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Out of all the Pokemon games, which one have you enjoyed the most?


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..and why?

For me, it’s

1) HGSS. Crystal was my first game ever and I played it a million times on my gameboy, so of course I was thrilled about the remakes and really enjoyed it. I liked that we got to battle gyms in two regions - Johto and Kanto. I also really like the Johto region because of certain towns and cities such Ecruteak and Goldenrod. I really liked having a pokemon walk beside me as well, I loved my flaaffy being by my side!

2) DPPt. Gen 4 really outdid itself in my opinion. I LOVE the Sinnoh region! I loved Hearthome City, Floaroma Town, Canalave City and Snowpoint city. I liked a lot of the Sinnoh mons (especially Infernape <3) and I liked the female player character’s design the best in this game. Also really enjoyed the contests.

3) Emerald/Lets Go Pikachu. I can’t decide between these two. I feel like the Kanto region is lacking (but I do cut it some slack since it was the first region) and I absolutely love Hoenn as a region but the Kanto gym leaders remain my favorites out of all of the games. I’m still currently playing Lets Go Pikachu so it might rank higher later on.

Satoshi & Touko

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USUM of course! It had well-made trainer customization, especially given the Alola region’s hot climate. It, along with Vanilla SM, broke some traditions and I’ve honestly much appreciated it. It also had some of my favorite-to-date features, including the Alola Photo Club and Festival Plaza.


Crimson Dragon
pokemon X. yes they had less trainer customization options than gen7 but i enjoyed playing gen6 much more than gen7 even if gen7 had its own advantages/improvements. gen7 took out some of the functions i liked ie roller skates and the bike! and yes the HM moves, though i cant forgive that they kicked a certain feature off to PKbank app....

i did very much enjoy HG/silver back in the day but XY takes the cake. yellow also has a place in my heart as the first game i played but silver/HG does rank higher than yellow.
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The Scruffy Professor
In no particular order:
- Diamond. One of my favourite games of all time.
- Heart Gold. A nostalgic trip back to Johto and I loved the pokewalker too.
- Ranger 2. A massive improvement over the first and honestly the best ranger game.
Explorers of Darkness. WOOOO BOY I spent a buttload of time on this one. I had a lot of road trips around this release so it was my go-to for the car.
- Alpha Sapphire. I love the changes made (especially the nav+), had a lot of fun going around to all the hoopa rings and using the Eon flute.
- Battle Rev. I spent a looooot of late nights battling people online and customizing my trainer.


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Gold/HeartGold. An excellent base game with a remake that introduced intuitive basic features, a fantastic colour palette, fun and streamlined minigames, a great score, more generous helpings of wild encounters... The only marks against both are poor level curves and a few grindy sections. HG also has quite a few fairly naff sprites.


Water starter fan
Platinum and HG - the most 'complete' and refined games to me. I feel a greater sense of nostalgia for the Sinnoh games than I do for gen I-III (and I played them first). The exploration was amazing, the music was amazing and I felt quite a big attachment to the Pokemon teams I had on there + I'm a sucker for walking Pokemon

Silver/Crystal - think the former was the first Pokemon game I actually completed. Gen II was like gen I but better in pretty much every way (a true sequel), and had the most nostalgic 8 bit music (the National Park especially)

X - was piss easy but I still enjoyed the hell out of it (first Pokemon game I played in years). Kalos needed fleshing out but it was still pretty, and the OST was one of the best in the whole series

(I think how much I enjoy a Pokemon game really depends on how much I enjoy the music lol)


Funky Kong Supremacy
FRLG/Emerald : Only games before gen 4 I can stand playing. I get a huge nostalgic feeling when playing these even though I started playing in gen 4
Diamond: Dumb kid who had a blast with the anime realizes there’s a game gets even more ecstatic. I have more playtime on Diamond than any other game combined.
Platnium: Dumb kid who didn’t understand improved versions but even know I think it’s the best Pokèmon game by far. Amazing music, best Pokèmon roster, great cast of characters only vested by Alola’s, and the various amounts of content has me coming back every other month
B2w2: Black/White bore me to death (I literally fell asleep playing everything in between defeating the E4 for the first time and the credits because so much moral gospel does that to a person) so the announcement of the sequels had me instantly turned off. Eventually a friend got me (B2)it as a birthday gift so I played so I didn’t waste his money and wow I was impressed. First off there’s no one stopping you trying to push the game’s moral of “difference r cool, guyz” every corner you turn. Second off there was an actual challenge. The music was great, I actually liked characters now (Colress, Hugh, Benga), the PWT was amazing, and the story actually didn’t bore me to death. Definitely top 5 games
XY: Was a big revival to my love for Pokèmon (I didn’t play B2 until the waiting period between XY & ORAS). 3D graphics took my breath away, I loved the new Pokèmon, the last time I went into a game blind (didn’t know Megas existed lol), & I remember all the hype & content that these games brought
SM/USUM: I just love Alola’s unique experience. The characters and music are my favorite of the series. The hype season for these games was the first time I actually kept up with news. Theories and speculation galore aside, I also loved the new features such as Z moves and the Alola Photo Club.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
BW2: Everything a great Pokemon game should aspire to be. This game really set the Pokemon standards really high.

Great story, great characters, challenging difficulty, tons of Pokemon variety that satisfies both types of fans who had loved or had problems with BW without making it too easy like XY's variety is, Gen V personally has the most badass line of Pokemon, a bunch of new variety of locations that makes Unova feel even bigger than before, great competitive experience and the one thing that BW2 prevails against most, if not all, other games, a great post-game.


The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
Xy is had best mega evolution and characters is actually looking like a teenager( kinda wish that xyz anime do it bit more then what they did)
Bw 2 is better experience for me
Frlg game feel like the game version of the Orange island with seven island thing.


Call of Fate
Platinum, easily. It has a massive amount of content, the region is very large and explorable, the regional Dex is diverse for its time, the storyline is decent, the climax is epic, and the Gym Leaders and Elite Four aren't complete pushovers. It is easily the best third version that fixes pretty much every flaw of Diamond/Pearl.
That being said, I also love HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black 2/White 2, but they have the infamous level curve and linear region design issues, respectively.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
Black and White 2 hands-down. From an objective stand-point, BW2 is amazing in terms of how much content it has. From a subjective stand-point, BW2's content quality-wise is freaking amazing!

Pokegirl Fan~

Platinum, Heartgold/Soulsilver, Black/White, Moon, and currently Let's Go Pikachu. I find let's go Pikachu to be extremely adorable and nostalgic, and for the others games I find the story interesting as well as certain characters like N and Lillie . I also like the post game content of platinum and hgss


Master of Chaos!
Colosseum, XD Gale of Darkness, Mystery Dungeon Explorer of Darkness, B/W, B2/W2, OR, M, UM, LGE.

Colosseum and XD are a bit special for me in how it closely ties with the main series games and for a third gen game, it has some of the bosses use mechanics that are pretty spot on for double battles. In fact these games would make you love doubles or hate them. In addition to Colosseum, your hero is more an anti hero and your stuck with mostly the underdogs of the pokemon roster. (XD... you have more options.)

Not to mention these two games STILL have the most evil bad guy team in the series. (Cipher.)

The Mystery Dungeon explorer games have the best story in any pokemon game, hands down. Fight me!

B/W, similar to Colosseum, you are stuck with pokemon you are not use too. It's story is pretty good and they made a villain that is on par with our baddies from the Orre games in pure evil. (Ghetsis!)

B/W2. Sequel aside, it's story was on repeat from B/W if more generic, but I like the World Tournament, I liked Pokestar Studios and I liked the expanded Unova.

OR. Hoenn was the Gen I learned about pokemon in and the remake triggered my nostalgia goggles.

M. I liked the story for the most part... until the ending where it stopped before giving us any real closure and dare I say, caused Lillie's character growth to regress for me. Alola was unique in its progression system and it gave me enough of a good time.

UM. You lose Lillie time. (The general of the Exeggutor Island scene is moved to the end of the RR story.) and the URS could have done more. But the story had a more complete ending in exchange. (Lillie gets to become a trainer on screen and gets to assist you in RR and the battle tree, we actually see Lusamine start her repentance on screen, Guzma has a redemption arc and the Aether Family has actual closure to their drama in exchange for not being the main focus.)

You get a better climax boss in Ultra Necrozma, the RR post game beats the Ultra Beast fetch quest in the last post game, Hau is more developed as a character, (And makes him one of my favorite rivals in the franchise.) Alola feels MUCH more alive compared to what was bare boned. The Totem Pokemon are better, the options in pokemon are better, Mantine Surfing, Ultra Warp Rides and the many cute side quests that help expand day to day life or are just pleasant to watch.

LGE. It's cute, it's less hand holding compared to the Alola games, the capture mechanic is unique, the pokemon following you and even pokemon you ride are nice. The legendary captures actually feel like a legendary encounter. (Ultra Necrozma was just a beta for that type of battle.) I liked how they made better use of Archer and I liked the humor in this game.
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Playing through ORAS again and these games are definitely up there. Best remakes by far


stay sweet
Gah, hard to say. I love all of them for their own reasons, but I guess my most enjoyed would be DPPt, BW, and ORAS? Played those to death and had an incredibly fun time. DPPt because the graphics were breathtaking and a big jump from RSE, plus all those new mechanics were really fun to tinker with! BW for its amazing music and great new Pokémon....as much as some people disagree. ORAS because I'm a huge Hoenn fan and found the remakes to be amazing, from Super-Secret Bases to the remixed tracks to the redesigned characters like Steven. So great. ❤


Beautiful Midnight
1. HG-SS: Great games, great features, and honestly one of the last pokemon games I found challenging at all.
2. B2W2: I actually enjoyed these more than the vanilla B&W mostly because the addition of Gen 1-4 pokemon made the gen 5 pokemon actually feel like part of the universe.
3.X&Y: I genuinely enjoyed these games. Most of the pokemon were well designed and was themed very well. There were definitely some flaws(Primary of which is how easy these games have become which only got worse in Gen 7) but they were still very good games.


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That's hard to say.

I love R, B and Y for the challenge, same goes with Silver and Crystal. As for Sapphire and Emerald... same goes with them. I liked the changes to the game and the fact that it was still challenging.

Diamond version has my heart for both battling reasons and for the digging mini game.

Fire Red is my favorite remake, given that it improves on Red version, making it more interactive and enjoyable.

Soul Silver is a very nice redo of Silver. So much heart in it.

Colosseum -- I have such a soft spot for this game. Even though it takes forever to train Pokemon up, I still have a blast playing it. Just love the different take of playing someone who's more of a shade of grey character.

B/W -- Loved the new storyline and the mini games.

B/W2 -- Same goes with these.

Love the Mystery Dungeon games for the most part, minus any escorting Pokemon missions.

OR/AS -- A nice new take on Ruby and Sapphire. Some of my favorite games.

X/Y are some of my favorites due to friend safaris. I have a lot of fun trying to find shinies in them. Same goes with random shiny hunting.

S/M is pretty good so far.

US/UM same goes for here.

LGP has been a blast for me so far. Like the capturing mechanic alright and the battling is fun. Only downfall has been due to Go Park not working.