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Otherwise(yes a pokémon journey comic)(again)


Beginning Trainer
Otherwise(yes a pokémon journey comic)(again)

oké this is just my first one and Im dutch so expct spell mistakes:

last comic:


Comedy Trainer
One word: LATEST comic!
Another word: KNOWS me!

And that blu thing is the lord of suckage... But keep up the good work!

Rating: 3/10


Beginning Trainer
I already said that Im dutch so I make spelling mistakes and this is my first comic but I will edit the blue thing later


It sucks, dude. Plain and simple. You need to improve this comic, or delete it. It's just not good.


Burn bright & strong
Its Not "shees", try "Sheeshh" there, that sounds and looks better right?

If you correct your spelling errors, It might be a good comics.


The spelling is bad, but i'll forgive you, scince youre dutch.
The sweat needs to be edited. Make sure you don't forget.



Dark Venusaur said:
Need to improve I give you a 2/10 because you tryed

;003;Dark Venusaur;003;
Tell him how to improve or else that's SPAM.
Let's not let this thread become a canned meat market.



I think it would look better with speech bubbles instead of the dialogue at the bottom because it looks cluttered, or have the text color-coordinated in some way so it is easier to read. And the sweatdrop should be pointier at the top so it looks more like a sweatdrop.