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OSL Dark Gym : Leader shadowsfalling19

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No Angel

;461; Gym Leader Number 3;461;



Yo. The name's Erik. I've always loved Dark Pokemon ever since I started playing Pokemon. I began my competitive Pokemon journey 2 years ago here on Serebii. I've gotten better since then and I've met new friends and had some laughs. Now that I'm a Gym Leader here at the OSL, I'm going to use all of my dark powers to stop you from ever obtaining my Chaos Badge.

Good luck challenger!
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The Twilight


Gym Status : Open

Don't use this thread as a way to saying that you'll be challenging me. I'd like to keep this thread clean and just here to confirm battles. If you ask me for a gym battle when my gym is closed,you might not get a battle the next time you ask me,depending on my mood. Constantly nagging will get you no where. Don't ask to wait on a 'line'. It's first come first serve,there are no promises,if you leave and somebody asks for a battle,they will get the battle.

Dark Gym Record : 60 / 0 / 11

Means Of Contacting Me
· My GMT is -5 (Standard Eastern United States Time)

·The best way to contact me is finding me on the OSL chat. I will be there most of the day after school (3:00 PM,if i'm not there then don't ask for a battle.)

· The OSL Chat can be found here.

· My White friend code is 2966 7879 9567

Victorious Challengers


[✓] Use of Rotom Formes on Wifi allowed
[✓] Use of Pokemon Online allowed

[X] Use of Shoddy Battle disallowed
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Cloud Princess
May I be the first to congratulate you on your new OSL position. Good luck, and expect my challenge! <3
Thanks for the kind words :3. I will be accepting battles this coming Wednesday. Due to mid terms, school work has backed me up a bit,I should get stuff done by then. The best way to contact me for a battle is the OSL Chat which can be found here. Good luck to all challengers,you'll need it...


Shadow vs. Charm = Charm[1-0]

I had the momentum and then I got randomly critted.....undeserved badge is undeserved...​
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Shadow vs. Jak = Shadow [2-0]

It was a little haxy maxy,but I was able to pull off the win,I kinda felt bad so i'll give him a rematch tomorrow =D​


My Guitar's Roarin'

Shadow vs. Jak = Shadow [2-0]

It was a little haxy maxy,but I was able to pull off the win,I kinda felt bad so i'll give him a rematch tomorrow =D​

You make it seem like the hax was in my favor lol.

Shadow vs. blaaz = blaaz [3-0]

Got two crits and a burn on my key pokemon,but he was a good sport and denied the badge,so we're rematching now.


Rematch: Shadow vs. blaaz = Shadow [4-0]

No hax at all in this one. He was a great sport about it so i'll see him tomorrow. GG​
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Shadow vs Aldieb = Shadow [3-0]

Amazing battle.It was really hard to play in.I woke up twice on the first turn of sleep,and I'm terribly sorry for that.GG See You In 2.


Shadow vs Blaaz= Shadow [3-0]

Good battle,no hax at all except a miss,which wouldn't really have mattered since I was sweeping.GG. See You In 2.​
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