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[OPINION] Why we won't see all regions in Switch.

Discussion in 'Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee' started by Sixpercentsalt, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Sixpercentsalt

    Sixpercentsalt New Member

    If you do not want to read the introduction, Press CTRL+F on your keyboard, Search *** to get to the main point.

    The 2nd Generation Pokemon games, had a total of 16 gym leaders, through 2 regions. Which had a huge Issue with levels. The first Gym leader, Falkner, has a level 7 and a level 9 (in the generation 2 enhanced version, Crystal). However, in the Generation 2 remakes, Heartgold and SoulSilver, the levels are buffed, to 9, and 13.
    (note the Sprout Tower is mandatory in the remakes)

    Fast forward to the 8th Gym leader, Clair, the levels are 3 level 37's and a level 40.(in Crystal). In the remakes, 3 level 38s, and a level 41.

    After you clear the Johto part, and the Elite Four, you head to Kanto(where generation 1 took place). This part is non liner, with the exception to the 16th gym leader, Blue. Blue has Pokemon ranging from level 54 to level 58. ( in Crystal). In the remakes, level 55 to 60.

    You clear Kanto section, and head to the final place, Mt. Silver. You scale the mountain to find your final fight, against Pokémon trainer Red. His team ranges from level 73-81.(in crystal). In the remakes, level 80-88.
    The RPG genre of video games has a leveling your character system (think of leveling as improving your skill). But with 7 regions ( not counting the regions mentioned in the games, we never been to) the leveling system would have to have a drastic overhaul. Or an option, while not the best, deposit your team, and start anew. ( think of the Pokemon anime). When you get to the final area, you can choose any Pokemon you caught in other regions, but that also would lead to the problem of you couldn't go back to previous regions as easily.

    The max level currently in the Pokemon games, is level 100. There are a few ways this could change to be able to make it more fluid for multiple regions.

    *Raising the max level is the obvious choice, Some RPGS don't end at level 100.

    *Levels(numerical value) as a way to show power is not a thing is EVERY RPG, the less likely approach due to amount of time it would take to create, is the Final Fantasy 10 system of leveling.

    With levels there are also Stats that would be outrageous to keep track of. As an example, think of a Blissy, A level 200, its HP would be over 1100. High numbers make you look like your progression, but they can only get so high before they become a eye sore,(World of Warcraft, will be scaling down the stats for the max level, with millions of health a person had).


    While I would be all for a Pokémon RPG with ever Region in it, I don't think it would be possible, with the current mechanics, as drastically changing one, could make people angry, however, you cant please everyone.

    Thank you!
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  2. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    I've thought of this as well. There's no easy way to incorporate more than one region since level scaling would be difficult. Like you, the inly think I could think of would be to mimic the anime and have the character start anew, with only the E4 of that region allowing for Pokemon caught in previous regions to be used. That, too, creates issues though.

    Games like Disgaea allow you to go up to lvl 9,999 (and break the typical damage limit as well), but then you'd have to do a complete overhaul of the stat system for the pokemon (which come out to modifying nearly 1000 pokemon).

    You could try and slow everything down; lower the levels of all pokemon and make it so it takes longer to actually gain levels in order to stretch things out (like reaching the 4th gym and being level 15 being the norm), but then the mechanics would be off. The fights wouldn't feel as good since you're nearly half-way through a region, but 'Tackle" is still your go-to move; and the stats would still be ridiculously low.

    One thing I can think of is maybe mimicking the style of D&D. It would still require an overhaul to the overall final stats of pokemon, but it could work. What I mean by this is, leveling takes a VERY long time, however, stats go up a fair amount and you learn a new move EACH level. I would even suggest the possibility of making the alternate abilities a choice after certain levels. For example, under this system, a Pokemon earns its Ability at level 5 (so starters come with it) but, a Pidgey caught at lvl 2 would learn Gust at 3, Quick attack at 4, then earn Keen Eye at 5. Later on down the line, at say, 15 or so, it can learn Tangled Feet as its ability instead and then at 50 (or higher depending on the pokemon) it would learn Big Pecks. This way, each level brings something other than a stat increase to the table; a new move or ability; to keep players working towards it. And at the same time, you've slowed down the process enough so that you can cap the region off at, say level 20. Then, each other region could be added with the same kind of level progression (determined by which you choose, or preset if you can't choose what region to head to next). The Elite 4 could only be attempted after completing the other regions with this method, however. And, since we're already at 7 regi0ns (possibly 8 soon) I would say leave out the Kanto & Johto region as it would be easier to use this method with 6 regions as opposed to 8. Still kinda hard to plan it out, though.
  3. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    This argument is a bit silly as most RPGs force grinding by making everything level-able and lowering the EXP gain per battle. The most obvious solution would be to divide the exp gain by 8 and do level scaling by that, though there are other gimmicks that can be utilized, like increasing the level cap.

    Edit: There are potential gimmicks as well, such as modifiable stats, rank updates, non-linear progression, leveling items/moves/abilities etc. All of these are pretty standard for other JRPGs.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  4. SleepingGiant

    SleepingGiant Well-Known Member

    You're dismissing a lot of interesting points by saying that. The problem isn't just spreading out EXP gain. It's about the pacing of the games. If it takes 8 times longer to have get your first evolution, 8 times to start learning actually useful moves, 8 times to get any noticeable progress at all, then the games would be unbearably slow. Level scaling is not the limiting factor here. Max level isn't going to fix it either, because you'll still just reach the "all powerful" state and you will never have any need to change your pokemon or moves. Just KO a bunch of people in 7 extra regions with no sense of "accomplishment"/"progression".


    Rising tension overall with ups and downs. That's what makes things interesting. If it takes too long to get to those first few peaks, it's boring. If you just have it level off somewhere, that's monotonous. What you're proposing is an experience without change, but change is what drives people forward in stories and games.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
  5. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Unova Bound

    The reason they'll never make a game with all the regions is because the time to complete it would be significant. Probably in the hundreds of hours and most casual players won't stick around for that long.
  6. FrozTKnight

    FrozTKnight Will ORA ORA ORA you

    I thought it was obvious it wasn't going to happen especially when you look at GSC and HGSS.

    The only way they would be able to do it by reworking progression of Pokemon growing (removing stat growth with levelling up) and having a lower level cap. Which is possible but I don't most fans would be a fan of the idea.
  7. SleepingGiant

    SleepingGiant Well-Known Member

    I just explained why this would not work.
  8. agent9149

    agent9149 Active Member

    Unless we play multiple characters.
  9. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    An all regions game simply won't work for the reasons you stated.
  10. Wulava

    Wulava Chuffed to bits Staff Member Moderator

    I can understand if we can return to an older region if the new location is set right next to it.
    But to revisit each region just for the heck of it is pretty pointless.

    We have remakes anyway.
  11. MidnightMelody

    MidnightMelody Hopeful for Gen 8

    I could care less if a region is brought back. If it is cool. What we need now more than ever since it is on the Switch is a big region. One that feels like a region. I'm not saying go as big as BotW or AC Origins. At least not yet since home consoles are pokemon are new. But imagine an open region like maybe the size of San Andreas (2004) Give the region life too. I feel like the past two regions were just blah
  12. Scammel

    Scammel Well-Known Member

    It's funny to think that only a single instalment in the series has ever featured two full regions, and yet this discussion arises every time a new game appears on the horizon.

    Remember, GS was meant to be the final, holistic instalment of the series, intended to entirely encapsulate the Pokémon experience. Since then, GF clearly approach the series with no endgame in sight; they're not interested in a singular, limited 'Pokémon world'. They're focused on individual experiences in individual regions, not the 'umbrella' universe.
  13. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Unova Bound

    Another reason we won't see all the regions in one game is because doing so would take away the focus of every single region and previous games. Focusing solely on one region allows you to feel connected to that region, you learn about the history, culture, and as a whole experience.
    Scammel likes this.
  14. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    I think the main reason we won't see another multi-region game is because that's a lot of potential revenue to be lost. Why release a game with 8 regions when you could release 8 games? or at the least, 1 game and 7 DLC bundles?

    The only way I see a game with all/multiple regions working is if they come up with a system of main quests and side quests for each region. The main quest line for each region would have nothing to do with the gyms and elite four, (except maybe in the first region) but would have everything to do with the lore of the region. Side quests for the regions could include performing tasks to help random NPC's in exchange for items or pokemon that are difficult/impossible to get otherwise; all kinds of battle facilities, mini games, and all the generational gimmicky stuff like contests and pokathalon; daily and weekly (maybe even seasonal, it works for Animal Crossing) events that give us reasons to keep returning to all the regions (ex: bug catching contest on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Johto); and special post game stories like we've had with the Delta Episode, RR, the Looker missions, etc. Collecting badges and battling the Elite Four and Champions to gain additional regional titles until you ultimately become the world champion could either be a series of side quests or one pseudo-main quest. All these quests would give the regions their own story and/or continue the story from the first region, giving us a reason to actually explore them all.

    Once the first region's main quests are completed, we gain access to all the other regions, for the most part in any order we want, where the main quest of the region is about the lore of the region, which would likely mean retelling the stories from the other games: Kanto- stop evil team's plot to create the ultimate pokemon, which leads to defeating the villainous team and catching Mewtwo; Johto- explore the two towers and the history behind Ho-oh and Lugia, ultimately leading up to catching them (Possibly traveling to Johto must take place after Kanto and there is a resurgence of the evil team to deal with); etc. Maybe they could even connect them all by rewriting the stories a little and using the same evil team in each region, which I think makes more sense than having a different team in each region (most of the time).

    To solve the issue with leveling, they could give our character a level and tether our pokemon's levels to the character's level. It basically acts as a cap that stops pokemon from leveling until the character reaches another level by completing quests. All opponents could be leveled based on your character level (like many other RPG's) so that we don't end up in places that are too strong or boringly weak for us. They could even have certain side quests or locations require a specific character level to make sure the player doesn't completely ignore the main quest lines and keep the legendary pokemon from being extremely under-leveled when they are encountered.

    If they are going to give us a multi-region game ever again, they really need to change the formula of gym badges (or trials) being something that restricts our movement in the game and progression of the story. The world really needs to be more open and free to roam, and there has to be plenty of different things to accomplish and plenty of reasons to keep returning within each region. There's no point in cramming all the regions into one game if they don't change the formula.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018

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