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Overjoyed! (462)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Battle Frontier' started by Serebii, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Battle Pyramid Again! VS Registeel!

    Finding the Battle Pyramid in time for his rematch against Brandon and his legendary Golem Pokémon, Ash decides to train against the local Nurse Joy to test his Pokémon. After the battle however he obtains Torkoal from Professor Oak and rechallenges Brandon for the rematch. However Brandon this time uses the Pokémon Registeel. Will Ash be able to defeat it?

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  2. Ash Loses, again. Torkoal is used, thank goodness, and I believe I heard that Torkoal uses a new attack.

    Now heres my 2 cents:
    Its great to show Ash losing twice in a row to the same trainer, something like that has never happened to him, and it is just so refreshing to show that Ash isn't as powerful as he is made out to be.
  3. skarmachild

    skarmachild Cheer up.

    No, I'm afraid he doesnt Joe.
  4. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    So let's review.

    -Lucky actually BATTLING and putting up a good fight.
    -Cotoise battles and is not OHKO'd.
    -Satoshi loses a second time to an official opponent; a first ever.

    This episode is made of win and good.
  5. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    Technically he Sabrina twice. *shot*
  6. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    I feel sorry for Torkoal but overjoyed that it actually (to my knowledge) put up some sort of fight. When I see the episode I'll be able to judge myself, and I pray that it doesn't get the short end of the stick.
  7. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    He still got the badge out of it. :p In this case, he did not.
  8. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    It wasn't until his third attempt that he got the badge though.
  9. Darkstorm16

    Darkstorm16 Well-Known Member

    I wanted Ash to win :(
  10. Ash6K

    Ash6K 8D

    Torkoal battling is great. I'm glad that not only did he battle better than what Sceptile did, but Torkoal also learned one of its best attacks, Heat Wave! I feel proud for it. Aipom at Oak's, I can guess that equals trouble. Poor Corphish, it lost though. Now that Torkoal knows a new attack and is stronger than before, it seems that Corphish hasn't improved. It's strong and powerful but no new attacks or any new battle strategies for Corphish. Anyway, I liked this episode, hopefully Ash keeps Torkoal until he gets ready for Shinou.
  11. Judai Yuki

    Judai Yuki Banned

    Aipom at Oak's wtf?How could he do this to the little monkey? :(

  12. Ash6K

    Ash6K 8D

    ^ Yeah, shame that Aipom was the pokemon being transfered to Oak's. It kinda should've been Corphish, seeing as how it lost to Chansey. But heck, you got to give Torkoal credit. It battled a legendary and even though it lost, Torkoal put up an awesome fight. Maybe now Torkoal is becoming more of a powerhouse like Ash's other pokemon. Speaking of Torkoal...Isn't wierd that when Ash doesn't train his pokemon which are at Oak's, they tend to get stronger when they're called back (Heracross, Phanpy which evolved, Torkoal). Anyway, again, glad that Torkoal had a good fight, now only if Corphish can improve.
  13. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    I can't really help but laugh at that development as well, i mean Sceptile couldn't even knock Regirock off his feat, and Torkoal just kept on doing it with Body Slam to Registeel, and i'm suprised nobody has noticed the fact that Torkoal inadvertainly used Cyndaquil's statregy from the Jasmine battle in jouto "flaming sandstorm twister." but unlike Steelix it wasn't enough this time.

    Good i hope it stays there.

    Seriously losing to a Chansey is a big blow to Corphsish's pride, and as much as i'd like Torkoal to stay Ash will probably Oak the poor thing again at the begining of the next episode.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2006
  14. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    Pics up on filb.de. Can't believe Chansey actually won. Two losses in the same episode is a major blow for Ash. This is one hyperactive Joy, for sure. Anyone care to explain what the photo albums at the beginning were for?
  15. CaptainBrain

    CaptainBrain Continuum

    Why'd he leave everyone's favorite monkey of joy? Why couldn't he have dumped something else? Anyway, it's good to see Ash lose every once in a while.
  16. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I want to know why May was sulking outside by the tree by herself. What was her dialouge in that scene?

    The camera also focuses on May frowning when Ash loses, what is this about?
  17. dannyphantomhott

    dannyphantomhott Ash fan girl! Cute!

    I'm hoping he wins next Reign.
  18. WOW! 3 losses in a row including the chansey battle is definetly first and makes you wanna watch the anime much more. I remember when it made ash all depressed when he lost once like when he lost to Whitney
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2006
  19. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    Wait a minute Aipom was Oak'd? WTF? Why did he catch the damn thing if it was just Oak'd right now? And at least Torkoal squeezed in its first good battle
  20. It's probably temporary. Stop b!tching about it.

    Ash did much better this time around with no evil spirit to play with his strategy. Torkoal finally learns Heat Wave, and it looks great(better than the one Clark's Charizard used). But Brandon won based on skill alone, using the Lock-On/Zap Cannon combo(using its paralysis effect to slow down Torkoal), in addition to what seems to be the debut of Superpower. I'm just sad that it was Torkoal and not Cyndaquil(no offense to Torkoal, I'm glad it got to appear).:(

    Also, Chansey was just awesome.:D Once again ignoring low stats helped for a change--as we know, Chansey has the second lowest Attack of any Pokémon and the suckiest Defense. And was that BIDE that it used for the finishing blow?! NICE!:D

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