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Pallet Party Panic! (083)


Like a champ.
Best/Worst episode ever =P

I hated the Charizard part....no need....

Pidgeot part was amazing, action story, everything. Everyone else covered it. I don't like the Pidgeot staying part =( I also hate the act that he lied to Pidgeot >=(


Let's go to the beach, each.
A great way to end the Kanto saga; with a party that is ruined by Team Rocket and their crazy schemes! I like how this seemed to be split into two stories; the party in Pallet Town at the beginning of the episode, and the journey through Viridian Forest near the end of the episode. I was sad to see Pidgeot leave right after evolving, though. I wish Ash would go back to the Viridian Forest to take it back. 9/10.
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Great episode, how sad that Pidgeotto leaved..
but it was great to see how much Pidgeot is powerfull! it was so strong...

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Boss- I think they set up Charizard "saving" the day and had Pidgeotto get hurt in one shot so it would evolve, in the last few episodes before it did evolve especially in the Pokemon League they seemed to have Pidgeotto tire it self out.

Pity he never came back for Pidgeot, actually in that last scene where Ash says he promises he will come back for Pidgeot and Pidgeot made that bird noise like maybe growling and it sounded like Pidgeot didn't believe him, and is right (Probably learned after Butterfree/Primeape since he promised to see them one day, although Butterfree was somewhere Ash did not know where)


Man of Mystery
GAAAH! I always hated that Ash let Pidgeot go, but it was for a good reason I suppose. I hope we get to see it again in the future, although the chances are slim. I also liked how his journey finished the way it started with the Spearow and all. Very good episode.


Shiny Flygon
I quite liked this episode.
I particularly liked the part is that Team Rocket fired a ball of fire on Ash and co, and Charizard was able to throw it back to them. The extension they did with Ritchie was pretty nice and exciting.
Pidgeot being released was the sad part.


Well-Known Member
I hated how Pidgeotto was so underused and Ash just left him right after he evolved. It seems like the writers kept making Ash leave his best Pokemon and then he never seems them again even if he promises otherwise. I liked seeing Pidgeotto/Pidgeot get a lot of screen time in this episode though. The return of Spearow/Fearow was funny and so was Team Rocket's spicy food.


Laughs at thunder
And the mistake of Ash's past comes back to haunt him. Fearow wants revenge after being hit on the head by that rock.

I think Pidgeot would have been awesome on Ash's Orange Island team. He could have released her after that.

Charizard was just annoying in this episode.

World Turtle

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I wish people would stop blaming Ash for the stuff the writers make him do. He's a fictional character, he's not real. Neither are his Pokemon. Saying he "lied" about coming back for Pidgeot is just stupid I'm sorry to say. It's the writers fault in the end.

Anyways realistically speaking Ash can never reclaim Pidgeot as long as Fearow remained in the area harassing the Pidgey flock. The moment Pidgeot leaves Fearow would go right back to harassing the flock. Like it or not it had to stay there to protect the Pidgey and Pidgeotto.

The only way Ash can get Pidgeot back would be to either catch Fearow himself or have someone else catch it. Driving it from the area is impossible since it could come right back after Pidgeot leaves. The only way to resolve the situation is to capture Fearow. For the record it doesn't have to be Ash a COTD could do the job just as well.


Dragon busted by Her
Fearow was the most impressive. Gust->Quick Attack->Thunderbolt... still to strong to be caught->Gang attacked by the entire Pidgeotto herd AND Pidgeot. Thrice. It took somewhere around 60 attacks. Oh, and it's successful attack more or less oneshotted Pidgeotto.

Strongest non-legendary bird this series ever had, too bad it was too skow and got ganged up on.

How could that little weak link Arbok KO the pidgeotto who took down a Rhydon? One of the strongest rock Pokémon of the generation?

First off, Pidgeotto never took down Rhydon, he scored two hits, then his fight trailed of into nothingness, and Pikachu zapped it and all 5 of the pokemon Jessie used. Giovanni's mons ran.

Arbok(As an Arbok) was never weak during Kanto, it was defeated a total of 5 times:
Pikachu beat it alone three times, and the other three was by Dewgong and Pikachu tagteaming it AFTER it had already taken hits from several mons, and when it got gang assaulted by the entire Diglett/Dugtrio herd, and finally Pikachu and Sparky working together.

Oh, and Arbok during this season beat Pikachu in team with Squirtle once once, dominated Squirtle AND Horsea working together- Under water.

It was stronger than most of Ash's main team(only Zard and Pikachu was stronger).

what the hell ash!! Seriously, pidgeotto/Pidgeot was probably his strongest pokemon from Kanto, it took down Rhydon with a double edge!!

Charmander, in it's base form, was altogether stronger than Pidgeotto ever got. And again, Pikachu took out Rhydon.

Pidgeotto didn't actually win one fight since it beat that kids Rattata in episode 8.

No. 1 Machop Fan

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In this ep TR threw heaps of bombs down on the partygoers. And the ep didn't get banned. :/


New Member
That was really pointless leting Pidgeotto go.Before evolving ash had used in every episode.And now it supposed to use him even more.He gave him a promise that he woul come back one day but their have been five new seasons from then.We are now watching anime of ash at Unova.I mean when is Pidgeotto coming back.He maybe find him in his journey somehow or at a battle frontier journey on Kanto like in Hoenn battle frontier


No longer posting
I liked this episode because Pidgeotto evolved and defeated that angry Fearow. I didn't however like seeing Ash let his strong Pidgeot go... It was my fav. evolved bird Pokemon he ever had.

Just got the DVD set of the Orange Islands so over the next few days I'll be writing reviews after each episode I watch.

After watching this episode, It seems I'll have to get used to hearing all the old voices and seeing the old animation. I have a feeling I'll get used to that as I watch these episodes.

These days, whenever I watch any episode of Pokemon, I can sometimes tell when a Pokemon is going to evolve. During this episode, I was thinking "why do I have the feeling that Pdgeotto is going to evolve in 30 seconds?" and then it did. And then I thought "called it!"

Not too bad a start to the Orange Islands arc.
Let's move on to the next episode, shall we?


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Staff member
I found it cool how the Spearow from the first episode came back as a Fearow. I thought it was interesting that this saga began and ended in a similar way, with a flock of Spearow attacking Ash and co.

I was happy at first to see Pidgeotto evolve, because I thought it was one of Ash's strongest Pokemon and well deserving of an evolution. However, I was upset when Pidgeot stayed behind in the forest. I thought that was just insane, considering how useful Pidgeot would have been in the Orange Islands arc. >_>

Hearing about the Orange Islands was something I really enjoyed. It made me excited to watch those episodes, because I really wanted to see what another region looked like.


Hopeful for Gen 8
I love how there getting bombed and Dehlia and Oak are just standing there talking while everyone else is running for there life! Heck,Dehlia is laughing too!
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Poke Master 7

Boulder Trainer
I found it to be a shame that Ash had only tried to capture Fearow once during its battle with Pidgeot. He really should have tried after it got hit by the Razor Wind before it fled. That way it would have killed 2 birds with one stone (pun not intended), it would have solved the problem that it wouldn't happen again since the Spearow wouldn't have a leader and Ash would have gotten a strong bird. It also would have been a nice way for Kanto to come full circle with him catching the Fearow that chased him down in the first episode.

Shame though that Ash never went back for it though since I'd love to see how Pidgeot stacks up with Ash's other birds, especially since Pidgeot seemed to be a strong pokemon and one that would obey him, unlike Charizard.


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The writers really treated Pigeotto like crap during his ENTIRE run on the show.

He never had any major battles. He had like 3-4 battles. He never even competed in the pokemon league. Ash chose CHARIZARD to battle with instead of Pidgeotto which didnt make sense at all.

Then, when Pidgeotto FINALLY gets a focus episode, it's about him leaving? that sucks, I loved Pidgeot and it sucks that Ash never kept his promise. And what's even worse was that when Ash released it was like he barely even cared which made it worse.

Ash having a strong pidgeot could have really finally put Pigeot in a good light instead of just being the forgotten HM slave. He was literally robbed of his chance to shine.

For all we know, someone else could have caught Pidgeot by now.

I just really hope they reunite one day.
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