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Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Silver Manaphy, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. In D/P many of us have massive amounts of pokemon, from chaining, breeding and battling, my question is how do you all keep your PC/Box organized (or not)
  2. Yellow Aura

    Yellow Aura Light of Hope

    I go though all the enviorments, name them that, and put the corrisponding Pokemon in. (Eggs go in the Pokemon Center)
  3. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    In Ruby, I organised the boxes according to types (ex. Normal gets one box, Fire gets one, etc) but that was annoying, and caused problems for pokemon with two types. In Diamond I currently have no organisation method.

    However, I quite like Yellow Aura's thinking. =]
  4. I just chuck my pokemon in the first empty space i see. it's too hard oragnizing them.
  5. Penguinist Trainer

    Penguinist Trainer Well-Known Member

    When I first start the game, I name the boxes for levels in increments of 10. So Lv. 1-10, Lv. 11-20, etc. etc. This way I know what level all my pokemon are at, and I train them all in increments of 10 so each one is getting progressively stronger.

    Once my pokedex is nearly full, I then switch pokemon around and organize them according to pokedex number with a separate box for all my unown.
  6. Cool. I personally don't, but I like yellowaura's thinking and find Penguinist Trainer's method interesting too
  7. Apart from two 'Team' boxes, the rest of mine are just thrown in there. Occasionally, I transfer a load over to Ranch, to clear it up a little.
  8. Thor's Beard

    Thor's Beard Well-Known Member

    On my Pearl I have them all organised in numerical order but that only leaves me with one and a half boxes spare... Which is a right pain!
    I plan on trying something less space hungry when I finish my Diamond.
  9. BunnieRabbot91

    BunnieRabbot91 Live Without Warning

    My Pokémon are usually in the same place they were put when they were caught, unless I take them out or if I hatch them. But the majority of them are in My Pokémon Ranch now.
  10. Drako

    Drako Darkness Eternal

    From the days of G/S/C I always organized my boxes. It goes like this.

    Box one is always the random encountered and caught pokemon.
    Box two is water type pokemon.
    The last Box is where my strong and trained pokemon are, where my evs are now.
    The second to last is where all my legends go.
    My third to last is where my eggs and egg pokemon go
    and finally, (cause it's getting wierd), my fourth to last box contains all my flying type pokemon.
  11. Poke Rock

    Poke Rock Shiny Pokemon Hunter

    mine are numbered from1-493 and i have a lot more on ranch
  12. shadowkami

    shadowkami Internet Hustla'

    I organize my boxes by type. I used to have a "Legendaries" box but soon changed to Natures, for all my dittos for nature breeding.
  13. diablo_200525

    diablo_200525 ミッドナイト ミュウツー

    Well what i have always id was organize them by levels. (Eg. Level 2-10 and make small gardual cahnges. 11-15 16-20, etc. till ive used up all the boxes. And if one box for some reason is empty. Then i use that as my "Willing to trade" box
  14. Yonowaru in Chaos

    Yonowaru in Chaos gaspard de la nuit

    Same as Yellow Aura.

    Though I set a few aside, one for Unown + Solrock and Lunatone, one for Legendaries, one for starters and Eeveelutions, one for 'evil' Pokemon and the rest split by habitat.

    I think DP was better in this respect, since their bonus backgrounds were more different from each other (I tried it with Platinum, and the bonus backgrounds were too specific) :3
  15. Mariku -- kitten

    Mariku -- kitten Toshiya lover<3

    I do it by type, and for Dual-Types, I just put them in the type-box that I prefer them in. I combine types in boxes, too. My Dragon and Steel boxes are one, and I'm thinking of combining my Dark into my Psychic/Ghost box.
  16. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    Well mine's out of order but i might well try to organize by level types. But i think its just going to be random
  17. Damiean

    Damiean Champion

    Well I have my first several boxes as "junk boxes" essentially for just pokemon I had or just decide to catch but never use. Then I have my "project box" for pokemon I may possibly use in the future but aren't ready right now. Then there is my "2nd string box" for pokemon I sub out for different situations, I have about 15 pokemon who I could plug into my rotating slot on my team the other 5 party slots are locked in with my best pokemon.
  18. Umbreon-dana

    Umbreon-dana Phat Philanthropist

    I actually finished cleaning out my PC recently.

    First, I have just some basic Pokemon (Arbok, Togekiss, etc.), organized by gender then by National Dex Number.

    Second, I have Pokemon from breeding projects, organized by order of breeding.

    Third, next breeding projects, in no particular order.

    Fourth, Commonly used Pokemon, like my Ditto, Smeargle, Magcargo, Parasect, Pachirisu, Meowth, Crobat, Vaporeon, and Steelix.

    Fifth, I have old ingame Pokemon, like my Arcanine, Butterfree, Blastoise, Infernape, Roserade, etc.

    Sixth, my legends, ordered by national dex number.

    Seventh, Pokemon that I need to evolve or breed for the Pokedex, ordered by national dex number.

    Eight, Pokemon I have received in trades. Ordered by, of course, dex number.

    Ninth, Pokemon I am EVing or have been EVed. Ordered by EVed, then EVing, which are ordered by closeness to 510 EVs.

    And Tenth, Event Pokemon and shinnies. There are no shinnies, currently, but the Event Pokemon are ordered by date received. Shinnies will be ordered by national dex number.
  19. Put simply, heres my organisation:
    Box1: This is filled with baby starters, especially the 2nd gen ones. Box2: Pokemon I have caught around the level 40 area or are level 40 with good moves. Not properly organised. Box3: This old team thing I did based on types is here. Complete ruin.
    Box4: Same as above. Box5: Filled with the lesser used pokemon, but resourceful. Box6: Legends and trained starters.
    Box7: Level 100s in training. Box8: Level 100s, my fav. box. Box9: traded pokemon from online and bro. Box10: pokemon for trading.
    ...last four: Filled completely with eggs. I did this thing where I breeded all my pokemon to form an egg pick and mix trade thing, which took up thirty hours max (I have no idea why, just felt fun). First box also has 'pokemon ready for trade'.
  20. 1st Box: I put my strong pokemon, like my Lv. 100's that are EV'ed trained.

    2nd Box: I put pokemon I need to train... they sit there for a while

    3rd box and on: I put them in National 'Dex order. After the normal pokemon are seperated, I do the same for my shinies.
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