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Overflowing With Emotion! Ridiculous Anime Titles Thread!!

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
You've heard of Clickbait version of your fic titles, now get ready for Anime versions of chapter titles!

If you're an anime fan, chances are you've noticed that anime episode titles tend to follow a... certain format:

[SPOIL]XY064 はフォッコVSマフォクシー!華麗なるパフォーマーバトル!!
Fokko VS Mahoxy! A Splendid Performance Battle!!
XY065 カメール、ライチュウ登場!ヌメイルがんばる!!
Kameil and Raichu Appear! Good Luck Numeil!!
XY066 ミアレシティ捜査線!シトロイド対ブラック・シトロイド!!
The Miare City Investigation! Citroid VS Black Citroid!!
XY067 ミアレジム戦!サトシVSシトロン!!
Miare Gym Battle! Satoshi VS Citron!!
XY068 狙われたメガシンカ!ガブリアスの絆!!
The Coveted Mega Evolution! Gaburias's Bonds!!
XY069 湿地帯の戦い!ヌメルゴン対フラージェス!!
Battle in the Wetlands! Numelgon VS Florges!!

"Exciting Phrase!! And Now Literally What Happens in the Episode?!"

(Seriously pretty much every anime, especially shounen, does this.)

So, have you got any chapters that could do with an over-the-top anime title? Bonus points if you announce it in next-episode-preview format. Bonus-bonus points if you can think of a good Japanese-style portmanteau for your fic title! (First two syllables of the two most significant words is common.)

And if you're not much of an anime fan but you wanna get in on the fun (or if your chapters already have anime-style names), don't forget: 4Kids had its own, completely different flavor of absurd, pun-tastic episode names. Go nuts with Gen 1 Indigo League style titles!

I'll start!

LC Episode 1: "Entei's Desperation! Mysterious Invitation in the Blazing Forest?!"
LC Episode 2: "Captured by the Rocket Gang! Bakphoon to the Rescue?!"
LC Episode 3: "Pikachu VS Strike! Clash of the Experimental Pokemon!!"
LC Episode 4: "Ace Trainer Ajia Appears! Decisive Battle Against the Rocket Executive!!"
LC Episode 5: "Fork in the Path! Will Jade Become a Pokemon Trainer?!"
LC Episode 6: "Crisis Aboard the St. Anne! The Rocket Gang's Explosive Plot?!"

And for a next-episode preview:

Next time! On レッジェクロン! "Heartfelt Emotions! The Future of a Friendship!!" See you all then!


Funny enough, one of the changes I'll be doing for Foul Play is having the chapters be named after Dark type moves, so the Dark type moves mentioned here are what I'll actually be naming them. For the purpose of this thread though, I'll go the extra mile with anime titles.

Foul Play Episode One: Knock Off! Welcome to Alola, Unova Elite Four Grimsley!
Foul Play Episode Two: Brutal Swing! Food Fight At the Battle Buffet!
Foul Play Episode Three: Flatter! Grimsley and Nanu's explosive meeting!

Now for the preview:

Next time on Foul Play: Night Daze! To the Abandoned Market and the Abundance Ruins!

(I also just realized Pokemon actually did a pun for Foul Play: Fowl Play! The episode where Ash gets a shiny Noctowl lol).


It's "I Come Anon"
Hoo boy. Will Somebody Stop These Kids? was just made to get joke chapter titles to go along with its joke title-title.

WSSTK Episode 1: "Derek-San's Crippling Anxiety Surfaces! Will Somebody Stop These Kids?"
WSSTK Episode 2: "Is That a Fuudin?? Stop These Kids, Jen-Sensei!"
WSSTK Episode 3: "The Battling Prodigy Appears! Are We Seriously Hanging Out with a Girl Now?"
WSSTK Episode 4: "You and My Dad Are Fascists! Is the Premise of This Show Even Ethical??"

(Putting the rest in spoiler tags because anime titles are spoiler-tastic.)
WSSTK Episode 5: "Wyvern Kidnapped! Why Didn't Somebody Stop These Kids?"
WSSTK Episode 6: "The Mysterious Rocket Ball! Is It Too Late for Hanna-Sensei to Stop These Kids?"
WSSTK Episode 7: "AAAGH! I'm Going to Kill You F*cking Dead, Yogiras!"
WSSTK Episode 8: "Crushing Inadequacy! Is Travis-Kun Really Going to Swim Naked??"
WSSTK Episode 9: "Krissy-Chan Loses a Friend?? Even the Surprise Drug Dealers Can't Stop These Kids!"
WSSTK Episode 10: "Wild Onidoriru Appears! Did These Kids Just Stop Themselves?"
WSSTK Episode 11: "The Girl's Last Name Is ... ?! Erin-Chan's Journey Begins!"
WSSTK Episode 12: "Papa, Why? North Enju Gym Is Reborn!"
WSSTK Episode 13: "Slate-Ojiisan's Fury! Rocket Grunt Alessa-Senpai Can't Stop These Kids Either!"
WSSTK Episode 14: "Sibling Frustration Explodes! Will Somebody Stop These Adults?"
WSSTK Episode 15: "Rugia's Weather Hypnosis! Save Hanna-Senpai, Jen-Chan!"
WSSTK Episode 16: "Whaaaat, I Was Right?! Travis-Kun Swims Naked!"
WSSTK Episode 17: "Surprise Gangaa Symbiosis! Russo-Otousan Stops These Kids!"
WSSTK Episode 18: "Derek-San Is Going to Die and He's Worryingly Okay With It! Will Somebody Stop This Man-Child?"
WSSTK Episode 19: "Don't Give Up, Bangiras! It's a Good Thing Nobody Really Stopped These Kids!"
WSSTK Episode 20: "Wyvern Is Free, More or Less! Will Somebody Start These Kids?"


Just me
This thread is lovely. I like how these titles do actually give a reasonable teaser for what happens in the chapter.

TQftL episode 1: An Adventure Begins! Hitokage Appears!!
TQftL episode 2: Leaving Home! The Legendary Pokémon of the Ouen Region!!
TQftL episode 3: The Lost Pokémon! Mark's Second Partner!!
TQftL episode 4: Cleanwater City! Awkward Exposition?!
TQftL episode 5: Showdown at the Lake of Purity! Suicune Appears?!
TQftL episode 6: A Blazing Evolution! Enter Lizard!!
TQftL episode 7: May's Story! Lizard Belongs to Another Trainer?!
TQftL episode 8: The Gym's Secret! Rick's Plans Revealed?!
TQftL episode 9: Mew's Great Escape?! VS Rick!!
TQftL episode 10: A New Enemy Appears! The Mew Hunter's Deadly Conviction!!
TQftL episode 25: Chaletwo Appears! The War of the Legends Revealed!!
TQftL episode 73: Trauma! The Breaking Point of May's Psyche?!
Next time! "Heading Home! The Final Goodbye!" The emotional series finale!

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
Mustn't...be baited...mustn't...

Recruitment 1: Applause! Thief-chan’s Destined Meet with Giovanni-san!
Recruitment 2: Jubilation! Magma-chan LANDS a Role in Maxie-san’s Plans!
Recruitment 3: My Tears! Aqua-chan WHETS Her Appetite…for Archie-san’s Heart!
Recruitment 4: For Science. Master Cyrus Solved My Existential Crisis.
Recruitment 5: Desperation! A Plan to Stop Pokémon Abuse!
Recruitment 6: Revengeance! My Plan to F#@$ Over Unova Begins Now!
Recruitment 7: Euphoria! Mad Dog Becomes Mad Wolf Prince!
Recruitment 8: Triumph! No Gods Here; Only Low Catch Rates!
Recruitment 9: Indignity! True Art Cannot Be Comprehended By the Dollar!
Recruitment 10: Furious! Salaryman Skull-chan Joins Boneheads and Cracks Skulls!

Next Episode- Recruitment 11: Righteousness! To Defend The Castle Misery Built!

I...I couldn't help myself.

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
@Bay: That's neat that you were able to incorporate the actual chapter titles into the anime titles, on account of them being Pokemon moves. It works out great!

@icomeanon6: Those gratuitous honorifics are killing me. Also Episode 7 is the best thing ever.

@Dragonfree: I love that your title for Episode 6 could basically be my Episode 7. Also what you came up with for 25 was pretty exactly what I was expecting. xD

@The Teller: Ok Recruitment 6 is amazing and is absolutely my favorite.

Because I am having way too much fun with these, I went and made a few more:

LC Episode 007: "Showdown! Firestorm's Desperate Evolution!!"
LC Episode 008: "Abandon Ship! Arrival on Midnight Island!!"
LC Episode 009: "Mysterious Trainer Stalker Enters! A Lesson in Double Battles!!"
LC Episode 010: "The First Mission! Infiltrate the Rocket Gang Hideout!!"
LC Episode 011: "Learn to be a Rocket Gang Underling?!"
LC Episode 012: "Lightning of Anger! The Battle to Save Raikou!!"


Call me Del
Man, this looks like so much fun.


Just doing Arc One for now ;)

Chapter 1 - Life as a Space Pirate! The Ship is Wildcard Gamma!
Chapter 2 - Raid on Wave City! Macro Makes a Scene!
Chapter 3 - Pirate Territory! Arrival at Pulse City!
Chapter 4 - Engage Schooling! Mysterious Building at the Edge of System?!
Chapter 5 - Missing Memories! The Pachirisu is a Living Computer?!
Chapter 6 - Macro Needs a Hacker... So he Goes on a Date?!
Chapter 7 - The Plot Thickens! Socket's Sinister Plan!
Chapter 8 - No Humans in System! What is BackDoor?!
Chapter 9 - Dates and Detectives! Tracer Captures a Hacker!
Chapter 10 - Hunt for the First Disc! Macro Makes a Scene!
Chapter 11 - Hunter Becomes the Hunted! Surge is Not an Ally?!

Man, I could title so many chapters with 'Macro Makes a Scene'... it could become its own meme XD


A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden
I only have the one fic on here so far (Deli's Delivery Serivce), but okay.

Oh No! A Delibird's Struggle! Battle in the Air! Will He Make It Back For Yuletide?!

Come to think of it, I wonder if Sufjan Stevens took inspiration from Pokemon for his overly long and ridiculous song titles.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
This seems like fun. I'll do this for my Digimon fic, A Dragon in Shining Armour.

Chapter 1: "Examon Appears! I'm Going to Become a Royal Knight?!"
Chapter 2: "Welcome to Castle Albion! Examon's Rocky Start!"
Chapter 3: "Proving Match! Examon versus Dukemon!"
Chapter 4: "The First Mission! Where is Examon?!"
Chapter 5: "Examon Makes An Effort! The Royal Knights' Downtime!"
Chapter 6: "Anubismon's Gambit! Defend the UDC!"


Rabid Dusclops Fan
This sounds hilarious! Gonna stick with Balance for now.

Chapter 1: "Falling Into the Sewers! Danny's Adventure Begins!"
Chapter 2: "Welcome to Old Unova! Who is this Strange Man?"
Chapter 3: "Danny's First Pokemon! Purrloin Joins the Team!"
Chapter 4: "Conflict! Will Danny Befriend Purrloin?"
Chapter 5: "Entering Striaton! Mustard Will be Your Guide!"

That's all I've got for now but still this whole thread had me laughing.
I might as well do this for the few chapters I’ve currently got of White Abridged.

Chapter 1: Journey Start!! The path of villainy begins!!
Chapter 2: Mystery and Excitement!! The first gym battle is here!!
Chapter 3: What’s happening?! Illusions and evil in the Dreamyard!!

And next time on PWA, “Plasmaaa!! Hilda and Cheren vs Pokemon ‘activists’?!”

Chibi Pika

Stay positive
@DeliriousAbsol: Chapter 6 is amazing. xD I'd be curious to see how many chapters you could get away with using the tagline 'Macro Makes a Scene'! xD

@Griff4815: Funnily enough, Digimon was one of the series that inspired the creation of this thread in the first place, so it's cool to get some Digimon rep here!

@Samayouru: I really like yours! They totally feel like actual titles from the Pokemon anime. :D

@Nerdy McNerdface: Ahaha "The path to villainy begins" I love it. I've got to drop by and read more PWA!

I still haven't been able to stop myself from making more, but this is the final set I'll do. I'll stop hogging the thread after this. xD

[SPOIL]013: "Free the Experiments! Razors is a Friend After All?!”
014: "VS Juptile! Is This Rocket a Friend or Foe?!”
015: "A Dangerous Encounter! Rocket Executive Astrid Enters!!”
016: "Daring Escape! Heartfelt Reunion on Midnight Island!”
017: "Message in the Ruins! The Mysterious Orb and Suicune!!”
018: "The Overwhelming Trio! Enter Freezer, Thunder, and Fire!!
019: “Fierce Fighting! Save the Legendary Pokemon!!”
020: “Imprisoned! Hang in There, Jade!!”
021: “Firestorm VS Razors! Recover the Lost Fighting Spirit!”
022: “Ambush! The Rebellion's Desperate Hour!!”
023: "Betrayal! Astrid's Secret Revealed?!"
024: “Friends Reunited! Ajia's Daring Plan!!”
025: "Showdown in the Tokiwa Hideout! Eifie and Blacky VS Mewtwo?!"
026: "Onward To Jouto! Mending the Bonds of the Past!!”
027: "The Jouto Commander Is Who…?! Enter Sebastian Shepard!"
028: "Attack on Tokiwa City! Jade's Critical Decision!!"
029: "Heartfelt Emotions! The Future of a Friendship!!"
030: "A New Partner and the Road to a New Tomorrow!"

...oh! I should probably stop there.

[SPOIL]...or should I? ;)
[SPOIL]072: ガリョウテンセイ! メガレックウザ登場!!
073: 無限への扉! 時空を超えて!!
074: 絶望ミュウツー! ジェイドの決意!!
075: 命の守り神と世界のはじまり![/SPOIL][/SPOIL][/SPOIL]


Call me Del
I'm really feeling another go at this. Here's Arc 2 for System:Reboot

Chapter 12 - Update Complete! Introducing TimeSkip!
Chapter 13 - The Entertainment District! Blazing Massacre in Binary City!
Chapter 14 - Hunt for the Second Disc! DL's Self Awareness!
Chapter 15 - Rifts in Time and Space? DL Wants to Help!
Chapter 16 - A Pocket to the Past! Incoming Switch!
Chapter 17 - The Legend is Real! Human Aboard Wildcard Gamma!
Chapter 18 - Incoming Ultra Beasts! Zero Day and the Tentacled Monstrosity!
Chapter 19 - The Bored Android! BackDoor's Change of Plan!
Chapter 20 - Prehistoric Mania! The Shape-shifting Human!
Chapter 21 - Macro Angers Switch... and Socket Gets a Human?!
Chapter 22 - Madness in the Mansion! Annie Breaks Away!
I was gonna do Arc 3 too, then remembered I've not posted it all yet...


The magic of Pokemon
Since Moonlight Silver does remix the real anime, that means some of the titles would change to reflect the new events that happen:

Once Upon a Sunny Day (remix of "Grin to Win")--"Lore Stage! Brock's red-hot adventure tale!"
Remix of "Air Time"--"The Legend of Ash, Misty, and Brock!" (referring how the gang is roped into a radio play version of "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" in the remix)
Remix of "Hassle in the Castle"--"The Lore Stage of terror!"
Remix of "The Mystery is History!"--"Mysterious Pokemon X! The song in Ash's heart!"

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Chapter One of Obsession--"A Mother's Gift! Beginning the Path in Sorrow!"

Present chapter--"Gathering of History! The Burden Of Adulthood!"

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
Time to do some of my oneshots!

(The Disingenuous Magearna): Deceptive Messengers! The Shadow Government Puppets Magearna to Stupefy the People!!
(Dragons of Mind): AAAAUUUUGGHHHH!!! My Masters Are Under Attack from Dragons!!
(Courage's Double Trouble): NOOOOOOOOO!!! Three Clowns Are Trying to Abduct Me?! What Do I Do? What Do I Do?!
(The Most Beautiful Warlord of Ransei): HOO-RAH! The Three Beautiful Warlords Fight! Melee a Trois!
(The War on Ft. Cherub): Fight! Instinct VS. Mystic VS. Valor! The Ft. Cherub Prize!


This is a perfect fit for Hawlucha Man. Let's see here...

Chapter 1: Clarus City's Newest Hero! I'm the Amazing Hawlucha Man!
Chapter 2: On Guard! Clarus City's Mightiest Defenders!
Chapter 3: Archnemesis! VS The Baron
Chapter 4: Downtown Brawl! An Attack in Broad Daylight?!
Chapter 5: A Gentleman Hero?! Enter: The Phantom!
Chapter 6: The Price of Justice! This Is My Oath!
Chapter 7: Defender of Avenbrooke! What Is The Baron's Plan?!
Chapter 8: Heroes Unite!! The Sins' Attack! (pt. 1)
Chapter 9: Heroes Unite!! An Explosive Battle Royale! (pt. 2)
Chapter 10: Strike Back! The Best Laid Plans...!
Chapter 11: The Puppet Master Appears! The Changing Winds of Fate!
Chapter 12: A Daring Heist! The Guardian and the Thief!
Chapter 13: Rooftop Chase! A Whirlwind Tour of Avenbrooke!
Chapter 14: Clarus City's Strongest Hero! A Sink or Swim Lesson!
Chapter 15: The Ninjas of Lenox Hills! Lock and Load!
Chapter 16: Live the Dream! A Ticket to Sasaki Industries?!

And now the preview! Chapter 17: Our Blazing Spirits! The Sun God and the Hawk!


Active Member
"Past of the future, future of the past..."

Chapter 1 - Blast from the past! The Empire is back!

Chapter 2 - A meeting 405 km high! First contact between colleagues!

Chpater 3 - Rayquaza's fury! The Emperor's greatest decision!

Chapter 4 - Battle above the skies! There can be only one!

Chapter 5 - Calm before the storm! The "Red Explorer" takes a break!


Just me
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