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Orson Scott Card

Cause a thread here may provide more fans. :D

He's most well known for the Ender (and Bean) series but this is for all his books.

I do love the Ender and Bean series as well as Homecoming. :D


Nothing to be done
I read Ender's Game in eigth grade and thought it was pretty entertaining.

A year later I attempted to read Ender's Shadow, but it just screamed "cash-in" and I couldn't finish it. I haven't gone back to the series, but sci-fi just isn't my thing to begin with.
Two replies in two minutes? Awesome. And I was just about to PM you with the link, Locke. XD

Cipher - I don't know if 'cash-in' was the reason for Bean's series but I did enjoy it. I think it was different enough to warrant its existence. :D