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Panini America Relaunches Dragon Ball Z CCG

Poke Trainer J

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In the last few months Panini America and FUNimation relaunched the Original Dragon Ball Z CCG from Score Entertainment designed by Jim Ward. Organized Play is officially scheduled to start sometime in February 2015 as Set 1 and the Starter Decks for the game are already available, so here's a rundown regarding the relaunch of this classic TCG:

  • All cards work with original cards.
  • The fist set is a mix of reprints from the original game and new cards.
  • New Banish keyword text replaces "Removed from the Game".
  • The deck size under the new rules is 60 cards (Main Personality and Mastery doesn't count toward deck size in terms of deck construction.)
  • Reprint cards have been updated with new "Hit" keyword to make If successful effects easier to understand. Example "Hit" - Your opponent cannot perform energy attacks.
  • New critical effects have been added to the game. Whenever your opponent takes 5 or more life cards of damage from an unstopped attack you may choose to do one of the following:

    1. Capture a Dragon Ball.
    2. Discard one of your opponent's Allies in play.
    3. Lower your opponent's Anger by 1.

  • Main Personalities (MP) and Allies are now two separate card types.
  • All decks must include a Mastery card. There is no more declaration of Tokui-Waza nor can you run Freestyle.
  • Named cards can only be played in decks that match the name of your Main Personality as they are no longer limited to 4 copies per deck.
  • Once you acquired all seven Dragon Balls you win immediately.
  • Most Powerful Personality Victory is now achieved by reaching 5 anger while at Level 4.
  • There's no more "double power rule" and no more final physical attacks.
  • Combat cards are now Event cards.
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