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OSL Steel Gym - Leader Blue Harvest

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Beat Khybon in a really close game.. You'll get the badge soon.

Won against Dragonuser too!


Fire Master
Hello! id like to challenge you as well. but, um, can you PM me a good time to battle you? it doesnt say.


National Champion
hmm and without hesistaion too.... Oh and BH im challening your gym today

Sorry about the double post My wii is not the perfect one
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Alone With Everybody
You have but to name the time. I'll be ready for you.
I'm taking a week and a half break. Sorry guys :(

A combination of RL stuff and some family being in town is sapping all my remaining free time. I'll be on the OSL xat an hour or so each night but for the time being, I need a rest and will not battle.

After I come back I'll try to become a lot more active.
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