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Pallet Party Panic! (083)


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My favorite episode of the first season. But Charizard ruined it a bit I think he got to much focus. The bad thing about this episode is Pidgeotto didn't get as much attention as the rest of Ash's Pokemon wasn't in much battles or most important events then when he gets his own Episode he gets realesed it's just stupid. He should of got Oaked at the end of the Orange islands. And even worse Ash promised he would return for it but hasn't in the past years. I hope one day it comes back.


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Not much love for Charizard in this thread, eh?

I must be in the minority, because I liked the Charizard half of this episode more than the Pidgeotto/Pidgeot half. Let's face it, Charizard has some of the most personality out of all of Ash's Pokemon in the first season. That personality means it can come of in two ways, either positively or negatively. Charizard is definitely its own Pokemon, and I see that as a sign of strong character. As mentioned by others, Charizard's reaction to seeing the food and then it getting blown up by Team Rocket is the funniest part of this episode. Some people find Charizard to be a jerk, but I think he's awesome.

One thing that sort of bothered me about the Pidgeotto/Pidgeot voice work is that Pidgeot said the word "Pidgeotto" in its...dialogue way more than the actual evolution. Like, Pidgeotto used to say "Pidgeot" a lot, and now the final evolution is all backwards when it speaks too? Kinda strange.


Charizard's little bit in this episode was not entertaining at all. The episode was pretty dull overall. I didn't care for Pidgeot either. I thought it would've been interesting to have catch Fearow but whatever.


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It's Pidgeot!
I quite liked this episode, although again it was only interesting after Team Rocket got involved. The way they were throwing them bombs was just epic. Pidgeotto evolving was good, but I think it was a bit too quick for it to go. Saying that, Pidgeot didn't seem that bothered to leave Ash.... lol
I was sad to see Pidgeotto evolving, I love Pidgeotto and like it better than Pidgeot. I think Ash could've kept Pidgeotto as a Pidgeotto for a long time, as a reasonably strong battler who deserved more chances than he got, and as a smokescreen-remover, make-hole-in-balloon-guy and to scout from out of the air, just like Ash's newer regional birds.

Ash still didn't fulfill his promise to get Pidgeot back. How horrible must that be for Pidgeot, who loves his trainer. Is he still waiting for Ash to come back?

Aside from that, good to see a Pidgeotto-focusing episode, showing how loyal he is. I was crying when Pidgeot left, I'm crying now because I just rewatched it. Not as sad as Butterfree, but also horribly sad. The episode gets 9/10.


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I was very sad when Pidgetto had to leave Ash's team. I really loved it and even better as a Pidgeot. Ash will never fulfill his promise to it. But I wonder if he's still waiting for Ash?. Anyway a very nice & touching episode to end the Kanto season.
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Ah, the episode were one of 'Kanto's favorites" evolved and later on, abruptly left behind by its trainer. I did enjoy this ending though and I can understand the ethical responsibility Pidgeot has in protecting other Pokémons. Not much to complain about that. Charizard really didn't deserve that much of the spotlight, considering its disobedient performance during the Indigo League.

Anyway, it was a heck of a ride to watch all Kanto episodes and now it's time for the Orange Isles series.


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I always wanted to try TRio's food it looked soooo good


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I liked this episode, but I always hated that he had to let Pidgeot go just when it evolved. I think he had Pidgeot (in that form) for an even shorter time than Primeape (in that form).


This was my favourite episode from the first season of the cartoon because Pidgotto evolved and because Ash went on a new journey. and I was even happy that Misty got to stay and travel with Ash to the Orange islands. I also liked Team rocket in this episode because they were stuck in the tree and had to get help from the gang. Great episode lol.


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This episode was much better than the other two disappointing episodes before it. After Ash's Top 16 achivement in the Indigo League, Pallet Town holds a party to celebrate his accompolisment. The Pallet Party was hilarious! Ash and the others send thier Pokémon so they can celebrate too. Ash was about to send out Charizard, but thankfully Misty and Brock stops him before he could do it.
As they celebrate, Team Rocket comes to cause a Pallet Party Panic to steal Pikachu. They manages to steal Pikachu and starts getting away. But Ash sends out Pidgeotto who burst their balloon, making them fall in the ground. Team Rocket injures Pidgeotto with Arbok, so Ash sends out Charizard! Team Rocket tries to destory the party table by throwing bombs, which angers Charizard. Charizard blasts Team Rocket off and catches Pikachu before showing off it's power. Those stupid jerks got what they deserved, I'm glad Charizard did something right in this episode. Prof. Oak asks Ash and Co to visit Orange Islands and pick up a spacial Pokéball from Prof. Ivy. Ash agress to do so.
The best part of this episode was Ash's Pidgeotto evolution! Pidgeot and the Pidgey family totally owned that jerk Fearow(it's the same spearow that got hit by Ash's stone in the first episode) in this episode. Later Ash told Pidgeot to take care of Pidgey family to make sure the Fearow dosen't attack them. He also told Pidgeot that he'll come back as soon as he gets Professor Ivy's Pokéball..........but he never came back! He never saw his Pidgeot again! *Sigh* Pidgeot is probably Ash's most underrated Flying-type Pokémon and it's really sad to see it go after the Indigo League. It'd be awesome if the anime writers makes an episode where Ash visits Pidgeot again.......but the chances of that happening are very slim. :(

This is a memorable episode IMO, because this is the only episode that was focused on Ash's Pidgeotto/Pidgeot.
For some reason, I always think Ash's Pidgeotto evolves some time during Johto, not this episode.


Despite TR's constant meddling in Ash's business, I thought it was really rude and out of character of him to drop TR from that tree in the Viridian Forest and let them be chased by Spearow. Aside from that awkwardness, I really enjoyed seeing Ash and friends unwind and have a party after their long journey through Kanto.

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I liked how Charizard got angry when Team Rocket bombed the party's food hee hee. Seeing Ash lead Pidgeot against Fearow was such a great moment and I wish Ash hadn't released it.


I wish that Ash hadn't released his awesome new Pidgeot in the end but I will admit that the release scene was well done and made me cry as a kid. 8/10


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I was disappointed to see Ash release Pidgeot right after its evolution. He should have caught the Fearow if it really was so mean to Pidgey and Pidgeotto. And why was the departure so unemotional if it was meant to be a release?