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OU Unova-only RMT

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by ASB, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. ASB

    ASB Weather Team Hater

    Hello there! This is my first competitive team, I spent forever-and-a-half designing and redesigning it. It is made only of Pokémon introduced in the 5th generation, some of which have Dream World abilities. I figure the best way to learn about competitive pokemon is to receive advice from more experienced players. With that out of the way, here goes nothing.


    "HA! Made you flinch. Loser."
    -#620 - Kojondo (KJ) Mienshao? @Focus Sash -
    Jolly (+SPE, - SATK)
    222 SPE
    252 ATK
    44 HP
    Fake Out
    High Jump Kick

    I have NO idea what is up with this thing's arms. They look more like legs or whips or fins or something, but he's great. Kojo here is without a doubt one of the best Anti-Leads introduced in the new generation, with his 125 attack and 105 speed, access to Fake Out, amazing scouting ability, and all-around versatility. 340 Speed outspeeds all base 100s or lower that have max speed EVs and IVs with a boosting nature. Throw max EVs in attack and the rest in HP and there you go. Focus Sash helps him fire off a few attacks before U-turning out, and it probably won't be broken by an enemy Fake Out since my Kojondo would outspeed their fake out with his own. Regenerate can sometimes return him to full HP on a U-turn, though I'm not sure if this makes his Sash come back. As for moves, Fake Out breaks Sash, Taunt stops leads from setting up azards screens etc., U-turn scouts, and HJK is just there because it is.

    Edit 1-12-11, Added KJ and replaced Doryuuzu. Welcome to the team, KoJo!

    Mixed Wall/Spiker/Sharkbait/Sandstorm Dude
    "Touch my body."
    -#598 - Nattorei (Natty) Ferrothorn?@Shed Shell -
    Sassy (+SDEF, - SPE)
    Iron Thorns
    252 HP
    124 DEF
    128 SDEF
    Stealth Rock
    Gyro Ball
    Leech Seed

    Nattorei, arguably the best wall in the 5th generation, is basically here to set up entry hazards and also to act as bait for my Shanderaa (we'll get to that later). Though his defense is higher than his Special defense, a Sassy nature pretty much evens out the Def and SDef. Throw max EVs into HP and distribute the others evenly between Def and SDef, and you have a nice mixed wall. Shed Shell prevents enemy Shanderaa from trapping this, which would certainly hurt... a LOT. But Wait! There's more! This guy has a walloping 11 resistances and only 2 weaknesses. These 2 weaknesses are in reality strengths, as both of them (fighting and fire) would allow a switch-in for Shanderaa. If they are choiced, they are helpless as Shanderaa CMs up to +6. Synergy tastes good.

    Edit 1-12-11, Sandstorm removed because it serves no purpose with Doryuuzu gone.

    Special Sweeper
    "Even without legs, I'm a great dancer."
    - #637 - Urugamosu (Uru) Volcarona?@Life Orb -
    Timid (+SATK, -ATK)
    Flame Body
    252 SATK
    252 SPE
    4 DEF
    Butterfly Dance
    Fire Dance
    Bug Buzz
    HP Rock

    Yeah, this guy is pretty beastly when used right. Butterfly dance is like a special dragon dance that also ups SDef. Fire dance is almost like a souped-up fire-type charge beam that always ups SAtk, which just lets it hit harder with each passing turn, which is pretty nifty. HP rock puts the hurt on flying-types as well as fire-types which would wall him otherwise such as Shanderaa who would calm mind all up in his face, while Bug Buzz is there for STAB on things that wouldn’t be affected by fire or rock. The major problem is that SR would hurt this thing. A LOT. I really want to put RS on Doryuuzu, but I’m not sure what to remove from its moves to make room without sacrificing type coverage. Evs are simply Spe and SAtk, for obvious reasons.

    Edit 1-11-11, changed HP ground to rock

    Physical Revenge Killer/Sweeper
    "Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brudda... I hurt people."
    - #612 - Ononokusu (Onono) Haxorus?@Choice Scarf -
    Jolly (+SPE, -SATK)
    Mold Breaker
    252 ATK
    252 SPE
    4 HP
    Dragon Claw
    Brick Break

    This thing is here to revenge kill pretty much whatever I want it to :p Choice scarf lets it outspeed some of the many pokemon in the new generation that have speed stats in the low 100s and high 90s (Sazandora and Urugamosu certainly come to mind). One Draco Meteor from a scarfed, max speed Sazandora would easily fry this thing though. In that case. I would probably send out Shanderaa to trap it with -2 SATK, then send out Nattorei to take hits until Sazandora is down to -6 SATK (remember, it has to be scarfed to hit Ononokusu in the first place) at which point it would be simple to set up on. Its stunning 147 base attack gives it the strongest STAB Outrage in the game barring Rayquaza. Outrage would OHKO Sazandora unless it had max Def and HP EVs and IVs with a Def-boosting nature, in which case it *might* still OHKO it anyway :p. Dragon Claw is the main move here, since Outrage would lock me in for 2 to 3 turns. Brick Break and Earthquake provide nice type coverage, and it literally has NOTHING ELSE to attack with. EVs are pretty self-explanatory.

    Damage Calcs:
    vs Rayquaza with highest possible HP and Defense: 81% to 95%. NOBODY uses Rayquaza as a tank, so it's safe to say that I'll outspeed and OHKO any Rayquaza I meet. Also, SR would make up for the rest anyway.
    vs Sazandora with completely maxed-out HP and Defense: 86% to 102%. Same here, Sazandora is a sweeper, not a tank, and it's far more dangerous if it's scarfed anyway. With SR up, there's a 93.75% chance that I'll OHKO him anyway, even if Ono had 0 Atk IVs.

    Stallbreaker/Special Revenge Killer/Trapper
    "You can run but you can't hide. Oh wait! You can't do either of those. Sucks to be you."
    #609 - Shanderaa (Shandy) Chandelure?@Leftovers -
    Timid (+SPE, -ATK)
    Shadow Tag
    252 SATK
    252 SPE
    4 HP
    Shadow Ball
    Calm Mind

    Ohhhhh boy. Shanderaa does it all, and it’s mostly thanks to its dream world ability, Shadow Tag (which has NOT been b&, it’s official). You're gonna hear this guy's name being tossed around a ton in the other pokemon's descriptions, so you'd better get used to it. He can switch in to quite a few things because he’s immune to normal and fighting, 4x resistant to bug, and 2x resistant to steel, poison, ice, grass, and fire. If the pokemon using a move of one of said types are choiced, then Shanderaa is free to Substitute, CM as long as he can, and annihilate the enemy. This thing destroys pokemon such as Roopushin, Kojondo, and Nattorei. Shadow Ball and Flamethrower are good STABs. Also, this guy synergizes with some of my others amazingly, as you’ll see in a moment. The only problem is that his speed isn’t very good, but the HP invested is needed for optimal subs and defense should be raised since CM doesn’t raise physical defense.

    Bulk Up abuser physical tank thingy
    - #560 - Zuruzukin (Zuru) Scrafty?@Leftovers -
    Careful (+SDEF, -SATK)
    Shed Skin
    252 HP
    40 ATK
    216 SDEF
    Bulk Up
    Drain Punch

    After this guy bulks up a few times, he makes a wonderful physical tank due to his twin defense stats of 115 (and he’s just awesome). ShedRest provides full HP and status recovery, with a chance to wake up immediately, which is a great advantage. Bulk up boosts his nice defense. Drain Punch and Payback give nice STAB damage after some Bulk Ups, and Drain Punch recovers even more HP. Though it might be tough to set this guy up (unless I trap something that's easy to set up on), he’ll be pretty great after his attack and defense are both +6. If a fighting-type pokemon comes in to take this guy down, Shanderaa will make quick work of it also.

    This team seems pretty nice to me, but I'm not sure as I don't have very much experience. I might replace Zuruzukin with something else, maybe a sub-seeding Leaf storm-abusing PerverseLord. I'm kind of worried about enemy Shanderaa, but I could switch in Ononokusu to RK it after it has destroyed whatever pokemon it trapped and CM'd on, unless it had Acid Armor instead for some reason. So yeah, that's pretty much it. Replacements are fine as long as they're not from another generation, criticize away.

    TRASH CAN (pokemon that used to be on team but were replaced, here for reference)
    Physical Sandstorm Sweeper
    -#530 - Doryuuzu (Dory) Excadrill?@Life Orb -
    Adamant (+ATK, -SATK)
    20 HP
    252 ATK
    236 SPE
    Sand Throw
    Swords Dance
    Rock Slide
    Rapid Spin

    Doryuuzu, my physical sweeper, works well if used after Nattorei uses sandstorm. Thanks to Sand Throw, this beast’s speed is doubled, making for a nice sweep. Swords dance boosts his already high attack to an even higher level, Earthquake is a great STAB move, Rock Slide improves coverage, and Rapid Spin saves the day for Urugamosu. Fire- and fighting-type attacks coming toward this guy can be redirected at Shanderaa, of course.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2011
  2. 123fakestreet

    123fakestreet Metalopolis King

    I'll have a go

    From what I can see (not much since I've never rated before) you have a catastrophic mix ape weaknes. The only thing u can do it force it out with ononokusu. I can't suggest any pokemon to add though. But the best thing to do would be turn ononokusu into a dragon dancer and scarf your shandera (creating the cheapest thing in existence but ah well)

    The sets.
    Item: choice scarf
    Ability:shadow tag
    Ev's: 252 spe 252 sp attk 4 sp def
    Moves: overheat, shadow ball, hidden power (ground) and energy ball

    Item: life orb or lum berry
    Nature: adamant/jolly
    Ability: mould breaker
    Ev's: 252 attk 252 spe 4 def
    Moves: dragon dance, outrage/dragon claw, earthquake, brick break/rock slide

    That's all I can see atm
  3. ASB

    ASB Weather Team Hater

    When would be a good opportunity to set Ononono up? He's really fragile, and I don't know what a good opportunity to get in a few DDs is. However, once he gets in a single DD he'll be set unless he runs into Ice Sharders or scarfed 'mons (notably ScarfChomp or ScarfMence.) After two DDs he can outspeed everything except Scarfed Deoxys or Ninjask (even Sand Rush Doryuuzu) and OHKO most things.

    About Shandy, he's not really meant to be a sweeper/revenge killer. He's supposed to be more bulky so that he can switch in on plenty of neutral or not-very-effective attacks to trap things. The set that I'm running right now can take a Stone Edge from any normal MixApe (EVEN after taking Stealth Rock damage). However, he definitely needs more coverage. Tyranitar and Sazandora (and less notably Houndoom, Sharpedo, Crawdaunt, and Bibarel) all resist both of its stabs. HP Ground would miss Sazandora due to levitate, but HP fighting would wit Ttar for 4x and Sazandora for 2x, so I think I'll go with it. Energy Ball for coverage.
  4. GarSlizer

    GarSlizer Earthshaker

    You need some way to deal with entry hazards, Shandy and the Moth are ruined by SR and spikes, and don't get me started on toxic spikes. I would reccommend a Rapid Spinner or a Magic Coat abuser, but a Mischievious Heart Taunt can work fine. Not all of them are defensive, mind you, there are two prominent offensive ones, Torunerosu and Borutorosu. Both have Agility, and Borutorosu has Natsy Plot to hit like a mammoth.
  5. pikamanepicfail45

    pikamanepicfail45 <dont dis da awsmnes

    hp fighting and energy ball work good in a set for shandera because with shadow ball, the 3
    moves cover all of its weakness

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