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pal park ?


Lord of the magikarp
i want to trade a hacked mew to pearl, but im not sure if it would work, i cant trade it to colleseum, so im guessing it wont go to pearl will it ?

(i know i hacked a mew, but i dont know anyone who would let me have theirs !!)


Lord of the magikarp
you sure ??


Someone else had trouble with hacked Pokemon causing his game to freeze up in Pal Park. If I were you I'd get rid of that Mew. You can get a better one through trading.


Bug Catcher


Master Collector
I'm pretty sure it'll work, from what I've heard. If you've used an Action Replay, Gameshark, or Codebreaker to catch it, it will work fine. If you did something else to it, you might be out of luck.

Although, in reality, you could get a Mew by trading and be sure that you'd have one. Much safer.