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Pallet Party Panic! (083)


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A excellent episode it was nice how they tied the beginning of the season with the end by having the Spearow Ash threw a rock at evolve and get revenge on him in this episode. Also great seeing Pidgeotto evolve in this episode to Pidgeot to fend off the Fearow, it's to bad the writers don't show Pidgeot again in the entire series even though theirs been plenty of times to do so, I guess they just forgot about Pidgeot. I can understand Ash leaving Pidgeot if he had caught the Fearow to add to his team but since he doesn't he should've kept Pidgeot with him at least until part way through Johto. Any one else catch the apparent dub flub in this episode Prof. Oak calls Ivy a "he" but Misty just a couple seconds later calls Ivy a "she".


. Any one else catch the apparent dub flub in this episode Prof. Oak calls Ivy a "he" but Misty just a couple seconds later calls Ivy a "she".

Hahahha, I thought that was just my hearing, he did indeed refer to her as a he. Anyway, great ep, having Spearow come back as Fearow was a great way to tie up the Kanto season. Pigeot evolving was really exciting. One of the best evolutions of Ash.
I wonder if he'll ever see Pidgeot. If I recall, he didn't actually release Pidgeot. He merely said to watch over the Pidgey and Pidgeotto until he returns from the Orange Islands. I thought after brining the G.S. Ball to Professor Oak, Ash would get Pidgeot back. But no... After he talked to Falkner and had a flashback of Pidgeot, I got hopeful again that we'll see him but no... Ever since then, not even one mention about him. Then, I saw the preview of Movie 10! I hope that's Ash's Pidgeot! But you know what? I'm not even sure if it was his, cause a Pidgeot was never even in the movie! In all honesty, I think he was the strongest bird Pokemon ever Ash had. He was highly underrated too. I'll never forget his first fight against Team Rocket when I was watching the show at 7 years old. Pidgeotto against Ekans and Koffings. He put up a great fight, but taking on two was difficult... You'll never be forgotten Pidgeot.
Goodbye Pidgeot! As the Kanto season draws to a close (for now, at least!), this episode serves as a good bridge across the gap to the Orange Islands.
I like continuity in the episodes, and to have the original Spearow from the first episode come back, was good writing, it's just a shame Ash hasn't recovered his Pidgeot from that forest. Surely, after 9 seasons, some of the other pidgeotto have evolved, and are now strong enough to defend themselves, allowing Ash's Pidgeot to return?


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Poor Pidgeot. Ash still never returned for it.

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PIDGEOT! I wish Ash would keep his promise to go visit it again. I mean how far away is the forest where Pidgeot guards the other Pidgey and Pidgeotto from his house in Pallet, maybe a mile. He travels back to Pallet quite frequently, so the least he could do is pay him a visit. Ash's pidgeot must be unusually strong as it was strong and quick enough to let both Ash and Pika ride on him and still take down that Fearow. Compared to the Pidgeot in the Episode: Staravia is born, where that Pidgeot was only big enough to fit Pikachu on it's back.


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Yes! One of the greatest episodes. I really really loved this episode. Pidgeotto was depicted as so weak though :( It's a shame. But I loved how it finally got it's own episode. I cried when Pidgeot left too :'( A remarkable episode.


it was a funny episode, i had to luagh when charizard got angry after that little food incident with team rocket:p


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I got so mad in this episode, because first, he tried to get squirtle to pop the balloon with water gun, which is probably one of the more retarded things he has done and secondly one baby little POISON STING KO'd pidgeotto! How could that little weak link Arbok KO the pidgeotto who took down a Rhydon? One of the strongest rock Pokémon of the generation? Lastly, why would he get rid of it? Wouldn't he get rid of that overused Charizard that didn't listen for like another 80 episodes? (I know I am exaggerating there) He would have completely pwnd Bugsy, and he would have had a really great match vs. Falkner. Why wasn't Pidgeotto used in the Pokémon League either?!?! Makes me soo mad!

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Poor Pidgeot, just abandoned like so many others.

I hope he goes back for it, even though i can't see it happening.


This episode is too painful to watch because Ash made up his mind to release his new evolved Pidgeot. He thought that if the Pidgey's were in trouble in the future, no one would've saved it from the Spearows and the Fearow. But a choice is a choice: Pokemon do need to help another from danger around them, which is an important lesson Ash learned.


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Felt sorry that Pidgeot had to go, *cries* :(. but even though Ash has never came back to get him, I do want him to come back around the end wherever it is.

Great episode for a finale episode of the season.


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*Cries* One of the episodes that made me cry.
Pigeotto evolved and he released it to make sure it protects the other birds.
He says he will come back for it but has he no.
He should go back to it.
This was also the last indigo league episode and the next episode was the orange league.
Not my favorite episode at all I don't like episodes that make me cry.
3/5 I rate it 3/5 if I were a rater *Sobs.*
I hope Ash keeps his promise and sees Pidgeot again!


One of my favourite episodes because Pidgeotto was main focus

Ash said he'd come back for Pidgeot after he returned from the Orange islands....
but he didnt!!

what the hell ash!! Seriously, pidgeotto/Pidgeot was probably his strongest pokemon from Kanto, it took down Rhydon with a double edge!! and in the episode it was captured it put up an great fight against team rocket despite being weakened by pikachu earlier on AND managed to pull that balloon all the way to indigo stadium!
I hate how he didnt keep his promise, especially as he's suposed to show how bonding with your pokemon is the most important thing...
and how awsome would ash V faulkner be if he used pidgeot!?!

ok ran over xD

I guess i get annoyed with this episode cos the Pidgey evolution line is my favourite of all time =P


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Man, I wish Pidgeot would've come along sooner. I loved Pidgeotto, but it didn't get any glory as Pidgeot. At the same time, it was kinda neat seeing his Kanto journey come full-circle, with the Spearow and Fearow. It'd sure be nice to see Pidgeot again...