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Oscars 2013

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by mockingjay, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    surprised there wasn't a thread on this already.

    what are everyone's thoughts on the show itself? thought seth did alright?

    and who did you think would win & did you get it right?

  2. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    I am mad that pitch perfect didn't get nominated for anything. Other than that, they were good this year. Good choices too.
  3. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Like every year, I didn't pay any attention to it--Seth MacFarlane being the host only chased me further away. I could care less for Hollywood despite being a film student, and I believe the Oscars are fixed anyway. I didn't see any live-action movies last year anyway (that I can bother to recall), so I didn't care about who took home the gold. I did check up on Best Animated Feature, though, but I'm disappointed Brave won. Yes, it's a beautiful movie to look at, but otherwise, it's a decent movie. It had a lot of potential, it just didn't take up on it. Both Wreck-It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians had a better chance of winning the award than Brave did, honestly.

    But meh, whatever. The Annie Awards had a better pay-off anyway.
  4. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    if pitch perfect got nominated for any category, i would have lost faith in all the academy voters.

    and yeah, wreck it ralph had the much better plot line but it wasn't necessarily a film that would attract academy voters.
  5. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    I really enjoyed Seth as a host and found myself laughing quite a number of times at his jokes. Michelle Obama at the end was a little ridiculous and unnecessary considering she has nothing to do with movies whatsoever. Regardless, I enjoyed this year's show much more than previous years.

    I didn't have a problem with any of the wins apart from Brave beating Wreck-It Ralph. I was glad Christoph Waltz and Ang Lee won and Day Lewis was great with his acceptance.
  6. miles0624

    miles0624 Wrath of Fire

    Sound editing and sound mixing. The movie wasn't oscar worth, but it was nomination worthy.
  7. Ver-mont

    Ver-mont Well-Known Member

    I'm glad Spielberg didn't win anything. I can't even express how happy I was when Ang Lee and Argo won over him.

    On a side note, I was also happy that Christoph Waltz, Anne Hathaway, Adele, Tarantino and Jennifer Lawrence were awarded.
  8. ForeverFlame

    ForeverFlame WATER TRUMPETS

    Ahahahaha. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Anyway, I'm ecstatic for Anne and Jen. I was rooting for the both of them so I'm glad they won. DDL knew he had the Oscar the moment he signed on for Lincoln so I don't really care about him, but I am happy for Christoph.
  9. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    Ben Affleck should have been nominated for Best Director too, thats my only complain (even though I havent seen Argo). I mean, it won the Best Picture, so naturally (?)

    Im quiet satisfied w/ everything else. Especially for Ang Lee and Christoph Waltz (I have watched both Pi and Django Unchained).
    Waltz really amazed me in the film, and I thought he's the lead actor (he overshadowed Foxx as Django). I even tried to find his name in the Best Actor nominees at first..... lol.
  10. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    yeah having michelle obama present best picture was a bit too much and un unnecessary imo.

    seth joked about ben affleck not being nominated early in the show. glad argo winning bp made up for he snub.
  11. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    I don't watch the Oscars because they are intentionally making themselves irrelevant. They are all very self-congratulatory and chase casual viewers away by nominating films the majority of the public has no care for (to be honest, Argo isn't a bad Best Picture, but... The King's Speech? The Artist? Who bothered seeing those?), and are far too enamored of bio-picks. The only way I watch the Oscars are when the host is someone I really want to see (which is NOT Seth MacFarlane, but I did watch the years John Stewart hosted), or if they actually nominate a film with widespread appeal (the year The Departed won, I watched because that was a great movie, and Scorsese finally got his Oscar). Also, do they secretly want to the the Grammy's? What is up with all the music numbers?

    THRILLHO nothin' at all

    musical scoring & accompaniment are major parts of film. movies would suck if there was no scores in a lot of cases, why shouldn't sound engineers and musical artists / composers be celebrated?
  13. BJPalmer85

    BJPalmer85 Well-Known Member

    I was very excited to see Jennifer Lawrence win! It is awesome to see a hometown girl make it big like she has. She also looked amazing!!

    There is a funny little video floating around the interwebs that shows just how down to earth she is. She was being interviewed after winning and Jack Nicholson surprises her and she is completely star struck! Super funny!!

    Here is a link

  14. StarSurgeX

    StarSurgeX ☆ I'm The Captain

    Well sadly I had to work that Sunday night so I miss them :( I was looking forward to see if the hunger games I heard they were nominated
  15. Deadly.Braviary

    Deadly.Braviary Well-Known Member

    Not sure about noms, but it didn't win anything. Damn, that movie was good.

    Also, the Oscars are now officially 'the Oscars', apparently, not the Academy Awards.

    I agree with Sid. Whoever picks the winner of Best Picture does a horrible job. I mean, how did Life of Pi not win? (No offense to Argo, which I've heard is pretty goood as well.) It was amazing, not to mention the main character was Indian :D I wonder if we could accuse them of racism? And The Artist? Please. Everyone who swooned over it was most likely just nostalgic grandparents who saw a black-and-white/silent movie after God knows when.

    Apart from that, I don't know why, but Tarantino gets on my nerves. I think it's my brother's rabid fanboying over him.
  16. Espeon EX

    Espeon EX On-and-Off User

    I was happy that Brave won, but I think it should have been Wreck-It-Ralph. Man, that was a good movie. I am SLIGHTLY mad at the Oscars, because recently I found out that one of my all time FAVORITE movie stars did NOT win an Oscar for one of my favorite movies. Who, you ask? Gene Kelly for Singing in the rain! He wasn't even NOMINATED!!*mad rage in here* Sorry, just had to let that out......
  17. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Did you see it, by the way? I'm curious if you have. I haven't seen it myself, but I'm thinking about looking it up for a watch since I hear it's a really good movie, and the critics love it. I'm not going to try to change your opinion on what you think of the Academy Awards from last year, but as a film student, I want to say this (while defending the movie all the same):

    Black-and-white films had to be precise and creative with their lighting and angles to get the atmosphere and shadows they wanted. Most modern movies do take inspiration from/homage to a lot of these old films because of how inspiring they are, and how they're the closest to perfection we have in film--they're also the films that have given us the techniques we use in film-making to this date. Sure, we made our own techniques, but we continue to use these techniques because they work. Story-telling in film relies on what the camera sees and how it sees the scenes, usually more than dialogue. I bet you anything that if you were to mute a movie, any movie, and just look at how the scenes were laid out and shot, you will still get the meaning of the story or even understand it better. It's really amazing what a camera can do in the right hands.

    So that's why I want to see The Artist now than I did last year, I want to see what they did with the movie, especially with all I've learned in Cinematography. I hear it deserved to win the Oscars, so until I make my own personal opinion on the movie itself, I have to agree with them. I don't think it'll be the start of the return of black-and-white films (though I'm sure you've noticed Frankenweenie was all in black-and-white, and a few other movies from a few years ago have been in black-and-white), but hey, it's refreshing to see. And it makes me sad to hear people bash black-and-white films when some of the greatest films ever made were in black-and-white. Also, it helps to understand the history of color, but that's for a different discussion altogether.
  18. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    I managed to see The Artist in theaters a few weeks before the Oscars last year and I honestly loved it! I usually try to watch all the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars and I thought The Artist was by far the best of the nominees last year. I was 20 at the time for those interested.

    I agree with Deadly.Braviary that Life of Pi was more deserving than Argo, but I Argo was my number 2 out of 9 so I didn't have an issue with it winning.
  19. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    The oscars isnt the grammys..
    Thats why theres this called 'oscar movies' where movies that are not so mainstream but are oscar potential..
    But popular movies (relevant to the audiences you might say) can get many oscars if theyre good like titanic, lotr
  20. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    jennifer lawrence is amazing. check out her backstage interview, she's flawless. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLKZb1wLmAY

    nah, they weren't. the academy don't generally vote for young adult series anyway. i was hoping for at least an best original song nomination but that's fine.

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