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OSL Fighting Gym - Nilla

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Cofirming my losses agaisnt Nilla :) see ya in 3 ;)


Cresselia's Tea Cozy

UltimateTiga vs Nilla

Nilla 2-0



Kyro12 vs Nilla

Nilla 6-6[R]

We got off to a good start, me with the advantage, but he had to go.


zerofield vs Nilla

zerofield 3-0

A miss completely lost me the game, easily would have won without it.
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i miss miror
confirming, though i dont share the opinion, as you got like 50 crits later and i still won. plus i had mons left that would have ohkod your _______ and the guy who would have died wasnt exactly essential to my strategy. out of respect, ill still say GG though.


Dang! I never got to beat you! D:
anyways good luck wherever your going nilla<3
you better skype morgan and the rest of the gang still man
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