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OSL Water Gym : Leader Victoria

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My my my...
Striked Challengers:

  • bobyjoe5000 ll [Challenging on thread x2]
  • dragonuser l [Not following post rules]
  • jeyre80 l [Challenging on thread]
  • I<3VAPOREAN l [Challenging on thread]
  • jordan8 l [Challenging on thread]
  • Psycho Cut l [Challenging on thread]
  • Firefury12 l [Challenging via PM]
  • Lord Of Grapes l [Challenging via PM]


GG Lord J. That was a very enjoyable match. I got a crit on his last Pokémon but it really wouldn't have made any difference except lowered the score a bit. You can challenge again in 3 days. C:
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Lord J

Master of the Mind
lost agaist vee in a 4-0 match thanks vee gg


Shiny Hunter
Hey Victoria, can i have a (wifi) GYM battle with you?

How about tommorrow? any time will probably do for me..
can you let me know a time when you are available?
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My my my...
Striked Challengers:

  • Azulart l [Challenging on thread]

EDIT: I tried having a battle with a few challengers and WiFi seems to be unable to connect for me atm. It seems I can go into the room but not actually connect to anyone. I'll try sorting this out ASAP so that I can take more gym challenges.
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Underground Trainer
Greetings, as you may know I'm interested in a challenge. I contacted you in xat (I was Darksinman1) but the message by your name concerned me that you might not have been interested. I'm sorry for any miscommunications. If you can, I'm mostly avaliable at in the evening to late at night eastern time. Also, if not any weekday, I'm open on weekends. Thank you for your time. I look forward to a great battle.


Confirming. Thanks a lot for that match. Even if it was a bit random. lol
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