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OSL Water Gym : Leader Victoria

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No Angel

;350;Gym Leader Number 3;350;



Come over here, let me talk to you real close!

I'll let you watch my Rain Dance, I'm sure it'll set the mood.

Now, I'm already Soaked, how about you quench my thirst?

I'm sure a quick blast of your Water Gun will hit just the spot!

I can promise you this much, you'll be Surfing on waves of ecstasy after feeling my Clamp.

You can come into me, Diving for Pearls, leaving my Water Spouting in pleasure.

A Whirlpool of passion soon subsides. With a Lovely Kiss, you lay beside me.

~Left Praying to God, the Mantis has struck~
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My my my...



Hi challengers. I am now accepting Gym challenges over WiFi only. If you cannot WiFi then I may PO battle you, but chances are I won't. Also, I don't like battling too much every day so i'll only be taking a certain amount of challenges per day. Victoria xx.

..~~ 3310 - 6045 - 8408 ~~..

Gym Record: Wins - 53/ Losses - 4 / Ties - 0


Kabzy 0/3/0
Giggity... 0/3/0
Bestgamepearl 0/1/0
Creation of Pokerus 0/3/0
Sarcasjak 0/1/0
Black Bankai 0/1/0
xNina 0/11/0
Kingofevil09 0/6/0
nkg2k10 0/1/0
Twin Spire 1/1/0
Blobman 0/1/0
DarkSpace2010 0/2/0
Yamborski 0/1/0
Yodajm 0/2/0
Narblet 0/1/0
ISDr 0/2/0
Cannabis 0/1/0
Balota 0/1/0
raichu>pikachu95 0/1/0
Mike Kun 0/1/0
OMN's_Skynet18 1/0/0
Lasien 0/2/0
Jash93 1/0/0
Giggly 0/2/0
DragonMaster123 0/1/0
Takeo 0/1/0
Rairyan 0/1/0
Lord J 0/1/0
Ivanka 1/0/0

Winning Challengers
Twin Spire
Giggity [sub]
Saibankan [sub]


Thread Rules

  • You must only post on the thread to confirm a loss/win.
  • You may only contact me via VM or on the xat.
  • You must wait 3 days till you can re-challenge.
Any rule breaking will result in a strike, get 3 strikes and you will be banned from this Gym for one month. If you still continue to break rules, then further action will be taken.


  • bobyjoe5000 ll [Challenging on thread x2]
  • dragonuser l [Not following post rules]
  • jeyre80 l [Challenging on thread]
  • I<3VAPOREAN l [Challenging on thread]
  • jordan8 l [Challenging on thread]
  • Psycho Cut l [Challenging on thread]
  • Firefury12 l [Challenging via PM]
  • Lord Of Grapes l [Challenging via PM]
  • Azulart l [Challenging on thread]


  • ~_~_~

Contact Info: Most of the time, you can see me on the osl xat, which is located here, you must however have joined the osl in order to get membered and get a battle. Other ways are to vm me. Thanks.
Warning: Any good WiFi battles may be used to upload on the OSL Youtube.
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Yay! Congrats on GL Again Victoria:D I'm really looking forward to battling you!
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