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Opposites Interact! (643)


Man of Mystery
Like others have said, this battle was pretty cheap, but I still enjoyed it. Flareons Scary Face + Gabites Sandstorm was awesome and so was Mamoswine and Pachirisu's Lightning Disco Ball thing. Ursala was definitely the better coordinator in this match and should have beaten Dawn, the way her pokemon were pummeling Dawn's should have netted her the win. But I'm glad Dawn is moving on and I hope the rest of her battles won't be as cheap as this one was. Great episode.


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You people obviously have not been watching contests for the past 8 years. This wasn't cheap at all. The writers have NEVER been consistent on how many points you lose. People have lost a quarter of their points for not dodging yet barely lose any for being completely blown away. It can't be cheap when the writers/animators have never been consistent.

I loved the battle. One of Dawn's best contest battles. Sad to see Ursula lose again though. She might as well get out her Cacturne hat now.


-Blah blah boring training blah
-Gible's Draco Meteor produced two meteors this time! ...and they're both heading for Piplup!
-Togekiss smacks both meteors towards Ash and Gible in the most classy way possible.
-I still hate Candy Musalina's Grand Festival outfit.
-I can only imagine how much better this contest arc would have been if Ursula was introduced much, much earlier. There's actual tension when she's around!
-Can we just start the goddamned battle already? We're practically halfway through the episode here and nothing's happened.
-Using Mamoswine to pass electricity to Gabite and then Flareon? That's...actually kinda clever, even if it doesn't make much sense if you consider how many Ground types are involved in that chain of events.
-That is one hell of a Scary Face.
-...wait, is that some sort of instrumental version of the RSE Legendary Pokemon theme? I swear I hear the same melody line.
-Oh look. Double Team. The most easily defeated move in the anime.
-Dawn didn't even TRY having her Pokemon fire attacks in a circle? Come on woman! Beating Double Team isn't that hard.
-Why yes Dawn, that shiny ice ball is very pretty. But how will you use that to actually attack things? They're only going to take a huge chunk off Ursula's score once for that thing, you know.
-Ursula invalidates Dawn's entire strategy by having her Pokemon hide underground. Haha!
-You know, it seems like a really bad idea to base your success on ONE move working. I mean, sure it worked out because Dawn was training the move hard and this is an anime, but it's still a bad idea.
-Ursula wonders why she lost. It's simple, dear; you were introduced super late and you aren't one of Dawn's main rivals, so you were doomed to play second fiddle to Zoey and Nando.
-Nando has a Sunflora? But that's not even a remotely musical Pokemon!
-Candy Musalina merch didn't sell? Jessie doesn't believe it! Neither do I; she's clearly the best and most original coordinator out of all the people here.
-With all that said and done, let's focus on the best part of the entire episode: Fantina's random engrish. Fantastiku! Unbaribabul!


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At some point, Pokemon battles stopped always playing by "the rules". Typing and abilities only seem to kick in at random points, super effectiveness, difference between physical/special, and so on.

This seemed to be the point where Contest battles only used the rules when it felt like it.

As others have pointed out, not countering an attack and mindelessly spamming one attack, has gotten points deducted before. So I think there was ridiculousness on both sides.

That said, if I ignore that, I thought it was a fun and entertaining battle. I'm just going to pretend Booster sucks as much in the anime as it does in the games.

EDIT: Even though I knew it wouldn't happen, I was hoping Manmoo would learn Earthquake or Earth Power to *****slap those idiots for using Dig so much.

Also, was hoping for Sand Veil to activate on Gabite rather than Double Team spam.
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It was a nice battle between both Urara and Dawn and everything.


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I loved how Gible's Draco Meteor splits into two, and when Togekiss fires them back, they hit both Gible AND Ash. Haha, awesome stuff.

And Ursula is more cocky than ever, which is what I like to see! Definitely worthy a Rivalry title like always.

Now, exciting episode! Dawn VS Ursula was again a sight to see, and both made a wonderful performance. Seeing more of that new Flareon was great, alongside with Gabite. And Dawn with Mamoswine and Pachirisu, great duo like always! First off, Dawn made a good start with Discharge and Take Down. And the Scary Face Sandstorm was INCREDIBLE! The animation made on that was stellar. However, The Ice Chandelier rolling around the stage was quite a spectacular move! I'm amazed how many points it knocked out for Ursula, but Ursula did the same as well.

Even at the tailgate end of Dawn's remaining points, it would've been all for Ursula, but for Dawn and Mamoswine/Pachirisu, its all about "determination". :p Especially from ALL of those attacks thrown to Mamoswine as well, but yet Dawn doesn't loose any points. Glad to see Dawn win, though sad for Ursula to loose 3 times to her.

And with the other coordinators, glad to see that now Dawn, Zoey, Nando and Jessie all make it to the Top 16 so far! Can't wait for next week's epic episode.
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The Gible thing was funny, as usual. The Dawn VS Ursula fight was close. Too bad Ursula never managed to beat Dawn once, but at least the matches have been pretty close.

I also like how Zoey, Nando & Jessie all advanced as well.


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Great Episode... lady luck was deffinatly riding high with Dawn as if she did not get lucky and knock our ursula's pokemon.. it would have been over.

My favorite part was Jessie getting angry that her stuff did not sell. I completly laughed out loud on that. Poor Jessie I would have bought some Jessilina stuff

Torpoleon I would not have called it close...Ursula deffinatly had Dawn beaten, she had alot more points left and like 14 seconds..Dawn got lucky she managed to KO the pokemon.
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It's about time Dawn beat Ursula without being saved by the bell, though I was hoping for her to lose for my own selfish needs. However, it's not over yet.


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Hows everyone hope all is doing good ?

Well i wanted to ask is there a site where i can watch the sinnoh league in japanese with english subs ? cuz this season is already finished in japan so i really wanna see the battles and dawns competition...... can anyone help me =)


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It was a great episode. At first, it looked Dawn was about to lose, but she managed to turn the tide of the battle. Things are looking good so far.


Kawaii Power
It was a good battle. I liked Ursula's Sandstorm/Scary Face combo and Ice Chandelier. I enjoyed the bit at the end where Dawn congratulated Ursula, saying she was awesome and Ursula was all "You're right. I am awesome." I also liked Togekiss sending Draco Meteor back at Ash and Gible, so what a lucky episode it was for Piplup.


I can't believe I haven't commented on this episode yet. Well I watched it just to keep track of all the important anime events and this episode wasn't as good as I had thought it would be. It was the same usual, generic, average Dawn versus Ursula battle. I mean, who many times have they fought now? 3-4 in a row or something like that rather? Anyway, the battle had some neat animation and effects for the moves used; my favorite being the ice chandelier. I'm glad that Dawn beat Ursula once again since it meant that the story could progress quickly without too much repetition. Looks like the top four characters (Dawn, Zoey, Jessie, and Nando) advanced to the next round. Overall, pretty generic so 6/10.


Ash's fangirl
This was a nice ep, the Dawn vs Ursula battle was kinda cheap though, still it was fun to watch. It was a good thing that Dawn beat Ursula by k.oing her Pokemon, it helped shutting up Ursula and her's "You just won bcoz of time out, I'm still better than u blah blah" nonsense

Anyway, 8/10 4 this ep

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
This episode was good. Dawn's technique with Discharge was impressive, especially the one at the end. Even though I don't care too much for the contest episodes, I have to say that this was one intense contest episode.


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Dawn didn't lose points towards the end, because Ursula was spammin Shadow Ball. It's just like the time May and Munchlax spammed Metrenome. It wasn't Dawn's best win, but it wasn't all that unbelievable.


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The writers must have been that desperate to give Dawn the win over Ursula. I mean c'mon, it's already ridiculous enough that Ursula never got to beat Dawn even for a single time, whereas Dawn lost to her other rivals at least once. On top of that, Dawn got a lucky break and she used that element of luck to her advantage to get that win over Ursula. Although I'm not content because of Ursula's loss, I'm glad that Pachirisu got a victory. That cute little guy really deserved something.