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OSL Flying Gym : Leader lunar22

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No Angel

;249; Gym Leader Number 5;249;



Welcome to a new horizon, I'm Lunar. My training with the flying types have allowed me to become a Guardian of the sky, a disciple of the wind, and mastery of the Wings of flight. I wish you the best as once we begin, your hopes of ever Reaching the Elite 4 will be gone with the Wind~
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Da Boss Nigg@
Hi, I'm lunar, you can find me on the OSL chat everyday almost all afternoon.

If you have PO or shoddy, you will have pretty much no trouble getting a gym battle when you want it. I have limited wifi access at random times, I can usually let you know before hand, and maybe we can set up a time and such.

As of September '10
*School starts for me tomorrow, so instead of resigning from my position, I will make some schedule changes.

As of here on out, I will no longer be consistently open on weekdays. So the gym will be closed exept on weekends. This, cuts availability, but due to this, your chances of getting a gym battle on said weekends should be of alot higher success rate.
Also if I have the time to give gym battles on weekdays, I will announce in on the main xat chat, so be aware that I will still give possibly a few during the week.

I don't see these changes becoming much of a problem, but if they come to be, we shall go from there.

Senior class of 2011 =D *

Gym battles complete: 176

Flying Wins/draws/loses 125 / 6 / 26

Dragon Wins/draws/loses 13 / 0 / 6

Steve was 'ere 16-09-2010
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Da Boss Nigg@
Lost 0-2 vs Mr.Famous

First match coulda gone better, he got a crit that blasted my only counter check out of the park, and then My Fire blasts and Dracos both missed costing me crippling and death. :(


Epic battler
Lost to Lunar 3-0. I did 1 BIG Missplay which lost me the game. GG. Never knew *** could have *** to OHKO my ***. I think you understood that Lunar.

No hax to which is :)

Big Beluga

u r a fatty
Confirming. Twas a good clean game. I will wait my 3 days and then chall again, if you do not mind kind sir.


not a fan?
confirming gg.
I highly doubt that anyone is countering you. Its dragon; its not exactly the easiest thing to beat. none-the-less very hax-free match.


Da Boss Nigg@
beat comp 5-0

I got some hax, ontop of me already making some solid predictions


Beat Chronic 4-0

Straight forward game.
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confirming gg, I have some work to do..
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