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OSL Water Gym - GerbilGuy

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;484;Gym Leader Number 3;484;



"I lie still as the water
My bitter visions are broken
Head caught in the torment
Cruel as the ocean
Dreams are made in the distance
I will not be among them
Silence is killing me
And I can hardly touch the ground

I am deep in a river
Waves above my head
Help with my spirit
We descend
We reach the end"

Welcome challenger. Name's Guy. I've been battling competitively for almost 2 years now, and improved my skill in those years, and now I have become a Gym Leader for the second time.

Wanna take on me and my Water Pokémon?
Yeah, just try that.
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Goodbye, Serebii

The Tsunami News

*I am closed on Sundays.

Win/Lose Ratio: 49/13/0 - 79.03%

I do not take challenges via PM.
OSL Xat is my most preferred way, then VMs.

Also, when it comes to counter teaming, use common sense.

Certified Challengers
  • TheBluePorygon
  • "dragonuser"
  • "acetrainerdov"
  • "pkmner"
  • "Makaveli"
  • "Zane"
  • MaskofG
  • TheMaster
  • Blackacer
  • Resident Evil
  • "Rairyan"
  • Mayu808
  • tarverboy101
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faults & feats
congrats, and i make vs banners if you need any (chew)


ToTW Br0's
congrats guy


Lelouch Lamperouge
Can I make a challenge? Nephos Pokemon Online server or Smogon?


Goodbye, Serebii
I'm goin to request from you challengers, to delay your challenge a bit. Just opened, I barely have teams, and out of my preparing week I only used two days.

So please be considerable, thanks. I'm not closed, just semi-closed. When not testing teams I will take challenges.


Prediction succesful
Hey Gerbil Guy, you're a gym leader now!!!
That's amazing, congraculations with that!!! ;D
Sorry for my battle, it was a real disaster, but next time I will faint more than 1 pokemon. Gongraculations and see you later :DDDDDDD
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