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OSL Psychic Gym : Leader Gamefreak

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tss member
hi can i have a gym battle?



Well-Known Member
Okay, to anyone who posted or PM'd me, its not that I am ignoring you. Its just that I am extremely busy, and have a terrible computer virus that I cannot seem to fix.

Try to meet me on the xat.com/sppfpokemonleague if possible as well, it makes meeting me much quicker and more efficient.


TSS Member
Can i challged your gym


hi Gym Leader!
can i have a gym match?

silver wing 22

Storm king
yo i wanna challenge your gym


GG lost to Skynet as GF's Sub. :p
SkyNet Vs DarkLink3 = SkyNet [5-0]

Guess I need to think up something cheesy to say......Psychic is in my blood! LETS GET IT =D



Well-Known Member
Okay, since I lack reliable internet, and free time OMN's Skynet18 will be subbing for my gym.

Treat him with the same respect you would me, and direct all further gym challenges to him. I apologize to the people who I was never able to respond to through PM, since I haven't had the time to catch up with you all.


TSS Member
skynet would like a gym battle
SkyNet Vs ATD = SkyNet [5-0]

gg, 4 fully paras at the end for me just stalled his defeat out for a few more turns.


ToTW Br0's
gg thought it was 4 -0 but doesnt matter anyways see ya in 2


Claydol User
I might challenge this gym first, I'm kinda scared...
SkyNet Vs ATD = SkyNet [6-0]

First Gym 6-0 LET'S GET IT!!!!!, gg

@xbinox, I can't VM or PM every challenger its your job to contact me, sorry
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