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Panic! The Gulpin Ball!! / Come On, Chewtle Turtle Race (1147)


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This really highlights what went wrong with the last two-parter. That one was just generic scenarios or people acting stupid just to prolong it. (Looking at you, Marshtomp episode.) Nothing really crazy or unique happened. It was boring and irritating. But this one was way better. The episodes played into the Pokemon's personalities, abilities and dynamics.

For the Gulpin part
  • So Goh's head was jammed in the Gulpin's ass or what? I don't think they have holes (All Pokemon but male Torchic are the same way, but you get what I mean.) They just consume since they can digest anything, and can expel gas through burps. They wouldn't need all the things we humans do. Not a subject I wanted to think about while watching this show, but it's way better than the first thought.
  • I feel like the Gulpin episode could have done more, though. If I have one complaint about the two-shorts format (aside from them being filler), it would be how they have these fun and crazy plots, but not enough time to fully realize them. I was hoping Katamari Gulpin would smash into the Park, snatch up all the Pokemon and deal with all of them trying to break free. We didn't even see Cinderace, did we?
  • A complaint, but not directed at this episode: I hate how we had two filler episodes in a row. We're finally moving away from it with the Goh captures, and then we get two in a row? I know not everyone agrees with Goh captures not being filler, but for me, actually having something meaningful happen improves an episode.
  • Honestly though, this episode made Gulpin really fun. I love it when an episode takes an otherwise-unspectacular Pokemon and makes it great. I hope for more Gulpin Balls in the future.
  • The animation during the lab scenes was great. Koharu and her dad just standing outside on the phone while the ball came? Pretty weak and looked off. But the ball-busting scene was gorgeous. Budget absolutely well-spent.
  • So Pelipper was curious about using the Gacha. That was pretty cute. I also loved its reaction when it realized it messed up.
  • Also, headcanon: Team Rocket is supposed to use all the Gacha Pokemon. Like if the Pokemon they pull out are defeated, they just try again and pull more Pokemon out. They just haven't figured out that they're meant to have a nearly-unlimited supply of Pokemon to fight.

For the turtle part
  • This one was more grounded, but it was still fun and weird while playing to the strengths of the Pokemon.
  • I loved that Turtwig so much. So much personality and story in just a few minutes. I wish it was a recurring Pokemon.
  • I thought it was weird how all these non-Kanto turtles were showing up, but I brushed it off as weirdness for the sake of comedy. But no, they actually had a reason for it in the end, and had a reason for that "Don't make me laugh" catchphrase. Guess it also explains why so many of them seemed so smug.
  • Overall, this one was the perfect length. It's a simple concept that doesn't need much, and they used their time very wisely.
  • Was king of expecting something to come out of Rotom filming, like Meowth checking the footage and seeing that it forgot to record, or that he did a horrible job handling the camera. I'm not exactly crying we didn't get a joke like that, if you get what I mean.


Passable episode. Much like the previous "half-episodes" this one is watchable. Nothing outstanding but at least it doesn't offend. Pokémon is making good use of this "story a, story b" format that's been abused by Yokai Watch back when it was a crazy. It's good because it allows the writting to do something other than the episodic format they abused so much during the late Post-Orange Islands - DP era. It's refresh and at least helps bridging the more relevant episodes.

My own minor issue is Cinderace not showing up during the "story a" portion. I mean, I don't really a reason why he wouldn't be jogging with Goh, specially since his soccer player motif. I get it was most likely to cut corners on animation costs but it kind bothered me specially after he's been absent during the previous episode.

That side, the episodes were serviceable and a good use of this different format. The best of those "dual episodes" so far.


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What's gonna suck is that having meowth's godawful dub voice trying to do its best BRIAN BLESSED impression and failing spectacularly


Also they just.. straight-up had Ash shove Go's head where the sun don't shine on a gulpin


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The two parters ranked
2. JN026 (funny enough I hated this episode back in the day)
3. JN058
Mine would be
I would have liked more if second part was Cinderace vs Chewtle like hare vs turtle where turtle wins but meh.


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I feel bad for people who skipped this episode coz honestly I had a fun time watching it. Why was the artsyle of Professor Cerise at Cerise labs so crisp like damn, it looked REALLY good.
Ash and Goh are cute as always, liked how Ash was having fun and in the end Goh admits to that it was fun
The second segment was absolutely hilarious with meowth's commentatory, the samurai like showdown between Chewtle and Turtwig, the "Dont make me laugh" gag, especially with Torkoal actually laughing and there actually being a reason random turtle mons were appearing lol. Chewtle is cute, glad it got some focus considering the evolving it to get it to gigantamax storyline has been seemingly abandoned
Also fun fact, this is the first episode Since Goh caught scorbunny that none of Goh's mons appeared.
All in all this was a good 2 in one episode with good silly segments, like the magikarp slowking episode and unlike the marshtomp episode where the first segment was nice while the other was downright horrible


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Yeah, the whole episode was watchable for sure. I did like the 1st half better, with the Gulpin mass sphere wrecking havoc with the local humans and Pokemons. Chloe had that "What the heck is that huge thing in the sky?" face, which I thought it was hilarious. I like Meowth translating the emotions of turtles during the 2nd half even though that their showdown didn't feel that dynamic. Also, I feel bad for Meowth staying upside-down on top of the gacha machine for a while as it would be bad for blood pressure for us to stay in such position.


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Some people here can't stop thinking about Serena when there's a hint between Ash and Goh, funny, my girl left a great impact

I like how turtwig here looked slow as hell, i guess just ash's turtwig had that quality of being a fast tortoise, and Torkoal also sometimes

Sakuragi's face lmao, I thought I was in a shonen anime for a second, lol
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What's gonna suck is that having meowth's godawful dub voice trying to do its best BRIAN BLESSED impression and failing spectacularly


Also they just.. straight-up had Ash shove Go's head where the sun don't shine on a gulpin
Hey you punk! Dub Meowth’ s voice is my favorite character so watch it!
Which is why I can’t wait for the dub of this episode.

I found it hilarious how the first part of the ep was just an accident caused in a silly way. How convenient that it’s the protagonists that got involved and not other random kids....lol

Also Meowth tends to dream things in his head so did the little dudes really say those things?.....

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Not an essay time this week

Gulpin segment: Why the TR Gacha had 20 billion Gulpin (and 1 Chewtle) in the machine this week is beyond me, but this whole segment is basically Pokemon's answer to Katamari, and of course it's all James's fault, but Ash isn't entirely blameless either, as it was his fault Go had Gulpin stuck on his head.
Chewtle segment: I feel bad for Meowth thinking that a turtle race would end up going viral, it's all about them tiktoks man. In any case, as soon as Torkoal showed up, I was thinking "is every turtle pokemon under the sun going to show up?" and it turns out that was the case, though I have to say Discount Roshi calls himself a turtle master, but where's his own Chewtle at, eh?
Also, I find it interesting that none of Go's pokemon appeared whatsoever, that hasn't happened since JN004 when Go was Pokemon-less
And of course like the previous two-parters, this episode precedes an episode featuring pokemon from Galar.
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Average episode, probably the better two-parter out of the bunch we've seen so far. I reckon that I preferred the first part overall, since that whole gag they were doing with the old guys catchphrase wasn't particularly funny, but yeah.. it was pretty fun, I'm glad that I gave it a chance.

"Oh my god, Ash and Goh held hands whilst Goh was completely blinded, so cute, that's totally a sign, shiiippppp!" - Yeah it was especially 'cute' when Goh was embarrassed to be seen holding Ash's hand.
I remember, my favorite part of view scene Wobbuffet and Meowth are wakes up after Meowth noticed to Chewtle walking outside straight to the park, Meowth and Wobbuffet fellow by him. Meowth ask to Chewtle, Meowth said to play, but Chewtle wants to play race. Pokemon Turtle of various, after Chewtle got win. It's very simply to episode special and super cutest.


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Reviewing the Pokémon anime in 10 words or less:
"The middle one of the three two-segments episodes"

Episode: 4/10