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OU team involving Misdreavus!!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by silverangel, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    So I decided to make an OU team, that's that. Only that I also wanted to use one of my favorite pokemon, Misdreavus. Misdreavus has a few qualities over its evolution, Mismagius.
    -Eviolite allows for better defenses. It's actually makes it able to take a Pursuit from Tyrannitar (although I play mind tricks with the Tyrannitar so he doesn't use Pursuit on my switch)

    To be honest I really don't have much of a theme with this team. I just wanted to see what I could make.

    Misdreavus is the spinblocker, Gliscor is to take on Terrakion, Jirachi as a bulky sweeper, Ferrothorn and Heatran to set hazards, and Blastoise to rapid spin.

    I replaced Blastoise with Tentacruel to counter Keldeo in exchange for extra phazing capabilities. That's it for now

    Finally, the team

    Din the Misdreavus ;200;
    @Eviolite. 252 HP, 192 def, 64 sp. def. Calm Nature
    Shadow Ball
    Pain Split
    Heal Bell

    Misdreavus is here to mainly act as a Cleric and spinblock. The EVs allow it to take two Life Orb boosted Hydro Pumps from Starmie, as well as being able to 2HKO Starmie. I'm thinking of replacing Thunder Wave with Will-o-Wisp to take on physical sweepers, but Thunder Wave was originally used to cripple Genesect until it got banned.

    Edward the Gliscor ;472;
    @Toxic Orb. 248 HP, 188 def, 72 spd. Impish Nature
    Ice Fang

    He usually does the cleaning up after hazards are set, as Ice Fang and EQ have great coverage. He's also my Terrakion counter and ca counter a few Dragon types. His biggest problem probably lies in not having a lot of power.

    Gin the Jirachi ;385;
    @Choice Scarf. 224 HP, 252 Atk, 32 spd. Adamant Nature
    Fire Punch
    Iron Head
    Ice Punch

    I changed Jirachi a bit, giving it a Choice Scarf and Trick so Rachi can cripple defensive pokemon as well as set up sweepers. Jirachi has great coverage with these moves, too bad they have a rather low base power.

    Ferris the Ferrothorn :598:
    @Leftovers. 252 HP, 68 def, 188 sp. def. Sassy Nature
    Leech Seed
    Gyro Ball

    Takes on the big physical attackers in the metagame (although I might want to change up EVs to make it physically defensive). He is mainly my rain check (aside from maybe keldeo) and my dragon type check unless those carry a fire attack. Spikes is there because Heatran already has it, and Leech Seed is for recovery. Protect is for scouting and stall purposes, and Gyro Ball is for attacking.

    Hestia the Heatran ;485;
    @Air Balloon. 248 HP, 252 sp. def, 8 spd. Calm Nature
    Stealth Rock
    Lava Plume

    Heatran is there mainly to set up Stealth Rock. Lava Plume allows it to have a bit of offensive power. Toxic is for spreading status.

    Sting the Tentacruel ;073;
    @Black Sludge. 252 HP, 240 def, 16 spd. Timid Nature
    Rapid Spin

    Tentacruel is my Keldeo counter, who would otherwise wreck this team. I decided not to run Toxic spikes so that I could poison levitators. I gave up phasing for a Keldeo counter, which I think is worth it.

    Cagnazzo the Blastoise ;009;
    @Leftovers. 252 HP, 252 def, 4 sp. def. Careful Nature
    Rapid Spin

    Blastoise is the Water Type Rapid spinner in this team. I chose him over Starmie and Tentacrul because he has more defense and can phaze along with rapid spin. Scald and Toxic are more like filler.

    I have posted this on Nuzlocke forums, but I just want to see the opinions I would get here.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2012
  2. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Well-Known Member

    This is clearly a stall team, and the 5th gen killed stall teams...

    Firstly, you need some offensive presence if you ever want to win, ever. Literally, stall loses to HO, weather offense, bulky weather... Every kind of team you can think of will power past stall. Consider dropping a couple members for offensive powerhouses. Maybe Terrakion > Jirachi and Gengar > Gliscor or Misdreavus, for a start.

    Full rate later.
  3. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    I've actually been doing fine with this team, but what I was essentially asking for was a good sweeper. I would also like Misdreavus to stay in the team, as I already had to remove Umbreon for Gliscor to counter Terrakion (another one of my favorites.).
  4. Atrocious

    Atrocious Well-Known Member

    Well. I guess you could drop Rachi for idk, Thunderus. Works pretty good as a check to Rain teams, I use a Specs Thunderus on my HO team with STAB Thunders OHKOing all Politoeds and other water types. You're gonna need descriptions before it gets locked btw.
  5. justinjiaxinghu

    justinjiaxinghu class on my back

    Thundurus is Ubers now on Smogon...
  6. azeem40

    azeem40 Pokemon is fun!

    It is hard to do in this metagame, but it is certainly not dead.
  7. Kyro13

    Kyro13 Banned

    First of all, you need descriptions, but somebody already said that, so...

    If you're gonna run stall, I'd go Forretress>Blastoise (It has more physical bulk, can set up more hazards, and still spins.) Also, it has Toxic Spikes, which can help rather than making half your team run Toxic. Since Forry pretty much covers everything Ferrothorn does (other than Leech Seed) you could consider replacing him with something more offensive.. I don't know what, though. Maybe a Breloom? (I'm not the best team rater)

    Also, you Jirachi looks like enough of an offensive set that you should either: a) Make it a full offensive set and give it a scarf or b) make it a more supportive set

    Sorry I'm not the best team rater, but there's just a few tips.
  8. I080I

    I080I UU expert

    Ok couple things:
    1-unless its on a rain team with rain dish blastoise gets absolutely mauled as an OU wall, especially as a physical wall
    2-Its seems like you're trying to use multiple pokes to fill the same task (like gliscor and misdreavus) which is kinda unnecessary.
    3-If you really don't wanna get rid of misdreavus, at least give it will-o instead of t wave as it is supposed to be a physical wall after all.
    4-In the OU metagame, you need a scarfed poke
    5-Nothing on your current team can do any respectable damage. This entire team would probably lose to a single UU suicune. Major problem.
    6-Jirachi looks like it has absolutely no role whatsoever. Definitely replace it and you also already have 2 other steel pokes.
    7-Toxic over roost on gliscor
    8-Many common OU pokes or weather would tear right through this team. The current OU metagame is packed with highly offensive pokes like terrakion, scizor, kyurem-b and keldeo and at the moment your team would have a difficult time taking them down while not being taken down themselves.
    9-I do like how you use both spikes and rocks, however, and how you also carry a spin-blocker, but watch out for espeon as every other move on this team gets affected by magic bounce.
    10-For a sweeper, I suggest maybe gyarados with dd

    Also in OU, stall IS pretty much unviable unless you make a VERY well rounded team thanks to some extremely overpowered pokes. At least genesect finally got moved up.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  9. Chingchar

    Chingchar Well-Known Member

    It's not a HO team if it has a choice item...

    The EV's are good so you obviously know what you're doing lol but maybe you could swap the moves around on jirachi try body slam instead of fire punch as you have Heatran with a fire type move and blastoise can burn with scald not much else I can think of for the moment.
  10. superstar

    superstar Active Member

    This is totally false. I have gotten above 1450 on PO personally with a Chansey/Sabeleye/Cruel/Toed/Jirachi/Skarm team -- full stall. Look at the Defense of the Titans project on Smogon to learn more about how stall is a great playstyle. Gengar and Terrakion would NOT fit this team. (Also, Genesect hurt stall? lol he is literally no threat to a good stall team)

    I didn't really read past this comment cause people were saying some ignant stuff, so sorry if I'm repeating stuff. Here's some tips, brutally honest and in no particular order.
    1. Jirachi is not going to hurt anything in OU with that set because its attacks are weak as ****. You are much better changing it to the SpDef version, with 252 HP/ 220 SpDef/ 32 Spe Calm and Toxic, Iron Head, Wish, Protect. You can still do damage, but can actually wall some rain threats as well as Tornadus-T. If you want to keep the attacks, then add Trick over wish and give him a Scarf so he can beat setup sweepers and cripple walls. Chansey would work great in this spot as well, or hell even Scarf Latias if you want to go that route.

    2. Tentacruel over Blastoise. This is highly reccomended. Otherwise you will get clean swept by CM/Specs Keldeo in rain (maybe even in sand) every game. Losing the Phazing is annoying, but you gain another Terrakion check so it's worth it.

    3. Put Will-O-Wisp over Thunder Wave on Missy. This will give you a way to touch physical attackers.

    4. I would run SubToxic on Tentacruel, but that's a personal choice lol. If you do run TSpikes you are still going to need Toxic on your other pokes in order to actually deal damage to Tornadus-T, Lati@s, and other levitators.

    5. Missey does leave a lot of holes in your team of course, but props to you for using it! If you ever want to rework it into a more serious team I would reccommend adding Jellicent over Missy with Forretress over Tentacruel/Blastoise. You can't add Forry over Blastoise now, obviously, because it would ruin your FWG (fire, water, grass) core -- you absolutely need a bulky water there.

    6. People need to stop adding stupid suggestions...yeah he's Keldeo weak (needs moar Tentacruel), but Terrakion can't do anything to this team. Neither can Scizor?? Kyu-B is a problem but he sucks esp. with Scizor usage rising so you probably won't see him often. Stall is a fine playstyle, so stop saying that its inviable without giving a specific example as to why this team needs an awful setup sweeper or two. A Scarfer would be helpful, this is true, but adding SD Terrakion or Gengar would make this team much, much worse.
  11. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Just one question, if I make any changes to the team, should I edit my original team post so that it shows that?

    I actually have a rating of 1461 right now on Showdown, but that was with the history of about four other teams, so I don't know how this team has affected it. I don't think I'm that good of a player, as I have 70 wins and 65 losses. Yeah.

    Misdreavus has Heal Bell, a lot of ghosts do not.

    Won't SubCM Keldeo beat Tentacruel? However, being able to counter all other sets helps. What ability should I run on Tentacruel, as I don't have a rain team.

    So Chansey and Latias would work great in Jirachi's spot?

    I was also thinking of using Choice Scarf Victini instead of Jirachi and Skarmory to replace Heatran, what do you think?

    Wow, this turned into a lot of questions.....
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2012
  12. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    No more suggestions? Oh well.......
  13. I080I

    I080I UU expert

    It's a little sad how you claim to not read the other comments and then complain about almost every single one (twice). Since you've clearly read every comment here, at least save yourself the time and not repeat what others have said. Also sub sd terakion is a huge threat to this team, especially if gliscor dies, don't be stupid.

    If you wanna keep jirachi you could make him the scarfer and this would actually work very well with toxic spikes on tenta to flinch/poison stall things to death. Personally I wouldn't replace heat with a skarm cuz then you only have one poke on your team willing to take a fireblast and after it dies, it leaves a huge gap in your defenses to fire moves.
    You also might want a wish passer as that'll make your team just that much more stally. And yes sub cm keldeo will beat tentacruel, this man is just obsessed with tentacruel for some reason and thinks it beats anything. Chansey or blissey could work as a good wish passer so I think that might be a good idea.
  14. silverangel

    silverangel Metal Fairy

    Thanks for all the advice, guys!! Although this will probably not get featured on smogon, I think it will still be an effective team on the ladder.

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