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OSL Flying Gym - Ivanka

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Welcome to my Gym, challenger.
My name is Ivanka. You may have noticed that I'm relatively new here, but what I lack in time I'll make up for in skill.
If you think you can surpass the harsh Hurricanes and the Flying beasts that come with it, then try your chances.
If not, you should leave at once.
I aim for a Sky High performance, and I know from here on I can only get better.
I will, however, wish you good luck.
And remember, having fun is the most important part to any game.
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Wins: 3 Losses: 0 Ties: 0

I'll try my best to battle you all regularly, but I also have school work and Mario to take into account, so if you don't get a battle as soon as you request, please stay patient and wait till it's your turn. ^^ As I've just had a horrible experience with PO for the past few days, for now I'll be doing Wifi Gym battles only. If you need PO then you might need to wait a bit.

None yet.


arceusaj 0-1-0
Makaveli 0-1-0
Lasien 0-1-0

If you want to contact me for a Gym battle, please do so by going to the OSL xat, or VM me on the forums. I'd like to keep this thread for posting and confirming battle results only. Thank you. ^^​

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Club Paradise
Congrats :3 Can't wait to get that badge!


Sic Transit Gloria
congrats Ivanka!


Justice Forever
Congratulations indeed, this looks like an interesting gym and I'll probably try and challenge you in the future once my full teams are finalized. See you then :)


6 Ivanka - - - - - - - - arceusaj 0

GG arceusaj. We had a battle before this and he won, but he allowed me a rematch because the first battle was filled with so much hax. Second battle, I got lucky with a predict and was then able to set up. Great sportsmanship, see you in 3.​
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