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Opposites Interact! (643)


Damn...! My HG game is eating up more of my time than I thought! I dunno if I can remember it all...

The very first thing, we find that Dawn gets to fight Ursula again. The actual fight that ensued was hell in a handbasket, especially the combination of Gabite's Sandstorm, with Flareon's Scary Face following up. The resulting combo qualifies as one of those "Holy %$&#!!!" moments. Dawn tries to fight back, but Flareon has Mamoswine on the ropes, as it keeps melting her Ice Shard with Fire Spin. Pachirisu got sent to cover Mamoswine, which brought enough time for the Ice Shard to come up successfully.

With that said, they began forming their Ice Chandelier, which did manage to kick hard. Then, Gabite got the bright idea of using Dig for Hit & Run with Flareon. That eventually turned the staging area into a lunar landscape. However, that didn't stop Dawn, as she ordered Pachirisu into one of the holes, & with Mamoswine firing an Ice Shard into another, the squirrel used Discharge to spring them back out, & thus forming another Ice Chandelier. &, with one final charge, Pachirisu gives both Gabite & Flareon a case of dead.

With that said, Ursula gets the red cross of unqualification, & with someone like her, I say good %#&*ing riddance!!

& BTW, while all of this happened, TR found a way to further fatten up their bank accounts: sell souveniers of this festival. It was a huge hit, except for the fact that the one thing that didn't sell was Jesselina's picture. That sure ****** her off!

Whew, that's done, but this festival is far from it, & since Jesselina is still here, there is no rest for this Anti-TR man!

Sapphire Kirby

Evaluation time!
I missed the beginning of the episode due to TV trouble and came in at the epic sandstorm/scaryface combo.

I don't know why, but Sinnoh contest, especially the Dawn vs Ursula battles, reduces me to angrish. From ridicules combination to inconsistent point systems, the Sinnoh contest just seem to love making stuff up. When Pachi ice-rolled into Gabite and Flareon and Ursula lost half of her points, I almost (remember its 6:00 am) shouted in disbelief. Dawn must be bribing the judges. Dawn's pokemon get blasted by attacks OVER 9000 times, yet Ursula's fall at 2-5. What really took the cake was when the split up ice shards travel underground and the ice bowling ball (what kind of name is Ice Chandler anyway?) emerges from the ground. Its hard enough pretending that a ball of fire inside a ball of ice is perfectly normal, but I'm with Ursula ("What was that?!") here.

Overall, Dawn should have lost that right then and there. She was way outmatched and only won because of plot power.

I wish I had an Ursula trading card.


The Marauder
Overall it was a great contest battle. I'm still trying to figure how point value works in contests. This battle proved how faulty it is. Oh and Pachirisu looked so bad***battling with Mamoswine.


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Im glad Dawn won because she never gave up and i think Ursula got a little complacent although the sandstorm/scary face was pretty epic. I want the trading cards too hehe. Although Ursula was the better compettior luck was on Dawns side and sometimes that all you need. Ursula was the same at the end though she never changes


The one and only.
The battle between Dawn and Ursula was great but the ending of it seemed kind of off, especially when Ursula had Dawn in her clutches throughout the battle.

Smart move for Dawn to use Discharge combo in the beginning. Didn’t see that coming.
Ursula gets back up be using an impressive combo move of Sandstorm and Scary Face. That was some scary face. Very graphical, I love 3D models.

From this point, Dawn begins to lose her mojo as Ursula constantly blocks every attack Dawn throws at Ursula and keeping her grounded.

Dawn manages to get back into the game by performing her new ice technique which was a major point deduction for Ursula.

Even so, Ursula was still able to keep up by performing a new tactic of constant Digging and Shadow Ball attacks.

With all these attacks Dawn taking in, I’m surprised that Mamoswine and Pachirisu were able to keep on going, but like what Dawn said, Determination was on their side.
With that, Dawn used the holes dug by Gabite for her advantage and executes another successful ice chandelier attack and charges full on.

Only taking what looked like minor damage, Ursula calls out another attack but finds out that Gabite and Flareon were unable to battle, making Dawn the victor.

Overall, I still think Dawn won by luck. Her Pokemon took many hits and were still able to continue but Ursula took what look like nothing and still lost by elimination. That’s just weak. Well, at least I don't have to listen to that bratty tone of Ursulas anymore. How much I hated that...

Anyways, 7/10.

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Amazing comeback by Dawn.... I almost thought she was done for.....
Oh brother.

I'm getting the feeling Gible will evolve during this arc. I mean, its almost finished mastering Draco Meteor... We all remember what happened last time something like this happened right?

Yeah, me too! Even in "With the Easiest of Grace!" I had a feeling that, for some reason, Gible was going to evolve in that episode. Probably because of how much it was focused on in the training/battle with Togekiss.

I forget now. Was it this episode that Gible was able to pull of two draco "meteors", or was that the episode before?

Pretty good Grand Festival episode.
I enjoyed the battle.
I can't tell if it was a cheap win or not.
I felt Dawn did a good job.
I loved Ash cheering, he was cheering so hard for her ^^
Dawn's dress was so pretty too.
Another thing I loved was the begining, Ash face after what Gibble did was too funny.
But yah I can see Gibble evolving at the end of this saga.
If that's the case, Buzeil will be the only one left that is unevolved.
Course he could do a shocker and evolve during the fight with Paul.

Actually, I kind of assumed that Buizel was going to stay a Buizel for the rest of SLV. If you look in the opening, when it's cycling through all of Ashs Pokemon, you can see that Buizel is still a Buizel. Again, I'm just assuming it won't evolve. Just like I assume that his Gible will evolve into a Gabite (But not to Garchomp) by the end of SLV.

My review:

I actually thought that Dawn was going to lose to this one! But she makes a really (and, to me, a not cheap) comeback to just pull a win off.
Even though Ursula lost, her Flareon and Gabite really put up a good fight! (<-hey, that rhymed!) I really liked that Sandstorm/Scary Face combo. I was actually like O____O!

It might just be that her Gabite is possibly female, we'll have to wait and see when Ashs Gible evolves to know for sure, but her Gabites voice always makes me smile! I hope she never evolves it!

I think Gabite might be one of my favorite Pokemon now!

It's actually a shame this will probably be Ursulas last appearance. I actually kind of like her now, and now she's leaving!


No longer posting
This episode was cool. It was cool to see Mamoswine be able to withstand many Fire attacks from Flareon. Pachirisu stood strong against Gabite, and hung in there. As usual Ursula was being a big pain to Dawn and the gang prior to the upcoming battles. It was cool to see Mamoswine be electrically charged up and then charging in for an attack. Scary Face + Sandstorm done by Ursula's Pokemon was very eery looking. It was odd how Dawn's Pokemon kept getting hit so many times and yet they hung in there and were able to take down Ursula's Pokemon. The rolling Ice Ball was done very well.



burning it down
Awesome episode - that Scary Face/Sandstorm combo was impressive. However I must admit that the judges have to be biased, Ursula should have won. She was far more impressive in the battle than Dawn but hey, glad to see Dawn got through! Can't wait to see the rest of the Grand Festival.


However I must admit that the judges have to be biased, Ursula should have won.

The writers probably realized that Ursula should've legitimately won the match so they decided to just have her lose via knockout instead. I really thought that Ursula was better than Dawn in every way in this match from making her Pokémon stand out to battling. It's a shame that Ursula never beat Dawn a single time during her run and she should've been introduced a lot earlier and lasted longer in the Grand Festival.


Team Awesome
Man, flareon's Mummy-esque sandstorm-scary face was creepy. o_O At least Ursula got knocked out of the competition. :) I also enjoyed Togekiss spanking Gible with the draco meteor again, Jessie spazzing out worrying that she's not going to advance (the looks on the faces of the others in the room was funny), and that awesome ice chandelier.



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The point system in DP is worse off than in AG. I mean Ursula's Pokemon barely got hit while Dawn's kept on getting hit. As soon as Dawn's points gets to the half, then the writers set a troll for her and Ursula gets her points drained so damn quick. Not only that but Ursula's Pokemon were at a type advantage over hers as well. The win should have defintely wen to Ursula. Maybe they should have had Ursula battle her in the last episode because she should have lost. I really couldn't care less about Ice chandelier.
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Bulba the Great!

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The animators get a big pat on the back for creating the most terrifying Scary Face I've ever seen. Nightmares, man.

Props to James and Meowth for making some legit money, though. Good job, guys!


I liked that Dawn did some practice at the start, but why did Ash and Gible have to overshadow her? I cackled at James and Meowth selling souvenirs during the Grand Festival match between Dawn and Ursula and seeing Fantina so pumped up made me smile. I almost fell off my chair when Gabite used Sandstorm and Flareon's giant Scary Face appeared.

Mrs. Oreo

I liked how James and Meowth were selling trinkets and I thought that Fantina's reactions during Dawn and Ursula's battle were fantastic. For a minute there I thought Dawn was going to lose, but I was wrong. ^^;


As much as Urara ticks me off, she got the short end of the stick here. Her Gabite and Booster did so much damage to Hikari's Pokemon in the first half of the Contest battle, yet Hikari's Pokemon made an unrealistic comeback regardless of how low their points were. Fukamaru's training was fun, though.
Idk, to me this episode wasn't as good as I had thought it would be. It was the usual Dawn versus Ursula battle. I mean, who many times have they fought now? Anyway, the battle had good animation I guess. :/