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Ow my head hurts... (MD Help Thread)

Chrono Mew

I Havnt been into Joyous Tower for a L0000000NG time! So i forget isnt it a level 1 dungeon? My head hurts trying to think.


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I know how you feel.....uh....huh? I think it is a level 1 dungeon...Yep. It is.
*Trys REALLY hard to get chancey*


It's a Level 1 99 floor dungeon which is evil since the only reason we go there is
A.) to die or
B.) To recruit really rare pokemon.

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and who's that legendarry?


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I thought it could be Lucario.


Beware the Tobybro!
No. Instead, you get the rare Chansey on floors 50, 60 and 77. He's very hard to find. And no Fourth Generation poke is in this dungeon, no reason to be one in it (I can see Bonsly and Mim. Jr though). I will explain what you should bring later