Unova, there's a good chance of the UN intercepting our operations in Mistralton, and that would pretty much kill everything Galactic Plasma's been working for."

As Alex got done talking my mind was running a mile a minute. The higher ups in Galactic Plasma need to make sure that the war doesn’t spill over into Unova, which I could understand, but sending three of our best, hell our only, really, combat operatives to one place…little to much if you ask me. However what really worried me was Black Alpha’s response. Zero wouldn’t care that much, more people killing the UN was all good by him. However, the other commanders would want these two dead.

If we won in Pyrite, I knew, then the commanders would order Black Alpha to take back Phenac for sure, and that would end badly. However what truly concerned me was what to do now. I had no doubt that I was the senior “Black Alpha” officer in Pyrite, and I was also fairly sure that any troops under my command where dead. Yay me…..not to mention the closest base was…five clicks away, and UN reinforcements were poring in the town. I made a note to call for backup as soon as possible.. I would have went and called for backup now, but Janine cut my thoughts short.

"Holy sweet Arceus, you look like crap," She announced, laying her spotter’s equipment aside. "Here, let me take care of that." She said getting out medical supplies and quickly set to healing my various wounds. While the Galactic Plasma field medical kit couldn’t heal the fracture in my arm, it certianally could fix the rest of me up pretty well.

"Well, that should keep you going a little longer," Janine announced three minutes later. "Yeah, getting shot sucks. I know what that feels like." I held in a chuckle.

“Oh I know. I have had far too much experience with the wrong end of bullets.” I grumbled. Briefly I thought our current situation reminded me of something, not that I could place what. My thoughts were interrupted by a familiar whine.

Jet engines, I though almost absently, Obsidian strike aircraft, standard UN deployment. Talk about a bad day. A moment later I heard the sound of falling cluster bombs.

Well…there went my day. I had nowhere to run, Espeon was to tired to use Light Screen for protection, I would never be able to bring out any of my Pokémon in time for them to use a move to defend any of us. Still maybe, just maybe Salamence could pull off Protect…

I didn’t have a chance to find out as Alex blasted a whole in the room grabbed me and jumped down, Espeon following me. As we hit the floor I rolled left coming to and upright position quickly, Espeon winding around me heels. It wasn’t a moment to soon as the bombs came down.

While I had been under exploding munitions before, normally I had numerous layers of Psychic protection above me unlike now. The roar of the bombs going off deafened my suddenly highly sensitive ears, damn you genes, and brought me to my knees, curled in a ball over top of Espeon. With a horrible sound the roof blew inwards pummeling me with debris, most of which pinged off my body armor with dull thunking noises. However I could vaguely see the crystal on Espeon’s forehead glow and then the barrage of debris stopped. After a long moment I managed to curl myself from the debris piled around me. It took me a minute to pull my left leg out but I manage well enough. Once I managed to stand fully I discovered that a piece of rumble had hit my fractured arm, and make the wound worse, now I had a rather nasty looking compound fracture. Ignoring the pain I pushed the bones back into place and twisted my body armor around so it held them in place before tightening the straps, in a sort of makeshift cast. Then I looked around trying to see what had happened.

To my astonishment, Espeon had basically used Light Screen, or Reflect I wasn’t sure which, to create a dome around us, which was mostly covered in rumble. I was amazed that it had worked, even more so at the fact that I only had some small cuts and bruises from the blast and no burns or anything like that. Obviously I had rolled a lot farther that I thought. Of course that did nothing for my problem of the rubble around us.

Espeon’s gem started glowing but I stopped it, knowing the Psychic cat was exhausted from the battle outside, and not to mention holding this barrier. Instead I sent out Umbreon and had it move the rubble using Psychic, at least enough that the three of us could scramble out. As soon as Umbreon wiggled free Espeon dropped the barrier letting the rumble fall to the ground. Looking at myself for a moment I concluded that I wouldn’t need medical attention, right away, but sooner or latter it would catch up with me.

"Ian!" Alex shouted out, "Ian, where the hell are you!?" I sighed with relief, so the others lived as well.

Following the sound of Alex’s voice I headed out, however not before recalling Espeon and sending out Jolteon instead.

“Over here!” I called moving towards Alex’s voice. A moment later I found Alex along with two of his Pokémon, a Jolteon and Arcanine. “I’m right here Nemesis, no need to yell so loud.” I said in a somewhat lazy manner, something that allowed me to settle my rattled nerves.


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Galactic Plasma
Citadark Isle

Jim and Clare watched as Eric's Pokemon defeated the Steelix. Deciding that they didn't need to be there anymore, Jim teleported the two back to the shooting range. To their surprise, Terra was still practicing, but she was still poor at aiming.

"If it wasn't for this kickback I could aim better...wait, that's it!" Terra reloaded the gun and shot another target, but she didn't correct the kickback this time and made a small vertical line of bullet holes. She smiled, but then sighed. "Even if I can hit a paper target, it doesn't mean I can win a gunfight..."

"You're a doctor, right?" The secretary asked her.

"Yes, but why is that relevant?"

"So do you have a scalpel with you?"

"Usually, but may I ask for the relevance?"

"So if you stunned someone would you be able to finish them with the scalpel?" Terra nodded at this. "Then maybe you should test this." The secretary held an oddly shaped gun. "This isn't a normal gun. It shoots out electricity which stuns the target. It has some advantages."

"Please tell me."

"It can disrupt electronic equipment, although I doubt it will work on those UN vehicles. It also has a wide fire switch that can stun multiple people, although the effectiveness will be lessened and leather can block it altogether in this mode. You'll have to recharge it every now and then, but it doesn't require ammo otherwise."

"I guess I can try it out." Terra took the gun, then the secretary gave her a holster for it. She shot it at one of the paper targets and hit it. There was a slight kickback from the shot but it was manageable. "I think this gun is better for me. What is it called?"

"We haven't given it a name yet."

"Well, it's a gun that shoots out lightning, so how about the Tesla?"

"Well, it's a fitting name."

Well Terra, Jim started saying, I'm glad you found a way to defend yourself. Plus, you're not as much of a liability on the battlefield now. If you can stun the enemies then someone else can easily finish them off. Just be sure to give Eric his gun back when you see him.

ooc: I ripped the Tesla idea from Warehouse 13.


Borderline Troll
Herman Blake
Engaging Hostiles, Pyrite, Orre

I got that Mike Foxtrot good; I knew as I turned away opposite him, I saw a splatter of colorful-blood and chitin burst out from him as the cannon rounds ripped right into his chest. In an act of desperation,he formed another set of clones, and loosed them on me. I was wary, by now, to this trick, and didn't so much as waste my ammo as I saw a copy of him heading straight for my bird. I throttled forward, leaving it behind in my exhaust as I started to do a wide pass around the edge of Pyrite. The engines whined as I saw his clones travel in seemingly random directions, and the silhouette of a shape passing from the final glows of the setting sun:

It was Aztec 7, looping around from his own attack run. From behind him, I see the roof of the Super Grand Hotel, its roof collapsed, dust and smoke billowing out in a large plume for its tower. Looping around, he came back over towards me, as I began to turn inwards. I just knew that little worm was going to land; there was no way even a Chimera was willing to keep fighting after taking a couple 25mm to the chest, I thought. A single one of those would have torn apart anything smaller, so the boy's probably got the wind at least knocked out of him, and its going to be hard to evade another pas when he's already on the ground.

"Rooftop Sniper Nest neutralized, ground forces, you are clear. Keep markin' em, we'll keep squashin'." I hear Aztec 7's voice over the radio, followed immediately by a couple of thanks from weary commanders, who'd seen their own share of subordinates cut down.

I initiate a wide turn, my aircraft yawing to the right as I start to turn inwards towards the burning city. As I do so, I hear something in my head, a voice, and it's not my radio, and it's certainly not my own. It's... a plea. I listen to it, all the while making sure my mind was totally blank. I knew these Chimera could sometimes pry into minds and extract information... but if they had something to say, it was always good to listen, since yo never know what might slip out in those thoughts. Keeping a mental barrier to important information from being pried out, and clouding my surface thoughts with 'static', I listened to the message.... the same Chimera I'd just grounded, asking for mercy. For it, and his... Lucario. The same one I'd hit on the building. Seems I just wounded it... badly, from the way he was talking. And him to, as it seems that both of them together had to pull the strength to even send me this message. He begged and pleaded for me to let him go... So that he could get his Lucario medical attention.

I was at the sharpest point in my turn, coming off it wide and slow as I realign my aircraft with the ground. The engine's whining lessened as I put my aircraft back on course with the restaurant, just as the desperate, hopeful message ended. And left me there, on a path to finish the job. I knew what I had to do know, it was impossibly simple: return to the restaurant, and level it and everything nearby with all the ordinance I could. MY grip tightened onto my stick, and my back teeth seemed to clench together. Suddenly, it dawns on me how pissed off I am. How could they, this Chimera, expect me to show mercy onto it? After that monster ripped my wounded wing-mate's plane to shreds, just like his kind has done to another two wing-mates? After he leaves a third friend of mine a burning scrap heat on the floor of the godforsaken desert, I'm expected to let him limp away to be healed and fight another day!? No. I couldn't, I had no such capacity to forgive these monsters. I would avenge 6, and smear this insect across the desert floor.

And then, I see them: The large, insectoid man-that-was, dragging along a blue and black, canine-like creature. I squint, and see that her legs appear to be hanging limply, mangled together. The flesh is ripped terribly, and coated with blood, and it looks like mos of the upper-face and head had taken a rather nasty hit from shrapnel, since I couldn't see any blue on it underneath that dome of red. Even from faraway, I could tell as he dragged it across the street to a safe refuge, that the Lucario was in dire need of help. Right now, it was on the verge of death, it wasn't hard to tell. Without serious help, it has around 20 minutes until it bleeds out, given its head and face were coated in that deep, scarlet color. I hear this message end as they lay in that structure, and I angle myself slightly at it. I had fifteen seconds time, after having let down on the throttle, to make my pass. More than enough time to drop an HPFAU right on-top of them.

As I begin my second run on this structure, one less than a block away from the ruined restaurant, I see something. I see the insect man, stepping out onto the roof... I squint, and see he's turned to look at my aircraft as I'm barreling towards him. A line of blood runs from him, to the stairs to the structure's roof. I'm a couple thousand feet in the air, around 3,500 feet in total away. My engines have stopped whining, and my sense of sound seems to become numb as I stare right into the rooftop. I don't need to mark it. Which is good, as I don't quite feel like speaking. It feels like I've got cotton balls stuffed under my tongue, and my mind isn't quite in the mood to formulate words. It's alright, I'm aimed perfectly for the rooftop. My left-hand thumb fumbles a toggle switch, and I see a text line at the bottom of my vision.

BOX 5 -- HPFAU389 -- ARMED

The blue text seems unusually bright, against the blackening sky of Pyrite, though the city stays a well-lit amber color, but not because of the lights. The city is, in many places, aflame. Dozens of buildings are roaring with fire, and one is just across the street from the building in which the insect and his companion have taken cover. Still, he casts a long, flickering streak of shadow in three directions as the light dances across him, and my cross hair meets at his neck. Ten seconds left in the pass, and now's a good time o fire... In a few seconds will be even better, though, because I want him to believe, maybe, I won't fire, if I cruise long enough without doing so. As I do, I begin think, angrily, back on his plea.

He expects a mercy from me he would no deliver to any of my comrades. He expects to be able to rip through our soldiers with his demented sickle, to rip fleeing airmen from the skies and send them to burning heaps, and then for me, who has just lost his wing-mate of years to him, to show him a mercy that the Chimera would never give to man? 'I understand what it's like to lose a friend', he says. Well so do I. This is war, after all, and I've lost some friends, several friends. To monstrosities like him. And he speaks of hardships, ones that have come with his life. Apparently, one of these is the curse to fly into furious rages, and rip apart the retreating and wounded. Why should I do any diff--

..,Eight seconds left in the pass, and something crosses my mind as I stare hatefully at the creature that has wreaked his terrible wrath onto my friend, and expect me to forgo my vengeance in return. If I fire. If I fire and destroy that building, and kill those two...

Six seconds.

If I fire, this warhead will smash, cut, and burn that Lucario and her leader to bits. I can achieve a perfect avengeance for my wing-mate, and will forever deprive Black Alpha of this Chimera agent, one that had just been slaughtering soldiers, including Aztec 6, only minutes before. Four seconds, and my bird is within a few hundred feet of the ground. I'm going to slower than sounds, and the low, snarling roar of my aircraft would have reached him again by now, growing ever louder as the black fighter screams for him. My finger finds its way to the trigger. It trembles, only slightly, and my eyes dart down and glance as the bottom of my HUD. 'BOX 5 -- HPFAU389 -- ARMED' the cyan text still reads, never having changed as my computer dully awaits me to fire, my window of opportunity closing. As I look down, I realize I can end the wounded Chimera, and his Lucario, in a matter of seconds with one pull of the trigger. That's my job, after all. To kill Black Alpha, and the Chimera, and those who would wish to infect the world with their virus, and destroy humanity with it. And here, I had the chance to end one of them, and all my training and isntinct and knowledge told me: Kill this Chimera, don't let him become healthy again and kill another human being. But, I realize now, that they truly ARE at my mercy...

Two seconds, and I have my epiphany. If I fire, and kill those wounded combatants, ones that have promised to turn and run for medical help... Than I'm no less of a monster than the ones I hunt, am I? If I am the one to slaughter a helpless, wounded Pokemon, one that may still be saved, then it's me who's done wrong... and killing them would make me more a monster than an DNA mutagen ever could... But if he survives, he'll definitely be back to fight again. There were no Chimera civilians, every last one would fight until all humans were either dead, or one of them. But, to fire... would make me the same as them. In genetics, no, but perhaps it is more than genetics which makes a human human, and a monster a monster. No matter what decision I made, it was going to come back and haunt me, one way or the other. I have a one second window left, and I'm only a couple hundred feet from that structure now. My finger twitches, and flips the switch.


The message flashes on my screen briefly, before blinking away. My arm jerks, and I pull hard back on the stick, and forward on the throttle. My Obsidian roars now, and I power over top of the Chimera and his building, the air shattering as I throw my afterburners up and soar up, quickly gaining speed and altitude, the distance growing wider now as I make my way away from the Chimera, my jet soaring upwards int to that black, cloudless sky. As I flew up, it would seem I became but a pair of shooting stairs, as my Obsidian faded into the blackness of the night sky. I rolled, pulling left into Aztec 7's flight path, just as he finished coming off an attack run, as I saw spouts of dirty clay shoot up from where his 25mm had met the Earth and buildings, and I see a human sniper on one of them vaporized by a shot to the neck. I fall in behind Aztec 7, and slowly I top shaking.

I hope that Chimera sees something in this mercy, because it's liable to be the only one I ever give to those monstrosities.
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Darkling's Lullaby
Strauffor Tenno
Freelancer/Black Alpha(tentative)
Pyrite Town, Orre

Strauffor smiled to see Sophie, glad that the girl had survived so far. She was about to respond to Zack’s offer of Queenie when Jacob came back, digging the Lucario out of the wreckage. Strauffor dropped the gun, bolting over while Yubel poked her snout into the shredded skirt, finding an intact pouch.

“Never mind that, Zack. Over here, now! I may need you to burn some of this shut so she doesn’t hemorrhage to death.” Yubel dug a packet out of the pouch, mouthing it over to Strauffor as she struck another Pokeball to open it, ignoring Lupiel’s high pitched howl of annoyance. She opened the pouch, whispering.

“Lupiel, some water please.” The Milotic obliged, moistening the ground to powder herbs in the unfolded packet, turning it into a liquid. Struaffor ignored the Obsidian’s breaking off as she gently touched the Lucario.

“Can you get her to open her mouth a little? The herbs won’t do much, but between them and using Zack and Blaze to cauterize anything to vital, it should keep her alive long enough to find a better healer.”

Alfred Jones

Cryptic thoughts
Zack Night || Black Alpha || Pyrite Town

Jacob had came back to where they were, and Zack's eyes widened. The chimera's Pokemon, his Lucario, was in really bad shape. His mouth gaped open slightly, and he was frozen in place momentarily.

“Never mind that, Zack. Over here, now! I may need you to burn some of this shut so she doesn’t hemorrhage to death.”

Strauffor's voice snapped him out of the trance and he ran over to where she wwas trying to attend to the Lucario. He nodded hesitantly, and knelt down, Blaze imitating his movements.

Okay Blaze, I really don't know what to do, but be careful.

He Charizard nodded and turned to the Lucario, Flames were flickering from the dragon's maw as he readied some flames to help. Zack then readied his own fire, though he was nervous to reveal that he was a chimera/ He shook his head, this wasn't the time for that. He let loose a steady stream of fire from his mouth to burn the stuff shut preventing the blood from hemorrhageing.

Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come
Jacob Saxton
Ex Black Alpha
Pyrite Town

A burning feeling in his chest woke him to the fact that he had been holding his breath as he watched the Obsidian aircraft fly by. Much like the person behind the controls probably felt the same, but time slowed as he watched the bird fly over him. Jacob inhaled renewed breath and was greeted with another sharp pain in his chest. Perhaps the bullets traveled to deep.

For once, the Frankenstein monster finds the best of humanity. In return, I promise myself to never slay another UN soldier and forever turn my blades into undermining the rest of Black Alpha. It's time I actually fulfill my vow to replace Black Alpha with myself and restore the purity it once had. In honor of someone showing mercy, I vow this on top of my first. This I swear!

You. . . you do realize that. . . that that also transmitted?

Jacob stood there on shaky legs, staring silently skyward. “So be it. At least I have another witness whether or not he or she respects it.” May you future enemies find peace in death should they deserve your judgment, and may your heart continue to guide your actions in the right direction. I shall not ever forget this. Not all Chimeras are as ruthless as you think. Our bodies may have changed, but that doesn't mean that our hearts or brains work any different. . . well, at least most of us haven't changed that drastically. I can tell that you have prior experience in dealings with Chimeras. Your own raged was present even though a skin of metal and engines separated us. Remember, not everyone chose to be these monstrosities. Some did so gladly, others were forced, even a few wish to feel what it's like to be what we train. The fact of the matter is, Chimeras are still people, only in sheep's skin and not clothing. The UN does not see this, and Black Alpha wishes to preach this to far extreme. If you truly see us as animals to be put down, then so be it. Whether or not you see us as people or animal does not matter as the UN is committing murder and justifying it nonetheless. I know there is something in you that feels this entire war is wrong; otherwise, I would not be speaking to you thusly. Remember that the next time we meet as I am sure we will again. You will not see my blade stained red or colored green.

Jacob looked down at his dying friend and smiled. She smiled back before she slipped away from reality. Off out of the corner of his eye, Jacob saw Strauffor and Zack come running to their aid. He didn't exactly see anything else as his vision narrowed and darkness danced before him. A dizziness washed over him as he fell to his knees. He heard Strauffor ask something; Jacob wasn't sure what it was or who she asked. Rage released himself apparently sensing the dire conditions around him. Jacob's pain in his chest grew, the dizziness stronger, the blood continued to pour, and his vision turned to complete blackness as Jacob succumbed to unconsciousness.

(OOC: both are still alive. . . for now.)
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Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Orre, arriving at Gateon port

Pikababe had not known him for very long but she had got the feeling that Admiral Moby was not the type of person that would show an opponent mercy. In fact most of the high ranking UN officals seemed to share in that philosphy, at least as far as she had seen. As Pikababe nears the gates of Gateon port, a thought occurs to her.

She would not be expected to report in for hours, maybe not even at all given the conflict in Pyrite town. Pikababe owes a big thank you to whoever it was that had lost this scooter because it was turning out to be just the thing that she was hoping for: a chance to rescue Jiggles! She would need to act fast and avoid Admiral Moby and his ship but with a bit of luck, her plan might work.

Still riding on the scooter, Pikababe enters Gateon port and heads for the shipping area. The first task that she needed to take care of is to get to Castelia city without attracting attention to herself. UN supply ships are coming and going all of the time but Pikababe needs a legitamate reason to board one and leave Orre. She thinks fast as she leaves the scooter at the docks and gets in a line leading up to a large cargo vessel bound for Unova...


Darkling's Lullaby
Strauffor Tenno
Freelancer/Black Alpha(Tentative)
Pyrite Town, Orre

“Gently, gently. Like you were trying for an Ember so small it could only light a birthday cake candle.” Strauffor cautioned them as she tipped the mix down the Lucario’s throat. Lupiel curled around her, tipping his head at Jacob as he passed out. Strauffor made an enraged noise.

“Oh, Blood and star stained, ice strewn Balance! Just what needs to happen, both of them three quarters dead, and any nurses and healers below ground like sensible beings!” The Milotic rolled his eyes, drawing his head back as he wrapped around Jacob and used Aqua Ring. The manuver was primarily meant to heal him, but with his form in close contact, Jacob got some of the benefits. Strauffor patted him.

“Good boy, glad to see you’ve got some sense in there.” Lupiel rolled his eyes as Yubel began mouthing more packets out, hissing.

“Oh for a Blissey. Even a Chansey or a Happiny would be workable. No help for it.” She looked around for a table in somewhat decent condition. “We’re going to have to drag them down to the caverns.”