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Orre Region Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Astral Shadow, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the Orre Region Club! In this club we talk about everything that Orre has to offer, such as; Shadow Pokemon, places to visit, and the characters.

    *The Rules*
    All Serebii Forums rules apply
    You must be a member if you want to discuss.
    Stay on topic(topics can be changed by the leader or club mod).
    If you are unactive for 2 weeks, it will result in a strike, if you still have not posted in the week following, you will be removed from the club.
    No spamming, or swearing, or trolling.
    No one-liners
    Use the form posted for signing up.
    And of course, have fun c:

    *Sign-up App*
    Favorite Thing About Orre:
    Reason for Joining the Club: 
    Favorite Shadow Pokemon:

    1st Strike: Warning
    2nd Strike: 2nd Warning
    3rd Strike: Week Ban
    4th Strike: Month Ban
    5th Strike: Permanent Ban
    Posting During Any Ban: Contacting Admin

    None :3

    Favorite Orre Character
    Did you like starting with Eevee or Espeon/Umbreon?
    Was adding Wild Pokemon in XD a good idea or not?
    Favorite music theme
    Likes and dislikes about the Shadow Pokemon mechanics
    Characters(design, personality, etc)
    Mt. Battle Challenge
    Colosseum Challenges
    Locations(cities, buildings, etc)
    What are your favorite themes in Colosseum and XD?

    Members are allowed to suggest new topics, but they must relate to Orre.(New topics will be added to the OP if they gather interest from members).

    Astral Shadow-Owner
    Mystic_Blaze-Co Owner
    Apocalypse Lucario-Member
    Lucina Archaelis-Member
    The DragonKnight-Member
    Aura Of Twilight-Member
    Heroic Rein-Member


    Members get their claim on a userbar and which ever of the 4 userbar backgrounds from above that they wish.

    Credit to me for the buttons and userbars.

    Astral Shadow[​IMG]
    Lucina Archaelis[​IMG]
    Aura Of Twilight[​IMG]

    *Pokemon must be obtainable in the games, whether they can obtained my snagging, capturing in the wild, in-game trade(Duking's trades for example), or Eevee and it's evolutions from gen 1 to 3.

    Shadow Pokemon

    Myself(userbars and buttons) and Avenger Angel(banner)
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2014
  2. Mystic_Blaze

    Mystic_Blaze Fabulous~

    Username: Mystic_Blaze
    Favorite Thing About Orre: The whole concept of Shadow Pokémon, the story, Mirror B., and the towns.
    Reason for Joining the Club: I hope it'll be a great success and I wanna talk about Orre
    Favorite Shadow Pokemon: I don't want to boring and say Lugia, so I'll go with Houndour.
  3. Accepted.~

    Going to put this in the op but, once members claim a Pokemon(see the spoiler for the list to pick from), they'll get a userbar with their claim and using whichever background they want out of the 4 in the art spoiler.
  4. Mystic_Blaze

    Mystic_Blaze Fabulous~

    Sounds like it might be a lot of work when we get more members :/ but that's really nice :)
    I'll claim Houndoom then, he was one of my favorite team members in XD Gale of Darkness

    And if I can suggest something, I think it'd be cool to make a shadow lugia button since it's the main pokemon of XD and it's one of the coolest pokemon ever IMO
  5. Well I'd probably have to find an animated Shadow Lugia sprite to use because animating re-colors takes forever. Plus I've never liked any of the Shadow Pokemon re-colors I've done or seen @.@ They're just not the same D:
  6. Mystic_Blaze

    Mystic_Blaze Fabulous~

    I had a feeling it would be difficult, oh well.
    Oh I forgot to say I wanted the 4th userbar background (the black one)

    What shadow pokemon are you claiming?
  7. Oh god, I forgot to add mine when submitting this club XD. Ima take Duskull.
  8. Mystic_Blaze

    Mystic_Blaze Fabulous~

    When I look at the userbars in the art section and see how every single one has a duskull I stare blankly at the computer monitor. I should've known it was Duskull >.>

    Would it be okay to start or topic or should I wait till we get more members?
  9. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    Can't believe no one has joined this club (except people who joined) this is one of my favorite games/regions.

    Username: dahrue
    Favorite Thing About Orre: I love the Geography and how from all the other regions looks so different.
    Reason for Joining the Club: This region/game deserves more respect, it was honestly so fun and awesome to playthorugh.
    Favorite Shadow Pokemon: Raikou (happens to be one if not my favorite Pokemon design wise) :D
  10. Eh go ahead. Who knows, it might help bring members in.

    Club is still new XD, so yeah.
  11. Mystic_Blaze

    Mystic_Blaze Fabulous~

    I find that hilarious XD

    and welcome! The more members the merrier
  12. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    Well I was going to leave out the parentheses but than I checked the Member List and so I put it xD

    & How new is it, because I just it now and got happy/upset at the same time

    & x2 can I claim a Pokemon or not yet...?
  13. People can claim even if it's in the same post as their sign-up form, aka whenever. Oh and for getting a userbar made, just give the style you want in vm.
  14. Mystic_Blaze

    Mystic_Blaze Fabulous~

    OP was July 20th and first member (me) joined an hour ago so its REALLY new.

    Why are you happy/upset about it?

    And yes you can claim a pokemon, just has to be a pokemon on the list (check the original post for more details)
  15. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    Happy I saw it, upset I didn't join much earlier.

    Raikou, I believe is on the list.
  16. Yep, he was Ein's Shadow Pokemon. I had a pretty easy time with his battle XD, except catching Raikou @.@ ugh.
  17. Username: Apocalylpse Lucario
    Favorite Thing About Orre: Coliseums bad(don't want a strike) snag 'em machine!
    Reason for Joining the Club: i have played through half of coliseum and am about to get to finish it soon... i hope
    Favorite Shadow Pokemon: Absol FTW
  18. Accepted.~ I haven't finished Colosseum q.q stuck on Evice lol. I have beaten XD a few times, and purified Shadow Lugia one time :3
  19. Mystic_Blaze

    Mystic_Blaze Fabulous~

    Welcomes! Nice job on purifying Shadow Lugia, it took me forever to do that (though that time wasted doesn't compare to getting the johto starters with flashburn, frenzyplant and hydrocannon)
    I have a dirty little secret---> I didn't play Colosseum YET. I'll order it soon or I'll be ashamed :(
  20. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    Such a great game. XD as well. I thought it had a great twist!

    & Raikou was a pain >.<
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