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PalletShipping Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Tadashi, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    PalletShipping General Discussion


    Owned by: Tadashi
    Co-Owned by: riolulu

    And the Maiden of PalletShipping (ie: Contest Winner): Nightning!​

    Welcome! I'm guessing that if you're here, you're a PalletShipper! Or you want to know what it is.

    PalletShipping is a term given to the idea/belief of Gary (Shigeru) and Ash (Satoshi) are, or should be, a couple.

    If you like the idea of them getting together, even if not romantically, then you're in the right place ^_^ I encourage any and all PalletShippers to check out this thread.

    And if you're not a PalletShipper, then come check us out anyway! We don't bite! (Well, I don't, anyway. :3) All I ask is that you read the rules and respect your fellow SPPf members.

    PalletShipping also has alternate names; the most prominent is ShiShiShipping (deriving from Shigeru and Satoshi + Shipping. For the sake of avoiding confusion between Japanese and American names, we'll just call it PalletShipping :3


    • Follow the Serebii rules and the Shippings FAQ
    • Excessive foul language will not be tolerated, so please try and keep it to a minimum.
    • Don’t spam the thread with unrelated issues, questions, and fan work. Try to stay on topic and post relevant comments about the ship.
    • Try and be substantial in your posts. Saying "I agree" or "I disagree" without adding anything else is considered spam. Either elaborate on what you agree/disagree with, or don't post. It's just that simple.
    • No double/triple/quadruple/quintuple or anything+1 posting. Server lags are pretty common on these forums, so if you do end up posting more than once accidentally, please remove the extra posts.
    • Don’t bash the characters of the ship (Ash and Gary). No one is forcing you to love the ship or to be a part of the discussion.
    • Don't bash forum members, either. Everyone has their own opinions and tastes, and I’m certainly not here to discriminate against those who don’t share mine.
    • If you're posting about an episode that has not yet been aired in America, please keep it behind a spoiler tag. Many people don't enjoy having upcoming events spoiled by others, so please respect the wishes of these members.
    • If you wish to submit an episode picture, Fan Art or Fan Fiction, please post it here, in the form of a URL link, so as to keep clutter to a minimum. If you don't post your stuff properly, you might get a warning. Correct submissions will be added to the _Art Gallery_ section of the post, and said list will be upgraded at my own leisure.
    • On that note, please keep all submissions tasteful. No extreme nudity, violence, or anything like that. This kind of work is forbidden in the forums. We are, after all, catering to children and young teens in these forums. Any submissions that are deemed to be in violation of these conditions will result in a ban from the thread, and reported to a moderator.
    • Don't post in here just to advertise your Fan Fiction/Fan Art/AMV's and whatever else. It's okay to mention them every so often, but if it's all you're gonna post, then you'll get a nice little warning.
    • When submitting any works of Art or Fiction, please give a source for the picture. It's okay if you submit a work that's not your own, but please don't claim it as your own if it isn't.

    _Warning List
    No one yet

    _Ban List
    Frost Nova - permanently banned for bashing

    _The Essence of PalletShipping_

    As mentioned above, this ship is about Ash and Gary. Though pretty much everyone should know who Ash is by now, I have nevertheless provided

    Ash Ketchum
    Gary Oak

    For the non-believers, I have also decided to post a link for

    _PalletShipping Hints
    The PalletShipping Hintlist

    _The Art Corner_

    _Fan Art Gallery
    80,000 hits artist unknown
    Ash and Gary the Rivals by Ash-Misty-Pikachu on DeviantArt
    Ash and Gary - Team Rocket Style, artist unknown
    Ash Meets Gary by Coshi Dragonite on DeviantArt
    Ashachu VS Garvee by =DemandinCompensation on DeviantArt
    At the Beach by =stardroidjean on DA
    Be Happy by Lavender Ice on DeviantArt
    Chibi Ash and Gary by ~Satochu on DeviantArt
    Doujin Cover by Aisuryuuu on DeviantArt
    Doujinshi Page, artist unknown (PG-13 [for slightly mature content])
    Gary x Ash by Raimundo44 on DeviantArt
    Kiss Kiss credit
    Last Days by ShiShiShipprWonnykins on DeviantArt
    Lost the Bet by ~Shigerugal on DeviantArt
    Packet of Ketchup
    PalletShipping artist unknown
    Pokebattle? by Lavender Ice on DeviantArt
    Oh Satoshi by Lavender Ice on DeviantArt
    Red - Get Off... by Lavender Ice on DeviantArt
    ShiShi by =DemandinCompensation on DeviantArt
    ShiShiness by Moonylupus on DeviantArt {submitted by Tadashi}
    ShiShi Together artist unknown
    Swimming by Endless-Summer on DA
    The Real Ash and Gary by Lavender Ice on DeviantArt
    Yin and Yang by Ceolsige on DeviantArt

    _Japanese PalletShipping Fan Art Sites
    aloe.michikusa.jp {submitted by Mel-Girl}

    _Banner Gallery
    Palletshipping - Gotta Love It! {made and submitted by riolulu}
    Relaxed {made and submitted by C.Gholy}
    Sweet PalletShipping {made and submitted by Sweet May}
    Unedited Palletshipping {made and submitted by riolulu
    You Gotta Love It! {made and submitted by BabyLugia}

    _Manga Scans Gallery
    Electric Tale of Pikachu - book 1 download on aether-scans

    _AMV Gallery
    Everything You Want (also has LeagueShipping) {created and submitted by I-Heart-Richie}

    _Fan Fiction Gallery
    I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good (PG for slight language) {made and submitted by Tadashi}
    I'd Rather Be In Love (G) {made and submitted by Tadashi}
    I'll Be Your King (G) {made and submitted by Mel-Girl}
    Memory From a Dream G) {created and submitted by TheLadyYuki
    Rabbit Ears (G) {made and submitted by Tadashi}
    While He Was Sleeping G) {created and submitted by TheLadyYuki

    A Thunder Romance (G) {made and submitted by S-Unit}

    _Episode Pictures Gallery
    ** All pics in this Gallery have been submitted by Tadashi, unless otherwise specified. **

    Tadashi's Big Book of Screencaps
    New ongoing project. My mission: to take awesome screencaps of PalletShipping episodes. Can she do it? I think so. (Posted in the thread, I'll link to said posts for less clutter.)

    Episode 63 - Battle of the Badge

    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 1
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 2
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 3 (This one is one of my favorite screencaps EVER!)
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 4
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 5
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 6
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 7
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 8 (Pikachu approves of PalletShipping!)
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 9
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 10 (D'aww, lookit that sad face!)
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame || Pic 11

    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 1 (Here's Ash getting ready to have a flashback)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 2 (Ash is mad that Gary's fishing in the same river)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 3
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 4
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 5
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 6
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 7 (What's that they've hooked?)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 8 (Why, it's a dirty old Pokeball!)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 9 (Let go!)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 10 (No, YOU let go!)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 11 (Somehow, we ended up on a bridge.)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 12
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 13 (Aw, you broke it!)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 14 (No, YOU broke it.)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 15 (Brock and Misty are sitting about a foot away, listening to this story with rapture.)
    Episode 271 - The Ties That Bind || Pic 16 (And here's Ash and Gary's wedding reception... What? ... Whaddya MEAN it's not the reception?!?!)

    Episode 272 - Can't Beat The Heat || Pic 1
    Episode 272 - Can't Beat The Heat || Pic 2
    Episode 272 - Can't Beat The Heat || Pic 3 (If that last one made you go "aww", this one will absolutely KILL you!)
    Episode 272 - Can't Beat The Heat || Pic 4

    Episode 468 - Home Is Where The Start Is (Guys, I swear, that particular moment in the anime is like something out of a Superman comic/movie.)

    _Random Screencaps Gallery
    ** All pics in this Gallery have been submitted by Tadashi, unless otherwise specified. **

    Episode 001 - Pokemon I Choose You!
    Episode 006 - Clefairy and the Moon Stone
    Episode 019 - Beauty and the Beach (Ooh, a picture from a banned episode~)
    Episode 067 - Showdown at the Poke-Corral (I was debating about which section to put this in, I decided it'd be better in here.)
    Episode 268 - A Claim To Flame (Gary helping Ash out of the closet.)

    Gary Winking at Ash (Again, found this pic on the other forum. Take a look at Ash's face XD)

    _Noteworthy Sites and Communities_
    A Reason To Believe AuroraMoon - a PalletShipping manifesto site
    Gongaga.com Doujinshi Downloads - Fan-made Doujinshis for download. Does not contain explicit material
    PalletShipping - LiveJournal's Portal to Pallet

    _Previously Discussed Topics

    It's just easier this way, you know?

    - What's your favourite palletshipping hint?
    - Do you think Gary was really flirting with Ash?
    - What would the other charcters' reactions be after finding out about Gary and Ash's relationship? What would their parents/sibilings say?
    - Who would be dominant?
    - What does 'Palletshipping' mean to you?
    - What would you like Gary's next appearance to be like and what kind of hints do you hope to see?
    - Which is better? Jerk Gary x Ash or Nice Gary x Ash? WHY?
    - Does the fact that they changed Ash's Voice Actor make you view the ship in a different light?
    - What is your idea of a perfect "First Date" for Ash and Gary?
    - What made you become a PalletShipper?
    - What is something that you dislike about Palletshipping?
    - What is your opinion regarding Gary's influence in Ash's travels?
    - If Ash and Gary switched bodies what would happen?
    - If Gary and Ash were to go on a double date with someone, who would it be and why? Would they get on?
    - If YOU were in pokémon, what would you do to help palletshipping? Or would you do nothing? WHY FOR BOTH?
    - If Ash and Gary were to star in a television program (In the Pokemon universe), what genre would that televsion program be? How would the scenario proceed?
    - Do you hope to see Gary in the audience at the Sinnoh League, cheering for Ash?
    - Which has better chemistry - Show Jerk-Gary and Ash, or Comic Jerk-Gary and Ash? Why?
    - What song, if any, reminds you of PalletShipping?
    - That magical moment has finally come: Ash and Gary have finally confessed their feelings for each other. How do you react?
    - Do you think Ash and Gary are ready for a romantic relationship?
    - Do you think Ash's Pikachu would be helpful, or hindering, for Ash and Gary's relationship? Why?
    - Given how stubborn both boys are, do you think one would make "the chase" harder for the other?
    - Do you think that Gary felt threatened by Ash when they were rivals? Why or why not?
    - Do you think Gary and Ash would have/adopt a child? How would they handle it? Who would take more responsibility? Boy or Girl and what would the name be? Expand on it!
    - What kind of nicknames/pet names do you think Ash and Gary would have for each other? Give examples!
    - If Ash and Gary were Pokémon and had a battle; what pokémon would they be and who would win? why?
    - If Gary had made an appearance during the Hoenn/Battle Frontier arc(s), how would you like to see it proceed? Where/when would he appear, what events would ensue? Expand on it!
    - Describe a PalletShippy Halloween. (What do they do to 'celebrate'? Trick or treat? Party? Try to scare the living daylights out of each other?) Discuss!
    - If Ash and Gary went to the same Christmas Party, Who would try to make it to the Mistletoe with the other first? Ash or Gary?
    - What would happen if they both were accidentally caught under the mistle-toe?
    - What would happen if Ash and Gary went on a double date, but with other people as their dates? Example Ash and _____________ and Gary and _________ all go out to the movies or something together. Now we all know the electricity between Gary and Ash and the fact that they like each other, so what would happen during this date. Would it lead to them finally admitting their feelings to each other?? And also who would the _______'s be for each boy?
    - Who's place/where is Thanksgiving dinner?What foods are they eating? How else would they celebrate it?
    - What Christmas gifts would they give each other?
    - It's snowing!!!! What do Ash and gary do when they see the snow out the window?
    - How do Gary and Ash celebrate the Holidays? What Holiday?
    - New Years!!! What do Ash and Gary do?
    - How would you celebrate if you see the episode where Satoshi and Shigeru became canon?
    - Which two pokémon of Ash's and Gary's do you think could fall in love? Why?
    - What do you think Valentine's Day was like for Ash and Gary before they got together? What is Valentine's Day like now that they are together?
    - Ash and Gary are both incredibly stubborn boys. What do you imagine a huge argument/fight between them would be like? What are they fighting about?
    - If Ash or Gary was a girl, how do you think this would affect the fanbase of palletshipping? and would you have still supported it?
    - What would be a situation that would test the limits of Ash and Gary's relationship?
    - Let's say Ash and Gary have been married for about 10 years or so, what would their family look like?
    - If Ash and Gary were to kiss and the pretend it never happened what would they say to someone who saw it?
    - Satoshi gets sick (flu, cold, etc. etc.--whatever, just nothing death-bound. o_O) and is out of commission, but being the naive little nuthead that he is, he keeps traveling on his own. When Shigeru comes across Satoshi in this state, what would he do?
    - Ash and Gary love each other, but what if they can't stay together? What if Ash has to choose between battling and Gary? Similarly, what if Gary has to choose between researching and Ash? What do you think's gonna happen?
    - What kind of evidence/example would you give to someone who doesn't support PalletShipping? How would this piece of information help them understand the appeal of the ship?
    - If Ash and Gary end up together, what does the future hold for them?
    - What do you think Ash would do if Gary was sick?
    - How would they celebrate Easter?
    - What if Gary had decided to travel with Ash instead of becoming a researcher?
    - Let's just say Ash was going to die. Gary has one last chance to tell him how he feels; what would he say?

    _Weird Stuff Nobody Cares About
    PalletShipping Quiz - Part A - made by yours truly.
    Tadashi is famous! 8D - found this while doing a search for PalletShipping pictures. I thought you might appreciate it.

    So guys, have fun and discuss away!
    Last edited: May 7, 2009
  2. Wow, there was no Palletshipping Thread until now? That's a surprise...

    But anyway, I have no clue how I really got into Palletshipping. I think the whole rival-love thing is adorable. But then again that could apply to AshxRitchie, AshxPaul, etc... Maybe it's because I'm an indecisive multishipper/yaoifangirl.
    But Can't Beat the Heat! is like a Palletshipping classic. When they were reflecting on childhood memories... D'aww. <3 And Gary decides to stop being an arrogant jerk, yay! Well...for the most part at least. =P
  3. Lunagel


    Well, I'm not sure how I got converted. I didn't even watch the Silver Conference things *fails*. I think I was pointlessly lurking around in ff.net. Which made me start thinking about the two in a new light... something. I just noticed that almost every yaoi ship under the sun that I've liked had the spicy rival love. Which probably made me like it even more? I'm a yaoi fangirl too so... I dunno. I think I'm just repeating you two, so....

    *Runs to a corner before I get yelled at*
  4. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Nice to see another palletshipping thread.
    I loved Gary's comments to Ash, especially his winking at him.

    What's your fav palletshipping hint?
    I loved the 'Battle of the badge episode' I loved how Ash had Gary in his arms. How sweet.

    Do you think Gary was really flirting with Ash?
    Yes, I think Gary was deliberately flirting with him, just for a reaction.
  5. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Right? It's amazing. I swear, I scoured the pages to make absolutely SURE that there wasn't one.

    I heartily agree. Heh, you can ship Ash with about 4,000 people in Pokemon, man. And the sad part is, we probably have that many people in the show XD;

    YES. (Pretty much the only classic, but I digress.) That was my favorite part, too! And the story with the Pokeballs... OMG *_* That sealed the deal for me. I like the new, mature Gary ^_^ "For the most part" being the operative words, here. Although... that time he wrote "Gary was here, Ash is a loser" on that sign post was insanely hilarious.

    Welcome to my thread! =3

    PHAIL. But you know, that's ok. I won't yell at you :3 There is absolutely nothing wrong with stalking FF.net

    Not so much "under the sun" for me, but I definitely likes me some spicy rival love =D

    Welcome to my thread ^^

    Nice to see you here, C.Gholy ;)

    Where is the other thread, may I ask? Unless it's my little fan club, in which case I already know where to find it, hehe.

    Lest we forget the nickname. "Ashy boy." *cackles madly*

    Woo, topics!

    What's your fav palletshipping hint?
    That episode "The Ties That Bind", when Ash and Gary showed they'd each kept that half a Pokeball. I think I felt my teeth rot at that point.

    Do you think Gary was really flirting with Ash?
    Hell yes I do. The winking, the pet-naming... a lot of people would say it's just to get a rise out of Ash, but I say it was ON PURPOSE FLIRTING! :eek:

    Random edit: yay this is my 250th post! :3
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2008
  6. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    I support palletshipping! I haven't seen many of the episodes with Gary in them; it was the fanart and the fanfiction that made me a supporter. I think they would go reallllly well together! I don't have much examples from the show because as I said, I haven't seen them. But I know their personalities, like Gary's stuck up [right?] and Ash is confident [at least in the Advanced seasons, I am watching those now]. I think that works! ;D

    I wish I had seen that... -_-

  7. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Welcome, riolulu! Your username is cute =D

    Oh I think you should watch some of the episodes. I'm sure there's a couple on YouTube. You'll see the Gary winkage ;D

    Gary starts off more cocky, and Ash tries to be confident but always loses his cool when Gary taunts him.

    Eventually they mend the fences and can now actually hold up a proper conversation! =D *cheers* By now, Gary's a lot kinder and Ash gains more confidence in himself as he goes along.

    Gary also makes a couple of cameos in Sinnoh but I won't mention them in case anyone hasn't seen pics yet~ Let's just say one of them is one of my very favorite episodes ever! <3
  8. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    thank you! (;

    I think I should watch them, too...when I have time.

    aaaah it's all coming back to me! Thank you!

    Palletshipping is my current ship obsession. Now I'm on FF.net reading all the X rated fics. *shot* AAAAAnd I was on devart searching for good fanart. so...I think I shall post it! =D

    clickie here!

    and here


  9. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    Bah, count me in!

    Just for the record however, I will never really consider any shipping to be romantic. More of a buddy-buddy ordeal.

    Do you think Gary was really flirting with Ash?
    Hmm, probably not in my opinion. However that may just be from my own experiences and teachings of acting like a jerk. Gary however seems to have class when doing so, so naturally it would be hard to pinpoint exactly what's going on.

    About any 'hints' that you guys may be talking about, It's been quite a while since I'm watched any of the old episodes revolving around Gary and Ash, so I may need some explaining about them.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2008
  10. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    @Riolulu: Thanks for the Arts~~ (Also: Woo, X-rated fiction!! XD)

    Skree!!! I think that first one melted my teeth with the extreme sweetness XD *melts*

    Also, welcome Tri hawk =D

    And that's totally fine ^^ To each his/her own.

    Maybe some of us can clear up some 'hints' you're wondering about. Is there something in particular that's bugging you? =D
  11. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    Hmm, well now that you mention it...
    I could never find the episode where Ash, Misty, and Brock are traveling and just exiting a forest they come across a sign covered over by something that Gary wrote. This description sounds pretty vauge, but I'm positive that Ash was inferiated by the sign.

    This was in the Kanto region, by the way. Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2008
  12. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    You're welcome! I was happy to post them! ^^

    && I'm surprised that there are so many fics like that on FF.net. I'm still not done reading them all. XD

    what? the fanart?

    Welcome, BabyLugia!

    yes, Gary likes to flirt with Ash. :3 I really like supporting couples in which one likes to tease and insult the other. It's...appealing.

    zomg I remember that!!!! It's amazing that I do, since I probably watched it when I was 6. =D Sorry, I don't know anything else about that ep...

  13. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Welcome BabyLugia =D

    Oh I remember that sign! Hang on, let me poke around a bit. I have the first 30 or so episodes on DVD. I do remember seeing it pretty recently, so... AH~! I found a link!

    But I can do better. So I found a picture.

    (I have to give credit to SoTaSHi for posting it on the Serebii Episode Guides.)

    Yes, the fanart XD The first fanart link you put up. It was so cute!! <3

    Oh, and you know what? I saw your comment earlier about how you wish you could've seen Gary winking at Ash, well, I found you an example.

    (Again, credit to the Serebii Episode Guides for the pic.)

    Don'tcha just LOVE the expression on Ash's face? ;D
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2008
  14. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    YESSSSSSSSSS I do love the look on Satoshi's face right there. >///<

    okay new topic time...my personal favorite:

    What would the other charcters' reactions be after finding out about Gary and Ash's relationship?


    add whoever you want, take out whoever you want. :3

  15. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    Ah yes, there is it! Thanks for the post, Tadashi; you've made my day!

    What would the other charcters' reactions be after finding out about Gary and Ash's relationship?

    Aha, this is quite the tricky questions, especially since I haven't a clue on May's personality.

    (Assuming that everyone is together when they hear the news)

    May: Hmm, rabid fangirl reaction, anyone? Behold the masses of emoticons and internet abbreviations that Tri hawk has yet to understand!

    Max: The physical and mental attributes of this situation are astounding, given the situation. *cleans glasses*..... *strokes beard*

    Dawn: (My this is a hard one...) Congratulations!... *Shocked by passing Magnemite* Gah!? My hair! *Bursts into flames*

    Brock: Hmm... (Brock's most often used expression)

    Paul: *Grumbles* When two things meet something is born.

    Misty: *Thunder-kicks Paul in the crotch*

    Gligarman: Tally ho!... How did I get here? Anyway, congratulations, I assume.

    Ash's Hat: *Epic silence*

    Indeed, the expression put upon Ash's face is rather priceless, however I find the expression of the man behind Ash to be ever the more amusing.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2008
  16. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    What would the other charcters' reactions be after finding out about Gary and Ash's relationship?

    May: That's... great?
    Ritchie: ... o_O;
    Max: ...
    Dawn: Wait, who's gay again?
    Paul: ....... and I care why?
    Misty: Nooooooooooo~ (and all the PokeShippers wail too X3)

    The general consensus here is "What the hell...?" XD; I have no IDEA what Brock would say or do. I like Tri hawk's suggestion, though XD

    HEE!! The return of Gligarman!!! XDD *snickers* "Tally ho!" I love Ash's hat. It will remain silent forever XD; Just a question: which one of Ash's hats is it? Because he's got like 3 or 4 different hats. XDD

    By the way: NICE edit reason! XDD

    OMFG, I didn't even notice until you pointed it out~ XD; He looks like he swallowed a snail or something~!

    Building off of riolulu's topic, what would Ash's MOM say about this? O____O Andandand, what do you think Team Rocket's reaction would be?? XDD
  17. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    Glee! Finally another person on these forums that remembers the almighty Gligarman! The Hat I was talking about wasn't any specific one; so I'll let it up to the reader to imagine whatever hat they see fit. *coughJohtocough*

    Bah, I'm not good at these... Well, here it goes:

    Team Rocket: Bountiful confusion, but I'm pretty sure Mime Jr would like it. Then Wobbuffet would pop out an crush everyone in one trememdous sit!

    Ash's mom: "Mom SMASH! Gahhh!!!!" Pfft, how about a pleasant nod in uncertainty? I see that best fit for Ash's mom... What's her name, Delia, or something?

    Bah, I need to start thinking of some questions. *initiate instense thinking*
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2008
  18. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    I honestly don't think that Team rocket would give a damn except that while they make out, Pikachu is stolen. And why don't we save the mom topic for a seperate topic:

    What would their parents/sibilings say?

    that includes Reggie~!!

    And I will answer my own topic now. I love that topic!

    What would the other charcters' reactions be after finding out about Gary and Ash's relationship?

    May: .........Okaaaa~y! *fake smile*
    Ritchie: Alright. Now all my friends are gay and dating. That's nice.
    Max: *defines 'homosexuality' as if everyone needed clarification*
    Dawn: Just stay about five feet away from me at all times and I'll be okay!
    Dawn's Buneary: does that mean that Pikachu's gay too?!?!?!?!?!?!?! )':
    Brock: Even Ash is in a relationship before me! *sob*
    Paul: Like I care. *beats his pokémon in frustration*
    Misty: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!! Ash!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Of course I do! XD He was a ridiculously hilarious COTD. When offered Misty to be "Gligirl"... OMG I laughed so hard XDDD

    No, I'm pretty sure her name is Delia XD;

    I LOL'D SO MUCH!! My mom thinks I'm nuts now, thanks XD; But I can clearly envision that scenario in my mind's eye. :3

    And I thought Reggie was Paul's brother? XD; I've yet to see the dub of him yet, but from what I can tell, he'd be cool with it ^_^ He'd probably smile and congratulate them.

    Oooh~! I thought of another character in the family/siblings category: Professor Oak! X3; I honestly don't know what HE would say. Although... he might recite some sort of corny poetry about it.

    And I love your topic, too~ :3
  20. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    haha that happens to me all the time. xD

    roar. yes. I was reading a comashipping fic while I was typing this and my mind got messed up. XP Sorry about that!

    YES! Good thinking! professor Oak is probably who I was trying to type when "reggie" came out. luls.

    thank you so much! I think I will answer it, myself, now.

    what would family say?

    Delia: And I thought Gary was just a good friend all along!?
    Prof. Oak: *writes a poem about love for them* there! *Ash and Gary sweatdrop*

    EDIT: yay! 2 pages!

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