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Organising a living dex

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by bobshoy, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. bobshoy

    bobshoy New Member

    Hey people

    Those of you that have done a living dex. How did you organize it? Did you put things in evolution lines or strictly in their pokedex number?

    What about pokemon that have different male/female forms but are the same pokedex entry like Meowstic or Pyroar? Have them both there?
  2. Lady Umbreon

    Lady Umbreon Well-Known Member

    I did my first living dex in Gen 6. I got males & females of EVERYTHING, even alternate forms like Burmy's cloaks. I also got all alt forms that could be stored in the Bank, even if that meant replaying games multiple times. It took two games to store it all. I organized by Dex number and put Gens 1-3 on Omega Ruby and Gens 4-6 on Y.

    In Gen 7 I did it again with a major difference. In Gen 6 I had a lot of uploaded and traded Pokemon. In Gen 7 I decided to get everything myself using only my own games. Took years, but I've gotten all genders & storable forms of everything catchable in Gen 7.

    And it made me realize that I was going WAY overboard and wasting storage. In the future I'm only going to do both genders of things with gender differences. Will probably also put evolution families together.
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  3. bobshoy

    bobshoy New Member

    Cheers for the in depth reply. I'm going to organise it all in my bank. Then when finished store in my games incase something ever happened to my bank.

    I am trying to be the OT of all the pokes I get. I am not getting Male female forms for everything like you did. Only if they look different. I was tempted to put everything in their evolution lines like you mention, but would be a pain with future generations and introducing new evolutions to existing lines. Meaning I'd have to move everything over by one slot.

    I think I might do pokemon that have a visual difference too. Like all the flabebe colours etc.

    How'd you go about getting all the event exclusive mons like Mew and Celebi?
  4. Lady Umbreon

    Lady Umbreon Well-Known Member

    In X & Y I was in a hurry to complete the dex so I uploaded my extras mythicals from Gen 5. Then Nintendo distributed them all during the 20th anniversary and I felt like an idiot. So I'm not uploading any to Gen 7 until I'm sure there won't be any more distributions. Since there's no National Dex I don't feel like I'm missing anything.
  5. bobshoy

    bobshoy New Member

    Hah. Yeah I didnt start playing pokemon games again until halfway through that event. So didn't get Mew or Celebi.

    Some of the older generation games I purchased second hand IIRC may have had them on it. No idea if they're hacked or not though. It's not like the games have any shinies in them. So once I clear those games I'll trade em forward.
  6. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    For my living dex, I went strictly by pokedex number, 1-806, with alternate forms or gender variances coming after the complete pokedex. I have done it grouped by evolution line before, but it takes less time to instantly fill the pokedex if I only have to move the boxes that have one of each of the 806 pokemon.

    I'm replaying FireRed and I have actually been collecting male and female versions of all pokemon so far, and they are grouped by evolution line at the moment. I would like to eventually replay all of my Generation 3 games and have all genders and alternate forms of every pokemon stored in my Pokemon Box. I might do the same thing with Generation 4, and eventually Generation 5, but it's a lot harder in those games with no Box or Bank to organize and quickly move them all.
  7. ruxy_100

    ruxy_100 Member

    Like Team Volt Grunt, I have my living dex in numerical order, with form variants coming after. For the main entry, I include my favourite form (e.g. for Pyroar I have the male version in the main section, and the female in the form-differences section).

    I then have a box with vivillon, rotom and minior variants. A box with the unown alphabet. One with the random form and gender differences that are really noticeable (burmy, frillish, pyroar, pidove etc), one with Alolan variants (Alolan forms, plus variant lycanrocs, Oricorio, totem Pokémon etc.). And finally I have one box for shinies, although I often have to empty it to bank if I need that last box to hatch eggs etc. I also store 18 shinies and a few form variants in the obstacle course in Poke Pelago.

    I have just finished collecting the minor gender differences (spot differences, or slightly smaller fangs etc) as well - but I am having to store those in a different game as I have run out of room in Ultra Sun.
  8. bobshoy

    bobshoy New Member

    Wow nice one. I'm also evolving pokemon with stones at the best level to learn their best moves.

    Has anyone got a spare gen 6 6iv ditto? Need to buy a protector for Rhyperior so need to do some selective breeding for the first time ever.
  9. I've done a living dex since generation 3 and always put them in national dex number order. I don't have both male and female versions (not even for meowstic) however I do have a box entirely for Unown and one for Vivillon formes. And keep different formes in another box (deerling/sawsbuck, shellos/gastrodon, alola formes, etc) after the end of the national dex.
  10. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to get all the Floette colors through GTS. All I need is one with a red flower, but each time I get one with a yellow flower.

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