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Pallet Town Diary (13+ only)(GirlTachiShipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Kite.of.Autumn, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Kite.of.Autumn

    Kite.of.Autumn "Nirvash ready!"

    Pallet Town Diary

    DISCLAIMER: This is a short story about what happened when Ash and gang returned home to go to the Battle Frontier. Rated 13+ for suggestive themes, mild swearing and mild sexuality. Reader discression is advised. Also, enjoy ^^


    Part One: When Eyes Met

    "I can't wait 'til we get home. Mom will make us such a large dinner!" Ash said excited. Pikachu squeeled a cute 'Chu!'
    Brock was anxious to see some pretty girls (as usual), so he ran ahead of Ash. As for May and Max, it was their first time in Kanto, so they were a bit scared.

    "Don't worry May!" Ash began, "You'll meet my old friend Misty. I'm sure the two of you got along."

    May, still a tad nervous, smiled back at Ash.

    **One Hour Later**

    As they walked past a small white fence, a sign read "Pallet Town". Ash saw his mother and Mimey (his mother's Mr. Mime) gardening. He ran ahead yelling for his mother's attention. From a distance, May saw him hugging his mother. Max ran ahead the instance he saw Prof. Oak. May was still a bit nervous, but jogged ahead to keep up.

    "You must be May. I'm Delia, Ash's mother!" Delia said, holding out her hand to shake. May introduced herself and shook hands with Delia.

    "Well, come in," she said, "I've made dinner!"

    The gang walked into the house and removed their shoes. They then walked into the kitchen, where Misty was at the stove, stirring a pot of spaghetti. "Hello their everyone ^^" she welcomed everyone. May's face went red.

    Holy crap May thought, She's really beautiful...~o_O~

    Misty walked up to May. "I'm Misty. Nice to meet you ^^" she said holding her arms out to hug her. May hugged her back, still red from blushing. Wow, she's really warm -.- May thought, still hugging her.
    Part Two: Cherry Blossoms on the Cliff

    It was about midnight when May was staring out the window. She kept thinking of Misty. I know that if I go to sleep...I'll wake up soaked from dreaming of her... she thought to herself. She put her robe on and snuck out of the room, hoping a walk up to the Pallet Town Cliff would make her a bit more tired, and take her mind of Misty.

    When she arrived at the peak of the cliff, she sat down by a large cherry blossom tree, looking at the view. The moonlight cast a shadow of May and the tree towards the tip of the cliff. May saw a figure coming towards her. A wide awake Misty sat down beside her. May blushed and began to breath a bit more heavily. Misty giggled.

    "You know...the moment I saw you...I nearly fainted..." she told May. May looked at her, very confused. "I beg your pardon..." May politely replied. "May...you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Would you...well...like to be my girlfriend?" Misty asked. May blushed and felt a tingle all over her body. She thought for a minute before answering, and about the things the guys would say about this:
    Ash- You're a freaking lesbian?!
    Brock- We'll make a webcast...*etc, won't go there :p*
    Max- I can't respect you now May...
    Norman- No daughter of MINE will EVER be a lesbian!

    "What...will the others think?" she asked Misty.
    Misty giggled a bit. "Nothing...they'll never know." She leaned over towards May, and kissed her. May, not blushing anymore, tackled Misty to the ground. May kissed her with passion;The two never let go of each other. "I love you Misty...promise me...you'll never love anyone but me..." May said, grasping the bottom of her nightgown. Misty smiled. "Of course..." she said. Their nightgowns fluttered down the cliff in the gentle wind, along with small cherry blossoms. May and Misty continued early into the morning.
    Was I Supposed To Not Show Our Love?

    May woke up in her bed. Misty must of carried me in :3 May thought. She thought back to the night before and of how wonderful it was. She sighed just thinking about it.

    She walked downstairs, everyone was eating breakfast. Misty had an apron on and was making pancakes. She heard May saying Good Morning. Misty dropped the spatula and ran over to May. She hugged her, and her foot went up. She then kissed her on the lips. Everyone dropped their utensils in shock. "Hey cutie ~~<3" Misty welcomed May. She grabbed her hand and turned around. Everyone was staring, wide eyes and everything.

    "Oh ****..." Misty muttered.

    The End

    Author's Comments

    I really hope you enjoyed this. I always thought May and Misty would be a cute couple, and my story proved that ^^

    I'll make more stories for other shippings.

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2006
  2. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    I adore Imageshipping so I had to read this, but it could use less of a cliffhanger and more interaction between the two. It has to be more then "your hot", they need some good moments before they have sex. Thats what this ships fics always lack: actual romance
  3. Kite.of.Autumn

    Kite.of.Autumn "Nirvash ready!"

    Kk, I'll do so in my next story. Thanks ^_^
  4. robotwind

    robotwind < This guy Rocks

    can you pm me when the next is finshed.
  5. Kite.of.Autumn

    Kite.of.Autumn "Nirvash ready!"

    Definently. The next one is another Girltachishipping story. I'll PM you when I submit the thread!
  6. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    I'll look forward to reading the next one hopefully with more interaction between the 2. Its very hard to find fics for the 2 since I don't read porn
  7. Kite.of.Autumn

    Kite.of.Autumn "Nirvash ready!"

    Pallet Town Diary 2

    Pallet Town Diary 2

    PART 2= Rated: NC-17

    Recap of Part 1:

    -Misty met May
    -They fell in love
    -"Expressed their love"
    -Everyone found out

    Author's Comments:

    Pallet Town Diary is a series about May and Misty, and how they fall in love while Ash stays in town before heading out to go to the Battle Frontier.

    In Pallet Town, there is a cliff, with a single Cherry Blossom tree. Engraved is a heart saying M & M with an arrow through it. A sign of love between May and Misty.

    This story portrays more romance rather than 'OMGLUV@1STSITE=SEX'

    Disclaimer: Part three of this story is a sex scene. I'm sorry if anyone is offended, but it's the way I planned it. It's pretty descriptive. So don't Report this thread saying, "Oh, well I was offended." because you'll sound retarded, seeing as I already warned you. Part 4 includes suicide, sorry, another disclaimer.

    Also, this is the 2nd and last part of PTD, sorry, but I have more ideas for stories.

    Enjoy ^_^!


    Part 1: Jawdropped

    Ash, Delia, Max and Brock sat at the breakfast table with their mouths opened, and their eyes wide open. They were in shock that Misty and May were together.

    "Um...I can expl-" Misty began.

    "No use Misty..." Delia began, "Your sister's wouldn't like this. And for you May, your father will here about this too. Both of you...leave...now..."

    May and Misty, both holding hands still, let go and walked out seperate doors. Before opening the doors, they both looked back at eachother with tears in their eyes and winked. They both exited the house, the wink symbolizing one thing: The Cliff...
    Part 2: Why Not?!

    Misty and May met up at the hill. Misty was their first, curled up in a ball, crying.

    "What's wrong Misty-chan?" May asked, "It's not your fault."

    Misty looked at her. Here face was flushed from crying so much. "Y-yes it is. I-i-if I didn't drop what I was doing to kiss you th-this morning *sniff* we'd still be together...by the way May..." Misty explained, and she suddenly ceased her crying, "Why'd it take you so long? You left the house the fastest way, right?"

    May nodded. "Delia called me back," she began, "My dad's Pidgeot is coming to fly me back to Petalburg tomarrow. He seemed pretty ******."

    Misty began to cry even more. "THAT'S NOT FAIR!" she screamed. Flocks of Pidgey and Spearow flew from the trees at the instance of Misty screaming.

    "Don't worry Misty-chan..." May told her. "Look at me..." Misty refused to look at May. "Misty! Look at me please!" she yelled. May grabbed her chin and gently pulled it up towards her. Misty was so upset.

    "I don't want you to go...I-I..." Misty began.


    "I Love you May. PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ME!" Misty said, closing her eyes and leaning towards May. "I'm going to go to Viridian for a while, I'll be gone until about 7:00 pm, maybe 8. Meet me here." she explained as she kissed May again.

    **Later That Night**

    May was sitting against the tree in her nightgown, picking at the cherry blossom flower she picked up.

    "She loves me...she loves me not...she loves me...she loves me not..." May repeated, picking each individual petal. "She loves me...she loves me not..." May continued as Misty snuck up from behind. "I love you." Misty whispered. May jumped up and hugged her, followed by a quick kiss.

    May and Misty nestled their nightgowns and panties behind the tree...
    Part 3: Forever and Ever

    May lay on top of Misty. They were both naked, but they both enjoyed eachother's warmth. May and Misty were kissing each other. Every minute, they'd take a quick breath. May began to rub Misty between the legs,they both started to breath a bit more heavier. May began to move lower, kissing every part of her body down in between her legs, the beginning to lick around there. Misty started to moan every so often, clenched her legs around May's head as she licked her special spot.

    "Ohhh~!" Misty gasped, as she rested her legs on the ground. May came up with Misty (so to speak) all over her face.

    They both continued into the night. Every so often, you could here one of the two moaning loudly, as it echoed throughout Pallet Town.

    Hours later, they both lay beside eachother, holding eachother's hands.

    "T-that was amazing..." Misty praised.

    "I-I-I know..." May replied.

    They both were breathing heavily. They both put their panties and nightgowns on, and snuck back to the house.

    Delia made them both sleep in seperate rooms, May in her room, and Misty in the living room.

    "Goodnight Misty-chan~!" May said blowing her a kiss.

    "Goodnight cutie~!" Misty said, also blowing her a kiss.

    Part 4: Two Lovers Part

    The next day, Pidgeot arrived and waited on the road in front of Ash's house. "Christ...I feel like crap..." May said, "Did Pidgeot have to come so frickin' early?" May wrote a note to Misty, and tucked it in her chest as a joke. May then left the room, but before she did, turned her head and whispered "I Love You Misty..."

    Misty woke up and screamed. "AUGH! WHY IS THERE PAPER IN MY BOOBS?!" she yelled. But it was a pink envelope, the one May put her letter in. Misty looked around to see if anyone was there. She nervously opened the envelope, and pulled out the letter.

    The letter read:

    Dear Misty-chan,

    I'm sorry I had to leave. I know we promised to be together forever...but...this just can't work out anymore. My parents hate me now, my brother doesn't respect me, Brock is being as frickin' perverted as ever...and Ash doesn't seem to like me anymore. I've made my mind up Misty-chan, and I'm afraid my new choice doesn't involve the two of us in love, or together anymore.

    I'm sorry...

    Love, May <3

    Misty put the letter down slowly, got up, and walked outside, with a lifeless look in her eyes.

    She walked out the door and looked up to the sky. Dark clouds began to roll in, and the sounds of a thunderstorm were imminent. Misty, still with a lifeless look in her eyes, continued up to the hill, with a pocket knife in her hand.

    Misty arrived at the Cherry Blossom Tree and glanced at the "M & M 4ever <3" they encarved into the tree. Misty cut the bark around and held it against herself, remembering everything about May.

    -"I Love You Misty-chan"
    -"Never leave me..."
    -"I'll love you...forever..."

    Misty, still with the lifeless look in her eyes, stood at the edge of the cliff. "I've also made my mind up May," she said, staring down upon the ground, embedded with trees and sharp rocks, "...and it doesn't include me living." Misty threw the piece of bark behind her and leaped off the cliff.

    There was a breif choke-like screaming noise.

    There was a loud thud, followed by a splatter.

    Later than night, Ash, Brock, Max and suprisingly May (who returned against her parents will) ran up to the cliff and saw the bark cut out and on the ground. On the back was an engraved message for May, from Misty. It read:


    May began to cry. Ash, Brock and Max comforted her. May was so upset, she lost a friend, and more importantly, a soul mate.


    That's it folks, no more ^^

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2006
  8. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    Errm did you ever notice how it says May comforted the crying May? And wow the characters in this are very bigoted. They all seem anti lesbian. Misty killing herself at the end seemed a bit much. Overall, the fic was a tad rushed. Maybe you should write a chapter fic on it that involves more character interaction and the like
  9. pokemondude

    pokemondude Ima chargin ma lazor

    (eye twitches)uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no comment(lol) pm when a new one comes out <3

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