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Oshawott's Lost Scalchop (690)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Black & White' started by Serebii, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Not sure why Blitzle kept using Flame Charge after Oshawott's giant rock broke instead of using more electric attacks.......serves it right to lose.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2011
  2. Yeul

    Yeul Green Eyed Girl

    Kenyan/Stephan both hate it when their name's mispronounced, so I was making a joke about the name change.
    And I can't help but say Cilan, it's not like I hate Dento or anything.
  3. MidnightMelody

    MidnightMelody Hopeful for Gen 8

    Not filler when the character will return duh. (I don't watch the subbed but my friend was watching one day and saw the guy come back)
  4. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    I love this ep XD I even did a fandub (Its in my sigg) of me doing Osha's voice XD nya~
  5. *futachimaru*

    *futachimaru* Music Maker/ Dreamer

    Oshawott! yay!

    oshawott is so CUUUUUTE!
    On another topic, every time i watch this episode on youtube, the ending is always cut off. why?

    :501: :501: :501: :501: :501: :501: :501: :501:
  6. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    It was a great episode... the collision between Aqua jet and Flame charge was epic!
  7. Rebeccag

    Rebeccag Well-Known Member

    So another new rival. At least this one isnt as annoying as Bugandy and Trip. I quite liked Stephan although Oshawott and his aqua jet is starting to become a problem
  8. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    Heehee, the debut of Stefan. I like him so much better as a rival than Trip. Both he and Bianca are more enjoyable to watch than Ash's official Unova rival.

    I liked this episode a lot because of Oshawott. He is so cute in this episode, and it was nice to see him learn how to defend himself even without his beloved and necessary scalchop. I also like Axew's reaction when he found the scalchop. :)

  9. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    Pretty good episode. But it kinnda struck me as annoying that a pokemon could perform so much worse in battle due to losing something that "came with it".
  10. J Ken

    J Ken RAVE

    This episode reminded me how much I used to like Oshawott after this he just wasn't as cool.
  11. NPT

    NPT Just a member

    Ash actually did some training with Oshawott in this episode. It's cool how he defeated Stephan's Blitzle without using his scalchop.

    Also, this is the episode where Stephan debuted. Everybody getting Stephan's name wrong was funny at first, but later it became a running gag of BW.
  12. When Oshawott threw that bottle cap down, somewhere, a vein in James's forehead burst. But then I thought, "wait, he's too busy being a serious member of TR, so he would have no time for bottle caps."
  13. It was a nice episode. Oshawott gets some development and Ash meets Stephan for the first time. He's really the only Best Wishes rival that I don't find annoying.

    I wish he showed up more often and had more than three Pokemon though.
  14. JudySpell

    JudySpell Banned

    Stephan and Blitzle were entertaining and Oshawott's issues with battling without his shell was funny like when he used that giant rock shell. 7.5/10
  15. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    This was a pretty neat and decent episode. Oshawott getting development is neat. I give it 7/10 for effort.
  16. Gillachu

    Gillachu Banned

    Meh, Stephan looked horrible and Oshawott's drama regarding his lost scalchop wasn't nearly as interesting as it coulda been.
  17. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    Hee hee Oshawott using Joltik and a berry as his replacement shell was funny, plus I liked watching Oshawott train to use the giant rock shell and how Ash helped. Seeing Axew randomly find the shell was cute too. ^^
  18. Leonhart

    Leonhart Well-Known Member

    This episode gave us our first look at Satoshi's new rival, Kenyan. His Shimama battling Satoshi's Mijumaru was quite intense, although hilarity ensued when Mijumaru's Hotachi went missing. In my perfect world, Mijumaru would've simply compensated for his little crisis by having evolved into Futachimaru here.
  19. Wednesdayz

    Wednesdayz Banned

    Omg, the little Joltik shocking Oshawott was funny and very adorable. I really like it during episodes where Ash encourages his Pokemon to get stronger. Even the rock Scalchop worked well for Oshawott in training.
  20. Alloutℯ

    Alloutℯ Banned

    This was certainly quite an amusing episode that I'm sure we could've guessed was bound to happen eventually. I just hoped that in the future Oshawott does rely on offense just as much he does on his scalchop.

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