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Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by icomeanon6, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. icomeanon6

    icomeanon6 It's "I Come Anon"

    We all know the story: the hero's looking forward to the big day, goes to sleep, and wakes up several hours late and panics. For most of us, this is how we were introduced to storytelling in Pokemon. Now before anyone gets the wrong idea, I'm not here to throw shade on our poor oversleeping heroes or complain about how frequently it's used; rather I'd like to ask folks how true to life they find it.

    The whole trope has always seemed odd to me because "the big day" is about the only time where I don't oversleep in real life (lucky me!). So i'm more inclined to have the protagonist wake up ridiculously early for the big day when I choose to include the big day at all. But the idea has to come from somewhere, right?

    So are you usually awake on time, early, or late for the big day? Do you think this has affected how you write the big day in your own stories? Does the morning of the big day have some special meaning for you that you like to depict or see depicted in fiction? Do you like the idea of taking "the hero oversleeps" and elevating it above cliche, and how would you go about this?
  2. Ambyssin

    Ambyssin Winter can't come soon enough

    Personally I have difficulty sleeping, both due to illness and side effects from medication. So I have consistently beaten my alarm of somewhere between 6 and 7 am for YEARS. So, yeah, if I were to write a sleeping scene of any sort, they'd probably wake up early, assuming they were just a run-of-the-mill person. Because nerves would be a big factor in that. If, on the other hand, the character just had a very exhausting experience then I might have them oversleep because their body just falls into a deep sleep and doesn't wake up at the intended hour.
  3. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    I'd say it'd really depend on what kind of character I'm writing for. If it's to show how excited/nervous they are, I can have them wake up early, or never go to bed at all. If it's for a character who's stressed, lazy, lackadaisical, etc. I could have them wake up late to show the reader how they react. It's all about how you want the character to be and it's a great way to show the reader early on how the character's will react and what their personality is like. I've never started off a story like that though, with the "oversleeping" trope, but it sounds like one I'd like to try sometime! Like a writing exercise!
  4. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    I usually wake up whenever; if anything, the later I go to sleep, the earlier I get up. In regards to writing though, it depends on the protagonist. In the story I'm writing now, the protag actually gets up much earlier than he should have, about two hours before, and actually mocks the cliché of an over-sleeping protagonist. So if anything, I find it fun to change it up a bit, going with the norm but making it enjoyable.
  5. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    The only way I see myself oversleeping on a big day is having not fallen asleep the night before at a reasonable time and being too far gone to be woken up by my alarm. I'd... probably have to be pretty sleep deprived for a few days for that to happen. Most of the time, it's usually the days that I know I have a lot to do or something great is happening that I wake up early no matter how badly/how little I slept. So I think the trope can be portrayed realistically and can work, but on the whole, it generally doesn't make sense especially if it's happening to a 10-year-old who will persevere through exhaustion for the sake of anything fun and fascinating, though they'll be grumpy the entire time.
  6. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Was I the only kid whose only alarm clock was their mom? My mom rocked at making sure I was on time to things, in spite of my best efforts to remain in bed as long as possible. She would have made dang sure I was on time to start my Pokemon journey. I also had a habit of waking up way too early on Saturday mornings just to watch cartoons, so there's a chance I would have done the same if I knew I was going on a huge Poke-centric trip.

    So I think it really depends on the person. I was lucky my mom was so strict about being on time, but I know not every kid is so fortunate. I think the trope is okay, but subversion is also fun! I'm down to replace the "hero oversleeps" trope with something like "hero wakes up waaaaaay earlier than necessary, and then crashes at an inopportune time," haha.

  7. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    Lol, my parents would only come wake me up if I was sleeping through my alarm which would, if it wasn't turned off, eventually wake up the whole house. Or my little sisters who are significantly younger than me would wake me up way before I wanted to get up on weekends. It could be an interesting parent dynamic, though - you see a lot of parents of protagonists around here that don't want their kid to go on a journey, so what if they just usually wake up their kid for school or whatever but... let their kid oversleep on their big day? RIP.
  8. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    No you weren't. Mom was my alarm clock too!

    Up until getting a new mattress a few weeks ago I always slept until 10:30. I was extremely lucky if I managed to even get 6 hours per night. Now I find myself waking up at 8:30 and I'm usually out of bed by 9:00 so hopefully things'll keep improving!

    I never usually sleep well on "big days" - and that might be because I experience emotions in heavy doses - but this could be totally different for someone who's more mellowed out. I guess the cliche depends on what type of character you're writing - like, take a character who's always a heavy sleeper and is kinda lazy. You could subvert the sleeping in cliche and use it as a plot device, maybe having it that the character has realised this issue and don't oversleep as a means of showing that this character is attempting to make changes that would be beneficial to their life. There are many ways to approach it so try to think outside the box!
  9. Ambyssin

    Ambyssin Winter can't come soon enough

    Jeez, how late do people go to sleep? I thought 10:30-11pm was pretty reasonable, but I'm starting to think that makes me sound like an old man. ^^;
  10. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    I think the only reason oversleeping is a tired trope is probably because of the anime? At least back in the day, it was pretty typical to write fics that were basically anime clones but with OCs. But there are a lot of fun ideas on how to play with the trope here!I'm particularly fond of Psychic's "doesn't oversleep, but then crashes at an inconvenient time" one.
  11. DeliriousAbsol

    DeliriousAbsol Call me Del

    I suppose one would oversleep if they were kept awake by nerves and excitement for the arrival of their big day. I do have a tendency to oversleep. Also one to silence my alarm, roll over and go back to sleep. But if I'm excited and the alarm goes off, I'm up like a jet!

    And if I oversleep, I rush around like a loony trying to get ready and off out on time.
  12. DreamSayer

    DreamSayer Name's Adam.

    The thing is, too much anticipation can and will keep you awake much longer and you'd end up sleeping late, hence the oversleeping.
  13. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    Amusingly enough, one of the earlest stories I ever wrote, the entire first chapter was dedicated to the MC being too excited about something to sleep (oddly enough, the story was about some completely different thing, making the first chapter totally pointless.) I'm curious if anyone else has ever done that (the writing at length about the night before, not the entire first chapter thing, haha.)
  14. Ambyssin

    Ambyssin Winter can't come soon enough

    Considering I have too many sleepless nights, it's a subject I have presently vowed not to right about. Because it'll just make me very unhappy. *shrug*
  15. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → follow your fire.

    does writing during sleepless nights count? that's when i write my best work sometimes

    I did once have a scene in Love and Other Nightmares where the MC spent a while the night before leaving for her journey contemplating and roaming about her hometown, though I scrapped it in the rewrite because there were more important things to delve into before the journey this time around. I think if it's timed and written well, it could make for an interesting introspective scene for a character.
  16. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    Don't worry. I don't fall asleep until 2:30am in my timezone. So I'm sure you're just a man at the end of his mid-life crisis, about to enter the elderly years! :D

    I need two alarms in order to awaken, 5 minutes apart. For "big days," forget it. I'm not sleeping. Also, I'm throwing up and having a throbbing headache. THEN I'll get some sleep about an hour or two before I need to get up. There is no circumstance where I am "ready" and "prepared" for the "big day." I just don't seem to have a lot of "waking up" scenes in my stories, so I don't know how I WOULD write them (probably on a case-by-case basis), but I guess the answer is "yes, some people really do oversleep to a cartoonish degree on important days for a variety of reasons."

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