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Our Cup Runneth Over! (543)


About time I got through all of the pokemon in my DVR from last month.

An all-purpose woodo. I believe it changes diapers too.

Dawn needs Medabots. MORE POWER.

I'm surprised the intern with twigs for arms made it to week 2.

"Charm the cape out of Wallace?" Oh Jessie, Jessiebelle would be proud.

"The water brings out the best in Buizel!" Sometimes I just wish there were more meaningful things to be said in a battle, with all the cutaways and whatnot.

So how many real Milotics does this make? 4 Milotics? Eh, 4 1/2
The red eyes still make it look a bit menacing.

I think I wanna see the appeal Wallace could do with a Luvdisc.


7/10 Wallace is all chin and not enough mouth. Try a little less chest, I at least wanna imagine a man that isn't waxed in this show. Regardless, this Champion/Master Coordinator mixture and a lot of flash makes you the best trainer in my book. Lance knows nothing of fashionable capes. NOTHING.


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hmmm walace with a luvdisc - that would be very interesting


Just watched this episode on TV again. I loved the scene where Milotic performed in the lake, especially when it used the combination of Safeguard and Aqua Ring, and all that sparkling water would shoot in the air. The battle between Ash and Dawn was pretty good too, and I loved how Buizel blocked Piplup's Whirlpool with its Aqua Jet. 9/10 for this episode. :)


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Milotic was much better in this episode than the episode way back at the beginning of Hoenn. May at the end of the episode was a great ending. And it was good to finally see Wallace.


Buizel vs Piplup was a great battle. too bad it didn't over.

And Milotic was amazing as usuall



Yay! Finally Wallace appears, though he is two sagas too late :/

I loved how elegant Milotic's Contest techniques were and I liked that Wallace seemed just as elegant as his favorite Pokemon.

Dawn got some advice from Wallace, I'm sure she'll put it to good use later. 7/10


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Yay! Finally Wallace appears, though he is two sagas too late :/

I loved how elegant Milotic's Contest techniques were and I liked that Wallace seemed just as elegant as his favorite Pokemon.

Dawn got some advice from Wallace, I'm sure she'll put it to good use later. 7/10

Better late than never I always say haha.
Our gang is always so lucky to run into people who don't want to be found, but end up helping the gang in the end.


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Finally,We get to see Walace in the anime.It was funny when Serviper wanted to learn Aqua Tail.It was a great episode.



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Everytime I see a Milotic I think of Wallace and it was nice to see both of them again. I'm glad they brought May back. Good episode.


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The debut of Wallace in this episode was really good. His Milotic was beautiful and graceful as always, and May appearing at the end of the episode made my day. 8.5/10

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It was a nice start up to the Wallace Cup and May's return (Good to see her at the end). It was funny when Dawn ran into the middle of the attacks telling them to stop and forget what she said then she got hit lol, poor Dawn. Not bad to see Wallace in these episodes since he was the original 8th gym leader.

Milotic is quite a beautiful Pokemon but all of them look shorter and a bit fatter then the ones in the Pokedex or the games though.

It was funny when Seviper wanted to learn Aqua Tail, you think it would have wanted to learn Flamethrower after Lucy's Seviper.


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I consider this episode to be sort of the major part of Ash's efforts to help Dawn with her confidence problems; he does several important things for her in this one. It begins with Dawn admiring the way Ash trains and his special ability to connect with his pokemon to make them stronger, which psyches her up enough that, with some encouragement from Piplup and Ampibom, she's ready to train herself. Brock sees what's she about to do and lets Ash know, who turns around and tells her to give it her best; I think this shows that Brock and Ash haven't really bought into Dawn's sayings that she's working on a new move and things like that- they know she hasn't been practicing but have decided to give her space and time to recover. Dawn's training doesn't go quite that well for her, and Ash and Brock have to rush over to ask what's wrong. Unlike the Miltank episode where Dawn avoided the question (well, she was crying then, but here she's just a little disappointed, so it's understandable), she explains that what Zoey said to her is bothering her b/c she can't focus on implementing it when training. Ash smiles when he hears this (sort of an I knew it smile), and both Ash and Brock explain to Dawn she's doing fine and needs to relax.

Later on, when the trio have found Wallace, Ash lets Wallace know that Dawn will be competing in his contest, and the way Ash says this seems to be like he's really asking a question, to which Wallace answers yes, he would like to see a performance from Dawn right now. Dawn is completely nervous and doesn't want to do it, but Ash has this all planned out: Dawn can battle him in a contest battle- that way, I think, Dawn won't feel like all the pressure is on her. While Ash and Dawn are battling, Brock says a few things to Wallace as well about Dawn's training of her pokemon, and once the battle is over, Wallace gives Dawn some advice that she should make time to have fun with her pokemon. Wallace also invites Ash to participate with Buizel in the contest, and with Dawn's urging that she wished Buizel had gotten to participate in a contest while it was with her, Ash agrees to do it. This decision ends up getting Ash into a little trouble with someone else a few episodes down the line, and I think it's a neat twist in the story.

Jessie shows up, and taunts Dawn about her contest troubles, saying maybe if Dawn is lucky this time, she might make it out of the first round. Dawn just gives a glare, since there isn't much to say. You know, I think Dawn's and Jessie's rivalry ends up being pretty interesting when it's all said and done. I'm not going to get that far in the reviews this summer to see where all of this goes, but I think it's something to look at. The anime spoilers thread on this site is probably going bonkers already with the news released in the past day about something new in the games, so people over there are probably talking about this sort of thing right now.

Well, two more thoughts. First, the Ronda scene. This is the only time in Sinnoh I can remember where Ash ends up looking like the most normal member of our heroes. Brock gets Poison Jabbed after he hits on Nurse Joy, and Dawn fixes her hair immediately after hearing that Wallace is nearby. The expression on Ash's face as Dawn is fixing her hair is the one he normally reserves for when Brock is hitting on other girls; it's funny to see in one scene that both of his friends do things that Ash is not that comfortable with or doesn't understand why they act that way. Second, of course, is the cliffhanger that this episode ends on: May is competing in the Wallace Cup as well.
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That' it, next time I have the chance to start Ruby up again, I'm definitely having a Milotic on my team, if I can acquire one.

Awesome, May's going to be traveling with AshnCo. for a bit. It's nice to see her again!


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That' it, next time I have the chance to start Ruby up again, I'm definitely having a Milotic on my team, if I can acquire one.

Awesome, May's going to be traveling with AshnCo. for a bit. It's nice to see her again!

I wouldn't get too use to it.

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A champion as well as a top coordinator! There is no other like that...and his milotic's moves were beautiful


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This episode was good. It was cool to see Wallace for the 1st time. It was cool to see Wallace help Dawn out and give her advice for the Wallace Cup Contest. As usual, the sound man hit the woman with the microphone, I can never stop laughing when he does that. Wallace's appeal with Milotic looked incredible! It was cool to see Aqua Ring and Dragon Pulse for the 1st time. The Ash vs Dawn battle was very cool especially when Buizel blocked Whirlpool with Aqua Jet. Interesting how Wallace suggested that Ash should enter the contest with Buizel.



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Wallace was definitely my favourite part of this episode! Back when I saw this episode for the first time, I was so happy that Wallace was finally getting an anime appearance because he's my favourite Hoenn character and one of my overall favourites too. I loved the contest appeal his Milotic did - such a beautiful performance! I liked how he gave some advice to Dawn about taking time to play with your Pokemon. Oh, and I also liked how Wallace was shown to be so famous and popular. :D

Seviper's Milotic costume was hilarious, I thought it looked like a witch. Also liked seeing May at the end.


I enjoyed seeing Dawn's Pokemon practicing a combined appeal at the start and how it got ruined and Dawn ended up being shocked by Discharge. I loved Wallace's introduction scene by the lakeside as well as seeing the Sinnoh Now crew again. Wallace's appeal with Milotic in the lake was gorgeous and I liked that Jessie was present to see it.

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I thought that Wallace appearing in Sinnoh seemed strange cuz he was Hoenn's champion, but at least he helped boost Dawn's confidence. I also liked seeing Jessie's Seviper dressed as Milotic. ^^;