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Pal Park Guide

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Leebui, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Leebui

    Leebui Questionable...

    Seeing as questions about Pal Park are constantly repeated, asking almost the same questions over and over, I decided to write this guide. I'm quite sure this will benefit the GameFAQs/GameSpot board for than that of SerebiiForums, then again, SerebiiForums is not Purge-happy.

    I will start with answering simple questions; aside from feedback, recommendations on what I should add to the guide are appreciated as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is Pal Park?
    A. Pal Park is a building located on route 221 that can be accessed legitimately after defeating the Elite Four and claiming the National Dex. Until then, guards will stand, blocking the entrance of the building.

    Q. Can Pal Park work with international cartridges?
    A. No. Pal Park only works with cartridges and Diamond and Pearl of the same region. You can, however, transfer your Pokemon from a different region GBA cartridge to that of a matching region and transfer them there. Pokemon from different regions will keep their names.

    Example: ZIGZAGOON from a US game transferred from a JPN cartridge to JPN Diamond/Pearl will keep the name "ZIGZAGOON," not the nickname "ZIGZA" from the JPN GBA cartridge (JPN cartridges have a five character limit on names).

    Q. Can Pal Park work with US/UK/AU cartridges mixed?
    A. Yes. Just as GCN to GBA connectivity in 3rd gen, Pal Park seems to not be region-locked on UK/US/AU games. Remember, only the game's language matters, not the language of the Pokemon inside it. Meaning, a Japanese Celebi in a US Ruby can still be transferred to a US D/P DS card.

    Q. How do I get Pokemon into Pal Park and what do I do afterward?
    A. After meeting the criteria above, when you insert a GBA cartridge that is either Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen, upon entering the selection screen, you'll be prompted by the following:

    New Game
    Pal Park
    Mystery Gift (If you have activated it)
    Wi-Fi Options

    Select Pal Park. Now the screen is all touch screen from the beginning to end. Use your stylus to click the red "Yes" button twice. If you have at least six Pokemon in your PC in the GBA cartridge (or if the time limit from your last transfer is up), it'll then prompt you to select the six Pokemon from the PC to transfer. You can navigate throughout the different boxes within your GBA cartridge using the touch screen. After you've selected six Pokemon, continue pressing the red "yes" button until it is done (which is followed by the "Save" sound). Touch the screen again to go to the title screen and visit Pal Park.

    From there, speak to the man in green blocking the entrance inside Pal Park and select the first option. If you've transferred six Pokemon, he'll allow you to pass. From then, you much travel through the terrain and find all six of the Pokemon. If you cannot do so, you can quit and try again. Please note that you cannot transfer anything until you've captured all six Pokemon in one attempt. Yes, if you quit after catching the Pokemon, they'll be sent back and you must try again. After you catch all of them, you'll leave and the man will ask if you want to keep them. Unless you're attempting some catching record for berries, select Yes. The Pokemon will then be in your lovely PC.

    NOTE: Until you catch all six Pokemon from your previous transfer, you can't send over anymore.

    Q. Will PokeRus, Ribbon and Items my Pokemon was carrying be transferred too? Will the Pokemon keep its nickname?
    A. Yes.

    Q. Can I trade cheated or cloned Pokemon?
    A. The answer is yes, for better or for worst. The game will accept any transfer.

    Q. Can I trade multiples of the same Pokemon in one transfer?
    A. Yes, six Zigzagoons can be transferred if you wanted.

    Q. My Mew/Deoxys didn't obey and I couldn't trade it in 3rd generation, will it happen in Diamond/Pearl too?
    A. The obedience bit that controlled that manner has been removed in Diamond/Pearl. So all badly hacked Mew/Deoxys will be usable and tradable. Although GTS will place bans on under-leveled Mew/Deoxys, and Pokemon Battle Revolution may prevent usage of them.

    Q. Can I trade back Pokemon after I transferred them?
    A. No, it's an one-way trip.

    Q. I heard I can bypass the timer (which is set to 24 hours per transfer) by switching the DS time. Is that true?
    A. Absolutely not. Game Freak apparently programmed Diamond/Pearl Pal Park function to withstand any external change to the clock. Even if you take the Diamond/Pearl card out, Pal Park will not accept the time change. Instead, it'll ask for you to recalculate the filter from the changed time. Even if you do change it to the original time, the filter will still be asked to be recalculated. If you refuse to recalculate, Pal Park will refuse to work until you have done so.

    NOTE: Since the DSes and D/P don't support Daylight Savings (since Japan knows of no such thing as far as I'm concerned), don't switch the time until you're done with a transfer, or when you find it fit to do so. This issue may be fixed in other language releases though.

    Q. If you transfer a Pokemon that would evolve by being traded, will it evolve?
    A. No. It's transfer, not a trade. You still have to trade it afterward unfortunately.

    Q. Can I transfer a Pokemon with a HM move?
    A. No. You must remove all HM moves before Pal Park will allow you to transfer that Pokemon. TM moves are fine though.

    Q. So how do I know where to locate my Pokemon?
    A. The Pal Park is divided into five areas: Grass, Forest, Mountain, Pond and Sea. Common sense basically plays into locating your Pokemon. Since Zigzagoon are found in grasslands normally, look in the grass area. However, for aquatic Pokemon, common sense may not be enough. However, keep in mind that since there are only two aquatic locations, you'll eventually find your Pokemon.

    Isolated Pokemon (such as a majority of legendaries) may be hard to locate. While Latios and Latias may be found in the grasses, Entei, Raikou and Suicune are found in the mountains. To make things more awkward, Rayquaza is found in the grass. So while it may be impossible for me to list the location for EVERY single Pal Park Pokemon; common sense will help immensely.

    I will however, locate all the legendary Pokemon (which take longer for you to encounter, so I will list their precise areas).

    Q. Will the Pokemon I transfer have the same ID and OT as my Diamond/Pearl character?
    A. No. It'll have the original OT and ID number as it had in 3rd generation. Thus, all Pokemon you transfer are considered "traded" in terms of how they are going to level up now and such. When you encounter the Pokemon, the OT will be shown as well. For example, a Deoxys would be shown as "Leebui's Deoxys," or something very similar to that.

    Q. Does Pal Park have a time limit/step limit like Safari Zone?
    A. No. You can stay there as long as you want, at least until you catch all 6 Pokemon. The time limit is only for obtaining the berries after you catch all six Pokemon. The faster you are, the better berries you obtain.

    Q. Can Pal Park tranfer with multiple carts, like after I finish transferring from one, I can transfer from another right away?
    A. Yes, the time limit is per game cartridge, so you can transfer six Pokemon from Sapphire, then after you're done catching all six, immediately transfer another six from Pokemon Emerald and so fourth.

    Q. Will my Pokemon's happiness for me be transferred over?
    A. No. The transfer acts like a semi-trade, Pokemon that evolve when traded over don't do so, but everything else that applies to trading does. Yes, the transfer is a tad strange.

    Q. Can I transfer Missingno?
    A. Yes and no. If you transfer a safe (double question mark) Missingno., it'll become another "real" Pokemon, and will no longer be a Missingno. If you transfer the unsafe one (single question mark), Pal Park will NOT let you transfer it at all.

    Q. Can I transfer from a fake Pokemon game?
    A. Yes. Just remember it has to be a counterfeit of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed or LeafGreen. "Made-up" Pokemon games may not work with Pal Park, and if they do, there's a possibility you'll lose more than what you would of gained.

    Also remember the Region-Restrictions. There are tons of FireRed/LeafGreen "Half-Japanese-Half-English" fakes that some of you may of purchased from early 2004. The hackers only hacked the text, and did not change the region. Thus, those games are considered "JPN" games.
    Last edited: May 23, 2007
  2. Crescent

    Crescent Well-Known Member

    Good guide Leebui
  3. fhqwhgads

    fhqwhgads _____________

    Good guide, and nice cover of the time thing.
  4. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? (five15)

    Nice. Answered some of my questions.

    One thing: when you choose the pokes to send to pal park, can they be any pokes in your pc, or do they all need to be in a box?
  5. Leebui

    Leebui Questionable...

    You can navigate through the boxes of your 3rd generation cartridge. Once you've made six selections, you'll be prompted to transfer them.

    Thanks for the comments! Remember, if you have suggestions for the FAQ, just shout them. ^^
  6. LugiaGirl

    LugiaGirl hates her UN C:

    interesting, i had some questions about pal park but they are all answered now thanks. awsome guide :)
  7. savecowseatcarrots

    savecowseatcarrots Well-Known Member

    thanks, helped me... dissapoints me that its not a trade, but it helped
  8. CardShark

    CardShark Well-Known Member

    The only thing I'm confused about is where in Pal Park certain pokemon can be caught.
  9. Comet

    Comet Dance Commander

    Hmm....Should this be a sticky?
  10. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? (five15)

    Just search in the grass for most of them. Otherwise, go into areas where they would most likely be.

    BTW, thanks for answering Leebui. That helped alot.
  11. Mew Trainer

    Mew Trainer Active Member

    Nice guide.

    Something to add to the timer thing would be that the wait is exactly 24 hours per game cartridge that you are transferring from. If you transfer from Emerald at noon today, you have to wait until noon tomorrow before transferring from that game again.

    Another good thing to add would be locations of commonly Pal-Parked Pokemon. For example, Mew and Celebi are in the forest area, and Latios and Latias are in the entrance grass.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2007
  12. Leebui

    Leebui Questionable...

    I've added some things to my guide according to suggestions.

    I'll compile a list of where all the legendaries are located in Pal Park tomorrow. Until then, thanks again for the comments.
  13. CardShark

    CardShark Well-Known Member

    What if I transferred a pokemon like Umbreon? Would I have to search for it in Pal Park at night?
  14. Andren

    Andren F*** PBR Dislikers!!

    What about rarities? Would it be the same as in 3rd Gen*? Are you allowed to use Sweet Scent in the Park?

    *i.e. Taking forever to find Feebas in the Pond/Sea area
  15. gregjammer

    gregjammer Feather Trainer

    ^ I looked at the HMs in the game, and I found out this information: In the 3rd gen of pokemon, HM05 taught the move Flash. In the 4th gen of pokemon, that HM teaches the move Fog Clear instead. Not to mention that there are more examples like that of the aforementioned example that make the D/P HM system look a little bit different from that of R/S/Fr/Lg/Em. This is a cause of another question relating to Pal Park:

    Q: My Pokemon in R/S/Fr/Lg/Em knows an HM move. Will the Pokemon still transfer over to D/P, or does the differences involving the HM systems of the two generations hinder its ability to transfer over until I use the GBA version's Move Deleter to erase the HM move in the way of transfer from the Pokemon's moveset???

    A: Yet to be answered by you, Leebui...
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2007
  16. _Calm|Mind_

    _Calm|Mind_ Follow the Path

    I'm obviously not Leebui, but Pokemon with HM's can't be transferred. You would need to go to the move deleter.
  17. magpie

    magpie Rocket Admin

    Good idea! Hey I just wanted to clear up...Mystery Gift CAN be activated in game. At least in the Japanese version so far, here's the link for you all ^_^


    She has AMAZING stuff for the whole game and for Pal Park as well (check the top of the page) check it out!
  18. Sir Devious

    Sir Devious Sir Devious

    Nice guide. I am looking forward to the legendary guide because I have most of the legendarys to transfer... -_- Also... when you see a Pokemon, is there anyway to tell if it's yours? What if you have a pokemon, say Zigzagoon. It has it's name and isn't shiny or anything... will something say, "Hoenn Pokemon" or what? How does that work?
  19. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    The only Pokémon you encounter in the Park are the ones you load.
  20. Leebui

    Leebui Questionable...

    I compiled the legendary list for those who didn't catch that. I haven't confirmed locations for Mewtwo OR Groudon however.

    Anymore suggestions?
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