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Opinions that most people won't like/isn't mainstream

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Green Blockhead, Sep 22, 2013.

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  1. teamaquagrunt

    teamaquagrunt Active Member

    For seriously? But the potatoes would overshadow the taste of the meat instead of relishing the different tastes of each one...I'd never be able to eat like that!...I'll just take your word for it.

    Nice to see you posted! ..But what about the people who genuinely don't care about these "real issues"? Maybe they don't have an opinion because they seriously just don't care. Well...that'd be me anyway. I generally won't care unless something directly affects me so things like politics & social agenda, not going to care. I don't like getting involved in ethical arguments especially, like abortion, because moral arguments are circular and both sides have pros and cons. Those debates can go on forever.
  2. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    Here are some light ones:
    - Sword Art Online is just average, leaning on bad.
    - Ike's new design for SSB4 is good.
    -"Nice guys" are not actually nice.
    - The Fault in Our Stars is not a good book. It's not even a "borrow it from the library, don't buy it" book.
    - Pacman belongs in Super Smash Bros.

    Heavier ones
    - Autism should not be "cured" and no "search for a cure" should be undertaken. Now, if A$ would spend their money on curing migraines and gastrointestinal issues, I could get on board with that.
    - Able-bodied people are not inherently better than disabled people. It doesn't matter if you're a contributing member to capitalism, you're still human and deserve to be treated as such.
    - Accommodations are not "too much"; one can become "a productive member of society" with them.
    - We should help each other. Cultures in the past that threw out the members of society than could no longer care for themselves are exceptions. We've always been a social animal, and, like other social animals, we can and should care for each other. Being independent is such a fuzzy concept; even if you grew your own food and made your own clothes, not every one can do that. Living independently is not how we evolved, anyway.
    - Sending clothes to Africa is a bad idea. It basically destroyed their textile industry.
    - The future is bright.
    - Extending the lives of people who are braindead is a waste of resources.
    - Bullying/discrimination should be stopped. Why make life any more difficult than it already is?
  3. Ryuken

    Ryuken Steel User

    Do people think Ike's design is bad? I always thought it was an improvement over the last one in Brawl...
    Anyway, i might not be experienced in the medicine department, but i believe extending comatose patients lives is actually an effective idea, as it is quite costly and can generate quite the amount of money from it.
    As for bullying, here is my "not mainstream" (I can be almost sure i never heard the word mainstream coming out from someone's mouth in person) opinion, it is simply too dramatized.
    Most parents have the need of blaming something when questioned about their parenting, and bullying or videogames have became popular choices.
    People fail to understand that kids pretty much behave in an "animalistic" nature, their bullying is just a means to create dominance over other kids.
    Bullying actually makes the kid grow up, and adapt to harsh situations in the future, making him/her more resistant against negative situations later. Sure, the most popular argument is that kids end up committing suicide because of this, but this happens only because they do not know how to deal with the situation, so they look the most "quick" way to end it. If parents did a decent job at parenting these days, they would find an exit for their kids, or even better, explaining how the kid himself/herself can get out of his predicament.
    Might sound a bit "soul-less" for saying this, maybe will get "flamed", but if someone commits the act of suicide, it probably wouldn't make anything great to society, though the money lost in one life could be something to worry about.
  4. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Only if you let them hurt. Someone calls you fat.Are you fat? Yes? Then why are you getting insulted? Say "Yep, I'm fat. Cracking observation we'll make a master detective out of you yet." How do you deal with trolls online? Ignore them. How do you deal with trolls irl? Ignore them.
  5. Ninfia-Fan

    Ninfia-Fan Well-Known Member

    If I had to choose, I'd rather spend time with people with various disabilities than people without them. I've grown up surrounded by disabled people, so it'd be perfectly fine.
    If someone wishes to die, then I'd let them die, but only if keeping them alive would keep them in needless pain.

    Also, about Razor Leaf's post, my brother and I were also born prematurely. He has Cerebral Palsy caused not by how early he was born, but the way he was born. Oxygen supply to his brain was hindered and he got internal bleeding on his brain, which caused the disease. I escaped any such disability, but I had troubles from being born early, such as this and the fact that I was born with a hole in my heart, which has long since mended. My brother and I almost died many times as babies. But we survived and I think that we're meant to be here. In no way am I trying to start an argument, but every baby has unknown potential, both good and bad, and we should not take that away from them because they were born too early or were frail as a child.
  6. I'm probably the only person who likes Serena (anime) more than Dawn
  7. Solitary Poet

    Solitary Poet Active Member

    I happen to think that the "Super Mario Bros. Movie" is a good movie; in fact, it's on my top ten list right along side "Alien" and "What About Bob?"
  8. 5221A

    5221A Well-Known Member

    Sorry, don't know why, but when I read this I laughed.

    I liked School Days... Yeah.

    SILVER XD Momentai, bro.

    I agree with this statement and contest both of RaZoR LeAf's first points. We are humans. We are members of the same species and just as in the rest of nature those of the same species tend to aid one another in a common pursuit. One entire continent of peoples should not be left to die because years of colonization and exploitation screwed their homelands over. A child should not be left to die because it left the womb before its expected time. A person's life that can be saved, should be. These two honestly do sicken me. But he was expecting that.
  10. Sephora

    Sephora yes I'm back

    Here are some strong opinions that I know a lot of people don't agree with and are not mainstream. Bear in mind that they are my opinions, so arguing with me will not change them. Time for a **** load of people to get offended. Here they are:

    - I am against abortion. I don't think it's fair that a life should be taken away before it has even started because two people had sex and do not want to take on the responsibility that has come out of it. I especially hate it when a woman is pregnant and the man just leaves. Wtf. Didn't you help create that? That's why I think that if you are ever going to get intimate with someone, you should care for them at least on a level that if you were to create a life together, you'd be there for each other.

    - Having said that, I am also against people who have sex under 15 years of age. Judge me all you want, but a pregnant 15 or 14 year old girl just blows my mind. It is like a baby having a baby. And also like a baby having sex... ugh. And saying "well she'll use protection!" doesn't help in the slightest. We all know by know that birth control doesn't work 100% of the time. Just the concept of sex for people that young befuddles me (I hear of cases of people having sex at 12 or 13!! What is happening to this world? I still played with dolls at that age!).

    - I don't believe that you can be born homosexual or that it's biological or any of that stuff. I think it is more nurture than nature and that because it is more socially acceptable, homosexuality is more prevalent.

    - The development of technology and science is a negative thing and generations are getting worse. The earth, the experiences, and life in general was so much better before all this "improvement" crap. Now we have pollution, global warming, media influences, and kids that stay at home on the computer all day and never see the sun. Times were so much simpler and healthier (to repeat something I said before) back in the day. There's a reason that cancer, obesity, and many other diseases are so common nowadays. It really frustrates me because times are just getting worse and worse.

    - I don't understand (probably never will) why musicians and actors are the idols for people of these generations. What happened to the brilliant scientists, the people who care for the environment and the human rights activists? So you can sing beautifully or can "fake" cry. So what? So can thousands of other people. But did you discover a cure for this disease or plant a hundred trees in your life time? Smh

    - Dating websites creep me out. I'm sorry but if you have to resort to using the internet to find a potential love interest then... wow. Go out in the world and strike up a conversation for the love of god.

    I despise the media (and society) and how it tries to force its beliefs on us. You don't agree with the majority and all of a sudden your opinion is the one that doesn't matter and is invalid. I am very opinionated and I don't apologize in the slightest.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2014
  11. Ryuken

    Ryuken Steel User

    People should not come to this thread expecting opinions that match their own, or either if they are easily offended simply by other's opinions, saying that, here are some of mine:

    -I believe that money is probably the second most important thing in existence.
    -Bullying is necessary and makes kids grow stronger and teaches them to face problems that might appear later in their lives.
    -Suicide is an excellent way to get rid of weak people, they wouldn't do much anyway.
    -People that are often manipulated should be, if they are too stupid to fall in the fangs of someone, they deserve it.
    -Abortion is stupid but necessary at the same time. It makes kids to thing they can get out of any situation when mommy and daddy pay for it, but without it there would be a lot more stupid- retarded low resource people.
    -Retarded babies should be aborted.
    -People in extreme physical or mental pain should be terminated, they are too weak to do anything important.
    -People in poverty should not be allowed to reproduce, their kids will just grow up to become "punks" that wont do anything good for society, and make society altogether more stupid.
    -I am against spaying/neutering in dogs, again, it promotes lack or responsibility in people.
    -I despise gun regulation laws.
    -Most of our actions done through a day are revolved around money.
    -I believe the stupidity in the "average man" is growing at an alarming rate. The world is soon to be overrun by idiots and soon their stupidity will be made right and logic will be made wrong.
    And probably the worst one: (please, avoid making any negative comments in this one, as i know this one will hurt the feelings of a vast majority of people)
    -I believe social media is overrated, and that retarded people makes it pathetic, though i still use it, (call me a hypocrite if you want) as it is an excellent way to keep up with news, even if most are over-dramatized or false.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2014
  12. Endolise

    Endolise TengenToppaBoogaloo

    I believe that the salaries of actors and janitors should be switched. Janitors provide a far more crucial service to society, and I don't care how "easy" it is. Cleaning up vomit and other waste, as well as the trash that we're too lazy to get up and throw in the bin ourselves is not a pleasant thing, and those who volunteer to do it for such a comparatively meager payment earn a tremendous amount of respect from me.

    Don't get me wrong, I love some actors out there, and I appreciate their passion for what they do. It's just not that important in the grand scheme of things.

    On an unrelated note, I also think that teachers should be allowed to hit kids who act up. (Although, to clarify, I'm thinking "kids" more in the sense of middle and high school students, not elementary students. And when I say "hit," I mean like, just a slap or something.)
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2014
  13. thunder2910

    thunder2910 Loves pizza

    Movie actors and idols are overrated, at the end of the day they are just normal people

    SILVER XD Momentai, bro.

    Just FYI:
    1. Homosexuals are born homosexuals due to hormone exposure in the womb that is different that what heterosexual infants experience
    2. People idolizing "celebrities" is nothing new. Doesn't mean that it's right, it's just been going on for decades.

    Also, how is it that the advancement of science is a bad thing and yet scientists should be idolized?

    Yeah... I should probably stop browsing this thread. It's getting extra scummy in here and it's hard not to reply

    One thing that I would like to know:To these individuals who believe that others should be killed for being born differently than most, weak, idiotic,etc.: Why should you exist and not them? I highly doubt that you are doing anything important in the "grand scheme of things" so why exactly is it acceptable to you that these people should be killed off while your relatively useless *** still lives?
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2014
  15. Ryuken

    Ryuken Steel User

    I do not speak for those individuals, but i say because of simply superiority. A bird that is born without its wings is utterly useless, and will die in a few days, probably by its own mother, as she wont see the need in keeping a "rock" that just takes food from its decent babies. Most of the time, a healthy person will always be a better choice in most aspects than a "genetically incorrect" one.

    Say you have a company that greatly depends in its employees (like most companies), would you hire the mentally incapable one handed crippled bob that graduated from the community college, or would you hire Mr. Robinson that recently graduated from harvard with the greatest honors and has great aspirations, and is not limited by any means?

    I must admit, i admire your morals, but they only take one so far in the long run, keep that in mind.
    Also, no reason to get offended if one keeps coming to "hostile" threads like this expecting colorful opinions.
  16. Solitary Poet

    Solitary Poet Active Member

    You remind me of my biology professor from college. He made the argument that the only purpose of existence is reproduction/continuation and that anyone or living thing that cannot reproduce successfully is a nonviable organism with no reason to exist. I was just wondering where you went to college, and if your biology professor ever made the same argument?
  17. Ryuken

    Ryuken Steel User

    I remember back in the day he used to say things like that, though from a different perspective. If i remember correctly, he said something about only applying to animals and that people who actually believed it had no soul.

    I think he was highly religious too now that i think about it.
  18. Solitary Poet

    Solitary Poet Active Member

    Of the many "soulless" biology professors at my college, Prof. Colleen Baxter was particularly "soulless" and well loved because of it. Whenever she did anything especially devious, she would simply say "Evolution favors cheaters." Prof. Baxter is probably the most fun and well loved professor in the state of Georgia. By the way, she absolutely believed it, thought it was Prof. Thompson who made the argument.
  19. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    Yeah, I used to idolize them until this year when I realized they were people like my friends who has talent and isn't all over the place. Also tey are ridiculously self absorbed when it's all makeup and surgery
  20. Sephora

    Sephora yes I'm back

    1. That is not true. There is no science behind that and I know that for a fact. Don't try to claim things are scientifically proven when they are not. Reading an article (or wherever you got this info from) does not make it true.
    2. You cannot say that people back in the day used to do it as much as now. It is even more so in these generations thanks to media, technology, etc.

    I meant the over advancement of science is bad such as things that mess with what is "natural" (eg. Intracytoplasmic sperm injections, genetically processed foods, etc). Finding cures for diseases is a totally different thing; people have been doing that for ages. My argument is that science nowadays is going too far in its advancement.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2014
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